Want better graphics without high-end hardware? Get streaming and playing top-tier games on all your screens with Google Stadia.
Image: CD Projekt Red If you’ve already nabbed a next-gen PlayStation or Xbox — or are willing to give developer CD Projekt the benefit of the doubt that it’ll eventually work on your current-gen machine — you can now pick up the standard disc edition of Cyberpunk 2077 for half-price at Amazon and Best Buy. It’s $30, instead of $60. To be clear, that’s the price for the PS4 and Xbox One versions of the game, which work on PS5 and Xbox Series X far, far better than they do on current-gen consoles. (There’s no PS5 or Xbox Series X-specific version of the game so far, but the disc will include a free upgrade.) Amazon also has the PC version for $40; compare to its normal price of $60. Sony actually took the unprecedented step of removing Cyberpunk 2077 from... Continue reading…
A screenshot from Hitman 3. | Image: IO Interactive Hitman 3 and the World of Assassination trilogy launch on January 20th, and at launch, Google Stadia players will be able to share access to distinct points within a game thanks to Stadia’s State Share feature. With State Share in Hitman, you’ll be able to share a link alongside an image or video from your game. Then, others can click on it to try the scenario you were playing for themselves. There are multiple “states” of missions you can share to customize the experience, including a mission’s starting location, the objectives, Agent 47’s loadout, and difficulty level. The feature works with any campaign or custom mission, and you’ll even be able to use weapons or items that you haven’t unlocked yet if a game state is ahead of your... Continue reading…
Amazon and Google are two cloud giants jumping into the gaming world, but which streaming service stands taller? We look at both to see which is truly best.
Game streaming is going more mainstream.
Two major cloud streaming services are coming to LG TVs later this year, signaling a healthy outlook for the technology's future.
During CES 2021, LG presented some of its cutting-edge technologies coming for the smart TV range. Moreover, the company also introduced exciting news for its ... The post LG 2021 TVs will get Google Stadia and NVIDIA GeForce Now appeared first on Gizchina.com.
Streaming game services will hit their stride in 2021 and could revolutionize mobile gaming...but Apple still stands in the way.
If you’re a Stadia Pro subscriber, you can now grab the four free games released for January 2021, all of them available as long the player remains a subscriber. The lineup is decent, though not quite as exciting as some of the games gamers got through similar subscriptions with Sony and Microsoft. Stadia Pro is Google’s premium subscription option for … Continue reading
It has been a big year for mobile gaming, but not in the way many would have expected.
Cyberpunk 2077 and its developer CD Projekt RED have quickly become those things that gamers love to hate. But despite its troubled launch on consoles, the game has raked in millions of sales, already excluding returns. It’s pretty ironic then that someone was able to play Cyberpunk 2077 smoothly on the technically weakest current-gen console but, truth be told, it’s … Continue reading
Important Highlights –Ubisoft has announced new support for Google stadiaNow, its game subscription service adds Google Stadia supportThis support from Ubisoft Plus will be freeYou can sign up free for a free Stadia account.Details –Game subscription service Ubisoft Plus is providing another support for Google stadia.Ubisoft recently (on Monday) announced that its Game subscription service is adding support for Google Stadia for free.It means any subscriber can register or sign up without paying anything for a Stadia account, and then you will be able to stream Ubisoft games on supported devices from the cloud.The first announcement from Ubisoft was in October when Ubisoft rebranded from UPlay Plus into the present iteration; however, at that time, cloud gaming integration wasn’t prepared.Ubisoft says that the rollout will take a couple of days to arrive at all clients, and one can access this to the US, which means at the moment, it’s available for US subscribers.Those eligible should have the option to discover the alternative option to connect their Stadia account from Ubisoft’s site to their Ubisoft Plus profile.The company says that subscribers will not be needed to buy Stadia Pro membership or subscription of Google additionally, as Stadia has added a free tier in its services, that is all you’ll require to stream Ubisoft games; however, Stadia Pro gives 4K streaming while the free tier covers at 1080p.Ubisoft Plus additionally provides supports Luna cloud gaming service from Amazon, which opened up in beta back in October and a month ago, started supporting Ubisoft Plus.The cost of Ubisoft Plus is $14.99 per month, and it provides first-party Ubisoft games’ access to PC versions, including new launches such as Watch Dogs: Legion and Assassin’s Creed Valhalla, consisting of Stadia support.
News of another Cyberpunk 2077 bug has emerged, one that involves the possible corruption of save files when they exceed 8MB.
There are some good savings to be had from Microsoft in the 11th hour before the holidays.
This is yet another blow for the open world RPG, this time ruining the enjoyment of some PC gamers.
You can play Google Stadia directly from your Chrome browser on a computer, with the mobile Stadia app, or using a Chromecast Ultra.
Stadia is Google’s cloud game streaming service, which was introduced in November 2019.It helped users access the various console and PC games from their respective browsers, Chromecast Ultra TV dongles, and Pixel phones.Below we have mentioned the steps for the same:Stream Google Stadia Games Directly to YouTubeTo stream Google Stadia Games directly to YouTube, your YouTube account needs to be linked with your Google Stadia account.You need to click on YouTube, and you will then be provided instructions for setting up your channel.Further, refresh the settings page of Stadia once you have created your channel.Your channel will then show a ‘Link with Stadia’ button.You can then start streaming your desired games with the steps mentioned in the next title.Stream Google Stadia Games on YouTubeAfter you have linked your YouTube channel to Stadia, you can stream games directly to YouTube:Choose your desired game for playing.In case you are playing with the help of the keyboard and mouse, click on ‘Shift+Tab,’ and the Stadia menu will appear on your screen.If you are playing through a controller, click on the ‘menu’ button and then on “Live Stream.”The option ‘Stream directly to YouTube’ will appear on your screen.Clicking this button will automatically stream your gameplay to YouTube.Further, enter a title, make adjustments to the privacy and sound settings.
Sony's and Microsoft's new consoles have high price tags and tiny launch lineups, but there's one reason to buy them at launch: old games work better.
Ubisoft has detailed the next-gen enhancements its upcoming games will benefit from.