We’re nearing the end of an era.Most immediately, that means the end of Game of Thrones’ unforgettable 8-season run on HBO.More optimistically, perhaps we’re nearing the end of our society’s destructive dependence on single-use plastics.We’ll likely not see an end to rampant plastic waste in our landfills and oceans before Game of Thrones signs off this Sunday, but it’s still a worthwhile goal to see championed in SodaStream’s light-hearted new ad starring three actors from the show.In the spot, they seem to be facing an impending end, but as you can probably guess, there’s more going on here than just the fall of King’s Landing.Featured in the spot are Thor Bjornsson, who plays Gregor “The Mountain” Clegane and is also considered the (real) world’s strongest man; Hannah Waddingham, who played the unyielding Septa Unella; and Kristian Nairn, who played lovably simple Hodor.
They've said goodbye to Game of Thrones, now they're doing the same with single-use plasticHafthor (Thor) Bjornsson, Kristian Nairn and Hannah Waddingham -- who played The Mountain, Hodor and Septa "Shame" Unella in the soon to be finished HBO megahit -- came together to spread SodaStream's environmental message by highlighting some everyday struggles single-use plastic bottles bring.It's a remake of a 2017 campaign from SodaStream, which is owned by PepsiCo and known for its DIY seltzer makers like the SodaStream Mix.We can all agree that it's a relief to see Bjornsson playing a role that doesn't involve any horrifying Cleganebowl ultraviolence, especially to the tune of Sarah Brightman and Andrea Bocelli's Time to Say Goodbye."We are always looking for fun and exciting ways to convey the message that we can enjoy fresh sparkling beverages in a planet-friendly way," SodaStream CEO Daniel Birnbaum said in a release."We encourage consumers to say goodbye to single-use plastic and hello to reusable solutions and as a bonus, they will also avoid unnecessary, painful schlepping."
I've watched from the very beginning and am wildly invested in the fates of Arya Stark, Brienne of Tarth, Jaime Lannister and Jon Snow.Oberyn Martell (Pedro Pascal) was just too good for that world.Oberyn -- nicknamed the Red Viper -- came into King's Landing like a whirlwind at the start of season 4.The prince from the southern Dorne region seemed exotic, mysterious and dangerous in his first scene, which saw him stabbing a Lannister goon through the hand and pinning him to a table after being dissed.From here, we learn Oberyn seeks vengeance for the death of his sister Elia and her children at the hands of Gregor Clegane, the horrifying unit better known as The Mountain and one of smug jerk Tywin Lannister's bannermen.Since the Lannisters are basically the show's bad guys at this point, this pretty much sets Oberyn up as a hero.
In 2016, before the sixth season of Game of Thrones aired, an artificial intelligence (AI) application created by students from the Technical University of Munich predicted Jon Snow should live and Tommen Baratheon would die.Now, as the world prepares for the final season's premiere on Sunday, the team is back at it.The students created an algorithm to crunch mass Game of Thrones data to predict who will live and die in the final season.You'll find all of their predictions here.Daenerys Targaryen, Tyrion Lannister, Varys, Samwell Tarly and Jaimie Lannister are dubbed the most likely to survive.Bronn, with a 93% likelihood, has been deemed most probable to die, followed by Gregor Clegane (The Mountain), Sansa Stark, Bran Stark and Sandor Clegane (The Hound).
Some TV shows make me hungry, like The Great British Baking Show and Letterkenny (OK, that one just makes me thirsty for Puppers).HBO has never been shy about marketing partnerships when it comes to Game of Thrones, but the tie-ins seem particularly intense as we approach the debut of the eighth and final season on April 14.Oreo cookies, Bud Light beer, Mountain Dew sodas and Shake Shack snacks are all on board.Long before we got an official Game of Thrones season 8 trailer, we witnessed the fever dream of a Bud Light Super Bowl commercial where the Bud Light Knight dies a gruesome death at the hands of The Mountain.Don't worry, the knight got a Jon Snow-style resurrection later.Though The Mountain's thumbs penetrated the knight's eyeballs off camera (the Super Bowl is a family event), the sickening crunch is a reminder of why Game of Thrones food and beverage tie-ins aren't settling well with my sensitive stomach.
Keeping track of who died, who killed whom, and who’s sleeping with whom — not always mutually exclusive with who is related to whom — in Games of Thrones can be harder to follow than D.C. politics.If you want to refresh your memory before the show’s final season begins on Sunday, April 14, these episodes can also help you skip over the less important bits and hone in on the good stuff.Recaps, decaps, dragons, and deceit — our top 10 contain the biggest surprises and the best back-door deals.Proceed at your own risk.Prince Oberyn of Dorne fights against Ser Gregor Clegane (aka The Mountain) in a battle to determine whether Tyrion will live or die.Oberyn believes The Mountain killed his sister and her children, so he’s pretty mad and hops around with his poisoned spear like an angry frog.
Colonel Sanders has never needed such a giant white suit before.Hafþór Júlíus Björnsson, who plays The Mountain/Gregor Clegane on HBO's hit Game of Thrones, has put on the white suit and black tie, stepping into the shoes of Colonel Harland Sanders in a video for KFC.In a video released Tuesday, Björnsson-as-Sanders pulls a 700-pound sled of KFC chicken sandwiches.It's similar to the challenges the Icelandic strongman took on when he won his World's Strongest Man title."I'm not afraid of a challenge, so I couldn't say no when KFC asked me if I wanted to attempt to pull a massive amount of Double Crispy Colonel sandwiches instead of a semi-truck like I normally do," Björnsson said in a statement.The video is meant to promote the new KFC sandwich, which packs two filets between a bun instead of just one.
p An ad for SodaStream featuring Gregor Clegane AKA The Mountain – a character from HBO series Game of Thrones – has been banned for combining adult language with inappropriate YouTube targeting.However, it proved too much for the regulator thanks to "irresponsible targeting" coupled with the use of the word "fuck".The video riffed off one of the most iconic scenes in the series in which one of the central characters is forced to partake in a public nude walk of shame, while a nun walks behind her ringing a bell and shouting "shame".Turning the scene on its head, SodaStream showcased a regular Joe in a grocery story picking up a bottle of fizzy water.As he goes about his business he is followed by the actor who plays the nun shouting "shame" as members of the public watch with disgust.The man soon arrives at work, which turns out to be a Hollywood set, and hands the water to Clegane before The Mountain gives him a lecture on protecting the environment by avoiding plastic bottles, asserting: "Fuck plastic bottles."
The former "maester" of the Citadel engaged in vivisecting people, and he holds the power to bring back the dead or at least the moribund .Qyburn once famously brought back a poisoned and moribund Gregor Clegane, the character referred to as "The Mountain."In a published concurring opinion by the nation's largest federal appeals court, two judges from the San Francsico-based 9th US Circuit Court of Appeals wrote that the majority's opinion "comes very close to a qyburnian resurrection PDF of the Jiffy June standard."The highly nuanced case concerns police officers citing the Fair Labor Standards Act FLSA and suing the City of San Gabriel in Southern California over pay and benefits.The concurring opinion was written by Obama appointee Judge John Owens.Together, Owens and Trott have displayed a daenerysian command of language here, wouldn't you say?