Nutanix Enterprise Cloud software now runs on Cisco UCS C-Series serversNutanix has validated Cisco s Unified Computing System UCS C-Series servers to run its Enterprise Cloud Platform software, a decision reportedly made after demand from Cisco customers.The move means that Nutanix enterprise cloud product is available on three of the four top x86 servers vendors; namely Cisco, Dell, and Lenovo. Because of Cisco s widespread adoption across the enterprise, Nutanix has seen strong global demand to extend our software to the Cisco UCS platform, said Dheeraj Pandey, Nutanix CEO.San Francisco Golden Gate Bridge Rich Niewiroski Jr. We are delighted to now provide Cisco UCS customers a true enterprise cloud platform choice.
Tesla Motors Inc. marked the opening of its largest North American sales, service and delivery center in San Francisco, a key market from which Elon Musk s electric-car maker will introduce its all-important Model 3 sedan late next year.Though Tesla is based in nearby Palo Alto, the 65,000-square-foot 6,039-square-meter San Francisco center is the company s first in the city, where one-fifth of residents don t own a car and ride-sharing services led by Uber Technologies Inc. are emerging as a dominant form of transportation.The location was originally home to a Chevrolet showroom built in 1937, the year the Golden Gate Bridge opened.Model 3 reservations skew young and urban, Jon McNeill, Tesla s president of global sales and service, said in an interview Tuesday before an evening event for nearly 400 attendees, including customers.What makes this our flagship store is that the Bay Area is really our home.Tesla is expanding retail operations as it targets production of 500,000 vehicles by 2018, roughly a 10-fold increase from last year.The automaker operates about 260 stores worldwide -- the largest is in Oslo, Norway -- and plans to have 300 open by the end of this year.
Hackers just want to have fun.That seems to be the motto for Marcus Holloway, the young hero from the upcoming open-world action game Watch Dogs 2 coming to PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC on November 15 .He s a member of Dedsec, a group of hackers that use their clever computer skills to take down people who abuse technology for money and power.Publisher Ubisoft sold over 10 million copies of the original Watch Dogs, which was one of the first triple-A the industry term for blockbuster games for the PS4 and Xbox One console generation.But instead of continuing the series in dreary Chicago, developer Ubisoft Montreal went with a different approach for Holloway s story.In Watch Dogs 2, the San Francisco Bay Area is the latest recipient of ctOS, a powerful operating system that links together every security camera, personal phone, and any other electronic device in the city.And I d say San Francisco is also sunny, open-minded, light-hearted.As the drone flew higher and higher, the developer who was coaching me pointed out a few of the city s sights.In the distance was Sutro Tower, Golden Gate Bridge, Marin County, Alcatraz, Oakland home of numerous gang wars in the game , and the rest of downtown San Francisco.Watch Dogs 2 also has its own version of Silicon Valley, populating it with an assortment of fictional tech companies — instead of Google, you ll find the colorful buildings of Nudle.
The Golden State Warriors laid it on pretty thick for Kevin Durant during the team s successful free-agent pitch to the NBA superstar last week.In addition to having two-time MVP Stephen Curry and fellow Warriors all-stars, Klay Thompson and Draymond Green, attend the meeting, the team also tapped into its Silicon Valley backyard to hit KD with a virtual reality presentation.According to USA Today Sports, the Warriors gave Durant a VR headset to show him the iconic Golden Gate Bridge, a courtside view at Oracle Arena and a look at coach Steve Kerr talking to his players in the locker room, so he could envision himself being there.The VR footage was accompanied by Drake and Future s Big Rings, the Warriors theme song, which, incidentally, include the lyrics, Oh you switchin sides?The high-tech effort paid off, as KD, of course, left the Oklahoma City Thunder team that he had played with for all nine years of his NBA career to sign with the Warriors on a two-year, $54.3 million deal earlier this week.Chalk this up to when virtual reality becomes reality.
