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The search giant is working to allow Rust code in the Linux kernel, a major technological and cultural shift after decades using only C.
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Good golly, gang, Google's done it again.Just when I thought the G-team had made its messaging service strategy as convoluted as humanly possible, Le Googlé has managed to inject even more messy confusion into its suite of messaging products.This, my fellow earthlings, deserves some serious recognition. Achieving levels of perplexity this high is a rare feat, and you'd better believe it ain't easy.Our latest confounding twist comes courtesy of an announcement earlier this week that Google Workspace — the recently rebranded identity for the entity formerly known as G Suite — will now be available for everyone, whether you're using a paid company-connected account or a free individual Google account.To read this article in full, please click here
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Real-time collaborative chat, as exemplified by apps such as Slack, has become a common way to communicate between colleagues and friends, especially since last year when so many of us transitioned to working from home. Google has apparently taken note of this and is pitting itself against Slack by taking two of the features from its corporate Workplace app suite — Chat and Rooms — and integrating them into its standard Gmail app. Google Chat allows you to hold chat sessions with friends and groups of friends either on an informal or formal basis. The former can be done just between two people or between several in what Google calls a group conversation. The latter is done via a separate space that Google currently calls a Room. What’s... Continue reading…
Honor has revealed its Honor 50 smartphones and, more importantly, that Google’s apps and services will be supported on the new handsets. The announcement today – which confirmed availability and pricing for the Honor 50 and Honor 50 Pro in China – came with the news that the former Huawei subsidiary has achieved its big goal in spinning out. Honor … Continue reading
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