Sony's purported PlayStation 4 hardware revision – codenamed Neo – will support 4K gaming, but developers are unlikely to be able to provide 4K games for years, according to a senior creative at a major development studio.Since GDC 2016 in March, multiple reports have surfaced relating to the hardware, which will run all past and future PS4 games, but at a higher fidelity than the original launch console – which will still be able to play future games.Kotaku's initial report stated that the console would support 4K gaming, with another in April revealing that Sony will demand that developers ensure all games run at the same framerate regardless of which device it is running on."In about three years, when everyone has really caught up, maybe we'll see some massive graphical improvements.In the same article, a separate source said that the Neo only exists because the PlayStation VR headset "was going to be truly awful" on launch PS4s.For all the latest video game news follow us on Twitter @IBTGamesUK
That gaming fairytale is supposed to end now, as Valve has brought Steam to your HDTV, thanks to the Steam Machine.If you're unfamiliar with "Steam", think of it as iTunes for PC games, with a buddy list and chat for joining your friend's games.Read more: SteamOS: what you need to knowThe journey from announcement to launch has been long and a tad messy.Some hardware, like the Digital Storm Eclipse and the Webhallen S15-01 Steam Machines, is still being held back by manufacturers, with the Steam website continuing to characterize them as "Coming Soon" despite a notable lack of concrete release information.Sometimes, PC game makers want to develop for the highest-end systems, which most Steam Machines certainly aren't.This causes problems that you can probably already foresee.
With E3 just around the corner, both of the biggest players in the console market are gearing up to make some big announcements.The company already announced their jump into the VR market back at GDC.Sony has already commented that they may consider doing this sometime in the future.I mentioned this in my piece yesterday on the Xbox press conference.Sony's rumored "NEO" and "Base" modes for future games is a telling sign that they want to start treating console games more like PC games.This would allow customers to hold onto their hardware for longer, while also having the option to get better performance, if they want to shell out the money.
These games include video gaming icons such as Grand Theft Auto V, League of Legends,and Tomb Raider.From a sample of 120,000 comments, we discovered 1 in 18 comments included some form of links accompanied by comments such as *** GTA FREE DOWNLOAD WITH CRACK *** or Gta Online Mods Site!encourage trigger-fingers to open malicious content.Over half of these posts contained social spam: pornography, chain letters, malware, and phishing scams, and almost a fifth of these included direct links to game piracy, hacks, and cheats.Furthermore,19 percent of threats contained severe hate speech, 5 percent promoted competitors, 4 percent promoted trading accounts and game items and 2 percent contained copyright infringements.Cheat sellers trade game accounts and hacks for as high as $500, reported DayZ developer Eugen Harton at the Game Developers Conference in March.Earlier this year, the founder of Chinese hacker forum 3DM revealed difficulties in cracking the Denuvo DRM anti-tamper measure on Just Cause 3.As such, we can expect a continued evolution of gaming piracy, despite the industry s best efforts and zealous protest from the gaming community.When a true gamer finally reaches the long lost Kingdom of Yamatai, or makes that final decision — A, B, C at the end of GTA V, they want to get there through their own blood, sweat and tears, not the cheats and hacks of pirates.
According to Robert Hallock, AMD's Head of Global Technical Marketing, AMD contributed the Mantle platform to Khronos "to jumpstart the process of bringing the OpenGL family over to a low overhead approach."That's great for developers looking to move their code from, say, Xbox One to Windows Phone.It also means those games will be better equipped to handle virtual reality applications going forward, as well as other hardware improvements like 4K and high-dynamic range monitors.In other words, games are going to look even better, while taking more efficient advantage of both existing and developing hardware.Does more than just WindowsVulkan could be a huge shot in the arm for Linux gamers, who've so far had to make due with a limited, but ever growing, library of games.That low latency is crucial to the VR experience.
