I've got a message, that will put also Finland Post to set things right , says with a laugh Viljakainen, who met in Moscow on Saturday Finnish economy suppliers.Numerous finns have been in contact with the grain one light cable stir sequences, which trade press reports in December.People thanking me that I brought the matter up , Viljakainen says.Kaapelikohu started when Viljakainen sent a trade magazine in the pages of an open letter to the minister for transport and communications Anne Berner from among its members .Viljakainen lift the letter out of the so-called ghost cable problem, namely, that especially in sparsely populated areas, is the operator of the ground ready to dig the fibre-optic cables, but residents no fiber connection to sell.the Finnish Post I don't have to give advice , she rejected with a laugh request.
Apple will reportedly use a different technology for its Touch ID fingerprint reader, which strengthens rumors that Apple's next iPhone will have a "full-face" OLED display with ultra-narrow borders, according to a report by the reliable KGI Securities' analyst, Ming Chi Kuo, obtained by Apple Insider.Kuo predicts Apple will use optical sensors instead of the capacitive sensors that are currently used in the iPhone's Touch ID fingerprint reader.According to Kuo, optical sensors can read fingerprints through thicker OLED panels than the current iPhone's capacitive Touch ID reader, which needs to be exposed.Optical sensors would allow Apple to embed the Touch ID fingerprint reader beneath the next iPhone's rumored OLED display panel.Essentially, optical sensors could allow Apple to reduce the size of an iPhone's bottom border.Kuo's predictions line up nicely with the rumors that Apple's upcoming iPhone will have a "full-face" OLED display with narrow borders.OLED displays are better than the iPhone 7's and previous models LCD display, as they use less power, and they can display richer, brighter colors, as well as producing deeper blacks for better contrast.Kuo predicts that Apple is also looking to eventually replace the Touch ID fingerprint reader entirely with facial recognition, but we shouldn't expect it for this year's iPhone release.No matter how reliable the source is, predictions can be placed in the same basket as rumors, so take this information with a grain of salt.We'll have to wait until September, when Apple is expected to announce the next iPhone, to get the real, full details about the phone.
With approximately 370,000 Model 3 reservations on the books, Tesla s manufacturing processes will need to be firing on all cylinders if it hopes to get the company s mass market EV to customers in a relatively timely manner.As it stands now, Tesla maintains that it will begin delivering Model 3 vehicles to early buyers by the end of the year.Specifically, Tesla is aiming to ship 100,000 Model 3 units before 2017 draws to a close.Of course, many industry observers are understandably skeptical of Tesla s timetable, if only because the company has a history of missing deadlines with respect to ship dates.The iconic Model S shipped later than expected and the company s newer Model X was also subject to a number of production delays.Consequently, many are taking Tesla s ambitious production schedule with respect to the Model 3 with a grain of salt.
If you needed more proof that beer is the official drink of nerds, just take a look at the science involved in producing the stuff at scale.Sure, craft breweries are popping up everywhere, but don t be fooled—this is no push-button industry.Whether it s a local brewery or a big beer conglomerate, harnessing the power of fermentation requires more than just a hankering for a cold can of suds.Brewers start the process off by soaking grains in hot water.The water molecules activate enzymes within the grain that break the bonds holding the grain s starches together.Starches are just long chains of glucose, so when they break down that s what you re left with: a whole bunch of sugar.
CAPE CANAVERAL, Fla. – It turns out the moon is older than many scientists suspected: a ripe 4.51 billion years old.That's the newest estimate, thanks to rocks and soil collected by the Apollo 14 moonwalkers in 1971.A research team reported Wednesday that the moon formed within 60 million years of the birth of the solar system.Previous estimates ranged within 100 million years, all the way out to 200 million years after the solar system's creation, not quite 4.6 billion years ago.The scientists conducted uranium-lead dating on fragments of the mineral zircon extracted from Apollo 14 lunar samples.The pieces of zircon were minuscule — no bigger than a grain of sand.
