I cannot believe how many websites I m finding for businesses that do not work properly on mobile devices!Major news organizations, attorneys and even Apple s own website that introduces people to their new 7 Plus iPhone requires a magnifying glass to read the text even on one of the biggest phones in the world with one of the largest display screens.There is also a side scroll bug on the Apple website that prevents the entire top navigation menu from being displayed properly in vertical mode requiring users to flip to horizontal to even see the selections.In other words, your website needs to be responsive.No matter whether a visitor to your website is browsing on a laptop, iPad or a phone it simply needs to work.Scott Web Media specialists can redesign your website so that it is responsive to all devices.
Walk downtown in The Hague, Netherlands, and you'll find a tiny butcher shop with a giant glass window and wooden front.A selection of fresh steaks, chicken, smoked bacon, and mackerel chill inside the front counter.It looks like a retro-style butcher shop — with one major difference.The first of its kind, the shop is fittingly called The Vegetarian Butcher.Since the shop was founded in 2010, the demand for its products has grown tremendously.The shop now sells its vegetarian meats to more than 3,000 stores in 13 countries.
the accident investigation board has issued a new balcony safety recommendations last summer balcony because of the accident.Last June a woman died after falling from the balcony of the Bay in the centre, while the balcony railing below have been fiber cement board is broken.the accident investigation board recommends that the minister for the environment, to draw up the new guidelines, according to which non-transparent railing construction are required in the same strength and impact resistance than glass under construction.the Railing to keep the ntsb said it takes people pouring into it.
To fulfill the artistic impulse to connect with and replicate that old-time flair, Alien Skin s Exposure X $149 is available as a standalone photo filter or plug-in to Adobe Photoshop or Lightroom, offering myriad presets and variations.Exposure X stylizes a scene for a distinctive look by simulating both old and modern films with 15 categories of color and 12 categories of black and white in familiar brands like Agfa, Kodak, Fuji, and others.The Autochrome filter harks back to a color process developed in 1907, which combined layers of dyed potato starch grains on glass plates.Alien Skin applies scientific analysis to older and discontinued films, microscopically analyzing film grain to deliver characteristic looks.As of this version, Exposure X doubles as an organizer, letting you import images directly from your camera card and view images in their existing folders and locations without importing them into the app.No matter how many edits you apply to an image nothing will permanently change unless you export and save it as a new file.
Photo: SCMP PicturesAustralian scientists have found evidence of a huge asteroid they say slammed into Earth some 3.46 billion years ago – making it the second oldest known to have hit the planet and larger than the one blamed for wiping out the dinosaurs.Andrew Glikson, from the Australian National University s Planetary Institute, said that while the asteroid would have been massive, the exact location of where it hit was not known.The impact would have triggered earthquakes orders of magnitude greater than terrestrial earthquakes, it would have caused huge tsunamis and would have made cliffs crumble, he said in a statement.On Wednesday, Glikson said he and Arthur Hickman from the Geological Survey of Western Australia had found tiny glass beads called spherules, which are formed by vaporised material from an asteroid s impact, in Australia s remote northwest.It dates from 3.46 billion years ago.Tests on the beads found in Western Australia found levels of elements such as platinum, nickel and chromium corresponding with those found in asteroids, according to the scientists paper in Precambrian Research.
Storms that go on for 400 years.Falling molten glass rain.Temperatures jumping from 500 degrees Celsius to 1200 degrees Celsius in just 6 hours.The weather in our universe is crazy.So the next time it s a little muggy outside or a bit of rain has ruined your commute, remember that Earth has it easy.Life Noggin details the extreme weather of other planets, and everywhere else in the universe sounds totally bonkers.
Google IO 2016 kicks off with a keynote on 18 MayGoogle IO, the company's annual developer conference that gives an insight into what's coming over the next 12 months, kicks off on Wednesday 18 May 2016 .As always, the event begins with a keynote presentation that could reveal all manner of new products, software and technology that Google and its parent company Alphabet have been working on.Chief executive Sundar Pichai and his team are expected to show off updates for Android, Chrome and maybe even some of the company's 'Moonshot' ideas, such as autonomous cars and Google Glass 2.Yes, Google will live stream a video feed from the keynote on YouTube.IO is often a long presentation, somewhere between two and three-and-a-half hours, so you'll want to plan your drinks, snacks and toilet breaks carefully for the rest of the day.IO 2016 is to start at 10am local time, which we have translated into various time zones below:Honolulu: 7am HSTSan Francisco: 10am PDTChicago: noon CDTNew York 1pm EDTLondon: 6pmParis: 7pmAmsterdam: 7pmMoscow: 8pmMumbai: 10.30pmBeijing: 1am Thursday Seoul: 2am Thursday Sydney: 3am Thursday
Marcio Jose Sanchez / AP Photo: Google I / O has previously been held indoors. Around 5000 participants are expected to flock to Google I / O, the Internet giant's developer conference which starts on Wednesday. To cope with the nearly 30-degree heat in Mountain View, Google has put together a survival kit for the conference visitors. It includes, for example, sunscreen, sunglasses, a water bottle and a headgear that can be worn as headband, hat and, for the slumbering, blindfolded. One must assume that Google hopes that the sunglasses will be a bigger hit than the deferred project Google Glass, whose purpose was to develop a computer worn as a pair of glasses. In addition, participants receive a copy of Google's own virtual reality glasses of cardboard and plastic.
