Two spacecraft drifted closer to one another far above planet Earth, as they prepared to dock.USA Cap Com-Huston: Go ahead.The plot concerned a NASA mission in which a US spacecraft ran into problem.The three crew members on board were saved by a Soviet mission also in orbit.It is planned that the first experimental flight to test these systems be conducted during 1975, envisaging the docking of a United States Apollo-type spacecraft and a Soviet Soyuz-type spacecraft with visits of astronauts in each other s spacecraft.The implementation of these projects will be carried out on the basis of principles and procedures which will be developed in accordance with the summary of results of the meeting between representatives of the US National Aeronautics and Space Administration and the USSR Academy of Sciences on the question of developing compatible systems for rendezvous and docking of manned spacecraft and space stations of the USA and the USSR dated April 6, 1972.
View photosMoreA battery charger sign for electric cars is painted on the ground of a parking ground near the soccer stadium in Wolfsburg, Germany, April 6, 2016.Under the new plans, electric cars will be exempt from paying vehicle tax for ten years with retroactive effect from Jan. 1, 2016.Employees who charge their electric vehicles at work will also pay a reduced tax rate of 25 percent on this non-cash benefit, the Finance Ministry said.The tax breaks come on top of plans agreed last month between government ministers and the car industry to give buyers of electric cars a 4,000 euro incentive, while buyers of plug-in hybrid cars will get a premium of 3,000 euros.Germany, the biggest carmaker in Europe, currently has only about 50,000 purely battery powered vehicles and plug-in hybrids among the 45 million cars using its roads.The government hopes the new incentives will help sell an additional 400,000 electric cars.
GIFThanks to the big network upfronts, there s been a barrage of TV updates this week.Note: some of the new shows may not air until 2017 if they are chosen to be midseason replacements.ABCCancelled: Marvel s Agent Carter star Hayley Atwell had already been cast as the lead on another ABC show, legal drama Conviction ; Galavant; The MuppetsReturning: Agents of SHIELD; Once Upon a TimePassed over: Agents of SHIELD spin-off Marvel s Most Wanted, which would have focused on the adventures of Mockingbird and Hunter; Spark, that weird-sounding it s 2016 but everything is somehow totally steampunk dramaNew: Imaginary Mary, about a woman Jenna Elfman whose new relationship is complicated by the fact that her new boyfriend has three kids.It stars Geena Davis and looks to be more of an inspired-by take on the Exorcist concept rather than having much to do with the original movie.Next, there s time-travel comedy Making History previously known as In Time .That s Jason Sudeikis voicing the Hot Pocket-obsessed warrior who cuts quite the odd figure in suburbia.
We thought it would be a good opportunity to run this interview with cofounder Ricky Knox, first published last month when the crowdfunding campaign was announced.He talks about what Tandem is trying to build, why it's crowdfunding, and his relationship with the other startup banks on the scene.UPDATE: Since we first published this interview Tandem has revealed it has raised £22 million so far from investors at a £65 million valuation.Now if you don t have a code you can register for the crowdfunding and you automatically become a cofounder.He added: "We re going to keep involving cofounders all the way through our launch and beyond in everything we re doing."Our primary focus is helping you sort out your finances."What you really want to know is am I going to run out of money this month and if I am, what can I do about it?
So now, the executive is asking shareholders to give the green light to a plan that would allow him to actually be rid of those 7 million shares.The hope, ostensibly, would be to boost company morale at a time when Twitter doesn t appear to be faring particularly well.Indeed, Dorsey has had a rough go of things since he resumed his position at the company s helm last October.Dorsey seems to hope that as long as he can keep his employee base satisfied, Wall Street may follow suit.Back in October, when Dorsey first made his pledge, he tweeted, I d rather have a smaller part of something big than a bigger part of something small.And it looks like Dorsey is still trying to keep that dream alive.
So we know and what is the kind of series we are dealing with. But there TWD appeared on television screens, while the comic is still published, it has taken 20 years to get the green light for a television version of Garth Ennis and Steve Dillon's cult cartoon series. If Jesse Custer is serious about weight and tired of both his own past and his Assembly many sins and their limited interest in the Church, is the vampire Cassidy Joseph Gilgun with the thick Dublin accent a much more cheerful acquaintance. Exactly what common history Tulip and Jesse is and why she is back in his life right now, we, like many other mysteries await the answer. In the TV series, choose the writers instead to anchor the plot in the small Texas town of Annville. If there are budgetary reasons or if we can expect a big road trip later is hard to say, but it has in any case the effect of many of the city's interesting inhabitants, as in the cartoon appears caricatures painted with the broadest brush, this may be somewhat greater depths.