Zynga is beginning to find its footing in the $36.4 million mobile gaming market, and free-to-play releases like CSR Racing 2 mix bleeding-edge graphics, tons of customization, and the publisher s traditional social gameplay.In an interview last week at Zynga s HQ in San Francisco, NaturalMotion CEO Torsten Reil whose daily driver is a Mini Cooper S that he recently tuned to 285 horsepower gave GamesBeat a demo of CRS Racing 2 on an iPad Pro, showing off what he calls beyond console graphics at resolutions beyond what the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One can duplicate at this point.It s using the full resolution of the iPad Pro 2,732-by-2,048 for the 12.9 inch model he demoed on , obviously much more than HD, much, much higher resolution, running at full 30 framerate, Reil said, later noting how the PlayStation 4 or Xbox One can t output these resolutions.These models look photo-realistic, down to the carbon weave.NaturalMotion licensed specific paints from specific manufacturers, and it made new tools to pull off the graphics two of the engineers gave talks at the 2016 Game Developers Conference on how to make mobile graphics pipelines, Reil said .He boasted about how his team has pulled off car decals on mobile before console devs Reil said it s coming to the next iteration of Need for Speed .You take on other players in drag races, timing your start to give yourself a boost before you speed from the line.In CSR Racing 2, you can also form crews think multiplayer clans from other games .
Probably only the oldest of old-school online gamers can remember playing Habitat, an MMO that ran on the Commodore 64's Quantum Link online service starting way back in 1986.The early LucasArts classic dating back to the days when the company was still called LucasFilm Games went offline in 1988, living on briefly as the revamped Club Caribe and in a short-lived Japan-exclusive version under electronics maker Fujitsu.Now, after years of work by the Museum of Art and Digital Entertainment and some partners, the source code for that early experiment in online game design has been fully preserved and posted on Github.The effort to revive Habitat began back in 2013, when MADE was researching a "History of LucasArts" exhibit for the 2014 Game Developers Conference.As part of that effort, MADE recruited original designers Chip Morningstar and Randy Farmer to help decipher old bits of PL/1 code and 6502 Assembly.MADE then reached out to Fujitsu, which gave its blessing for the restoration project and was able to recover parts of the code that couldn't be read from the original C64 disks.
Star Wars fans with an HTC Vive will be able to put Yoda's famous "Do or do not, there is no try" adage into practice on Monday when HTC makes "Trials on Tatooine," the second licensed Star Wars game in virtual reality, available for free for all Vive owners.HTC made the announcement this afternoon at Star Wars Celebration Europe, which is taking place in London this weekend.We've written about our hands on time with the demo extensively in the past.But in case you missed it, Trials on Tatooine casts you as a hero in the Galaxy Far, Far Away, tasking you to repair the Falcon and fend off a wave of Stormtroopers using Luke's lightsaber.The demo, developed by ILMxLAB, Lucasfilm's laboratory for immersive entertainment, was one of the best demos shown off at this year's Game Developers Conference, and one of the first major partner projects shown off by Valve and HTC.If you're like Anakin and can't wait to take on the role of a Jedi Master, residents of London can check out Trials of Tatooine at the Star Wars Celebration alongside other events, workshops and exhibits focused around Star Wars.
The nascent world of virtual reality already has its fair share of satisfying sword-fighting games, but let's not kid ourselves: our ideal VR sword would glow and make a cool "whoosh, whoosh" sound with every swing.Even better, it's free—which will make its admittedly tiny amount of content a little bit easier to swallow.If this VR experience sounds familiar, that's because Lucasarts demoed SW:ToT behind closed doors at March's Game Developers Conference in San Francisco.There, both Kyle Orland and I got to fake like we had warped to Tatooine to help original-trilogy-era Han Solo in a pinch.During the five-minute demo, we stood right beneath the Millennium Falcon's landing zone—which, wow, there are few words to capture that feeling of nerdy presence—and then helped Solo by patching together parts of a circuit board with our hands.Meanwhile, a gang of Stormtroopers approached, but thankfully, R2D2 was milling about the same desert outpost and had a lightsaber to offer us.