These days the Bay Area increasingly seems divided into two factions — the techies and everyone else — and it s no secret the two groups aren t always on friendly terms.A new proposal announced in San Francisco isn t likely to help them play nice.A handful of San Francisco supervisors want tech companies in the city — and only tech companies — to pay extra taxes, The San Francisco Chronicle reported.The money would go toward addressing the city s homelessness problem and the high cost of housing.The measure, backed by three city supervisors and announced last week by Supervisor Eric Mar, would take a 1.5 percent payroll tax from tech companies pockets.A group of activists including Maria Poblet, executive director of nonprofit Causa Justa/Just Cause, is leading the charge to get tech companies to pay what the supporters consider to be their fair share.But The New York Times points out the measure is a long shot — it would take the support of six of the 11 members of the Board of Supervisors in order to appear on the November ballot, and then it would need approval of two-thirds of voters to take effect.Even if the tech tax  never makes it out of the gate, it s another sign of the growing animosity longtime Bay Area residents are showing toward hoodie-clad techies they blame for clogging the highways, raising rent prices and gentrifying neighborhoods that were once eclectic and culturally diverse.Protests have erupted over the Google buses the company pays to shuttle employees to its campus, as well as over evictions that displace non-tech residents.Some in the tech industry are finding creative ways to appease their neighbors.Mountain View-based accelerator Y Combinator, for example, recently announced two new projects to address income inequality and the affordable housing crisis — a Basic Income project that gives Oakland participants money to meet their daily needs, and an initiative to build new cities and do away with entrenched problems such as housing prices.Photo: The Golden Gate Bridge stands against the darkening sky over Fort Point in 2012 in San Francisco.
Among the collection of gadgets on the roof are the spinning Lidar laser sensors often used for self-driving cars.One knowledgeable source in the self-driving-car industry reckons that this is an Apple mapping car.These appear to be cameras pointed at different angles:According to our source, the gear on top of the car appears complex enough for a mapping vehicle, but not necessarily for a self-driving car.The driver also has her hands on the wheel.There was also a copilot in the passenger's seat who was holding his smartphone up and appeared to be taking pictures or measurements of some kind:Here's a view of the front of the car.Notice the front-pointing camera on the roof:Apple declined to comment about the van.
Disaster movies are one and the same—we re all just watching them to see the world come under attack and famous landmarks get destroyed.Oh my god, did they just do that to the Golden Gate Bridge?Not the Sydney Opera House!But there s one disaster movie that s better than them all: Independence Day.Lessons from the Screenplay analyses why it s so great by taking a look at the writing, with a focus on three big reasons: the film has an epic antagonist; it made the action and destruction about the characters; and it s also mean to the characters.Plus, the aliens themselves weren t even seen until much later, so the movie had time to develop its characters and time to make them more interesting by actually making them suffer and struggle and die.
GIFDisaster movies are one and the same—we re all just watching them to see the world come under attack and famous landmarks get destroyed.Oh my god, did they just do that to the Golden Gate Bridge?Not the Sydney Opera House!But there s one disaster movie that s better than them all: Independence Day.Lessons from the Screenplay analyzes why it s so great by taking a look at the writing, with a focus on three big reasons: the film has an epic antagonist; it made the action and destruction about the characters; and it s also mean to the characters.Plus, the aliens themselves weren t even seen until much later, so the movie had time to develop its characters and time to make them more interesting by actually making them suffer and struggle and die.
Bentley has published what it claims to be the world's most extraordinary car photograph.The photo is a shot of the new Mulsanne Extended Wheelbase cruising across the San Francisco Golden Gate Bridge.In the video, you can see the zoom process on the image begin from 700 meters away, you can zoom in so closely that you can see the stitches in the Bentley logo on the passenger seat headrest of the car.The Mulsanne Extended Wheelbase is intended to be a car you are driven in and Bentley says it is the most generously proportioned luxury limousine in the world.The extra rear legroom allows Bentley to fit the rear seats with electronic leg rests allowing rear seat passengers to sit upright or reclined.The color combo on the car in the image is Rose Gold over Magnetic and it rolls on Bentley's new 21-inch wheel.
But if we didn t tell you, you probably didn t realize this sharp photograph is actually cropped in from a panoramic photo of San Francisco s Golden Gate Bridge.The photograph captures a wide perspective from almost half a mile 700 meters from the car, but has enough resolution to not only zoom into the rose gold Mulsanne driving across the iconic landmark, but to see the individual stitching on the winged B logo on the passenger seat headrest.What s amazing is that the cropped image is still high resolution,The panorama image of the Golden Gate Bridge, before it was cropped to reveal the Bentley Mulsanne.The photo was created by stitching together 700 single images, similar to the way photographers would stitch three or four images together to create a large panorama. gigapixel web.mp4Bentley didn t say just what equipment was used, but from the photo, it looks like the photographer used a Nikon DSLR with a robotic camera mount to help determine where to shoot each individual photo for the 700 image merge – technology developed by NASA, according to Bentley.We wanted to commission this shot to capture both the exquisite detailing of the Mulsanne and the epic scale of our brand s ambitions.
