At Google I/O, the company announced some major changes to Firebase, which now has analytics for developers that it says is like Google analytics for apps.Google says Firebase will now be able to do crash reporting by finding bugs and issues in apps.It looks at user behavior and session information to diagnose problems and point developers to the right way to solve the problem.Developers can also test configurations at scale using Firebase Remote Config, which lets you toggle features on and off as needed.Because the two are now integrated, its new name will be Firebase Cloud Messaging FCM , and will be optimized for battery eficiency and reliability.Read next: Android Instant Apps lets you run apps without installing them
It's a cold, hard fact: Apple iPhone owners spend a lot more money on apps than people with phones running Google Android.The net result is that it's increasingly uncommon to find a developer who only works with Android.The massive reach of Google's Android operating system is good, but it's almost always better to hedge your bets with a web browser or iPhone app, as well, if you actually want to make money.That's why a cheer went up from the crowd at this week's Google I/O conference when the search giant announced a huge upgrade to its Firebase product — a popular free service, now with 450,000 users, that provides the crucial behind-the-scenes plumbing for iPhone, Android, and web apps.That update brings lots of new features, many of which will make life easier and more profitable  for developers.That includes a new Firebase Analytics product, the evolution of the popular Google Analytics, and a bunch more features that bring Firebase into parity with its soon-discontinued competitor Facebook Parse.It's a smart move that turns a weakness — the difficulty making money from Android apps — into a potential strength for Google and its increasingly important cloud computing business.Unification"This has been a massive effort across the company to unify our efforts for app developers," Google analytics head Russ Ketchum tells Business Insider."The result is that Firebase is now these full suite of integrated products designed to help developers build their apps, grow their user base, and earn more money.With these upgrades, Firebase now does everything that Parse used to, plus its original killer feature of super-speedy database synchronization across devices.Real geniusThe real genius, though, is that Firebase can act as kind of a gateway to the Google Cloud Platform, where customers can rent supercomputing power and services from the search giant just by punching in a credit card.After all, Firebase is simple and powerful, but it won't be enough for every app.
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There's lots of advice online about what analytics reports you need to have in place for your ecommerce company.But there are 3 reports that are bulletproof.Set them up and you'll have the most actionable data and a clear path to optimization.This article goes over what those 3 reports are, shows you EXACTLY how to set them up and even reviews alternatives to Google Analytics!Hope you find this one useful.
It s a convenient moniker but also confusing because there isn t one trend to follow.In Slack, for example, bots have been built for fetching Digg content , ordering an Uber transportation , pulling data from Google Analytics data , and more.This model is powerful, and represents a massive battleground.Continued advances in machine learning are just about guaranteed, and if we couple that with APIs everywhere to interconnect services, we could very well deliver on the sci-fi promise of intelligent assistants.Instead, it will be more transactional: I need new pillows Hilton , I m looking for a camera Best Buy , or I m at the corner of 2nd and Harrison Uber .As the reality of human afterall becomes possible, companies that excel at conversation will drive higher customer satisfaction, engagement, and retention.Jeff Lawson is CEO and cofounder of Twilio.
