The fossilized remains of a 430 million-year-old sea creature that had tentacles longer than its body have been found in Herefordshire, Britain.Given the name Sollasina cthulhu, due to its resemblance to the fictional Cthulhu sea beast thought of by American author H.P.Lovecraft, the creature was significantly smaller than the fictional monster, but perhaps just as scary to other sea creatures alive at the time."Although the fossil is just 3 [centimers] wide, its many long tentacles would have made it appear quite monstrous to other small sea creatures alive at the time," a press release describing the find reads."It is thought that these tentacles, or 'tube feet', were used to capture food and crawl over the seafloor."FOUR-LEGGED WHALE THAT LIVED 40 MILLION YEARS AGO FOUND OFF COAST IN PERU
Scientists have discovered a new species of ancient sea cucumber after creating a 3D computer reconstruction of the creature from a 430-million-year-old fossil.The discovery was made by a team of international palaeontologists, led by the Oxford University Museum of Natural History, using a fossil discovered in a site in Herefordshire, UK.After reconstructing the image of the tentacled creature from the fossil, the team dubbed the species Sollasina cthulhu, after the terrifying monster Cthulhu from H.P.The team at Oxford recreated the 3D by grinding away thin layers of the fossil, taking individual photographs at each stage to create a "virtual fossil."The creature had multiple "tube feet" tentacles that it used to crawl over the seafloor and capture food, according to the research team.The 3D render also revealed an internal ring -- a first-time discovery for this group of extinct creatures -- that most likely formed part of a vascular system of "fluid filled canals" the creature used to move and feed.
It’s an eel robot, swimming silently through an enormous darkened saltwater tank; its rhythmic, ribbon-like motions echoing those of its natural counterpart.Lovecraft might have dreamed up had he been born 100 years later and become a roboticist instead of a horror writer?They’re also much cheaper to build, weigh considerably less, and offer far more flexibility and (perhaps counterintuitively, given their soft materials) durability.The robot of a thousand usesThe current surge of soft robots into a world previously dominated by metal doesn’t take anything away from the more traditional robots being built by companies like Boston Dynamics.Advances in traditional hard robotics have, in the past few years alone, given us all manner of versatile machines capable of doing everything from fine assembly work on production lines to performing dances, parkour displays or even Olympics-worthy backflips.
Funcom announced that it will publish a sci-fi horror game, Moons of Madness, from developer Rock Pocket Games.The title will debut on the PC, Xbox One, and PlayStation 4 during the Halloween season this year.Set in the not-so-distant-future on Mars, Moons of Madness mixes the scientific exploration of the red planet with the supernatural dread in the style of H.P.From the look of the trailer, I can see influences from Dead Space, Mass Effect, and Prey.Norway-based Rock Pocket Games previously showed early prototypes of the game, but after Olso-based Funcom came aboard, they regrouped and expanded the scope of the game to fully realize its potential.“With Funcom’s support we have been given the opportunity to do all the things we wanted to do with the game and the story,” said Ivan Moen, CEO of Rock Pocket Games, in a statement.
All five episodes are now on Netflix, which is cause for excitement – as well as an excellent reason to chat to creators Cristian Ponce and Hernán Bengoa.The Kirlian Frequency, as it’s now titled, is set in a small town that’s isolated itself for very good reason – it’s a hotbed of menacing supernatural activity, which could mean witches, vampires, ghosts and werewolves, or even ancient tentacle monsters.Each episode of The Kirlian Frequency runs just under 10 minutes, so you can burn through the entire series in under an hour – which you totally should, especially if you’re a fan of The X-Files, Coast to Coast AM, The Twilight Zone, the writings of H.P.Hernán Bengoa (writer and illustrator): That interview was listened to by Alejandro De Grazia, who is an Argentinian film distributor and a Netflix aggregator (a kind of curator who selects material that the platform might find interesting).Ponce: Everything that appeared in Spanish on screen had to be translated to other languages.Bengoa: Besides the dubbing and subtitles in English and Portuguese (which were handled by Netflix), we had to alter all of the written information on screen, not only the embedded subtitles but also every graphic like signs, posters, etc.
Lovecraft novella is getting a big screen adaptation.Color Out of Space, a story about a a meteorite that crashes into a homesteading family's yard and starts mutating the life forms around it, will star Nicolas Cage, according to a press release Wednesday.Color Out of Space was published in 1927.Plans are for the film to be directed by Richard Stanley, his first in more than 20 years.