Every electric train on the Dutch railways NS network now gets 100 per cent of its energy from wind energy.NS Dutch Railways has partnered with energy company Eneco to use its wind turbines to generate the energy needed to power all of its electric trains.The pair had hoped to achieve this milestone by 2018 but managed the feat as of January 1 this year.NS annually consumes 1.2 billion kWh of wind electricity, reportedly equivalent to the amount all households consume each year.The 100 per cent wind energy-powered trains transport 600,000 passengers and three strokes of an Eneco wind turbine drives a railway train one kilometre."Trains run exclusively on electricity from new renewable energy sources," said Eneco.
To see how close California is to being drowned by its recent winter storms, just look to the small crowd of spectators and TV newscasters gathered yesterday on the northwest side of the state capital hoping to watch state water managers to open the gates of the Sacramento Weir.The weir, something between a dam and a levee, lets dangerously high water spill over its top into a long, narrow, floodplain filled with rice paddies, grain fields, and other row crops.Californians pay attention to the weir for three reasons.Two: The thing hasn t been opened in a decade.They can still catch the sight of water thundering over the weir and into the Yolo Bypass, flooding the plain to protect the city of Sacramento.Once you open them, you re making a decision that you re going to stick with, says Michael Anderson, state climatologist for the California Department of Water Resources.
During its CES press conference on Wednesday, Nvidia announced that its graphics cards will soon be able to stream directly to Facebook Live.Facebook streaming will use Nvidia s existing Shadowplay tech and the same Share Overlay found in GeForce Experience 3.0.You'll just hit Alt-Z while playing a game, and then choose to stream to Facebook directly when the overlay pops up.It'll be just one more option added to the interface.Doesn t sound like much of a coup, does it?Especially if you compare it to Facebook s partnership with Blizzard last June: That was Facebook s first big shot fired against Twitch.
The Vernee Apollo being a much awaited device and the Chinese manufacturer s first real flagship smartphone, I thought I d give you guys my first impressions on the phone.With the full in-depth review coming in the following weeks!But before that, let s recap the main specs of the smartphone!Vernee Apollo: SpecificationsProcessorMediaTek Helio X25 MT6797T Display5.5″ 1440 x 2560 px, LCD IPS Sharp IGZORAM4GBStorage64GBOperating SystemAndroid 6.0Cameras21MP 8MP CameraBattery3180mAhPhysical Properties188g, 75.6 mm x 152.0 mm x 9.3 mmThe Apollo costs around the $290 mark for now.Vernee Apollo: UnboxingWhat you see once you open the box is quite unusual.The phone is indeed strapped onto the VR headset, this is both to save space and more so to remind you of the VR capabilities of this smartphone thanks to its 2K resolution display.The phone comes with an already applied screen protector which might be made of tempered glass, but it s hard to say without removing it so take that with a grain of salt.Inside the box you find the VR box, a SIM removal pin, a 9V 2A USB charger and a USB Type-C charging cable that is a bit thicker than needed and somewhat hard to plug-in.Here s the unfolded VR box!Vernee Apollo: Hands OnThe Vernee Apollo feels amazing in hands; the aluminum body feels premium and solid.I really like its design, although the camera protrudes quite a bit, it s still protected by a very thin metal lip.As many other phones with such all-metal build, the device is relatively heavy.Because of that I also wish they had included a case, not being super easy to handle makes me worry I could drop it pretty much all the time.The 2K 1440 x 2560px LCD IPS Sharp IGZO display is also stunning, everything is sharp and it really does look better than a Full HD screen, now I m not sure 100% if it s because of the resolution, the high quality panel or it s just my mind telling me it MUST look better.
As of January 1, the footwear maker is discontinuing its men s shoe collection and focusing on its women s lineup of shoes.The company is partnering with Teva to produce the new Ahnu by Teva collection, which is available on Teva s website.Ahnu footwear may now be sold by Teva, but that doesn t mean the company s most popular models are gone.The new Ahnu by Teva lineup including the Sugarpine and Montara boot styles.The Sugarpine is a classic over-the-ankle hiking boot with Vibram soles and an upper that includes both waterproof leather and lightweight mesh.There s also a waterproof membrane and an interior antimicrobial treatment that will keep your feet clean and dry.