Anyone who s seen a person use HTC s Vive virtual reality headset will know that it is a solo experience, and one that you ll want to keep your distance from.Jukin MediaYou see HTC s headset doesn t just let you look around a virtual world, it lets you walk around it, touch it and in some instances punch it.So it was a hard truth that this man learnt first hand when his colleague proceeded to engage in what we can only assume was a particularly vigorous VR game.Sadly neither he, nor his colleague were aware that HTC s headset comes with a range of safety features which warn the user that they re about to thwack someone rather heavily round the head.Ignorant of these features she did indeed then proceed to thwack him, his innocent head clearly obstructing the intended virtual target.Just like hoverboards, Google Glass and the Smart Car before it, virtual reality has passed the innovative technology test by making sure you look like a complete idiot while using it.
Caption: This summer, millions of eyes will be watching Rio de Janeiro, as the 2016 Summer Olympics descend on the Brazilian city.It s at the Jewish Museum of New York until September 18, and it represents recognition at last of the tremendous influence Marx had on modern landscape architecture.Decades later, you can see that influence in, for example, the abandoned rail viaduct in New York City that James Corner Field Operations turned into the vaunted High Line.It sounds ridiculous that in a place like Brazil, that s so blessed with incredible flora and nature, people were importing roses and European species for gardens, Nahson says.The Jewish Museum show, the first comprehensive survey of Burle Marx s work in a quarter century, includes photos of all those parks, as well as paintings, sculptures, textiles, jewelry, ceramics, and works of stained-glass.But the designs live on, as a backdrop for the wheels of speeding Olympian cyclists.
Google Wave Long before Slack, Facebook at Work and its own Google Drive tried to get us to work on the same wavelength. Google Glass 2012 Sergey Brin goes out on stage with some of the ugliest spectacle the world has ever known. The highlight - that moment when ashamed cushion needed hugging hardest - was when skydivers equipped with Google Glass jumped on the roof of the Moscone Center, and then ran and cycled! The ball was worked as a streaming hub for Android devices, but missing most of arch-enemy functions. In addition, cost Nexus Q, the entire $ 300 - three times as much as the then-generation Apple TV. 2012 JRC abolished everywhere except on Blogger, who stubbornly fought on the outdated system until January this year.
If the people in your household do a good job of scraping or rinsing off their plates before sticking them in the dishwasher, it can be hard to tell when the dishes inside are clean or dirty.Sure, you could have some sort of indicator on the outside of the dishwasher, but if you like to keep your kitchen clutter free, Alice Medrich at Food52 recommends you try this:Keep a small glass in the top front corner of the rack.Empty the glass after you put the dishes away: An empty glass means dishes are dirty.As long as you remember to pour the glass out, it will work every time.No clutter, no mess, and you barely have to open the dishwasher to check.How to Hack the Kitchen Tools You Need Why Not to Buy Them Food52
Image copyright V Image caption The Elytra Filament Pavilion will be in the V's John Madejski Garden until 6 NovemberA robot has taken up residence at the Victoria & Albert Museum to construct a new installation at its London gardens.The futuristic structure will grow and change shape using data based on how visitors interact with it.Elytra's canopy is made up of 40 hexagonal cells - made from strips of carbon and glass fibre - which have been tightly wound into shape by the computer-controlled Kuka robot.On certain days, visitors to the V will be able to watch the robot create new cells that will be added to the canopy.As a result, the structure is remarkably lightweight.Each cell weighs 45kg and has a predicted lifespan of 50 years.