A new study of more than 1 million websites found that news sites that rely heavily on online advertising are sprinkling the most digital markers on their visitors.Since the advent of the Web, digital advertisers have been in a cat-and-mouse game with users over tracking their movements, even deliberately circumventing privacy settings.This study, purportedly the largest and most detailed measurement of online tracking to date, offers more detail of which sites are most aggressively targeting users and new methods of tracking users.When it comes to following visitors around the Web, news, arts and sports sites lead the pack, even more than pornography sites, the Princeton researchers found.Sites such as non-profits and universities track visitors much less.The researchers speculate why news sites are tracking more:The top five most common tracking tools are owned by Google, such as Google Analytics and Doubleclick, MIT Technology Review points out.Visitors who don t want to be tracked have two main methods for throwing off their digital scent, the cookie-blocker in one s browser and privacy extensions.But do they work?The researchers found that Firefox s blocking was effective.Add-on extension Ghostery was also effective at limiting cookies.What s trickier are new techniques used by small companies that work on how browsers process audio.Dubbed fingerprinting, the tracker attaches an audio signal that then follows a device around the Web.Since Google and Facebook control most of the common trackers, there may be hope of creating standards and controls in this space.One of the researchers, Arvind Narayanan, told the MIT Technology Review:Photo: The Google logo.AP/Mark Lennihan Tags: cookies, facebook, Google, Google Analytics, news sites, tracking
I graduated a year ago and besides a shitty door to door sales job I haven't done anything marketing related.The problem is I'm not super excited about any specific aspect of marketing so I don't really even know what to look for.I picked up Google Analytics and AdWords certifications to help boost my resume.What's the best way to find an entry level Marketing position?I'm searching Monster, Indeed, and Glassdoor using keywords like Marketing, Media, Advertising, PR, Digital, Social Media, and SEM but I keep finding tiny little pyramid schemes or positions requiring years of experience.I'm not asking anyone to get me a job just some advice in looking as I don't want to have too big of a gap on my resume.
As online marketers, we all have great web metrics at our fingertips….or do we?Using hard facts to support business decisions requires two things: reliable data and knowing the key performance indicators of the business in an online context.
Of course, to get in on this 21st century gold rush, you ll need a strong background in computer science, marketing or business.Text boxes, animations, and forums are just some of the assets front-end engineers create and maintain.From coding basics like DHCP testing to more advanced concepts like machine learning and penetration testing, the Python Programming Bootcamp will show you the ins and outs of Python and its capabilities for only $39.In order to get hired and be successful at their craft, data scientists must be tech-savvy and proficient in tools like SQL that help quickly query and sort huge sets of data.This bootcamp will show you how to use SQL technologies to produce engaging applications and manage databases.You can also boost your knowledge of online marketing with the Full-Stack Marketer Bundle, which shows you how to use and apply Google Analytics and Adwords to your craft as well as how to implement SEO principles and write compelling copy for the Web.
Instead of clicking around inside of Google Analytics to find the answer you want about your web traffic, wouldn t it be nice to just talk to Google to get what you want?In one example, he asked by speaking, How many users did we get from organic search in April?and received the answer:In another, as you can see below, he spoke, What were my best selling products for April?Most of that has been aimed at consumer-oriented products.But in this case, Google is using machine learning to understand what s been said and to figure out how to parse the answers for advertisers, Pahlavan said.Later this year, but only if you use the premium version of Google Analytics, Google Analytics 360 Suite.
Trend 2: Your content s ROI will be harder to estimate if you are going for a first-mover advantage.The days when you managed your website s engagement data using Google Analytics are over, for the time being at least.Think about how Instagram and Snapchat consume the final bits of our limited time.Fundamentally, your strategy should consider mobile first.As the Co-founder and CEO at BaseCreate told me, Gen Z are snubbing dot-coms.A lower-profile example, Free Code Camp, and their article, We just abandoned our blog for Medium.
Conversion rate optimization isn t just meant for websites with millions of visitors a month.In fact, one of the biggest myths in CRO is that you can apply methods from any amazing case study to your site, and you ll get amazing results.But the reality is that there are often case studies that prove the exact opposite.That s why we test everything.Nothing on a website should come from guesswork or because, hey… looks cool.If you don t have anything that helps you track your visitors, you should begin with adding Google Analytics.
Google has released Google Data Studio, a free version of its new reporting and data visualization tool, Google Data Studio 360.The paid reporting product, Google Data Studio 360, is part of the new Google Analytics 360 suite, which began rolling out to all Google Analytics Premium and Adometry customers Tuesday.Babak Pavalan, product manager for Google Analytics, told Marketing Land in a press briefing Tuesday that all options are on the table.Pavalan explained it s a matter of offering tools that small marketing teams will find convenient and valuable.Pavalan also noted that Google is going to double down on integrations for Google Analytics 360.If you haven t seen his demonstration of the voice-activated Data Assistant in Google Analytics 360 during Google Performance Summit Tuesday, be sure to check that out here.
