LG Pay is the tech company's mobile payment service, and it's now out in the US after launching in South Korea in 2017.Before LG phone owners download the app, they need to make sure they own the one phone that currently works with the service.The LG Pay app is available to download in the Google Play Store Tuesday.So far, the mobile payment service will only work with the LG G8 ThinQ but will support the LG V50 ThinQ 5G, LG V40 ThinQ, LG G7 ThinQ and LG V35 ThinQ in the coming months.LG's mobile payment will make use of both NFC and wireless magnetic communications (WMC).The latter will allow LG Pay to be used at magnetic stripe terminals.
It’s not rare to hear about malware that gets past Google Play Store’s defenses or even some that masquerade as legitimate apps.But when malware gets embedded inside those legit apps in an official manner things are bound to get messy.Unfortunately for Chinese software house CooTek, it is on the receiving end of a sanction that bans it not just from Google Play Store but even from Google’s ad platforms.Few may have heard of the company but some might actually be familiar with one of CooTek’s most popular app, the TouchPal keyboard.Although nothing compared to the likes of Swiftkey, which was eventually bought by Microsoft, CootTek managed to strike some deals to get TouchPal pre-installed on some Android devices, like those from Lenovo.Unfortunately, TouchPal and 237 other apps by CooTek was recently discovered to use a BeiTaAd adware plug-in that blatantly violated Google’s policies for Google Play Store and ads.
Mobile software development is a rather broad term which includes a great deal of products and services lately.Additionally, it may be consumed as a part-time job, where you are able to make your own software and submit it into the Google Play shop that could be downloaded.Enterprise mobile program development must reach a stage wherein it is no more essential for the company to rely on programmers.At the event the in-house Mobile Program development firm is the ideal alternative for your company hire iphone app developer, then you've got to be sure that the products that you create are in highest quality.Nowadays, mobile program development has become the game of success and the ones that deliver excellent results are here so as to stay.Outsourcing mobile program development will provide you with a better product without needing to devote much money and time.If developed correctly, your program will earn a circular layout it will give the customers with a simple user experience and they will return to purchase.Regardless of whether you are trying to make new programs or re-engineer present ones, we have got the expertise and solutions that can help you achieve your goals quicker.You have to know exactly what you want from a program before you begin if you'd like it to be a victory.
Google is banning a Chinese developer from the Play store for violating its advertising policies.CooTek, which is listed on the NYSE and is probably best known in the West for its TouchPal keyboard replacement, no longer has access to Google’s ad platforms and has had dozens of apps removed altogether.The news was reported by BuzzFeed following an investigation from Lookout that showed hundreds of CooTek apps using an invasive adware plugin called BeiTaAd.This plugin reportedly sent aggressive ads to users even when the phone or the app wasn’t in use, which Lookout researcher Kristina Balaam said could “render the phones nearly unusable.”CooTek said it would remove BeiTaAd, but BuzzFeed and Lookout subsequently discovered that many of the updated apps — which Google accepted into the Play Store — contained separate code that enabled the same ads.“There was not any re-engagement on the ad activity pointed out by Lookout on any of the versions which we updated,” CooTek spokesperson Mina Luo told BuzzFeed.
Today, LG announced that its contactless payment app LG Pay is available in the United States for the first time.As with the similar apps Google Pay and Samsung Pay, LG’s version allows you to use your smartphone as a payment method at many different credit card terminals around the country.Unfortunately, LG Pay only works on one phone at the moment: the LG G8 ThinQ.If you own a G8, you can click here to download the app from the Google Play Store.If you don’t own the G8, sit tight: the app will be available on the LG V50 ThinQ 5G, LG V40 ThinQ, LG G7 ThinQ, and LG V35 ThinQ “in the coming months.”Despite Google Pay being the most popular tap-to-pay app available right now on Android, LG’s competitor app does offer a few perks that Google Pay lacks.
Amazon’s Prime Day is no longer alone in its efforts to dominate the summer savings season.For computing-centric bargain hunters, Chromebooks are already among the more affordable laptops available, and now at Walmart as part of The Big Save, the accessible Samsung Chromebook 3 can be yours for just $159 , down from its original $229.Prime Day may get all the publicity, but Walmart’s days of deals are certainly worth a look as well.Chromebooks have grown in popularity in recent years due to their reputation as long-lasting, low-cost alternatives to their Apple and Windows laptop counterparts.The Samsung series is led by the Samsung Chromebook Pro, but the Chromebook 3 is a fine option on its own.The Chromebook 3 packs in 4GB RAM and 16GB memory into a compact 2.5-pound, water-resistant package.
Wing, an offshoot of Google parent company Alphabet, unveiled a new app to help manage an airspace full of unruly drones.Building an air traffic control system for drones that is similar to the one that currently guides airplanes through the sky has become an increasing focus of many tech companies that envision drones doing everything from making deliveries to helping keep our airspace secure.And now Wing has built an app that could serve as a platform for that future system.The app is called OpenSky, and it’s been approved to manage drone flights in Australia, where it is free.Earlier this year, Wing was approved to launch its first public drone delivery service in that country after Australia’s aviation authority granted it regulatory approval.The app is available in both the Google Play and Apple App stores, as well as on the web.