A small box to the neck and an app that measures the angle that your phone is supposed to help people towards mobile troublesome neck. Hour after hour sitting each and every human being with the head bent over computers, phones and tablets. Behind Android app Text neck is chiropractic Dean L. Fishman. When the phone is held at the correct angle illuminates a small green light, which is at about 65 degrees, he says in an interview with the Wall Street Journal. As the vibrating box Alex fastened around the ears and rests just below the hairline. From about five kilograms in the upright position, to 12 kg at 15 degrees and 22 kg by the neck in 49-degree angle.
Bentley is considering expanding the Mulsanne lineup with an ultra-exclusive topless model.The model was well received, but it was deep-sixed shortly after by Bentley s then-new CEO due to a perceived lack of demand outside of major markets like the United States.If approved, the 20 examples will be built by hand by Mulliner, Bentley s in-house coach builder.It will be a two-door model like the Grand Convertible concept pictured , and it will use a conventional cloth soft top.If it gets the green light for production, it will launch in the next two years with a base price that s expected to lie in the vicinity of £1 million, a sum that converts to roughly $1.5 million at the current conversion rate.For connoisseurs, indeed.
The Resident Evil series has certainly had its ups and downs mostly downs in recent years, but one thing remains certain: fans love the series characters.Chris Redfield, Leon S. Kennedy, Albert Wesker, and even Barry Burton are among Capcom s most beloved creations, and they will all be available for play in the upcoming multiplayer shooter Umbrella Corps … provided you re willing to shell out some extra cash.The standard version of Umbrella Corps will set you back $30, but the deluxe edition, which comes bundled with weapons, patches, custom colors, and emotes to personalize your mercenary in addition to the aforementioned characters, will cost $40.But if you aren t interested in blasting your friends as Leon, Umbrella Corps still looks to have plenty of fan service — kind of.It bears a similarity to the Mercenaries mode we ve seen in the past few games, but with controls that look like they ve been ripped from a Ghost Recon game.Nearly every comment is from a furious fan who just wants a proper — and improved — follow-up to Resident Evil 6.
Bentley s Continental GT Speed is an easy car to fall for.It s fast, handsome, and the interior is opulent in a way only British luxury vehicles can be — handcrafted to perfection.The luxury coupe comes in four flavors — the GT Speed $240,300 , the GT Speed Black Edition $253,235 , the GT Speed Convertible $264,300 , and the GT Speed Convertible Black Edition $277,235 .U.S. Bentley dealers are taking orders now, with deliveries starting in summer.Owning a new Continental GT Speed would make 99 percent of the driving world happy, but if you re less about performance and more about pure opulence, the rumored Mulsanne Convertible could be right up your alley.Bentley s topless flagship has not been confirmed yet, but if given the green light, it could launch in low volumes sometime in the next two years.
But not once have I managed to produce a text about what happens before the deal is done and the money deposited into the company's bank account. Here we have in the media the responsibility to not slapping on the night too gloomy headlines without nuance the setbacks. On Tuesday, after a several-hour discussion, we got the green light to proceed with a rights issue. The goal now is to bring in SEK 3.5 million in new capital. Now it thus securing home another 2.5 million. If there is something you as a reader wondering about the capital raising process, only to pull off an email to me at [email protected]!
To much of the world, the six-year lawsuit was all about whether brash Oracle billionaire Larry Ellison could force one of his biggest rivals to hand him a $9 billion check: a mano a mano tech battle for the ages.Jurors got to hear two Valley icons, Ellison and Google co-founder Larry Page, argue their cases.Oracle general counsel Dorian Daley said immediately after the verdict that the company will continue its fight.Experts in technology law say Oracle may find a more friendly reception in the federal appeals court, which already has sided with the company in one aspect of the case.Oracle at one point entered millions of lines of code as evidence, overwhelming the jury-room computer and making obsolete the old litigation tactic of "We're gonna bury you in paperwork."But whether it happens through the courts or through changes in law, it's crucial to Silicon Valley that software developers retain the freedom to use open programming languages to craft new waves of innovative products.
