In some programs, you would have to make copies of that document to distribute to each folder.In the Drive window that pops up, select My Drive.This will bring up a list of all the folders and files stored in your Drive account.Drive s Details menu can help you keep track of which folders house a particular file.Then click the Details icon—it looks like a circle with an i in the center—in the upper-right of the toolbar.Select the Details tab to see information about the file, including when it was created and last modified and what folders it s currently in.
At its Google I/O developer conference in Mountain View, California, today, Google is announcing a new tool for developers to use if they d like their applications to integrate with Google Classroom, a cloud service for handling assignments, coursework, and grades.Learning tools can focus on creating great content, and use Classroom to manage the workflow for assignments created with their content.And the existing Classroom API is getting more powerful — it will be able to work with the Google Drive folder for a given course.Applications can use this new functionality to store files in the same Drive folder as the rest of the resources in a class, or use course groups to manage file sharing permissions, Kupershlak wrote.The enhancements come as other companies strive to make their core products more widely relied upon in the education sector.In March Apple launched a Classroom app for iOS alongside the release of iOS 9.3, and in April Microsoft launched an app called Classroom in preview for Office 365 Education customers.Earlier this month Dropbox, which competes with Google Drive, launched an Education tier.Google has gained share with its Chromebooks, which lean heavily on cloud storage that companies provision through Google Apps for Education.
Google Wave Long before Slack, Facebook at Work and its own Google Drive tried to get us to work on the same wavelength. Google Glass 2012 Sergey Brin goes out on stage with some of the ugliest spectacle the world has ever known. The highlight - that moment when ashamed cushion needed hugging hardest - was when skydivers equipped with Google Glass jumped on the roof of the Moscone Center, and then ran and cycled! The ball was worked as a streaming hub for Android devices, but missing most of arch-enemy functions. In addition, cost Nexus Q, the entire $ 300 - three times as much as the then-generation Apple TV. 2012 JRC abolished everywhere except on Blogger, who stubbornly fought on the outdated system until January this year.
See larger imageInternodal s $12 Agenda Minder Mac App Store Link helps you prepare for your meetings by organizing any relevant information into an interactive agenda.The app records your daily transactions and includes a comprehensive tutorial to walk you through its every single aspect.See larger imageI-SmartSolutions s Rainbow integrates with popular cloud-sharing services—like DropBox, MediaFire, and Google Drive—to help you effortlessly move your data from one service to another.Once you ve linked the app with the services you use, you can rename, copy, create, and delete files and folders at will, just like you do with the Finder.See larger imageIf you want to give your index finger a little break, Pilotmoon Software s $3 RapidClick takes over your mouse-clicking duties.Designed for gamers and for people with limited dexterity, the app automates the process of tapping your mouse repeatedly by simulating mouse actions at regular intervals that range from 20 times a second to once an hour.
SaaS startup Showpad which has built a platform designed to improve other businesses sales productivity has closed a $50 million Series C funding round, led by Insight Venture Partners — with IVP MD Jeff Horing now joining the Showpad board.Existing Showpad investors Dawn Capital and Hummingbird Ventures also participated in the funding round.While, on the flip side, the marketing department gets to track which content has the biggest impact on the customers sales reps are talking to — with the promise being improved ROI on that marketing content.The 2011 founded mobile-first startup was a relatively early mover in the consumerization of IT trend, powered by the rise of devices such as the Apple iPad being pulled into the enterprise sphere.Showpad touts simplicity as its selling point vs traditional file sharing systems, portals and CRMs — with its platform allowing users to pull in relevant marketing content from other storage services where it might be siloed, such as Box, Dropbox and Google Drive, and showcase, manage and track performance on a single platform.It also now dubs itself a content activation platform , albeit that s a fancier way of saying it makes marketing, channel and sales enablement software.