Furthermore, the fingerprint reading tech Apple describes in the patent could offer even faster and more accurate readings than the current Touch ID sensor, which is already best-in-class.In this type of sensor, two transducers are placed on the x- and y-axes of a plate of glass–one each for receiving and transmitting–for propagating ultrasound waves through a glass plate; when the finger is placed on top of the glass, the finger impedes the waves and the receiving transducer can measure the alteration in wave patterns, the patent explains.With the help of these new technologies, Apple could also combat various hacks used to unlock an iPhone after stealing the owner s fingerprints.But the patent does prove that Apple is indeed working to ditch the home button and increase the phone s screen-to-overall-size ratio.On a device where size and weight are limited, the addition of this module can be costly, Apple explains in the patent.Show entire article
Android NView photosMore Jeff Chiu/AP Naturally Android, Google s mobile operating system, will feature heavily during I/O, with the first in-depth look at 2016′s update to the software expected.Given that Android was overhauled in the not too distant past, we re not expecting wholesale changes, but a bundle of Android news is still definite.Project Tango is one of Google s moonshot ideas and is essentially a piece of technology that allows smartphones to understand and map the world around them as they move through it using 3D motion sensors and depth perception.So in short, the ability to build a digital image of a room just by you walking around it with the device.It s only available to developers currently, but there have been suggestions that Tango could help the virtual reality apps using those sensors and its artificial intelligence.Glass was officially withdrawn from sale by Google last year, but since then has been taken back to the drawing board and re-designed ahead of a potential relaunch.
In Italy, there s a lift that can switch directions and move both horizontally and vertically.Plus, there s a glass lookout so you can see where you re going.Tom Scott visited the Ascensore Castello d Albertis-Montegalletto in Genoa to figure out how the contraption works, and how it manages to be safe to ride.The lift travels 300 metres horizontally before it starts going up to a castle at the top of the hill.The cabin that people get into can only move horizontally.To move up and down, the life actually goes inside a bigger lift.
The concept, Patently Apple reports, is called Man-machine interface for controlling access to electronic devices and was first filed in March 2015.The man-machine interface device comprises an electronic display apparatus that is capable of presenting graphic text, images, icons, and other data typically shown on a screen, while further including a transparent finger touch sensor region that is seated above the display apparatus.One of them — the most accurate but least common type — is called ultrasound imaging, and it would mean a fingerprint reader embedded in a display.In this type of sensor, two transducers are placed on the x- and y-axes of a plate of glass one each for receiving and transmitting for propagating ultrasound waves through a glass plate; when the finger is placed on top of the glass, the finger impedes the waves and the receiving transducer can measure the alteration in wave patterns, the patent notes.It adds that although this kind of scanner is new and for the most part untested, initial results show promise .One report recently suggested that the iPhone 7 might come without a home button, but given the timing of the patent these things can take years to become integrated into consumer products that seems unlikely.
All you need to do is download the Android Pay app from Google Play, add your card, and you re free to ditch that banged up wallet or pesky purse for good.There s also one particularly big phone that will be missing Android Pay support due to lack of NFC – the OnePlus 2.On supported devices you can authenticate your purchases with a tap of your digit, while on other phones you ll need to input a pin code.Even though Huawei s own phones always fall down due to overbearing software, the Chinese firm has been excelling in design for a while now.Now, if there s one Nexus 6P design choice that s caused a bit of a stir since the leaked images first hit the interwebs it s the glass covered hump running across the top.Slow focusing, even slower post-production, blurry results and unresponsive apps were all common.
When ZUK launched the Z2 Pro we did wonder why they had jumped straight to a Pro model, well that question has been answered with reports that a standard ZUK Z2 will also launch.The above image is a teaser to the upcoming ZUK Z2 which will be placed and priced below the current Z2 Pro so starting at less than 1999 Yuan .In fact the Z2 might be the new name for the Z1 Mini we heard about a few months back.If the Z2 is the new name for the Z1 Mini then the device will feature a Helio P10 chipset, 4.7-inch HD display and have options for either 2GB 16GB or 3GB 32GB.Of course this is a big maybe, and in all honesty we would prefer the Z2 to be just a slightly down specced Z2 Pro, perhaps with a Snapdragon 617, 3GB RAM and a price of around 1499 Yuan.What we can see from the image is that the ZUK Z2 will retain USB Type C, a physical home button, and will be constructed with an alloy chassis with 2.5D glass display on the front.What do you think of this upcoming ZUK model?
Images: V MuseumLondon s Victoria & Albert Museum has unveiled an incredibly intricate robotically woven and biologically inspired carbon-fiber pavilion in its courtyard.Each panel is made from a combination of transparent glass fiber and black carbon fiber, woven into a structure inspired by a beetle s forewing—known as elytra, hence the structure s name, Elytra Filament Pavilion.The panels weigh around 100 pounds each.The installation is the brainchild of experimental architect Achim Menges, along with collaborators Moritz Dörstelmann, Jan Knippers and Thomas Auer.One of those robots will sit within the courtyard during the course of the exhibition.While in situ, it will create new elements that can be added to the structure based on real-time sensed data.