Having a multitool in your pocket can prove to be incredibly useful at some very unexpected times.After all, you never know when you will need to make a few simple repairs or tighten up a few screws.Unfortunately, there are times when it is inconvenient to carry one of these tools, however, even though you know you might run into a situation where it could come in handy.For instance, not all multitools are approved by the Transportation Security Administration, which means you will have to leave yours at home or risk getting it confiscated by security at the airport.But if you re one of those types of people who always likes to come prepared, you can get around this challenge simply by wearing a 686 Toolbelt, which is in a sense a multitool that you wear around your waist.Available in six different colors and patterns, the 686 Toolbelt looks like just about any other belt that you might find hanging in your closet.
Apple may have just released iOS 10.2 just a few weeks ago, but iOS 10.3 already appears to be looming on the horizon.In a pair of tweets sent out over the weekend — which you might want to take with the requisite grain of salt — noted leaker Sonny Dickson dropped some interesting tidbits about what seems like a very intriguing and forthcoming update to iOS 10.Per Dickson, Apple plans to release the first beta of iOS 10.3 to developers on January 10.What s more, iOS 10.3 is said to include a new Theatre mode that will be granted its own unique icon in the Control Center.Now as for what this rumored Theatre mode will be all about, well, that s anybody s guess.Still, the name itself has led some to speculate that the alleged popcorn-shaped icon will trigger a specialized phone-mode ideal for environments like movie theaters where discretion is paramount.
The Wall Street Journal's Steven Russolillo tweeted on Thursday that Tesla shares are down at the end of year for the first time since the carmaker's 2010 IPO.It's an accurate observation, although one that should be taken with a rather large grain of salt.After all, in 2013, the stock finished the year up over 300%.Tesla is indeed down just over 10% in 2016, after sliding more than that at some point, but shares are also trading above $200, an important level if Tesla is to vindicate its $30-billion-plus market cap and, more importantly, establish a baseline that will make achieving Wall Street's more bullish prediction possible.In fact, Tesla's slide in 2016 could be a positive thing.At the beginning of the year, it was primed for a fall, starting at $240 and plunging to almost $140.Tesla shares are down 10% this year, making 2016 the first time that $TSLA has dropped in a calendar year since its 2010 IPO.— Steven Russolillo @srussolillo December 29, 2016As 2017 begins, shares could be more correctly priced, although that's no comfort to investors who bought in at the start of 2016 investors who bought at the bottom are probably quite happy, however .The coming year will be an interesting one for Tesla investors.It's unclear whether the stock will repeat its historic volatility — or whether it will settle into a more stable pattern.Bear in mind that Tesla could also be tricky to properly value in 2017, as it merges the car business with the solar business, through its recent acquisition of SolarCity.NOW WATCH: Tesla reveals how your self-driving car sees the roadLoading video...
RIDDLE, Ore. AP -- John Redfield watches with pride as his son moves a laser-guided precision saw the size of a semi-truck wheel into place over a massive panel of wood.It's called cross-laminated timber, or CLT, and it's made like it sounds: rafts of 2-by-4 beams aligned in perpendicular layers, then glued — or laminated — together like a giant sandwich.The resulting panels are lighter and less energy-intensive than concrete and steel and much faster to assemble on-site than regular timber, proponents say.Because the grain in each layer is at a right angle to the one below and above it, there's a counter-tension built into the panels that supporters say makes them strong enough to build even the tallest skyscrapers.From Maine to Arkansas to the Pacific Northwest, the material is sparking interest among architects, engineers and researchers.Supporters say it could bring sawmills back online while improving forest health through thinning dense stands and making use of low-value wood and local tree species.
This pair of images provided by the web analytics firm Mezzobit shows a graphic representation of a mainstream news site, left, and a fringe news site, right.The square icons show the "root" of a page within the site, and the web of dots emanating from them shows the tags or vendors that are loaded on that page.NEW YORK AP — What distinguishes mainstream news sites from those devoted to fake news or other hyper-partisan takes on events?It's not just the stories they run, but also the way they use online technology that tracks readers and shows them ads, according to a new study by a web analytics firm.In particular, the study — from the New York-based startup Mezzobit — showed that such fringe news sites are relatively unsophisticated in the way they make money from online ads, perhaps because many are shoestring operations that can easily cover their costs.They run from made-up articles to pieces that start with a grain of truth but exaggerate it to fit highly opinionated perspectives.