Version 7 adds support for the newest Mac and Windows operating systems, automatic cloud-based backup and syncing, and a new plug-in for Adobe After Effects.The new TypeSync feature doesn t replace the Archive and Restore feature introduced in version 6, which lets you copy your entire Font Vault to your Dropbox or Google Drive, and then restore it on another computer.Version 7 adds a completely new plug-in for Adobe After Effects CC 2015, which is being used by more and more designers to create animated text.With this plug-in, you no longer need to remember which fonts were used in each composition, a giant benefit since After Effects on its own doesn t help you determine which fonts are missing.As with earlier versions, Suitcase Fusion 7 includes auto-activation plug-ins for recent Adobe and Quark products, specifically: Photoshop, InDesign, InCopy and Illustrator versions CS6 and higher , and QuarkXPress 10 and 2015.In addition, Extensis new Suitcase TeamSync is an affordable alternative for teams who want to share the same font library but can t justify the cost or maintenance of Extensis Universal Type Server product.
In the 2015 Kauffman Index which studies U.S. trends of entrepreneurship, researchers found that 310 out of 100,000 adults, or 530,000 people, started new businesses each month last year.The hard part is that while these courageous dreamers may be excellent at their current skill or craft, they also need to be capable of running a company and depending on funding possibly managing an IT program.The multitude of cloud applications and data maintenance options are vast and deciding what would work best for your company can easily become overwhelming.Let s break down the types of cloud storage so that you can determine what suits your needs best.Cloud Storage, Security and ServicesFirst of all, storage is one of the most basic of uses of cloud technology.However, as many big box stores, hospitals, and even the government can attest to among the plethora of others who have shared time on the news as victims of cyber hackers , data security is one of the most crucial aspects of any organization to protect and invest in.Related Article: Beyond Security: The Many Business Benefits of the CloudSecondly, there are different types of cloud companies out there.This applies to the more basic cloud storage providers.Comparatively, enterprise cloud computing can be explained by, the special case of utilizing cloud computing for competitive advantage through breakout opportunities both for cost savings and, more importantly, for business innovation in terms of unprecedented speed and agility with vastly improved collaboration among business partners and customers, as stated in the book "A Strategy Guide for Business and Technology Leaders — and the Rest of Us" by Andy Mulholland, Jon Pyke and Peter Fingar.Both are extremely user friendly and have free options to test whether you like their services.Once you get past the free initial storage offer, rates start at just $15 a month for Dropbox and $10 for Google Drive.Both have critical data encryption, secure data centers, and various other administrative settings to protect your data in the cloud and on your hardware.For larger businesses, enterprise cloud storage may be a better option if you are handling highly secure data, long-term archiving, or are using data that needs to be pulled into running applications.They also created Azure Government, a stand-alone version of Azure designed to meet the rigorous compliance requirements of U.S. public agencies.AWS also goes the extra mile by providing hundreds of tools and features across network security, configuration management, access control and data encryption along with international certifications of compliance and verifications of systematic auditing.In ConclusionThe cloud companies that serve smaller companies are SaaS providers on application platforms with less security measures in place.
Cloud file syncing and sharing service Dropbox today said it s rolling out a new feature, starting with its Dropbox Enterprise service tier, that should stop some unintended problems from cropping up.The service essentially stops users from dragging a shared folder onto their local desktop, an action that ordinarily stops everyone else from accessing the folder.Now of course this folder could be restored, but don t you wish there was a better way so this could have been prevented from even happening?Dropbox software engineer Damien DeVille wrote in a blog post.A new pop-up dialog politely informs users that they can t actually move a folder out of a team folder.Dropbox Enterprise launched in November.In total Dropbox now has more than 500 million users and more than 150,000 paying business customers.Dropbox competes with Box, Google Drive, and Microsoft OneDrive, among others.
Of course, vacations require a fair amount of prep work, and the super useful tool IFTTT can help with that.Save tagged Facebook photos to Dropbox.The possibilities are almost endless, and IFTTT comes in extra handy when you want to unplug and fully enjoy your vacation.It s worth pointing out that the previously mentioned app TripIt is great for organizing all of your travel planning, too.You can control their settings remotely and turn them on as soon as you leave for vacation.You could also tweak the Action Channel to send a text instead.
