You're on an island, completely alone, and it's a beautiful day.There are structures all over the island that appear to be human-made.But often, they're in sets:Everything I've just described about "The Witness," a new PlayStation 4 and PC exclusive game from acclaimed game developer Jonathan Blow and his team at Thekla, Inc., is factually accurate on paper.Factually accurate, yes, but not anywhere near as fascinating as the game itself.You walk around, unable to do anything more than walk, look, and activate a puzzle solution mechanism — pressing the X button the PlayStation 4 controller freezes your character in place and presents him with a white dot you can move around the screen.
Glu Mobile, the mobile game developer behind Kim Kardashian: Hollywood is out to do it again with a new game, this time following the chronicles of pop princess Britney Spears.The game lets you design outfits, play live shows, record singles, build a band, generate album art, and enjoy master versions of all the classic Britney singles.While it s not surprising that Glu Mobile has decided to spin off a game with another pop culture, it s interesting that it chose someone who appears, well, much less often in the media than she used to.But hey, teens and millennials still remember and love Britney, right?We re guessing the umbrella attack and head shaving part will be left out of the storyline.Whether or not you end up playing a residency at Las Vegas, of course, is another story.
Brian Horton, game director of Rise of the Tomb Raider, speaks during the Square Enix press conference at the JW Marriott on 16 June 2015 in Los Angeles, CaliforniaSquare Enix has announced some of its plans for the annual E3 gaming trade show in Los Angeles.The Japanese game developer-publisher has begun a "Road to E3" blog series, kicking off its first post with a list of games that will be playable at the event and teasing some "exciting Tomb Raider news".The company will once again host a "Square Enix Presents" live show that will cover the latest news, give viewers an in-depth look into their games, developer interviews and exclusive live game demos.Visitors to the Square Enix booth will also get to play demos of some of their latest upcoming titles including Deus Ex: Mankind Divided, the third episode of Hitman, Just Cause 3's newest DLC entitled the Land Mech Assault pack, Star Ocean: Integrity and Faithlessness and I am Setsuna.The next blog post in the series promises to include details on some other demos for Square Enix's booth as well as "some exciting Tomb Raider news", which could mean that a release date for the Rise of the Tomb Raider's PS4 version will soon be announced.Square Enix's next Active Time Report broadcast is also scheduled to take place during E3, which is expected to reveal more details about the company's highly-anticipated upcoming RPG Final Fantasy 15.
Leader of Google s Virtual Reality VR team Clay Bavor announced on Thursday at Google s I/O 2016 conference that leading Chinese game developer NetEase has become one of the first 10 major game developers supporting Google s VR platform Daydream, introduced together with Android and AI updates.Presented also at the event was Twilight Pioneers, a VR action role-playing game that NetEase developed for Daydream, to be launched this November.Last February, NetEase established a division in North America, working to release its mobile games overseas.According to Analysys, the market for online games in China was worth RMB 136.2 billion in 2015.The number is predicted to reach RMB 151.6 billion in 2018.Data from NetEase show that the company s annual net income in 2015 was RMB 22.8 billion USD 3.5 billion , amongst which online games generated RMB 17.3 billion, a year-on-year growth of 86.9%.Daydream is a new virtual reality hardware and software platform that Google built upon Android N, Google s latest Android mobile operating system.Google Cardboard was released two years ago.A total of over 5 million units have been shipped by this February, and the Cardboard platform has gained more than 50 million downloads of VR apps from the Play Store.To surpass Cardboard, Daydream will address the motion-to-photon latency problem and offer a better VR gaming experience.Daydream requires specific hardware components to be compatible, including special varieties of sensors and screens.The Daydream-compatible phones available this fall are produced by Samsung, HTC, LG, Huawei, Alcatel, ZTE, Xiaomi, and Asus.Top photo from Baidu Images
Kojima's first post-Konami game will use a third-party engine, he has revealed, but we don't yet know which one.After he "left" Konami, Metal Gear creator Hideo Kojima went on a world tour visiting studios like Crytek, Guerrilla and Media Molecule.Snake on a planeKoj said he believes it's better to make games using internal tech, but doing so would mean his first title - a PS4 exclusive - would take a lot longer to surface."Because I want to release it to the people who are waiting for it, for that title we are going to use a third-party engine," said Kojima."The reason I am travelling the world is that I am looking for such technology to use"Kojima also revealed that the first game will be bigger than he first envisioned, following conversations on his travels."At the beginning I was thinking to make a small title, but after that I met friends worldwide and acquaintances, and they said no, everybody's expecting you to make a big title, just a change of direction.