GDC Europe or European game developers conference has once again surveyed the situation in the sector in Europe. The new name over the top of Sweden has leapt United Kingdom, which is regarded as the best country to study almost every quarter. In the past, the tip seats have been Sweden has lost its position in relation to Great Britain and listakolmoseen Finland. Sweden best to keep 22.4 per cent and 17 per cent of respondents in Finnish. While last year was a clear leader in Sweden 26.6 per cent. However, the Finnish point of view just as a positive reading does not forecast the development of the next five years.
Loaded: 0%Progress: 0%00:00The ScenePlayMute00:00Current Time 0:00/Duration Time 0:00FullscreenNeed TextNo compatible source was found for this video.Advertisement 0:30Firewatch ReviewshareplaysaveI am a skip button.It was first announced at Apple s 2006 Worldwide Developer s Conference and showcased as the first fully powered game engine—a platform with basic graphics capabilities, physics calculations, and some game behaviors already coded in but extensible—for the iPhone.Going forward, new improvements and technologies the company is working on could open the landscape up even further.Democratizing development—in our minds, we don t think is the wrong thing, we think it s the right thing, says Marcos Sanchez, head of global communications for Unity.We have a family, we have a house, said Rebekah Saltsman, the CEO and co-founder of Finji a small studio behind some lesser-known indie favorites like Canabalt and Panoramical , at this year's Game Developers Conference.In making it, Chyr is also breaking a longstanding rule of game development: you need to be a highly technical software engineer to make a 3D game.
Nvidia is said to be gearing up for the launch of a new Android-powered Shield TV at CES in January 2017.The news comes via a report from Slashgear, which cites an anonymous source "with information on the subject matter."Nvidia unveiled the first Shield TV set top box, widely regarded as one of the best Android TV devices available, at the Game Developers Conference in 2015.Now that this year's GDC has come and gone without any announcements from Nvidia, we wouldn't be surprised to see something from them at CES.According to the latest report, the new device will keep the Shield TV name, but will come with 802.11ac Wi-Fi and MIMO antennas to further increase wireless speeds.Other changes include a new controller that will now rely on Bluetooth Low Energy rather than Wi-Fi Direct for connectivity.
Every year Apple releases a phone that has a faster processor and better graphics than any of its predecessors, and that s exactly what we expect from next year s iPhone 8.Rumors say that the A11 chip inside the upcoming iPhone will be built on 10nm process technology, which would make the chip even faster and more energy-efficient than the class-leading A10 Fusion in the iPhone 7.As for the GPU in the iPhone 8, a new report indicates that Imagination Technologies may soon release a new PowerVR GPU that will go into the 2017 iPhones.According to PCWorld, Imagination will release the Series8XT family of GPUs in the near future, probably in late February at the Game Developers Conference in San Francisco.The company has used the event to unveil other GPU architectures in the past.Imagination didn t mention any other details about the Series8XT family, so it s not clear when it ll be available or what other novel features it ll have to offer.
You could think of it as Toastmasters for diverse professionals.Amplifying Voices is a program where veteran professionals in the game, virtual reality, or augmented reality industries train new people who are up and comers.Last year, the group of six coaches quietly trained 36 people among the developer, artist, and programming communities, giving them a little more polish and poise when speaking publicly or to the media.The organizers think that Amplifying New voices is even more important in the current political climate.The workshop takes place on February 26 in San Francisco, just a few days before the Game Developers Conference.ANV s goal is to cultivate and train applicants in how to be spokespeople and role models in the industry.Specifically the participants will work with mentors to hone their PR, public speaking and presentation skills.They will also be introduced to many members of the industry and will be encouraged to work on their community building.If your application is accepted, besides attending the workshop, you will also get a pass to the Game Developers Conference, and you will be given a stipend to help pay for your flight and hotel.In order to be eligible for acceptance into the workshop, you will need to meet the following criteria:The applications or nominations are January 30, 2017.