Of course, vacations require a fair amount of prep work, and the super useful tool IFTTT can help with that.Save tagged Facebook photos to Dropbox.The possibilities are almost endless, and IFTTT comes in extra handy when you want to unplug and fully enjoy your vacation.It s worth pointing out that the previously mentioned app TripIt is great for organizing all of your travel planning, too.You can control their settings remotely and turn them on as soon as you leave for vacation.You could also tweak the Action Channel to send a text instead.
Today in light of the surprising lack of iPhone leaks and relative deluge of details we've seen unofficially so far, I'd like to share what I'm hopeful for in a new iPhone.It'll have a better camera and a slightly modified body, and of course it'll have a display that's better than before.I've taken one photo and I want to be able to send it to my desktop computer through the same sharing screen I see now.Why is the iPhone limited in this way?A Thicker Phone for A Bigger BatteryThere certainly do seem to be a lot of solutions for giving the iPhone a longer battery life.Why is there an entire industry based on keeping your smartphone alive all day long with mobile batteries - even to the point where Apple has made their own mobile battery case - when the more obvious solution would be making a slightly more hefty phone?
Google's latest APK for the app Google Photos has mention of a promotion which includes just that - a promo for Nexus smart devices specifically.This information comes from Android Police where they've begun a full APK teardown process of the newest version of Google Photos.This update - whenever it comes into play - will be one of the first big promotions for Google Nexus smartphones in the history of the platform.That matters for people that want to share without compression, and those that have devices in the future with cameras shooting 16MP or higher - and 2K and 4K video, of course.While previous waves of Nexus smartphones have had promotions - like three free months of Google Music, YouTube Red, and the occasional $5 free on Google Play, this appears to be a bigger push by Google.I found myself in a bit of trouble earlier this month with Google Photos / Drive / Gmail storage.
Hard to believe, but Google Photos is nearing its first birthday.Another cool feature is a real space-saver.According to a report from Buzzfeed, the team over at Photos has a few ideas.First of all, it looks like Google is looking into smarter photo storage — such as using artificial intelligence to automatically delete blurry or duplicate photos.A big feature of Google Photos is Google Assistant, which will soon be implemented throughout other Google Products.Assistant will also be able to automatically group photos, group photos based on the people in them, and so on.
The CMA claims some providers have breached consumer law AppleUsers of cloud storage services are being treated unfairly by providers and run the risk of losing access to documents and pictures, the Competition and Markets Authority CMA said on Friday 27 May ."Our review found that people find these services really valuable.The majority of providers, including Dropbox, Google Drive and Apple iCloud, offer free services to store documents, music and photos on their servers.The use of cloud services has grown over the past couple of years and they are now used by approximately 30% of adults in the UK.The CMA added that, following the investigation, Dixons Carphone, JustCloud and Livedrive have committed to provide better and fairer terms to their customers."We welcome the fact that a number of companies have already agreed to change their terms, and expect to see improvements from other companies."
The UK s competition watchdog says some cloud storage providers are treating customers unfairly.Photograph: Alamy Stock PhotoCloud storage providers are treating customers unfairly and risk users losing access to their photos and other personal possessions, the competition regulator said.Most services are free with smartphones and tablets.The CMA said that while cloud storage was a valuable service it was unhappy with some areas, including the ability of providers to change contract terms at any time, for any reason, and without giving notice.The CMA said it was concerned by contract terms that let providers suspend or terminate a contract without reason or notice.We welcome the fact that a number of companies have already agreed to change their terms, and expect to see improvements from other companies.
