GM s putting its Cruise acquisition to good use in Arizona: The self-driving car startup acquired by the automaker in March is trialling its tech on public roads in Scottsdale.Cruise tweeted about the autonomous testing expansion, which uses Chevrolet Bolt all-electric vehicles, and which adds to the core fleet of testing vehicles already operating in San Francisco.Cruise s self-driving Bolt hit San Francisco streets in May, but provided few details beyond acknowledging that it was doing testing.GM has aggressive goals in terms of productizing its Cruise acquisition, however: The Wall Street Journal reported that GM hopes to put self-driving taxis into usage tests in partnership with Lyft within a year.Scottsdale makes sense for a field test, since the area already plays host to Google self-driving cars, and the state has strong regulatory support for self-driving vehicle tests in general.GM s Innovation Center is also based in nearby Chandler.
SAN RAMON -- Chevron on Monday won a major appellate court ruling that bars a group of indigenous people from seeking to seize the energy giant's U.S. assets to pay for polluting Ecuador's Amazon jungle.The U.S. Court of Appeals for the 2nd Circuit in New York City based its ruling on "corrupt conduct" -- including bribes and fraud -- on the part of the legal team for the plaintiffs, a group of indigenous Ecuadoreans, as well as officials in the South American nation."This decision, which is consistent with the findings of numerous judicial officers in the United States and South America, leaves no doubt that the Ecuadorean judgment against Chevron is the illegitimate and unenforceable product of misconduct," said R. Hewitt Pate, Chevron's general counsel.Cofan indigenous women stand near a pool of oil in Ecuador's Amazonian region, Oct. 20, 2005.Thirty thousand plaintiffs have filed a class-action suit over the slow poisoning of an expanse of rainforest with millions of gallons of oil and billions more of toxic wastewater.AP Photo/Dolores Ochoa Dolores Ochoa
ALBANY, N.Y. -- Barclays Bank has agreed to pay $100 million to 43 states and the District of Columbia to settle allegations it improperly set key interest rates almost a decade ago, affecting payments on investments.Monday's settlement includes $93.5 million in restitution and costs of the investigation led by the New York and Connecticut attorneys general.Authorities say that in the global financial crisis from 2007 to 2009 the British bank lowered rates to avoid the appearance that Barclays was in financial trouble.They also say that from 2005 to 2009 Barclays traders requested rates to benefit their trading positions.New York Attorney General Eric Schneiderman says Barclays is the first of several banks under investigation by the states to resolve claims.Barclays didn't immediately reply to a request for comment.
After years of hiding in the background, one of GM's most storied brands is suddenly having its best era in a very, very long time.In the grand scheme of things, a large sedan's tech package probably won't sway prospective customers from one brand to another, which makes the company's focus on it that much more impressive.By and large, flagship smartphones like the Apple iPhone and Samsung Galaxy have shaped the way consumers expect any screen to react.In turn, automakers have struggled mightily to bring their infotainment responsiveness in line with phones.The 2017 Buick LaCrosse has a panel that finally rivals a high-end phone in terms of the time it takes for finger taps to be recognized and subsequent actions to occur.We tapped and swiped every possible combination of icons, and were continuously impressed with how quickly the system responded.
Want to take to the sidewalk on your skateboard, powering yourself forward at hitherto unimaginable speeds by way of a motorized stick that makes you resemble the world s most futuristic gondolier?Okay, so this incredibly specific fantasy doesn t leave you with too many competing options — but it s a market niche more than catered to by Rise Robotics new KickStick.In short, the KickStick is basically a motor at the end of a stick — or to be more precise, a 3 horsepower, direct drive, in-hub brushless motor at the end of a staff.Used a bit like an oar, the stick features a motorized wheel on the end and a pressure-based throttle capable of pushing your skateboard up to 30 mph.It ll soon be available to the general public.The backstory behind KickStick was when Blake Sessions, our inventor here at Rise Robotics, was measuring the torque of a brushless motor by clamping it to a long rod he had laying around, Kyle Dell Aquila, industrial designer at Rise Robotics, told Digital Trends.
After months of endless construction, Tesla s gargantuan Gigafactory in Sparks, Nevada welcomed guests and select members of the press for a celebratory grand opening event last week.To be clear, it will still take a few more years before construction on the factory is 100% complete, but Tesla was comfortable enough with the progress it has already made to give the world a bit of a glimpse inside the massive structure.Now in order to get make that dream a reality, Tesla needs a whole lot of batteries; and because no company on earth can handle the level of battery production Tesla needed, the company up and decided to build its own battery factory, a colossal structure appropriately called the Gigafactory.DON T MISS: Ultimate Pokemon Go cheat lets you walk anywhere in the game without moving an inchIf all goes according to plan, the Gigafactory will eventually double the current level of global lithium-ion battery production.By the time the Gigafactory is 100% finished, it will occupy an approximate area of 13 million square feet.
