It is the 21st century, the age of digital marketing that allows people to stay connected easily across the globe. And it does not need huge time, money and hard effort to take the world into one’s fist. But using some advanced steps and techniques, one can reach the highest level of success. Whether it is a business website or a personal, being popular or getting success it needs to choose some latest web skills and SEO is one of the most useful sets of techniques that increase search engine rankings and page views significantly.Search Engine Optimization or SEO is the latest marketing technology that offers the fastest service. It has reduced advertising costs significantly. Previously, when a new brand launched in the market, it needed a proper advertisement to beat the competitors and to increase the sale. Owners had to spend a lot of money on advertising the brand. Now, with the discovery of the internet, business owners have curtailed advertising costs, as well as they, have an easier and established way to promote their brand across the globe. SEO is a set of key techniques to offer a business a great position in search engines that a maximum number of people can view the website and it has increased traffic.   For inevitable success from a website, it is a must to get a professional SEO consultant who provides high-quality SEO services to place the website at a higher position in search engines like Google, Yahoo, and Bing. SEO is a set of techniques. A veteran consultant has the right expertise about how to succeed in a project. Link building, on page optimization, article submissions, directory submissions, and PPC are some other important services, an SEO consultant uses for increasing traffic at one’s website.Whom you can say a good SEO consultant:An SEO consultant has high experience in the field.He/she should have the latest knowledge in search engine algorithms.An expert must comprehend the requirement and marketing goals of the clients. Accordingly, he develops strategies for promotion purpose.The main focus of a professional SEO expert is to generating web traffic to websites that the clients notice profitability and can increase expected sales.An experienced SEO consultant Kolkata use white hat techniques. It is to follow the rules and laws of search engines and to avoid fraud.A professional is said to be an expert when he/she optimizes a website in a user-friendly way.Services provided by a proficient SEO professional:A professional offers comprehensive design to improve site visibility.An expert analyzes the website in the most efficient manner.He uses fair and decent procedures that create positive impacts on visitors hence, it increases traffic and profitability.Expect competent keyword research and the right selection of keywords with long-serving SEO services in Kolkata. A proficient SEO consultant should be well-versed in content management. He/she creates high-quality and informative content as a part of the promotion of the client’s business.An expert should focus on involving simple yet advanced techniques while optimizing a website.
It’s mind-boggling that the already massive Southeast Asian ecommerce industry is still growing at an exponential rate.Google and Temasek analysts forecast that the region’s business-to-consumer market will hit US$88 billion by 2025.According to Nguyen Quang Thuat, senior logistics director of Vietnamese consumer-to-consumer ecommerce platform Sendo and director of SenMall, the company’s B2C marketplace, the prime movers of the region’s ecommerce potential are the shifting power dynamics between corporations and consumers in the region.Southeast Asian consumers are young and increasingly affluent, living in a region where big-box retail is scarce.Most importantly, they’re more online than any other generation that came before: Nguyen cites Google research that estimates around 3.8 million new users coming online each month, making Southeast Asia the “world’s hottest online battleground,” he says.Southeast Asian businesses can’t afford to sleep on these potential huge wins, and they have to make serious pivots and major bets to reach the region’s diverse, future-first consumers.
Semantic Search Engines With Added PrecisionAI will continue to contribute to the new norm of an eCommerce website, i.e., the Semantic search engines.Instead of displaying results merely based on keyword inputs, NLP (Natural Language Processing), and AI together will be able to help in understanding synonyms of the searched text.Furthermore, NLP & AI enabled semantic search engines can quickly identify typos, suggest auto-correction, provide a dynamic display of targeted merchandising; enabling the customers to choose from more relevant search results.Thanks to the modern AI-based solutions, real-time tracking of fleet and workforce from the first mile to last mile to the long haul is made possible.Using heat maps and trend lines, businesses can now analyze the entire supply chain operations and also compare the planned vs. actual SLA’s.
Long delayed Emergency Services Network probably not helpingUK police might not agree on how to measure the success of technology used on the beat, but three-quarters of them want better mobile kit - and more of it.According to a survey of 100 "IT decision makers" at UK police forces, commissioned by Computacenter, one of Europe's largest box shifters, 74 per cent of bobbies on the beat say they need improved portable comms equipment - including mobile digital terminals, mobile phones and body cameras.This may in part be down to delays to the Emergency Services Network – which promises to replace coppers' Airwave radios with 4G devices with an array of applications to make life easier for the shrinking number of plod.Seventy-one per cent of respondents to the survey said that technology had an important or significant impact on rival forces' success.Twenty-eight per cent cited lack of personal kit as the biggest challenge.
A leaked report from Forbes has dropped specs for Microsoft’s next Surface 2-in-1, code-named Centaurus In addition to dual, 9-inch screens and an Intel 10nm Lakefield processor, one other important detail was leaked.A Microsoft Surface device in the future could launch with Android apps and the Google Play Store built-in.Android apps could be exactly what the Surface needsIn an interview just last week, Microsoft founder Bill Gates was asked his biggest regret from his time with Microsoft.Apps never made their way to the platform in large numbers, even major ones like Instagram and YouTube.That problem lingers on Windows 10 tablets.