Cloud file syncing and sharing service Dropbox is taking into consideration the negative feedback it got earlier this week after publishing a blog post on the architecture of Project Infinite, an upcoming feature that will show all files that users can access but keep them stored on Dropbox s infrastructure, so as not to take up too much local storage space.As reported by Motherboard, several people have taken issue with the fact that Project Infinite is slated to go beyond the user space — historically the domain of most applications — and dip into the more sensitive kernel space.Dropbox is exploring several options, Rob Baesman, head of product for Dropbox s pro, business, and enterprise service tiers, told VentureBeat in an interview.For example, Dropboxers have talked about sharing the Infinite code under an open source license, Baesman said.We could not do what Infinite sets out to do without using the kernel, Baesman said.He wouldn t comment on whether Dropbox is specifically considering a way to let users opt out of Project Infinite.We re still evaluating the best way to meet our users needs, he said.Specific product issues could be hurtful to Dropbox, as it deals with competition from Google Drive, Microsoft OneDrive, Box, and others.Dropbox, which now has more than 500 million registered users, even tried to have the Motherboard article taken down while the company was prepping a response.Writer Joseph Cox said as much in a tweet.Baesman defended the planned use of the kernel for the feature, saying that antivirus software commonly accesses it, as does software from his former employer, VMware.
Want to compress some files on your Chromebook, or maybe open a compressed file you recently downloaded?Let s dive right in, and show you how to manage archived files on your Chromebook.How to zip a file in ChromeOSTo get stared, open the file manager on your Chromebook and head to the files you d like to put inside a zip archive.Once you ve selected your files, right-click your selection to bring up the context menu.Here s what that looks like.If you pay attention, you ll see that the .ZIP file has been mounted, and is located in the sidebar of the file manager alongside your Downloads folder, Google Drive account, and any other services you ve mounted.
A new artificial intelligence AI startup has raised $3 million and launched its first product to help people find information buried in documents, files, email attachments, and more.Cofounded by Gary Fowler and Dr. David Yang, Findo has unveiled the intelligent assistant for iPhone and the Web.This feature allows users to search locally stored files or connect their cloud-based accounts from Facebook, Dropbox, Google Drive, Evernote, Box, Gmail, Exchange, Outlook, and more to unearth information even if they can only remember vague details.For example, while a user can search by specific keywords they know are included in file names or subject headings, Findo also uses natural language processing NLP to understand a very general search query such as phone number of that guy I met in London or PDF sent by Jonathan last Thursday.It also has involved some notable people, including Bill Reichert from Garage Technology Ventures, who s serving as an advisor and board member, and Rick Orloff, formerly chief security officer at Apple, who also sits on the board.Our estimates show that over 300 million of the total email and file searches have failed over the last 24 hours.But before then, the company is also bringing its search smarts to third-party messaging platforms, including Slack, Telegram, Facebook Messenger, and Skype via bots.This means you can actually use Findo on any platform supported by your messenger service.You simply ask Findo to find whatever information you need, and the response comes back at you without your leaving the messenger app — this could be information from within an email or a specific file from your Dropbox account, such as an annual report.Findo is one of many tech companies embracing the emerging bot revolution, with the likes of Poncho, 1-800-Flowers, CNN, and Foursquare launching bots in recent months.
When you ask an average consumer or a small business owner if protecting or backing up data is important, chances are, almost all would say yes.When you ask them how they are doing it now, responses vary.Cloud Storage vs Cloud BackupDropbox and Google Drive are fantastic for what they are for.Is your data encrypted, at rest?But what happens to the data at rest?This defeats their model of serving ads based on the content of the data, for example, Google Drive, or may impact usability of the service.
If you re constantly running out of internal memory on your phone and deleting stuff to make room for even more stuff, Google knows your pain and wants to help.The company is introducing an uninstall manager to the Play Store that will suggest users which less used apps you can toss out in order to make room for other apps or games.The new feature will go through all of those apps and show how much space each is taking up, and how much is needed for the app you are trying to install.Apparently the feature doesn t include other space saving suggestions such as uploading files to Google Drive, Photos, or Play Music.The new Uninstall Manager will be especially useful for those with older or entry level devices ofter featuring just 8GB or 16GB of internal storage.Google hasn t officially announced the feature so it s unclear when it will be rolling out, but judging by the leaked screenshots it s probably soon.