When avid video gamer James White lost his left arm in a grisly railway accident in London several years ago, video game developer Konami teamed up with leading robotics engineers to craft him an innovatively unique prosthetic.Like most prosthetics, sensors attached the skin surrounding his shoulder detect movements and send the necessary movements through the arm and hand.Standard procedure for prosthetics, sure, but it s the arm s extras which truly steal the show.That s right, not only did White regain use of his left arm with the help of Konami and a team of world-class prosthetics designers, but his new arm features an operational UAV that he can fly whenever he wants.Phantom Limb ProjectDeveloped in conjunction with the Konami-created Phantom Limb Project, the hope is that it the United Kingdom will eventually medically approve the arm for use by other amputees across the country.As of now, the arm will remain attached to White via the harness though attaching it via titanium implants is likely the next step.
Google may have third-party partners signed for its expanded VR platform, Daydream, but that doesn't mean the company is going to sit idly on the sidelines.Google will be producing its own headset and peripheral for Daydream, creating a core concept for other companies to base their own designs off of - a strategy Google used for Daydream's low-cost predecessor, Google Cardboard."We shared a design for a Daydream viewer and controller.And yes, we're building one too," wrote Google on its official VR Twitter account, confirming statements made by Google VR head Clay Bavor during yesterday's I/O conference.Google is also pushing for upcoming compatible Android phones to mark themselves as Daydream-ready so customers know upfront which phones can handle the VR platform.Companies like LG, HTC Xiaomi, and Samsung have already going through the process of have Daydream-compatible products out in time for the platform's Fall 2016 release.
A commendable move, but a confusing one, too.But it also gave developers time to become versed in creating VR software, like games, movies and experiences.For now, Google is putting the hardware into the hands of its partners so that it can facilitate in building a vibrant collection of experiences within the Daydream platform.We probably won't see a Nexus Daydream headset, per se, but what's more plausible is that Google could be holding back its own VR creation for the release of a new Nexus smartphone.Taking into consideration the reasons above that Google didn't debut its own Daydream headset, this is the one that holds the most truth.We hoped to see a Google-crafted headset at Google I/O 2016, but if the reasons for not showing it off will mean for a better experience down the line, we can only be so disappointed.
The money continues to rain over Swedish Mojang. Di Digital could earlier this week reveal that the game developer behind Minecraft made 2 billion in profits during the last reporting period. Mojang has signed a license agreement with Internet giant Netease to introduce Minecraft on the Chinese market - with 1.3 billion inhabitants. This is equivalent to 217 billion at today's exchange rate on what may be the largest national gaming market in the world. Among the prohibited games are Swedish Paradox Interactive Hearts of Iron and Dice's Battlefield 4 with. Jonas Mårtensson keep our fingers crossed that Minecraft will not encounter the same problem.
The famed developer behind the Metal Gear Solid series, Hideo Kojima, has revealed that his well-documented world journey has actually been a mission to find a third-party development engine for his new game to speed up the development process.Kojima previously said he and PlayStation 4 architect Mark Cerny were "searching for the newest technology" - a statement that has not been entirely clear, until now.During a Q session at the Nordic Game 2016 show in Malmo, Sweden, Kojima said although he believes developing games using internally-developed tools is preferable, it does take time to build an internal engine.The reason why I'm travelling around the world is because I am looking for an engine to use."The designer also mentioned that he was initially planning on planning on making a smaller title.While travelling the world in search of the new technology, Kojima took to Twitter to reflect on some of his findings saying you need more than technology "to make magic".
Instant Apps are a new concept for Android.This is probably where Google see the money — rather than producing finicky hardware that will have to compete with the likes of Oculus Rift and HTC Vive, Google s making a play to brings its apps and experiences to other people s hardware instead.It relies on a base skeleton, which contains core components like a motherboard, processor and RAM.Google has made reference designs in the form of the Nexus design for years, but that s always been in partnership with other manufacturers.Bringing Ara to market is also a milestone for ATAP, Google s special projects division.Chrome OS, the software that powers Chromebooks, has been mostly overlooked by third-party developers, and still has limited functionality as a result.