Among today’s generation of youngsters, more and more children are relying on gadgets for learning and entertainment.Since Amazon Prime Day just started, plenty of deals are now live, including tech for kids.It is a Bluetooth-enabled stationary bike for kids that can be connected on a tablet or TV screen for a fully immersive experience.Like a normal stationary bicycle, the Smart Cycle has movable steering handlebars and pedals.It has a maximum weight of 75 pounds and kid-tough steel construction for added stability, as it was designed for children ages three to six years old.The Smart Cycle Mission to Tech City app can be downloaded for free via the Apple Store and Google Play Store.
Google appears to have a problem with stopping malicious apps from sneaking into the Play Store.In what appears to yet another case of malware disguised as a legitimate app, security researchers from Symantec have found a new app that advertised itself as an unofficial version of Telegram messaging app — only to push malicious websites in the background.Named MobonoGram 2019, the app used open-source code of the legitimate Telegram app, but was injected with malware before it was published on the Google Play Store.Just in the span of last few months, the search giant has battled an ever-increasing number of malware apps on the app store.Partly because of the open nature of the platform, it’s an issue that keeps occurring.From counterfeit apps and games to copycat apps that silently serve adware on infected devices, from spyware to apps pushing ads to generate fraudulent revenue, the gamut of threats on Android devices has vastly expanded in scope.
Google's got a lot of apps.[Get fresh tips and insight in your inbox every Friday with JR's Android Intelligence newsletter.PhotoScan directs you through the process of capturing multiple angles of a printed photo and then does all the dirty work of cropping it, straightening it, and just generally making it look good.Google's default Android file manager has gotten reasonably decent over the years, but you know what's really weird?At its core, Datally is kind of like a more advanced version of the built-in Android Data Saver system: You can use the app to block all data transfers from apps you aren't actively using, sure, but you can also tap into useful functions like Datally's Bedtime Mode — which automatically prevents apps from burning through mobile data whenever you put your brain into its nightly standby mode (commonly known as "sleep" to us human person-creatures).If you have a limited mobile data plan or one where you pay for every gig you use (or maybe if your company's footing the bill and you want to score some extra brownie points with the boss), it might be just the app you need.
App stores have accumulated millions of apps over the years.Google play store released an average of 6,140 mobile apps every day during the first quarter of 2018.Does your app have what it takes to race past all the competition and rank at the top?The explosion in the number of apps developed and released have led businesses to seek a good marketing plan for their apps.As marketing an app can make all the difference in the app’s ranking, employing a mobile app marketing agency like AppDupe proves highly useful.
Facebook’s recently formed NPE Team has a new product management director: Jason Toff.The social network formed the NPE Team—the NPE stands for New Product Experimentation—with the aim of creating new consumer-focused applications and features, and it said last week that once apps are developed and released, they will be branded as “NPE Team, from Facebook,” and they will be available via the traditional outlets: the iTunes App Store, Google Play and the web.Toff had been head of Twitter’s now-defunct Vine video application before leaving that company in January 2016 to return to Google, where he became a partner in its Area 120 in-house incubator.Prior to joining Twitter in 2014, he spent six years at Google, serving as product lead for YouTube and, before that, working on product marketing for Gmail, Chrome, Mac products and Google Voice.Facebook had not responded to a request for comment at the time of this post.Toff said in a tweet, “Now that we’ve moved to (California), I suppose it’s a good time to share what I’m up to next!
AirTV, a subsidiary of satellite broadcaster Dish Network, on Monday introduced AirTV Mini, a 4K streaming stick that lets users access Sling TV, Netflix and over-the-air channels in one place.AirTV Mini is powered by Android TV and costs $79.99.Users can plug the device into their television's HDMI port to access the Sling TV app, with which Netflix is integrated.They can also access apps from Google Play, as well as over-the-air channels when AirTV Mini is combined with the AirTV Wi-Fi-enabled network tuner and an over-the-air antenna.AirTV Mini features a button for accessing Google Assistant on the remote, as well as one for launching the Netflix app.There's also a Sling TV shortcut button and voice search button.
As part of its ongoing effort to spread Prime Day 2019 cheer, Amazon has discounted one of Sony’s finest 65-inch 4K TVs by a considerable $400, dropping the price from $1,245 down to just $850 — earning it the title of the retailer’s Deal of the Day.While this isn’t the steepest reduction we’ve seen on a 4K TV this Prime Day, it’s still one of the best deals out there; Sony’s 4K TVs retail for more than rival models, so the chance to snag a sizable model for less than $1,000 is not to be missed.In terms of what the 65-inch Sony X850F brings to the table, there’s a 4K Engine for transforming both HD content into 4K Ultra HD, multi-format HDR for making detail pop in low- and high-light scenes, and Android TV for all your streaming needs.On the subject of streaming, Android TV is home to all the top-tier services, including Amazon Prime Video and Netflix, as well as several niche providers, like ESPN and WWE Network.Being an Android TV, the 65-inch Sony X850F has Google Assistant on board, which can be used to track down content — just tell it the title of the movie or show you want to watch and it will sift through the various supported services to find it.Assistant can also be hooked up to all the different smart-connected appliances in your household, like Philips Hue light bulbs and Roomba Robot Vacuums, thus letting you control them right from your television.