Just two weeks ago, Google introduced a geolocation feature to Chrome OS 52 so that IT administrators can keep track of company-owned Chromebook devices, locating them no matter where they are across the globe.It s similar to Android Device Manager, and right now there s no real feature in Chrome OS that allows consumers to track down their Chromebooks, too … or is there?First, back in May, Google announced that its Android-based Google Play store was coming to Chrome OS, meaning Chromebook owners would be able to download and install Android apps on their device.Right now, there are only four Chromebooks that support Google Play: the Asus Chromebook Flip, the Acer Chromebook R11, the Acer Chromebook C738T, and the Google Chromebook Pixel 2015 .A huge list of additional devices that will support Android in late 2016 and into 2017 can be found here.Granted the device must be powered on to actually find its location, users can force it to make a sound in case it was misplaced nearby.
AMD launched the Radeon RX 460 graphics card on Monday, the third release in the company s RX 400 series aimed at providing tons of performance per watt at a reasonable cost for general consumers.The card is aimed at eSports PC gamers, and follows the previously released RX 470 for high-definition graphics and the RX 480 for an awesome VR experience for very little money.AMD wants to bring high-quality gaming to the masses, and the company has done just that with the launch of these three cards.If you missed the official specs of the RXS 460, this new compact card features 896 stream processors, 14 compute units, a base clock speed of 1,090MHz, and a boost clock speed of 1,200MHz.Other ingredients consist of GDDR5 on-board memory, a 128-bit memory interface, a memory bandwidth of 112GB per second, and a memory clock speed of 1,750MHz.Moreover, the typical power draw is around 75 watts, and its actual size is a relatively short 7.52 by 4.37 inches, making it a great addition to a small form factor PC for gaming at LAN parties and tournaments.
The internet and smartphone revolution has given us incredible powers, but it has undoubtedly made our lives more complex.As we navigate the endless landscape of interconnected dots — made up of apps and websites — one thing becomes increasingly clear: The web that was designed in the 90s doesn t work anymore.It has to change fundamentally.Or, more specifically — it has to be simplified!In a world full of noise and chaos, we re constantly running around trying to get things done.From checking our social feeds to replying to that important message from a friend; from placing an order for dinner to finding a logo designer — every task is full of decision trees that fuel our anxiety and create overwhelming inefficiency.And the clutter of services, information, and experiences makes it virtually impossible to get exactly what you want, when you want it, and how you want it.And that s where bots, and conversational interfaces in general, provide a ray of hope.Bots challenge us to design more humane experiences for billions of users.
Apple is planning to launch two new versions of the Apple Watch later this year, at least according to one respected industry analyst.A new investor note from well-connected KGI analyst Ming-Chi Kuo seemingly confirms long-rumoured plans to finally launch an Apple Watch 2.According to the note, which was obtained by both Apple Insider and MacRumors, there will be two new versions that offer moderate improvements over their predecessor . The first unit will be an iterative upgrade on the original Apple Watch and is expected to sport the same aesthetics, but with improved internals like a TSMC processor built on the 16nm process.Waterproofing should also be slightly improved.The report goes on to describe a second version of the Apple Watch, which will share the same general design as existing models.
Samsung could finally scrap flat screens across its entire flagship Galaxy S- range of smartphones.A senior Samsung executive has hinted that future Samsung Galaxy smartphones may only be available with curved, dual-edge displays, just like the Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge.The decision would see flat screens abandoned entirely, and would help set Samsung phones apart from their more traditional rivals.Speaking to the Korea Herald, Samsung Mobile boss Koh Dong-jin said: Samsung has considered that it would make the edge display as the identity of the Galaxy S smartphone lineup if the company can provide consumers differentiated user experience through software and user-friendly functions for the curved screen ."The move wouldn t exactly be unprecedented.
Google s self-driving car Chief Technical Officer CTO Chris Urmson has left the company after serving seven and half years with the team.Chris Urmson was a research scientist at the Carnegie Mellon University, before he joined Google in 2009.Back then, the self driving car was a secret project of the search major and Urmson took over as team lead, after Sebastian Thrun , the founder of Google X lab, quit in 2013.According to New York Times, the search engine giant has plans to float the self driving car project as a separate entity, a subsidiary under the Alphabet group of companies.There are reports that Google X is under pressure from its parent company to demonstrate financial gains from its projects.The self driving car project is a promising new technology, but it could take several years before a commercial version of the project could be released to the general public.
News: The restaurant delivery firm is competing with UberEats in Europe.UK online food delivery firm Deliveroo has raised $275m in a new round of investment to expand its operations.Bridgepoint led the Series E investment round, which included previous investors DST Global, General Catalyst, and Greenoaks Capital.Deliveroo will use the new funds to expand its services in both new and existing markets, as well as to invest in projects such as RooBox, a remote kitchen initiative.Through RooBox, restaurants can access delivery-only kitchens in crucial locations to speed up geographic expansion.The additional funding means that Deliveroo has now raised a total of $475m in capital since its launch in 2013.