The list is massive, with at least a decade’s worth of stories, reminding us that there is a treasure trove of amazing del Toro content just begging to be taken on.It (mostly) doesn’t include ones that have since gone on without him, like his planned Doctor Strange or Hobbit films.Del Toro wrote the script and was also set to direct and produce, but stepped out of the director’s chair abruptly in 2014, citing scheduling conflicts.Sadly, the whole Hobbit situation went did Mountains of Madness, ultimately.He said it was partially because Prometheus was already in development—and since Alien was heavily influenced by Lovecraftian mythos, the folks behind it were afraid of overlap.The Count of Monte Cristo
Sitting in hushed silence, I hide on a bridge wedged between the Northside and the Merchant District.Top hat stops, finally recognizing me, and reaches into his pocket.Arkham Horror Third Edition is a classic struggle of agency versus impotence, set in the uncanny world of H.P.At times, the game can almost feel as if you’re on rails, churning toward impending doom with little say in the matter.Much of the focus is found in the narrative framework.The new game takes its cue from the Arkham Horror Living Card Game, mixing branching narrative scenarios with a constricted board filled with cardboard occupants.
The internet has transformed most forms of social interaction, from gaming, to dating, to the ancient act of telling scary stories.Back in the day, stories of ghosts and hook-handed serial killers were something you told huddled around a campfire, and while the internet has stripped away the intimacy of old-fashioned ghost stories, it’s a platform that allows scary stories to spread.No discussion about internet horror can avoid mentioning Slender Man, far and away the most famous example of a viral scary story.“The Slender Man” became the star of the thread, and fans quickly built an entire mythos around him.Slender Man’s ominous presence evokes the cosmic horror of H. P. Lovecraft, whose stories dwelled on humanity’s tiny place in a vast, dark, uncaring universe.To a first time visitor, the SCP Foundation website may look like a relic from a previous age of web design.
Guillermo del Toro, the Academy Award-winning director of “The Shape of Water” (not to mention “Hellboy,” “Pan’s Labyrinth” and “Pacific Rim”) is making a new version of “Pinocchio” for Netflix.I’d thought that after del Toro’s awards victory earlier this year, he might finally make his long-thwarted adaptation “At the Mountains of Madness.” And while I’m not giving up hope that I’ll see a del Toro-helmed version of the classic H.P.Lovecraft horror story one day, it seems that he’s going in a different direction for now.The official announcement from Netflix describes this as del Toro’s “lifelong passion project,” and says that it will be both a stop-motion animated film and a musical.“No art form has influenced my life and my work more than animation and no single character in history has had as deep of a personal connection to me as Pinocchio,” del Toro said in a statement.“In our story, Pinocchio is an innocent soul with an uncaring father who gets lost in a world he cannot comprehend.
How did Bram Stoker, River Phoenix and HP Lovecraft influence Solo: A Star Wars Story, and how was Thandie Newton too good for the movie?Writer Jon Kasdan reveals all in a list of facts and notes about the movie.Kasdan shared the facts on Twitter "in lieu of a commentary" as Solo arrives for your home entertainment enjoyment.Spoilers abound as Kasdan, who shares the final writing credit on the movie with his father Lawrence Kasdan, dives into the story and the decisions made behind the scenes...Kasdan refers to "C", the film's original writing and directing duo Christopher Miller and Phil Lord."RH" refers to director Ron Howard, who took over the reins after the producers very publicly parted company with Miller and Lord.
The expansion, called “The Color of Madness,” is a clear homage to an H.P.“The Color of Madness” mostly plays out as an endless, wave-based horde mode, granting better rewards the longer a single team survives the thronging masses.This “Endless Harvest” requires very different tactics than the main game and its other major DLC, “The Crimson Court,” where attrition is as much about exploring dungeons as battling monsters.But developer Red Hook Studios has never been afraid to dramatically change the flow of its game.Sometimes that leads to controversy and outright hostility among players.Learning to mitigate and tilt randomness in your favor is largely the point, but it still gets frustrating when a nasty critical hit permanently kills a hero you’ve spent hours grinding to the level cap.
American horror writer Howard Phillips Lovecraft looms large in modern pop culture.Much like his peer, the scientist Nikola Tesla, HP Lovecraft was a weirdo outsider who died poor and largely unappreciated, but whose legacy we’ve come to recognize nearly a century later.His bizarre fiction – particularly, his “Cthulhu Mythos” — inspired countless writers to incorporate his sense of incomprehensible, cosmic horror into their own work, and you can see his influence in film and television from Alien to True Detective.Behind everything crouched the brooding, festering horror of the ancient town, and of the mouldy, unhallowed garret gable where he wrote and studied and wrestled with figures and formulae when he was not tossing on the meagre iron bed.[…] The darkness always teemed with unexplained sound—and yet he sometimes shook with fear lest the noises he heard should subside and allow him to hear certain other, fainter, noises which he suspected were lurking behind them.”Games have latched onto Lovecraft with the greatest fervor.