Even govt rules have knock-on effects, warns Andrew SullivanInterview Andrew Sullivan, chief exec of the Internet Society, has condemned governments that "interfere in underlying technologies that people are allowed to build," as regulators increasingly target net infrastructure to enforce their visions of how the online world ought to be.His pitch is simple: governments and quasi-governmental regulators alike need to stop targeting internet infrastructure as a means of blocking certain types of content.If they continue doing it, he said, vital security protections will end up being weakened and innocent sites will be wrongly blocked.What people are doing is reaching for the thing they're trying to regulate, the underlying infrastructure."Top of the infrastructure-as-policy-tool agenda in the UK is the DNS over HTTPS (DoH) proposal made by browser builders Google and Mozilla.
This marketing technique helps businesses to make their advertisements more precise and focused on the target audience.These ads will be presented online in front of the past visitors, in order to keep a brand top-of-mind and inducing the visitors to come back for more.This type of marketing has been proven to be extremely effective in increasing a brand’s conversion rates and ROI.It is because these advertisements primarily focus on making the visitors more familiar with the brand, so that more valuable actions on the brand’s site can be made.If you are a brand that already has advertised on Google, then all you need to do for making your visitors your remarketing audience is, add a piece of Google remarketing code to your website.After some time, you can get down to targeting more narrowly, so that you can increase the ad relevancy and lower your cost per click.
We have had our suspicions that Prime Day 2019 was going to be a massive event this year, but it wasn’t until Amazon confirmed it that we knew for sure.The once one-day event is slated to span a whole 48 hours, with the best deals beginning as early as midnight on Monday, July 15, and carrying on through July 16.This follows the same pattern we’ve seen from previous iterations of the Amazon event, with last year’s Prime Day getting extended to a full 36 hours.An extra 12 hours means shoppers are going to have extra time to pick up steep discounts on Amazon devices, Instant Pots, and pretty much anything else the retail giant has to offer.Considering other retailers, such as Walmart and Best Buy, have started to follow suit with competitive prices, the game has begun to change in favor of consumers.Google Home prices will also drop to compete with Amazon, so if you prefer Google Assistant over Alexa you will still be able to get discounts.
Most business owners know that to grow a business in today’s market, digital marketing is the way to go.When you need to find a service or a product and you aren’t sure where to go, where do you look?Word of mouth is a good strategy to get a few new people in your door, but most people are going to rely on what they find during a Google Search.Online marketing has taken over traditional marketing efforts and is the easiest way to gain new clients and grow your business.Whether you are developing new marketing strategies with a current digital marketing company or are looking into digital marketing to grow and expand your business, you should know what your digital marketing company offers and how you can make the most out of your partnership with a digital marketing agency.If you want to learn more about digital marketing and how it can help your company grow, contact the professional team at Get Found First marketing.What Does Your Marketing Agency Offer?The first thing you want to know is what services your marketing agency offers.After all, if you are paying a company for a service, you want to see results.
Meanwhile in the home, it's all Google, Amazon, Apple…Analysis The smart home and internet-of-things market has long suffered from a plethora of protocols and standards: from X10 and ZigBee, to LightwaveRF, Z-Wave, Bluetooth, HomeKit, Weave, and Brillo.This month, however, we may finally have found a winner.Thread version 1.2 [PDF] was just released, and contains solutions for the two biggest issues right now with IoT networks: scalability, and the simple and secure addition of nodes ad devices.As a result more and more companies – including control-freak Apple – have got on board the Thread train.The release of Thread 1.2 (which could easily have been pitched as Thread 2.0) appears to have consolidated those wins and, coinciding with the release, smart home specialist Lutron joined The Thread Group.
5 - Get Avast Login to My Avast Account at or and Access Avast Services like Avast Login, Sign in, Sign up - This is wide better-known for the insurance and PC enhancement code offered by it.Likewise, these applications are open for various gadgets like Windows, Mac, and machine.Related to the of these, you'll have the capacity to conjointly oversee of these code in one spot by making a My Avast account.The record is imperative for the clients having the membership.It's a free administration related you'll have the capacity to deliver a record abuse the Facebook and Google Account likewise.In the event that you have partner machine gadget, at that point, abuse the record, you'll have the capacity to discover your purloined and lost the gadget.
But after that, you will have to go to Google Play Store and download your favorite apps.In such instances, Application Manager utility will help you organize your all the apps installed on your Android device.So, here are some steps to organize your apps in Android.Application ManagerHere is the process of understanding the Application Manager.Follow the instructions carefully.•    First, open Settings.•    After that, go to the Application Manager.•    Click on Running apps of the screen.•     After that, you can click on options and change preferences.Check App InfoHere is the process of checking any app information.Follow the instructions carefully.•   You can click on any app to open it and get info on your screen.•    If you want to close an app or that app consumes battery from the background, then you can click “Force Stop” button.•    If you have not used an app for a long time, and you want to uninstall it here, you can just hit on “Uninstall app.”•    Some apps on your device come inbuilt, and you can’t uninstall them.You can click on “Uninstalled Apps” to stop updating, and your storage will take more space.•    Look at the App permissions.Removing Data/Cache in AndroidHere is the process of removing Data/Cache in Android.