Yesterday at the Google Performance Summit, Google announced a vast number of changes to AdWords & Google Analytics, including new mobile-first bidding support, Promoted Pins to put advertisers on Google Maps, longer text ads and more.Google Performance Summit is Google s annual event for key AdWords and Google Analytics customers, where new features, product plans, research and more are shared.Don t fret if you missed it.Read on for an update you on everything you need to know and more.Yesterday s opening keynote embedded below covered all the major announcements, which are explained more fully in our formal stories:You can find the keynote here jump to 28 minutes in :Our live blog of the keynote is below:
Chances are you ve heard quite a bit about Google Tag Manager GTM and may have even already tried using it…….with a turbulent experience.Think of a tag manager as a dashboard that s made for marketers so they can accomplish just about anything related to tracking their marketing results.Once you ve created your account, and your first container, GTM will give you a snippet of code that looks like this:Just copy and paste this code so it s right after the opening tag of your site — many WordPress themes like OptimizePress 2.0 make this really easy to do.If you use Google Tag Manager to control your Google Analytics which I d recommend , you ll want to be sure you remove your existing Google Analytics tracking code from your pages.eCommerce Google Analytic Reporting RequirementsTo get eCommerce to report into GA, you first need the following required fields:transactionId the order or invoice transactionTotal the total dollar amount sold sku the sku of the product being sold name the name of the product sold price how much the product was sold for quantity how many products you sold That s why we created our Custom HTML tag to look like this:dataLayer.push transactionId': OrderID , transactionTotal': Transaction Total , transactionProducts': sku': SKU , name': Product Name , price': Price , quantity': 1 , event : transactionComplete ;That way the data layer would contain all the required fields.To compensate for this, we adjusted the order forms settings in Infusionsoft so instead of sending to a Thank You page URL that looked liked send to something that looks like ww-monthly productname Workshop Wednesday 39.99 39.99Infusionsoft then sends to the Thank You page with the parameters we need to report to eCommerce.
Back in March, Google announced Data Studio 360 — a product to help its business customers make charts, graphs, and other visualizations of their data.This week, Google announced a free version of Data Studio 360 for "individuals and small teams."It's a little shift that could shake up the market in a big way."One of the fundamental ideas behind Data Studio is that data should be easily accessible to anyone in an organization.Google's Data Studio 360 is mainly designed to integrate with Google services, including the Google Sheets spreadsheet tool, Google Analytics, and Google AdWords — so you can analyze all your Google-stored business data.It also integrates with Google BigQuery, its popular big data analysis tool in the cloud.While those Google services are very popular, that still leaves some room to grow: The other players in the space have established connections to all kinds of business apps.That said, Tableau especially has been struggling to keep Wall Street's confidence, despite beating guidance this last quarter.
I work for a vacation rental agency in a market where tech is LOW.Basically after getting run around from a place trying to make us a website for $10K, we decided to go the WIX route, we supposedly have a team of high tech people looking and making sure it is as good as it can be.An expert and friend came in and is now telling us on the other side, that we will lose all google momentum we had.The 'momentum' we had from out OLD ugly but organized site is about 4.5-5K visitors, with around 40% being organic from Google.Google analytics shows us around 4th or 5th under VRBO, so really top locally .Any tips or articles are greatly appreciated- Boss will be coming to me soon, maybe for the tie breaker.