p It was clear that after Get Out made a cool $162 million in America alone, writer-director Jordan Peele was going to go on and make more fantastic (and hopefully horrifying) things.After a couple of months of speculation, we now know what his next project’s going to be.According to a Deadline report, Peele’s partnering with J.J. Abrams and Warner Brothers Television to adapt Matt Ruff’s Lovecraft Country into a series for HBO.Lovecraft Country tells the story of Atticus Turner, a young Army veteran who sets out on a search through New England when his father mysteriously disappears.While Turner is forced to deal with the very real struggles facing black men living in 1950s America at the dawn of the Civil Rights Movement, he’s also confronted by a series of supernatural dangers seemingly haunting the area he’s traveling to—commonly referred to as Lovecraft Country.The pilot script currently in development is being penned by Underground writer Misha Green.
You're just an ordinary 1930s inhabitant of the ordinary town of Arkham, Massachusetts—a plain New England place where nothing unusual ever happens.Well, except for that one infestation of hood-wearing cultists hoping to usher an angry Elder God into our world.Or that little problem with the Dark Young of Shub-Niggurath.When occult trouble threatens, Miskatonic University's aging librarian, Professor Henry Armitage—the kind of man who runs a "restricted section" featuring books like the human-skin-covered Necromomicon—beckons you to his office.Mythos Tales is fully cooperative and works as well with one player as it does with more.Every question of his that you can answer correctly is worth points.
Platform s : PC, PS4, Xbox OneHP Lovecraft is second only to Tolkien in terms of literary influence on game design.The ancient gods and nameless horrors described in Lovecraft s fiction lurk in the background of countless horror and mystery games, from Amnesia to the Vanishing of Ethan Carter.Yet despite the pervasiveness of Lovecraft s influence, there have only been a handful of games based directly upon Lovecraft s writing, like Magrunner: Dark Pulse and Call of Cthulhu: Dark Corners of the Earth, and none of those would be considered classics.Cyanide Studio is looking to change that with a new game that s about as Lovecraftian as you can get without resurrecting the man himself to write it for you.Call of Cthulhu is a first-person mystery adventure adapted directly from the pen and paper RPG of the same name.
Lots of video games use the influence of H. P. Lovecraft s dread-drenched Elder Gods mythos.It s been a while since there s been one that tackled the author s works directly but an upcoming title is going to attempt just that.Developed by Cyanide Studio and coming to PS4 later this year, Call of Cthulhu: The Official Game follows private investigator Edward Pierce.Pierce s work on a mysterious death leads him down paths where unspeakable things make his grip on sanity precariously loose.There s no gameplay to speak of in the clip, but it sure looks like the developers are on their way to nailing the mood of Lovecraft s oeuvre.
Lovecraft is universally acknowledged as one of the most important horror writers of the 20th century, and references to his Cthulhu Mythos abound in contemporary culture.The dude was a wild, rabid racist in a very racist time in a very racist country, Older says in Episode 237 of the Geek s Guide to the Galaxy podcast.She says that many writers of color were reluctant to contribute stories to the book because of his views.Horror author Maurice Broaddus agrees that writers of color should be producing their own takes on Lovecraft.Older, Moreno-Garcia, and Broaddus recently helped edit People of Colo u r Destroy Fantasy and People of Colo u r Destroy Horror, special issues of Fantasy magazine and Nightmare magazine written, edited, and illustrated by people of color.People of color have recently become much more vocal within the fantasy and horror communities, which has led to a certain amount of backlash, but Older says that criticisms of authors such as Lovecraft should be viewed as part of a healthy fan dialog.
the Games you Intend to celebrate Halloween together with a creepy horror game, there are a lot to choose from.Call of Cthulhu: Dark Corners of the EarthHeadfirst Productions, Xbox, pc, 2005 If it is now possible to designate a single skräckmästare is probably H. P Lovecraft.His books should also fit excellent in the game, but nevertheless it is the few developers who even have tried.don't Miss: the 10 games you never knew you were missing
This week s roundup includes a cool new offering from the iClassics team—an app featuring short stories of Jack London, complete with new illustrations and a soundtrack.The app contains three original stories, animated with 47 illustrations and a 30-minute soundtrack.The app is part of the iClassics collection, which also features offerings for Arthur Conan Doyle, H.P.Cosmic Watch $4, iPhone and iPad helps users understand the relationship between time and the apparent movement of stars in the sky.You can use the app to know the current real time of any location on the planet, or to determine planetary positions in the past, present, or future.Flowing free, iPhone and iPad lets you enjoy the sights and sounds of wonderful streams, waterfalls & rivers recorded in psychoacoustic 3D for headphones.