This was well before the Internet enabled public beta testing which meant game developers and publishers like Sega had to do all of their own testing.Getting paid to play video games for a living in the mid-90s sounds like a dream job for many, but as this Sega Test trainumentary highlights, it s not quite as glamorous as you d think.How do 100-hour, caffeine-fueled work weeks sound?This 30-minute nostalgic gem has it all – 90s hair, rad clothing, food trucks, smoke breaks and a sweet soundtrack thanks, Pearl Jam .If you long for yesteryear, you ll no doubt love it… unless of course, you were a Nintendo gameplay counselor.Found is a TechSpot feature where we share clever, funny or otherwise interesting stuff from around the web.
Last fall, Chinese online-game developer Giant Interactive Group teamed up with Alibaba Group Holding Ltd. BABA 0.60 % and held talks with SoftBank and Supercell over an acquisition, people familiar with the matter said.Tencent, Supercell, SoftBank, Alibaba and Giant declined to comment.The company s mobile games are free to download, and Supercell makes money by selling virtual goods that enhance the players game experiences.Last year, it bought minority stakes in U.S. mobile-game publishers Glu Mobile Inc. and Pocket Gems Inc. Tencent has been assembling a war chest for potential acquisitions and is raising about $4 billion for a bank loan, people familiar with the matter said earlier this month.SoftBank s portfolio of video-game companies is one area that is under scrutiny from company President Nikesh Arora, who in March was put in charge of its international investments and operations, a person familiar with the matter said.Any sale of such assets would help shore up SoftBank s balance sheet, which is saddled with more than $80 billion in net interest-bearing debt, about a third of which is tied to its struggling U.S. mobile carrier unit Sprint Corp.—--Alexander Martin in Tokyo and Matthias Verbergt in Stockholm contributed to this article.
A virtual reality trip to Mars developed by Fusion and Nvidia will be released free this fall.Earlier in the day, I'd watched Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak pull off the same stunt.Courtesy of Nvidia and Fusion At Nvidia's big GPU Technology Conference in San Jose last month, Woz donned a VR headset at a remote location and bounced around Mars in the Rover while a crowd of several thousand watched on a giant screen.I got to do the same thing later in the day in a booth where a long line of people waited patiently for their own Mars trip."You're putting someone into a 3-dimensional time machine.When he got the idea for the project, Fusion's Reyes reached out to Sydney Do of MIT, who co-authored a report on the feasibility of a private Mars mission program.Reyes said he emailed the authors of the reports, and over the course of about 18 months worked with NASA's Langley Research Center and Johnson Space Center, finally reaching an agreement with NASA at the end of 2015.
The 3DS software line-up features some of the best first-party Nintendo titles everNintendo's latest handheld is such a welcome refresh that - despite some minor niggles - it's definitely worth the upgrade from the original 3DS.The 3DS XL was a favourite for years before the 'New' series arrived.If the 3D aspect is not for you, you can get a Nintendo 2DS for cheaper.The 2DS is a great way of entering Nintendo's handheld family without spending much money, but we're really talking to kids and parents here.With a generation of kids familiarising themselves with quick and easy games like Angry Birds, it's important for Nintendo to show them how much better gaming can be.The 2DS is a hell of a lot sturdier than a smartphone or tablet too.
Sony's PS4 can now run Valve's Steam platform - providing you don't mind poor performance and various unofficial hacks, of course.In an inevitable move, a developer has succeeded in getting Valve's Steam gaming platform running on Sony's otherwise locked-down PlayStation 4 console - but it's worth reading the full story before you get too excited.Building on work done by the fail0verflow team in getting Linux to boot on the PC-like PlayStation 4 console, complete with 3D accelerated video courtesy of the Radeon graphics hardware built into the console's accelerated processing unit APU , a developer calling himself OsirisX has posted a video demonstrating running Steam and Steam games directly on the PS4.The catches, of course, are plentiful: only games compatible with SteamOS or other Linux distributions work, as the method involves the installation of Arch Linux onto the PS4 first; the performance is far from optimal, with most titles requiring the user to set the graphical quality to medium or below in order to get playable framerates; and to use the same code execution exploit, to get the Linux bootloader to run in the first place, requires that the target PS4 is running on firmware 1.76 or below.Nevertheless, the hack shows promise for turning the PS4 into a low-cost Steam Machine.It also hearkens back to the popularity of the machine's predecessors, the PlayStation 3 and 2, for general-purpose computing tasks: both devices could run official ports of Linux, at least early in their lives, and found their way into numerous cluster computing projects thanks to their high performance for a relatively low cost.