For marketers, there are few skills more important than a deep understanding ofGoogle Analytics and its conversion measurement capabilities.After all, this is the tool that tells you whether your efforts are actually translating into results.Unfortunately, mastering Google Analytics can be challenging, even for experienced marketers.To help you out, I ve put together a list of seven custom and standard reports you can use right away to get better insight into your marketing performance.Read the full article on Search Engine Land.Some opinions expressed in this article may be those of a guest author and not necessarily Marketing Land.
7 essential Google Analytics reports every marketer must knowMay 31, 2016 by Khalid SalehYou may be using Google Analytics, but are you using it to its full potential?Contributor Amy Bishop shares steps to seamlessly share data across accounts without cluttering your website s code with duplicative tags.Brand queries: the AdWords performance illusionMay 31, 2016 by Tim MayerIf your AdWords optimization efforts are focused toward terms and ads you credit with last-click conversions, you re not alone.Marketo goes private so it can concentrate on its platform s futureMay 31, 2016 by Barry LevineThe acquisition by a tech-focused private equity firm gives the marketing automation provider the flexibility to reinvent its platform for enterprises.From Marketing Land: Survata offers first online surveys targeted at second- and third-party user segments May 27, 2016 by Barry Levine The questionnaires, which can include a pretesting of ads, are delivered to the same … Report: Ad blocking users more than double in a year to almost 420 million globallyMay 31, 2016 by Greg SterlingThe most popular form of mobile ad blocking is now browser-based.Recent Headlines From Search Engine Land, Our Sister Site Dedicated To Search News & Information:Online Marketing News From Around The Web:AnalyticsThe Limits of Analytics, Web Analytics WorldBlogs & Blogging6 Simple Tricks To Make More Money From Your Blog, www.jeffbullas.comPros And Cons of Multisite WordPress And How to Install on a Local Xampp , www.wpexplorer.comBusiness IssuesContent MarketingAdd Earned Media to Your Content Marketing Strategy, Content Marketing InstituteWhat Should Your Content Marketing Priorities Be in 2016?, Content Marketing InstituteConversion OptimizationConversion Rate Optimization: Why Now is the Best Time to Get Started, Crazy EggCopywriting, Design & UsabilityCopywriting in the Content Era: A Guide for Writers Starting Out, MarketingProfsDisplay & Contextual AdvertisingInside AdSense: VIDEO You re In Control, Inside AdSenseWhitepaper: Is Viewability Valuable?, blog.exponential.comDomaining.Store Passes 500 Sunrise Registrations With 5 Days to Go, The Domains.VIP continues to roll, .Store has solid sunrise, Domain Name Wire.XYZ Planning "biggest sale the domain world has ever seen , DomainInvesting.comE-Commerce5 Shipping Lessons from Large Ecommerce Companies, Practical EcommerceRocket Internet releases selective details on e-commerce sales, internetretailer.comEmail MarketingHow automated email marketing to millennials led Dormify to a 92% lift in revenue, Marketing DiveMobile/Local MarketingA third of new cellular customers last quarter were cars, www.recode.netHas CNN created the worst ever mobile ad experience?, eConsultancyMobile paves the way for multi-retailer loyalty adoption in US, Mobile Commerce DailyOne month in: What CNN has learned from Facebook Messenger bots, DigidayRelay Media Announces AMP Platform for Publishers, www.relaymedia.comWhat the Heck is Conversational Commerce?, Part II video , blog.kelseygroup.comSocial MediaVideoIntroducing Comment Moderation,
We have a SaaS product in fitness tracking, and we've done well so far with primarily gut-based decision making, but I want to embrace data wholeheartedly.I use Google Analytics fairly effectively to keep an eye on our content marketing efforts, SEO, and other metrics, but my skills fall short when it comes to the nitty gritty details of scientifically executing A/B test in email marketing, for example.Googling this subject tends to return lots of chaff riddled with e-book peddling and vague blog posts.I'd like to hear from real people, especially anyone in B2C SaaS companies.Thank you.EDIT: Perhaps it's helpful to know that we already use marketing automation software for triggered emails.