We all know that websites continue to be one of the most productive and reliable sources for organizations, the world over, to promote their businesses and products.Customers equally look at how responsive, a particular web application is.By Responsive, we don’t just mean how much time it takes to load initially and how quick is the transition, in between pages.Reasons are not one, but many.The Phenomenon called AngularJSWhat more do we need, to convince ourselves about the abilities of the AngularJS framework, than the fact that it is maintained by none other than Google!But frankly speaking, this is not the only reason why AngularJS web development, has gained a lot of traction for the developer community, over the years.Some of these include directives that support reusable components and the REST API connection to servers, which use lesser bandwidth and enables HTTP requests, for efficient data handling process.Faster Development ProcessThe AngularJS web development helps in faster development of apps with fewer efforts.
Today, we are going to tell you about the best AirPlay supported speakers of 2019.So let’s check out the best speakers that support AirPlay.Source : mu-so QbIf you need a concert-type feel, then you should go for something that has a compelling sound and a punchy bass.Sonos One If you want a clear surround sound with soft bass, then you can go for this one.This speaker can work with Amazon Alexa, and soon in a future update, it will also be compatible with Google Assistant.It is a well-constructed speaker and looks great.3.
When we talk about the smart home app system, it involves controlling the smart objects (things) at your home. It might include lights, electric appliances, CCTV, AC, door locks, fire alarm, and the list is endless.So basically, the smart devices are connected to a specified cloud network. Different brands have their own services including, Amazon, Google, LG, etc.Well, thanks to the internet of things and its limitless possibilities that we were able to build the app project.Interested in knowing how we overcame the challenges and developed a masterpiece? Keep reading folks. 
Everything is connected today, and not just the obvious culprits like phones, computers, and TVs.These days, even refrigerators and ovens are connected to the Internet or to each other.The latter is what KitchenAid is trying to sell with the new Smart Oven+.First shown of at CES 2019, the smart single or double wall oven allows users to control it through various means, from touch to phone to even, of course, voice.Connected appliances are no longer a rarity these days but most of them offer very basic functionality, like notifying you of its status.Others do integrate with either Google Assistant, Amazon Alexa, or both for hands-free control.
There are many businesses online with products and services for business to this increasing online population.Google Search Console or Google Analytics and related tools should be renewed with the adjusted pages for proper tracking.Actually, there’s a complete site assigned to showing how much faster HTTPS is as compared to HTTP.The boundary between HTTP and HTTPS is small, but the end is usually, in fact, a relatively-new protocol known as HTTP/2.You’ll help from improved performance, and so will your readers.Once you have installed it, your customers will view you as a professional brand and develop your brand name in the digital world.
Although Apple has its dedicated fans, Android continues its dominance over the smartphone market with more and more makers rolling out their own flagship, midrange, and budget devices.Many of the newer ones we’ve seen in recent years have come from lesser-known Chinese brands, but American software titan Google has also entered the mobile game with its excellent Pixel devices, and the third-gen Pixel 3 and Pixel 3 XL can both be had at nice discounts right now before Amazon Prime Day 2019.Google recently announced that it was developing the Pixel 4, and while official details are scarce at the moment, we can be sure about one thing: The Pixel 3 will get phased out pretty quickly once the fourth generation models start rolling out.Google, being primarily a software company, doesn’t offer the same support for legacy devices that makers like LG, Samsung, and Apple do (the Pixel 2 has almost disappeared from retailers, and good luck finding a new first-gen Pixel), so now’s the time to grab a Pixel 3 or Pixel 3 XL as smartphone discounts start becoming more common.Considering that Google is the brains behind the Android operating system, it should come as no shock that the Pixel 3 offers what is arguably the smoothest and purest Android experience you can find on a phone.The Pixel 3 pairs its great software with superb build quality, a gorgeous 5.5-inch OLED touchscreen, and an excellent camera, easily putting this device on par with other high-end flagship mobiles.
Google Ads Budget Optimisation is a simple way to increase your conversions and lower your cost-per-acquisition. By splitting your campaign into 2, you can allocate more budget to the profitable campaign and increase your ROI.  
Google employees planning on marching with the company at this weekend's San Francisco Pride parade have been warned that protesting against YouTube's LGBTQ+ policies would be a violation of company policy.The confirmation of Google's stance came by way of an email exchange between a leader of the Gayglers, an internal LGBTQ+ employee group, and the company's Global LGBTQ+ Community Inclusion Lead.A Google spokesperson confirmed with Business Insider on Monday that employees would be in violation of its corporate policy if they were to protest the company while marching with its float.The spokesperson said employees were free to protest however they like if they are part of a contingent other than Google's or if they show up in their own "personal capacity."The confirmation of Google's stance towards employee protests at Pride was first reported by The Verge and came by way of an email exchange between a leader of the Gayglers, an internal LGBTQ+ employee group, and the company's Global LGBTQ+ Community Inclusion Lead.When the employee asked if they could be apart of Google's contingent, while also protesting YouTube's recent policy decisions, the inclusion lead said that doing so would violate the company's communications policy.