While attending Google's developer conference, I/O, programmer Dan Kim noticed a booth selling a T-shirt with a popular saying: "Eat, sleep, code, repeat.I literally let out an 'ugh' when I saw it."Because, the truth is, the underlying idea of that phrase isn't so cute.It must be all consuming and the focus of your life.... a truly balanced lifestyle  —  one that gives your brain and your soul some space to breathe non-programming air  —  actually makes you a better programmer.To understand just how pervasive this indoctrination is, a couple of months ago, Alex St. John, a famous video game developer and exec, someone who has hired a lot of programmers over the years, caused an uproar when he published a controversial article in VentureBeat.St.St. John even wrote a recruiting slideshow filled with controversial and sexist ideas on how to find programmers preferably young and cultivate this idea in them.The sad thing is that for those that buy into this message, the stress of working like that has been known to literally drive some of them beyond burnout, even affecting mental health.For instance, some time ago a programmer named Kenneth Parker wrote a blog post about the hardest working programmer he ever knew.
Overwatch's Competitive Play mode will release in June with the game's first big content update, game director Jeff Kaplan saysOverwatch has officially launched worldwide for PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC today, but developer Blizzard Entertainment has already set its sights on the multiplayer shooter's first content update in June.Game director Jeff Kaplan has revealed that the game's Competitive Mode, which was pulled for rework in April, will be available in June in the game's first big content update."A lot has changed," Kaplan said when asked about Competitive Mode and what has changed since the closed beta during a Blizzard-hosted Facebook Q "Competitive mode is the current focus of the Overwatch team, and it's the most important thing for us to add to the game right now."The mode allowed experienced players who reached level 25 to 'rank up' through a series of divisions and tiers in month-long seasons.Players can expect seasons to run for two and a half months followed by several weeks off, he says.The next season will feature the tank hero Roadhog.
DON T MISS: New free app and site makes watching online videos like regular TV channelsThe studio — which has teamed up with France-based Asobo Studio, an independent studio that s been developing content for the HoloLens for the last few years – will offer things like prototyping and application development services for businesses.A few days ago, a pair of VR industry veterans who formerly worked with DreamWorks Animation also launched a new VR and mixed reality company called SPACES that s already working on content for companies like Microsoft and NBCUniversal, and it s raised $3 million in initial funding led by Comcast Ventures.Motte — whose LinkedIn profile image is of him smiling and wearing a HoloLens headset — says holographic computing is going to change everything.Motte, as well as Howard, had a front row seat at Microsoft for a few tidal shifts in consumer computing behavior.During Motte s time with the company, according to his LinkedIn profile, he helped launch and manage the Age of Empires franchise and other first-party PC games; led content strategy and acquisitions of action/adventure and MMO games for the launch of the Xbox; led a global business development team responsible for first-party Xbox games; and negotiated partnerships with independent games studios and consumer brands for Microsoft Studios entertainment content exclusive to platforms like Xbox LIVE and HoloLens, among other platforms.That will result in a storyboard, visuals and technical outlines from which can be developed a proof of concept, prototype and fuller application.
Osmo Coding is perhaps best described as a toys-to-life version of LEGO Mindstorms, sans the robotic component and without the figurines.But more like toys-to-life products, the physical parts of Osmo Coding affect the digital character, named Awbie, inside the digital iPad game.Teachers and kids familiar with programming environments like Scratch and Alice will feel right at home with Osmo Coding.There are basic units of actions, like move or "use" an item that kids can chain together to make Awbie move in the game and do stuff.Of course, it's all hidden from the kids, who will feel like they're making magic thanks to this thing called "coding".Kids aren't going to suddenly become expert hackers, but they might find their inspiration to become the next social network or game developer superstar.