To succeed in the concrete business, Indianapolis-based IMI Concrete, which is part of the Irving Materials Inc. Group of Companies, must be as good at scheduling as it is at the science of mixing cement, aggregates, and water.Timing those loads to the construction schedule, as well as to the rising and falling water levels around the bridge, required precise communication between the company s dispatchers and IMI teams at the job site. Romans were doing this more than 2,000 years ago, but we re always looking for ways to be innovative, to do more, be faster, get set quicker, says Chad Kelley, controller for Irving Materials Inc., a building materials supply company that serves customers in Indiana, Kentucky, Tennessee, southwestern Ohio, and northern Alabama.The finance group at Irving Materials embraced a similar spirit of innovation and tight deadlines last year when it decided to move in fewer than three months to Oracle ERP Cloud for its general ledger and accounts payable, from the on-premises Oracle E-Business Suite 11i system that it had used for more than a decade.In March 2015, when Kelley proposed a June 1 deadline to go live with Oracle ERP Cloud, implementation partner KPMG advised against it.They came back and said: OK, here s the plan, but you can t miss a deadline.
We re celebrating Digital Trends 10th birthday with DT10, an ongoing series that examines how tech has changed every aspect of our lives, from food to film to dating, over the past 10 years – and what s to come in the next 10.Companies no one could imagine failing ended up in the history book, while players no one saw coming like Tesla are now considered disruptors.Automakers also use tech to make their models more desirable, which explains why high-tech features are often bundled into option packages that add hundreds or even thousands to a car s base price.Horsepower and lofty fuel economy figures aren t enough to lure consumers into showrooms anymore.The future looked bright at the turn of the millennium, but a succession of events quickly pushed the Big Three into dire financial straits.The collapse of the financial markets in 2008 choked credit; rising unemployment and sinking house prices sapped household budgets; and summer brought $4-a-gallon gasoline, a particular disaster for the Detroit Three, with their anemic offerings in small cars, explained Steve Rattner, often called Obama s car czar, in his book Overhaul.
Masaya Volcano is getting hooked up to the web.The Mouth of Hell is coming online.Thanks to General Electric and filmmaker Sam Cossman, Masaya Volcano, one of the most active volcanoes in Nicaragua, may soon be connected to the internet.GE has partnered with Cossman, who s made a name for himself as a volcano diver, and the Nicaraguan government to install dozens of Wi-Fi sensors inside Masaya, located about 13 miles outside the capital Managua.To monitor the volcano s activities in real time and better predict when it might next erupt.Masaya poses a real danger, explained volcanologist Guillermo Caravantes in a video posted to GE s Facebook page Friday.
With the Chromebook 13 G1 to the HP change on the image of the Chromebook and get rid of the notion that it is plastic budgetburk that is only for individuals and schools.the HP Chromebook 13 G1 gives us a completely different impression than the majority of Chromebook models we've seen.What is it that makes the extra business friendly?It has built-in tpm chip, but it is also everything as purely functionally distinguishes it from other Chromebook models.HP sells a whole plethora of general accessories fits to: ipod on the usb-c, dvd burner, wireless mouse, matter what, it is still a Chromebook, that is to say, a computer with almost all the functionality out in the cloud instead of locally installed applications.
Online marketing has played a major role in this year's presidential election.But who's doing it better?Content marketing and social media marketing firm AudienceBloom looked at the numbers and analyzed comments and sentiment to paint a picture of each candidates' online marketing performance thus far.It's clear that Trump has far more followers on social media, as well as media exposure in general.However, he's a more polarizing figure than Clinton, according to our sentiment analysis.When it comes to advertising, Clinton's campaign is far outpacing Trump's.
The Apple rumor mill is heating up once again, just weeks before the release of the iPhone 7, but this time the news about the Apple Watch.However, instead of incremental software upgrades or new watch band designs, the latest rumor claims that Apple will release two new versions of the Apple Watch in the second half of this year.According AppleInsider, referencing a Sunday night note from KGI analyst Ming-Chi Kuo, one version will include an improved processor, while the other version, referred to as the Apple Watch 2, will include a GPS radio and a barometer for "improved geolocation capabilities."The report also claims that the Apple Watch 2 will have a higher capacity battery to support the additional features.Owners of the current Apple Watch will also be relieved to know that the analyst report says that the exterior design of the Apple Watch will remain the same, which means current owners won't feel out fashion just because of the new upgrades.On that note, the Kuo report also expects the smartwatch, which was aggressively promoted by Apple as a fashion accessory, to retain its general design into 2017 as well.
Small things can become huge problems.In this era of big data, so can the risks previously seen as minimal become serious threats for companies that want to keep their information for themselves.It starts and ends inside, in companies, and is about the protocols and parameters that are in place to secure the data.No one took the dragons or jättevargarna seriously in the beginning of the Game of Thrones but ahead of the third season, it is clear that they are capable to annihilate armies, and set to general mayhem.Everything from user access to the information to change your password on a regular basis is of equal crucial importance.They are approaching their victims seemingly amicably in the same way as criminals on the net trying to learn everything about their target before they begin to fish for their information.