In the second quarter of 2019, the mobile game market data set a new record.At the same time, user spent nearly $22.6 billion.Among them, games accounted for 35% of global app downloads, and game spending accounted for nearly 75% of users.In the second quarter of 2019, Google Play downloads still ranked first, while game downloads reached 265%.Also Read: The App Store Is Still More Profitable Than The Google Play Store Even In The First Quarter Of 2019Games are one of the main reasons for the overall download growth of the two software stores in the second quarter of 2019.
Dish is expanding its hardware lineup today with the launch of a new 4K streaming stick, the AirTV Mini, designed to make it easier for cord cutters to access its live TV service Sling TV, plus Netflix and over-the-air channels from one user interface.The Android TV-powered device is meant to complement an existing setup that already includes an OTA digital antenna and an AirTV WiFi-enabled network tuner, the company says.For a limited time, new and existing Sling TV customers can get the latter two items for free — an AirTV Wi-Fi-enabled network tuner and an indoor antenna — by prepaying for 3 months of Sling TV’s service.In addition, the AirTV Mini also includes support for 2×2 802.11AC Wi-Fi, a lost remote finder feature, support for Google Assistant and Google Play, as well as support for VP94K decoding, which allows you to watch YouTube or Netflix content in 4K.The company has been offering streaming devices for a couple of years.Dish first unveiled its AirTV Player, a 4K media streamer set-top box, at CES 2017.
American technology firms could be permitted to resume business with Huawei within the next “two to four weeks” as the US ban on sales to the Chinese mobile giant is relaxed.After years of passive hostility, Washington effectively blacklisted Huawei on national security grounds earlier in 2019.The ruling limits Huawei’s access to components and prevents its handsets from receiving updates for the Android operating system from Google or access to its popular applications.Although Huawei is building its own operating system and produces its own components (it already makes its own Kirin processors), the absence of key services like Google Maps and the Google Play Store is a huge blow in terms of the appeal of its devices in Western markets.Meanwhile, the production of components such as modems is an expensive, laborious task.However, it has also had a significant impact on US vendors, many of whom will lose significant revenue streams if the ban persists.
Microsoft recently hit a particularly notable milestone: its Android edition of Microsoft Word has passed the 1 billion mark for installs, according to the Google Play Store (via Android Police).The company’s other Office apps are also doing pretty well.Spreadsheet app Excel, PowerPoint, OneNote, and OneDrive each have more than 500 million installs, while email client Outlook for Android has more than 100 million installs.Android Police points out that these figures aren’t necessarily downloads from Google’s Play Store, noting that Microsoft has some agreements with some manufacturers to preinstall its apps on various devices.The milestone is also a bit ironic.Last month, Bill Gates noted in an interview that his “greatest mistake ever” was missing out on the mobile OS world, noting that there’s only space for one competitor for iOS, and that it should have been “a natural thing for Microsoft to win.” But, while Microsoft’s mobile efforts have never reached the success of its competitors, its mobile versions of Microsoft Office still enjoy a significant amount of market penetration, much like their desktop counterparts.
Today marks the seven-year anniversary of the Nexus 7.This device got Google noticed in the tablet business.It helped spawn a number of devices over the next few years, like the Nexus 10, Pixel C, and Pixel Slate.So low, in fact, Google decided to shutter its tablet division altogether, shifting employees to work on Chromebooks and other projects.The Samsung Galaxy Note created a race for size still taking place today, and the instructions per clock (IPC) improvements in smartphone chipsets have evolved even faster than their traditional computer counterparts.Over the next few years, people’s needs rapidly shifted from “more ways to consume entertainment” to “more ways to be productive.” Games like Angry Birds were being still being downloaded, but productivity apps like Slack and Todoist took off on a global scale.
Digital books are easy to read nowadays as there are such a large number of individuals who are changing to eBooks instead of customary books.Here, we are going to list 10 of the best free eBook applications which you can use to make the most out of your adoration for perusing.Goodreads — The Best Social App For Book LoversIt is safe to say that you are one of those individuals who is continually making a few inquiries your companion gathering to make sense of what to peruse straightaway?Scribd genuinely offers boundless access to its whole library of magazine articles, scholarly diaries, books, and book recordings for $8.99 per month.Scribd is eventually a lot (less expensive than Kindle Unlimited over the long haul) on the off chance that you are additionally an enthusiastic user who is available to attempting new determinations.