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We celebrate the life of Google's music service. It shall live forever in our hearts.
This week Google Music will stop working for your devices, if it’s not already stopped working today. Over the past year Google’s phased out the Google Music ecosystem in favor of YouTube Music, they’re alternative to each service offered by the former. The Google Music platform allows switching to a YouTube Music account, and costs are similar, but users will … Continue reading
It’s been a long time coming, but it looks like the end may finally be here for Google Play Music. Google, of course, has been warning us about this impending sunset for a long time now, as its plan has been to shut down Google Play Music ever since it revamped YouTube Music into its primary music streaming service. Google … Continue reading
It's still alive and kicking for some of us. What about you?
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If you're in search of the highest quality of streaming music available, you need to look at Jay-Z's Tidal.
Although Google Play Music and YouTube Music have existed side-by-side for a couple of years, the latter became rather controversial after Google decided to replace the former with it. Not everyone has been happy with the transition, with some missing core features available from Google Play Music. To its credit, YouTube Music is slowly adding those features and has today … Continue reading
The bring-your-own-music crowd can now use Google speakers without a monthly fee.
Illustration by Alex Castro / The Verge If you’ve decided against paying for YouTube Music but have still found yourself using the service as a cloud locker for your uploaded tracks, you can now cast that content to devices and speakers around your home. Initially, only premium subscribers were able to cast — a restriction that angered some people after they made the switch from Google Play Music to YouTube Music. As noted by Android Police, YouTube Music also now works better with Google Assistant when it comes to your personal playlists. You can request them by name when speaking to Assistant, and the right playlist will come on. Somehow that didn’t work before, and it’s odd that it took this long for Google to make two of its own services work better together. Browse... Continue reading…
In this article, we will give you an ultimate guide on how to switch from iPhone to Android smoothly.Use Phone Manufacturer ApplicationsYou can use various manufacturing applications provided by your new smartphone manufacturer to move your data from iPhone to Android.While setting up your new phone, you can copy your old files from your previous iPhone.Transfer ContactsContacts are one of the most critical data that you might don’t want to lose.Login into your iCloud and click on the “Contacts.” Now, go to the gear icon at the bottom left and choose the “Select All” option.After that, click on the gear icon again and choose “ExportvCard.” After making the iCloud settings, login into your Gmail account, and on the top left corner, click on the red “Gmail” and then click on the “Contacts.”Sync Your CalendarSyncing your calendar is relatively easy if you have already set up your Google account.Apart from that, you can also access a lot of other alternatives like Firefox, Dropbox, etc.Move Photos and VideosThe simplest way to transfer your photos and videos is by plugging your iPhone into your desktop or laptop via a USB and importing photos and videos.The simplest way to do it is by logging into Google Play Music on the same laptop where your iTunes is installed.
Sonos filed a lawsuit against Google this week to further claims of patent infringement with smart speaker products. Sonos claims that a team-up between the companies with the launch of Google Play Music resulted in Google effectively copying Sonos technology for use in smart speakers they’d release years later. This claim comes just before Google’s next major event in which … Continue reading
Are you still using Google Play Music?If yes, then we got some big news for you.Google is officially replacing Google Play Music with YouTube Music by December, after which you won’t be able to access your stored music, albums, and subscribed playlists on it.Here’s how you can move your data from Google Play Music to YouTube Music.How to Transfer Your Music From Google Play Music to YouTube Music?Following are the steps that you can follow to transfer your music from Google Play Music to YouTube Music:Go to your mobile’s Google Play Store app and open it.Now download and install the YouTube Music app on your mobile.Next, open the YouTube Music app.Now tap /click on the user icon (located at the top-right side of your screen).After that, tap or click on the “Settings” option.Now tap on the “Transfer” option.Next, tap on the “Transfer from Google Play Music” option to transfer your uploads, purchases, added songs/albums, subscribed playlists, curated stations, and personal taste preferences from the Google Play Music app to YouTube Music app.You have successfully transferred your music from the Google Play Music app to the YouTube Music app.OrOpen your web browser and visit log in to your Google account, if not done already.Next, tap on the “Start Transfer” button.Now all your uploads, purchases, added songs/albums, subscribed playlists, curated stations, and personal taste preferences will be transferred from the Google Play Music app to the YouTube Music app.Note: Depending upon the size of your data, it may take up to 24 hours to completely transfer your data (Music) from the Google Play Music app to the YouTube Music app.Once the transfer is finished, you will receive a confirmation notification and email by Google.How to Transfer Your Podcast Subscriptions and Episode Progress From Google Play Music to Google Podcasts?Following are the steps that you can follow to transfer your podcast subscriptions and episode progress from the Google Play Music app:Open your web browser and visit log in to your account, if not done already.Next, tap on the “Transfer Podcasts” option to transfer your podcast subscription and episode progress from Google Play Music to Google Podcasts.Now you can access all your subscribed podcasts on Google Podcasts.Note: It may take some time to transfer your podcast subscription from Google Play Music to Google Podcasts, so don’t become impatient if the process is taking some time.What do you get with YouTube Music?YouTube music has a vast music library that consists of more than 50 million official music tracks, albums, remixes, live performances, etc.
Much to the consternation of Play Music users, Google is clearly pinning its music business on YouTube Music. Naturally, it is trying to convince the users that the latter offers an even better experience than the former. While some are still looking for feature parity, YouTube Music is busy rolling out new features that would put it on the same … Continue reading
During 2012-15, when there were only a few streaming services in India, it wasn’t easy to share music, or discover new music. One of the cool ways show to off that you found some previously unheard music from the depths of the internet, was to make playlists on 8tracks and share them on Twitter and Facebook. Even in other countries, few streaming services had robust mobile apps with state-of-the-art AI to suggest a long list of songs, one after another. So, 8tracks was the cool kid on the block with ‘DJs’ trying to create their own playlists with whacky names and… This story continues at The Next Web
Spotify is regarded as the best music streaming platform.If you are a music lover and love listening to songs but have not found the right music streaming app that matches your choice, the list will give you a detailed overview of all the best streaming apps that you can try instead of Spotify.Apple Music is really worth giving a try if you are looking for a great music streaming app.Google Play MusicMost of the Android phones have this app pre-installed.You can listen to not only songs but podcasts too on Google Play Music.The music streaming app displays the songs based on your previous searches.Amazon Music contains no ads that often spoil your experience of listening to music.
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There have been reports about the closure of Google Play Music. In fact, Google has since shared an official timeline for the  Google Play Music’s ... The post Google Play Music will be inactive from October – Google sends email appeared first on
Google makes moving to YouTube Music easy, but there are several other options for Google Play Music refugees.
Google Music is shutting down soon, but Google wants users to stick around.