They cite statements from WHO s executive director that were supportive of the games just days after the agency declared Zika a global public health emergency.The virus can also be sexually transmitted.Symptoms are often mild and flu-like, if noticed at all.And in pregnant women, Zika poses significant risks to fetuses, including microcephaly, a birth defect marked by abnormally small and malformed brains and skulls.The CDC backs WHO's stance to give the Rio 2016 games a green light.In an interview with the BBC, CDC Director Tom Frieden argued that although pregnant women should avoid travel and men returning from the games should practice safe sex, there s no reason why the games shouldn t carry on as planned.
Reuters — The Wellcome Trust medical charity is to profit from U.S. approval of a new diagnostic cancer test, the first commercial product funded by the organization since the sale of its pharmaceuticals business to Glaxo in 1995.The regulatory green light shows how the world s leading healthcare charities are becoming important sources of finance for biotech startups and can gain when the young firms they back succeed.The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation recently made a $80 million profit from selling a stake in Anacor Pharmaceuticals, a firm it had backed for its work on neglected diseases, which is now being bought by Pfizer.With an endowment of $40 billion, the Gates foundation is the world s largest charity, while Wellcome has an 18 billion pound $26 billion investment portfolio.Their scale makes both organizations powerful forces in global medicine.The new cancer test called Axumin, which got a green light from the U.S. Food and Drug Administration on Friday, was developed by start-up firm Blue Earth Diagnostics, which is owned by Syncona, Wellcome s biotech investment arm.It is injected as part of a PET scan and helps reveal recurrent prostate cancer.It s a validation of our investment approach, said Martin Murphy, chief executive of Syncona, who said profits would flow back to the main organization for its charitable work.Syncona is a major investor in several other companies developing innovative products that it believes offer substantial patient benefits, including two firms working on gene therapies for blindness and liver problems.With 250 million pounds to invest over the long term, Syncona aims to achieve returns that can help fund the charity, while also focusing on unmet medical needs and helping companies that would otherwise struggle to raise money.The Gates Foundation approach is somewhat different.Its program-related investments are designed to spur entrepreneurs and companies to pursue ideas in the public good, rather than necessarily to make a profit.But it still stumbled on a big financial win with Anacor, thanks a soaring share price as the company s drugs made progress, and the foundation sold 99 percent of its stake for $86.7 million last November, 17 times its initial 2013 investment of $5 million.The Wellcome Trust sold the majority of its stake in the Wellcome drug company to Glaxo in 1995.That led to the creation of Glaxo Wellcome, which later merged with SmithKline Beecham in 2000 to form GlaxoSmithKline.Editing by Jason Neely
Faraday Future and the city of Vallejo have just entered an agreement that could place the electric-car startup's second factory in the San Francisco Bay Area suburb.The Vallejo city council voted Tuesday night to enter an exclusive agreement with Faraday Future — also known as FF for short.The agreement sets in motion the negotiations between FF and the city for the car company to acquire 157 acres of land on Mare Island, a former Naval shipyard.FF wants to build a light industrial plant for manufacturing electric vehicles and a number of other facilities, including an experience center where customers can test drive and pick up their cars, the company said.Kathleen Diohep, who manages Vallejo's economic development office, called the future site "a destination and a factory."Vallejo officials hope a potential deal with FF will help revive the city's fortunes — now five years removed from a bankruptcy that made national headlines.As recently as 2014, Vallejo had trouble meeting its pension obligations.Speaking about FF's ambitious plans, Diohep added "It's going to bring people to Vallejo."Among some of the terms of the agreement, FF will pay the city a $200,000 nonrefundable fee, and pay some of the city's negotiation-related costs.The Southern California-based FF says it likes the Bay Area site because of its close proximity to Silicon Valley.The proposed location is about 60 miles south of Tesla's factory in Fremont.FF has been moving aggressively since its public debut at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas this past January.It's moving forward on the construction of its first manufacturing facility in North Las Vegas.Nick Sampson, the company's SVP of research, development and engineering said in April that FF also plans to have "full prototypes that represent its production cars" ready before the end of the year.NOW WATCH: Here s Tesla s massive plan to meet the demand for 375,000 Model 3 preordersLoading video...