Via BentleyThis is a 53,000 megapixel photo of the Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco.It s also a promotional photo for the Bentley Mulsanne.If you look really close, there is a Bentley Mulsanne driving on the bridge.You just have to zoom in on the 53 billion pixel photograph to see it.GIFAccording to The Verge, Bentley used NASA technology to stitch together 70 different photos, a few of which detail the new Bentley Mulsanne, into a giant fucking panorama of the Golden Gate Bridge—obscuring the fact that there s a Bentley Mulsanne somewhere in the picture.The Mulsanne starts around $330,000.
Towers, a central component of the Assassin's Creed series that allowed players to unlock new missions and tasks in an open world, eventually crept into other Ubisoft series, including Far Cry, Watch Dogs and, more bizarrely, racing game The Crew."You're also unlocking new knowledge, new operations, new co-op missions.The open world hack-all-the-things sequel launches on 15 November 2016.The footage embedded below puts an emphasis on free-running, graffiti, electronic bits, the return of the CTOS network, drones and anti-establishment youth-types sporting caps and scarfs and in one bizarre instance a horse mask .The game was officially revealed in a livestream during which members of the development team discussed how fan feedback on the first game instructed their focus for the sequel.The box art for the game has also been revealed, picturing the suitably rebellious Marcus and his pals overlooking San Francisco with the Golden Gate Bridge in the background.
View epic panorama to intricate detail- bentley s extraordinary gigapixel imageYou are looking at a picture of a car, a Bentley Mulsanne to be specific.The gold and black sedan was photographed cruising along the iconic Golden Gate Bridge in California.In fact, you can zoom in all the way to the embroidered, winged logo on the car's all-leather seats.NASA developed this gigapixel image technology to compile and present images of the Mars landscape captured by the Mars Curiosity Rovers.If you were to layout all 700 pieces in the real world, they would, according to Bentley, cover a football field.For the rest of us, this eye-popping photo feat will have to suffice.
20th Century Fox A San Francisco neighborhood is wiped out by aliens.Hollywood disaster films are known for blowing up some of the world s most famous landmarks.But a new website to promote the upcoming Independence Day flick destroys something a little closer to home: your actual home.Just type your address into the Independence Day My Street website, and watch as your neighborhood is transformed into a battlefield.The video footage of the alien invaders wiping out your community is set to Creedence Clearwater Revival s Fortunate Son.Once you re done destroying your own home, take out other landmarks, such as the Golden Gate Bridge:20th Century FoxThe Red Sox team store outside Fenway Park:20th Century FoxOr even Trump Tower:20th Century FoxOf course, it s hard to top the home so memorably destroyed in the first film: Independence Day: Resurgence opens on Friday.
Ubisoft is doing a big unveiling of its next Watch Dogs game later today, but you can get an idea of the tone it s going for right now.Ads for Watch Dogs 2 have started rolling out on Twitch via Steve Kim on Twitter , and it looks like the inside of a Hot Topic.The 30-second spot emphasized that by showing the Golden Gate Bridge and insufferable techo-anarchists kicking cars and wearing horse masks because that s what hacker culture is now.Go ahead and watch it for yourself:It never really works when a corporation tries to pretend to love hackers.Pacific time, and it better hope it does.Watch Dogs was one of the most anticipated releases in the first year of the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, but gamers and critics met it with mixed feelings.One of the primary criticisms is that the hero, Aiden Pearce, was boring and not easy to sympathize with.Ubisoft is reportedly going with someone different for Watch Dogs 2, but if they share a spirit with the nightmare it s always Burning Man somewhere vibe of the game s first ad … well, I might start feeling nostalgic for ol Aiden.
Matt Rourke/APThe Associated Press says Hillary Clinton has enough delegates to become the Democratic nominee for president.Upon receiving the news, the Clinton campaign tweeted a message to supporters in tomorrow s primary states, urging them to vote anyway:We re flattered, @AP, but we've got primaries to win.It found that 571 superdelegates have unequivocally committed to supporting Clinton, while just 95 remain uncommitted.This announcement clearly throws a wrench in the Sanders campaign s hopes of locking up a victory in California tomorrow and convincing some of Clinton s superdelegates to vote for Sanders instead, forcing a contested convention.In recent weeks, Sanders has been focusing all of his energy on California, including a major San Francisco rally tonight featuring some of the Vermont senator s celebrity backers.As Sanders supporters gathered under cloudy skies with the Golden Gate Bridge looming in the background, the mood was festive and defiant despite the AP s call.
Dead writers perfume, In the Library and other book smells for your home and body.Superlative trees, from tallest to most goats to one you can drive through.Study: Being busy may be beneficial to your brain.And a by-the-numbers look at the changing demographics of San Francisco.Photo: The Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco.Karl Mondon/Bay Area News Group