At this point, we know a lot about AMD s hotly anticipated Ryzen processors, which look to be AMD s best chip family in a decade.We know some basic specs.We know every Ryzen CPU will be overclockable.We know the chips will have a ton of hardware support at launch—and that AM4 motherboards will last until 2020 at least.At CES, AMD representatives told PCWorld that the target was not the end of the quarter.But a slip-up in a Game Developers Conference session listing gives greater clarity into Ryzen s arrival timing.
AMD's Ryzen will launch during GDC 2017, according to a set of notes for an AMD presentation at the upcoming Game Developer Conference GDC .This little tidbit, which was discovered by several websites, gives Ryzen a more narrow launch window than AMD's vague "Q1 2017" statements.The most interesting line from AMD's presentation notes was as follows: "Join AMD Game Engineering team members for an introduction to the recently-launched AMD Ryzen CPU followed by advanced optimization topics."The presentation notes have since been updated to remove the words "recently-launched".Before the slight changes, AMD was saying that Ryzen will be "recently-launched" by the time they give this presentation at GDC, which suggests the line of CPUs will launch no later than the end of GDC on March 3rd.There is no firm date for when AMD will give this presentation, but GDC itself runs from February 27th to March 3rd.
The Game Developer s Conference, the largest professional video game industry event, polled over 4,500 developers to discover current trends and thoughts about the industry.The extensive GDC poll, compiled into the 2017 State of the Industry survey, touched upon a number of significant 2017 topics, including the Nintendo Switch, Microsoft s Project Scorpio, and VR.Of the polled developers, only 3 percent are currently working on games for the Nintendo Switch.Although Nintendo s console hasn t launched yet, only 5 percent of respondents expected their next game to be released on Switch.Despite these low numbers, developers were generally optimistic about Switch sales.Fifty percent thought the Switch will sell more units than the Wii U, which has sold approximately 13 million units worldwide.
Every year the Game Developers Conference polls game creators to put out its State of the Game Industry.This year they polled over 4,500 developers on their thoughts about various platforms as well as trends they anticipate.The main topics in question centered around the Nintendo Switch, mid-cycle console upgrades, and virtual reality.The full report is now available and highlights some key areas that the industry is heading towards.The Nintendo Switch has been receiving lots of buzz around the gaming community, but it seems developers aren't too interested.Of the 4,500 polled, only 3% were actively working on games for the Switch.
Microsoft will ship its first PC-attached mixed reality headsets for Windows 10 PCs to developers starting in March at the Game Developers Conference.The first Windows 10 VR headsets from Microsoft will be units for developers to write and test applications based on the Windows Holographic platform.The headsets will work with Windows 10 Creators Update, said Vlad Kolesnikov, senior program manager at Microsoft, during a webcast on Friday.GDC is being held from Feb. 27 to March 3 in San Francisco.Those will be available later this year through companies Lenovo, Acer, Asus, HP, Dell and 3Glasses, which demonstrated headsets at the CES trade show earlier this month.The head-mounted displays work like HoloLens, allowing users to interact with 3D objects that show up as floating images on real-world backgrounds.
As Computer Sweden wrote last week houses the pc industry high hopes for 2017 – despite the fact that sales are expected to tread water.the Reason is that many new products are coming out on the market.One of the products mentioned is the headset for the virtual reality that Microsoft develops.It is the headset that is linked to the Windows 10 pcs and thus differ from the Hololens is a fully fledged computer in the headset.The first VR headset for Windows 10 are directed towards developers to make applications based on the Windows Holographic platform and they will in march in conjunction with the Game Developers Conference in San Francisco.– These headsets will work with Windows 10 Creator Update, " says Vlad Kolesnikov, who is the program manager at Microsoft to IDG News.