Segway, the two-wheeled self-balancing scooter brand acquired by Chinese rival Ninebot last year, has launched a brand-new transporter vehicle in North America.Available to preorder today through Amazon for $1,000, with a normal list price of $1,300, the Ninebot by Segway MiniPro doesn t sport a handle, as such.Instead, it relies on a knee-high stick that detects the movement of the rider s legs to steer.An accompanying mobile app that works on Android and iOS lets riders view their real-time speed and performance data, manage the on-board security alarm, customize the lighting and, crucially, remotely operate the device — completely unmanned.The MiniPro sports a lithium-ion battery and promises riders distances of up to 14 miles on a single charge, with a top speed of 10 mph.Today s announcement comes six months after news emerged that Segway was planning to enter the personal robotics market, with support from Intel and Xiaomi.Segway s parent company, Ninebot, actually partnered with Xiaomi last October to introduce a $315 self-balancing electric scooter in China.The MiniPro is incredibly fun and carefully designed to provide riders with an experience unlike any other two-wheel ride on the market, explained Brian Buccella, vice president of marketing and business development at Segway.Built with the most advanced balancing technology, the MiniPro glides automatically, based on the rider s movements, providing the most stable, hands-free ride imaginable.But it has faced increasing competition from so-called hoverboards and has recently filed trademark and patent infringement suits against hoverboard makers Swagway and Razor.While self-balancing scooters, two-wheeled transporters, hoverboards — whatever you want to call them — have faced the heat in recent times for their safety or lack thereof , Segway says it has already been given the green light from global safety science body UL, which launched its new certification standard for such vehicles back in February.The new Segway transporter can be preordered today through Amazon, but it won t ship until June 29.
View photosMoreA pedestrian walks under a logo of Sharp Corp outside an electronics retail store in Tokyo, Japan, February 26, 2016.REUTERS/Yuya ShinoTAIPEI Reuters - Taiwanese regulators have cleared Foxconn's $3.5 billion acquisition of Sharp Corp., paving the way for the world's largest electronics manufacturer and major Apple Inc supplier to begin the task of trying to turn around the Japanese display maker in the face of slowing smartphone sales.Taiwan's Fair Trade Commission on Wednesday said there was no anti-trust issue with the purchase.Foxconn, formally known as Hon Hai Precision Industry Co, is investing a total of 388.8 billion yen $3.54 billion to take a 63.64 percent stake in Sharp, according to the Investment Commission's statement on its approval.Earlier this month, Foxconn founder Terry Gou said there would have to be layoffs at Sharp to turn around the ailing Japanese company, but pledged that wages would rise and profit-sharing would again be the norm.Reporting by J.R. Wu; Editing by Kenneth Maxwell
An artist's rendering of a brain tumor that can be killed off with the help of a virus.The finding, published Wednesday in the journal Science Translational Medicine, demonstrates the utility of such viruses and also provides a green light for the treatment strategy to move on to more trials.Instead of directly killing a cancer cell, the virus lays the groundwork for targeted drug strikes.The cancer cell then unwittingly reads through the blueprints and produces the enzyme—the yeast cytosine deaminase CD —which acts as a drug detonator.In the second part of the treatment, doctors send in the chemical bomb: an inactive form of a cancer drug called 5-FU, or 5-fluorouracil.This suggests that the virus was indeed selectively invading tumor cells.
Bronn Jerome Flynn and Jaime Lannister Nikolaj Coster-Waldau Another week, another fresh dose of Game of Thrones to look forward to.Expect danger, reunions, and more scheming.With the High Sparrow played by Jonathan Pryce coming out on top of the Lannisters at least for now , he is apparently ready to set his sights elsewhere.Meanwhile, though, the photos show Cersei Lena Headey and Jaime Nikolaj Coster-Waldau in the wake of being outmaneuvered.Meanwhile, a new plan is necessary for Arya Stark Maisie Williams after she opted not to kill Lady Jane Crane Essie Davis .It looks like they re trying to gain support in the North.
Hyundai has traveled to the Busan Auto Show in South Korea to introduce a wild-looking concept called RM16 N.As its name implies, the RM16 N is a follow-up to the existing Veloster Midship and RM15 concepts.The mill relies on an electric turbocharger to generate nearly 300 horsepower, and it spins the rear wheels via a six-speed manual transmission and a limited-slip differential.The mid-engined setup puts 43 percent of the concept s weight on the front axle, and 57 percent on the rear axle.The RM16 N immediately stands out from Hyundai s previous mid-engined concepts thanks to an aerodynamic front end design characterized by sleeker headlights, and a low nose accented by a wide air dam.The South Korean carmaker has been teasing us with mid-engined concepts for a couple of years, and none of them have ever been given the proverbial green light for production.For what it s worth, Hyundai explains that the main purpose of the RM concepts is to develop core high performance technologies that will trickle down to future N-badged models.