The holiday shopping rush is nearing an end, and to nobody's surprise, it appears to have been a lucrative time for Amazon.More specifically, the e-commerce giant says four of its own devices were the best-selling products on its site over that time.According to a press release published on Tuesday, Amazon's Echo Dot smart speaker was the top seller for the "2016 holiday" — which Amazon defines as November 1 onward — with the Fire TV Stick media streamer, Fire tablet, and standard Echo speaker following behind.As usual, Amazon declined to share specific sales figures, so take the boasts with a grain of salt.That said, the fact that Amazon-made devices were the most popular products on Amazon's site isn't much of a shock.The Fire tablet and Fire TV Stick were two of the three top sellers last holiday, according to the company, both the Echo and Echo Dot have experienced stock shortages this year, and Amazon usually makes links to its products and services very prominent throughout its online store.That the Echo Dot, Fire TV Stick, and Fire tablet all cost $50 or less likely helped, too.The larger Echo costs $179.99, though, so its popularity would appear to be more encouraging.A report from the research firm Consumer Intelligence Research Partners last month estimated that Amazon had sold 5.1 million Echo devices so far.Amazon, for its part, says that Echo device sales were up nine times over the 2015 holiday season, though that's to be expected with the release of the $50 Echo Dot earlier this year.The smart-speaker space continues to be one of interest.Google launched its $130 Home speaker — which Amazon does not directly sell on its site — in October, and multiple reports have said that Apple is working on its own Echo competitor as well.In any case, all four of Amazon's top-selling devices come with its Alexa voice assistant in some form, so it looks as though more than a few families will welcome artificial intelligence into their homes going into 2017.
British design multitasker Thomas Heatherwick will turn a monumental grain silo on Cape Town's V waterfront into a public gallery for the art haul of former Puma CEO Jochen Zeitz.A series of irregular caves and a large, sky-lit central atrium will create open spaces in what is essentially a collection of 42 tightly packed, 33-metre-tall concrete tubes, each 5.5 metres in diameterThe most dramatic of the recent eruption of super slim, super tall esidential towers in Manhattan, Herzog and de Meuron's 56 St Leonard in Tribeca appears to lose all sense of order as it pushes skywards.As it gets closer to 60 storeys, the tower becomes an irregular jumble of cantilevered glass boxes.These modernist villas in the sky have some of the clearest views over ManhattanHerzog and de Meuron's Elbphilharmonie building is inspired by the ancient theatre at Delphi, sports stadia and tents.
a Poor and inadequate data connections have risen to the debate, after the businessman Pekka Viljakainen wrote to the trade magazine this week.Viljakainen has been fighting telecom operators with in order to obtain the fastest data connection Joroisissa located in his home.none of the operators did not want to deliver Grain cut contact, even though the plot was unused fiber optic cable.cereal guy wrote after the dozens of trade magazine readers have reported similar data connection problems and the operators unwillingness to solve them.operate on the data connections are for many homebuyers to the important detail of the apartment in the store, said the rental security, the chairman of the board Timo Metsola.He pointed out that in particular the so-called remote areas in terms of data connections are very important.
Businessman Pekka grain each Monday in the trade newspaper wrote an open letter to the transport secretary Anne Berner seems to touch many of the Finnish solidarity.Viljakainen asked to write, in its reply to the minister to intervene in the Finnish telecom operators ' activities, in order to "rural dirt unused" cable to use.Pekka Viljakainen told the trade magazine that he had received the manuscript after the publication of issue 2000 personal e-mail, and 750 Facebook comments.I have now caught up to it, that I would trade this the same minister Anne berner's new minister.It is silly, because it is not the type to be against anyone", Viljakainen said.I didn't know what kind of turmoil this generates.
Jari Saario, Photo: TIINA SOMERPURO/KLPekka Viljakainen is a Finnish Indiana Jones.So incredible is his story of the Finnish fiber optic hunting.in Russia, many in broth, boiled business man told the trade journal KL19.12.All three operators replied to the grain one offer to the request that the area of the light cable.Only call the largest operator, the chairman of the board got things to move.