These eight applications were reported to Google and the tech giant has removed all the applications from Play Store
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It may be the data over the years.It includes several things, for example, search, google play, YouTube as well as Google help.If you have visited the Google help page in the past, then Google records that visit.However, by default, my activity page is displayed as a timeline.Secondly, select the data personalization option from the left-hand side menu.Please perform the following actions:Open the browser and go to the My activity page.Click on my activity verification.Select the Require Extra Verification option.Select any two-factor authorization option from the list.Now click on the verify option available on the top.The following action will lock your Activity page.How To Remove It?When you open the activity log from the above-mentioned method, you will see an option to delete web and app activity on the left-hand side.This option is named “delete activity by.” You will get four options—for example, Last hour, Last Day, All Time, and custom range.
Depois de baixar e instalar o whatsapp gb Mod usar no link fornecido acima, você pode  direto instale-o. No entanto, se há uma falha para colocar, isso é típico devido ao fato de que GBWhatsapp é na verdade uma função aplicativo  e é realmente não baixado diretamente com Google Play Store .
Fragfest adds green blood, Azure cloud, shirts, and detailed rules about how to kill people politely to satisfy regulators PUBG, one of the highest-profile China-linked apps India banned in 2020, has been allowed back into Google’s Indian Play store despite India's previous insistence its bans are permanent.…
Krafton had opened pre-registration of the game on 18 May and on 17 June announced the game open for beta testers
Illustration by Alex Castro / The Verge Google may be working on turning Android phones into a hivemind capable of finding lost devices, similar to Apple’s Find My network, according to analysis done by 9to5Google. A toggle for the feature showed up in a beta of Google Play Services, with code referencing the ability for phones to help locate other devices, potentially signaling that Android phones could soon become easier to find. According to Google’s support page, the current Find My Device system can only find phones that are powered on, have a data or Wi-Fi signal, and have location services enabled. At this early stage, it’s unclear which, if any, of those limitations the relay network feature — apparently called Spot — would solve, but when you’re looking for a lost... Continue reading…
If you are searching for the best business card scanner app for your mobile device, look no further.This is because Android devices have a number of useful apps loaded into them from the Google play store.
How is Battleground Mobile India Different from PUBG The wait is over for online gaming lovers.PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds (PUBG) Mobile is back in India with a revamped look, renamed as-- Battlegrounds Mobile India (BGMI).On their official Twitter, PUBG Mobile developers released the first look of the Battlegrounds Mobile India 'Beta version' on Thursday, allowing select Android users early access to the game.For those who want to know how to download the Battleground Mobile India Beta version, the steps are fairly simple.If you have been ardently waiting for the BGMI launch date and want early access, all you need to do is click on this link- Battleground Mobile India download or type in Battleground Mobile India (Early Access) on Google Play Store.Hence, the company behind the PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds franchise launched PUBG, which is specifically designed to run on devices with limited RAM and processing power.Despite the names being largely similar, both the games offer a significantly different Battle Royale experience; find below all the differences that you will see between the two versions of the game.As of now, there are two servers available with pings around 300ms-400ms, Asia and South America.Know More-  How much does it cost to make a Game like PUBG mobile?Both the titles are built using the Unreal Engine 4, but the battleground mobile india of the game features a slight drop in the graphical content to help run it smoothly on low-end and medium-end devices.PUBG Mobile and battleground mobile india matches have a time limit for playtime.
Clubhouse has undoubtedly become the most popular audio based social media app.The invitation based social media app got more than 2 million downloads on the Google Play Store within a few days after its launch.It is also planning a general release in the coming months.What are the must-know facts about Clubhouse?Clubhouse can be utilized for conducting - debates, events, networking sessions, open-mic stand-up comedy, panel discussions, and many more.Content creators, hosts, and podcasters can monetize - their content easily by offering access behind a paywall.Clubhouse has various kinds of Rooms - for sharing insightful information about entertainment, finance, politics, technology, religion, sports, and much more.Users can enter and exit a Club or Room - anytime according to their convenience.
Google could be creating an Apple-like crowdsourced network of Android phones to help find lost or stolen devices.
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Hopefully, the Indian government will be happy (or at least OK) with this version.
Battlegrounds Mobile India Early Access went live on Google Play Store today.The game looks and feel like PUBG Mobile rebranded for India with minor tweaks
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Until recently, Google’s namesake Android app, which has more than five billion installs to date, had a vulnerability that could have allowed an attacker to quietly steal personal data from a victim’s device. Sergey Toshin, founder of mobile app security startup Oversecured, said in a blog post that the vulnerability has to do with how […]
Nowadays the mobile phone has become a very vital and essential part of our life.The phones are loaded with antivirus, which helps them not get affected by the traditional virus, but there is a greater chance of the data being compromised by any kind of malware.Here the virus compromises software that will infect the phone and will help in data loss.iPhone users use iCloud to store the phone data and Unlock iCloud Activation Lock, which is one of the great features of the phone.Important things to remember while using a phone:Always have a password for your device, which will prevent unauthorized access to your mobile, like a fingerprint face ID password, so choose one of them to keep your mobile safe.Always turn off the auto-connected Wi-Fi networks so that you can log in during the secured networks, and it's safe for phone and data stored in it.Always keep backups for the phone; it will be helpful to you when your device gets lost or stolen, and they can be retrieved easily.Always log out from such sites from where you have conducted financial transactions for buying products.Don't click on unknown senders’ messages or email.Only download apps on trusted stores like Google Play or Apple app store.Never store sensitive information like passwords on your mobile device.Do keep in mind and always wipe your mobile device before selling them.Install security software on your phoneConcluding LinesIt is always very essential to read and click on unknown links and suspicious messages, it is highly possible that your data may get hacked, and you won't be able to protect your mobile from that malware.This is why our tech-savvy team always advises protecting the device from hackers who always act smartly to hack the data.When necessary, you can use the Activation Lock Removal process to unlock your phone.
In Madurai, the Devadoss hospital has created a doctor consultation mobile app called Second Opinion.In that, you can get the Prime doctor's second opinion for some charges.The app is free to download but paid for consulting.The app has more than 50+ specialties to cover all age groups for the consultation.You can make video calls to the specialists and ask any questions to them, and you can explain the symptoms.Additionally, Before going for a second opinion first check the review about the service of the concerned doctors.Know the details about them like how many years they have been in the service.
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Illustration by Alex Castro / The Verge Amazon has decided it would really like to attract more developers to its Android and Fire OS app store, so it’s following in the the footsteps of Apple (and Google) by announcing a new “Amazon Appstore Small Business Accelerator Program” that takes less money out of developer’s pockets (via AFTVNews). But where Apple and Google reduce their cut of a developer’s first $1 million in revenue from 30 percent down to 15 percent, Amazon’s formula has a slight tweak: it’ll take a higher 20 percent of revenue, but give developers an additional 10 percent in “AWS promotional credits.” The idea is that if your app is using Amazon’s popular AWS cloud services anyhow, it’ll be equivalent to you keeping 90 percent of the money. And if you happen to... Continue reading…