In a show of sensitivity carefully plotted nine month ago, the $2.2 billion Seattle-based sporting goods co-op is officially opting out of the shopping madness the day after Thanksgiving this year.In a touching email dispatched to its 5.5 million co-op members yesterday, the company pledged to keep its doors closed on Nov. 27, the day when all hell breaks loose at malls across America, sometimes fatally.That’s right: All 143 of REI’s retail locations, along with its headquarters and distribution centers, will not be open for business.The same goes for Thanksgiving Day, too.Gee willikers, Charlie Brown would be proud.Instead, they’ll shake a leg in the Great Outdoors to “reconnect with family and friends…” (We’re sure none of them will Netflix and chill, lazily riding out the tryptophan crash, like we can’t wait to do.)
If you ve got a good idea, then submit it to, or send it out on social media using the hashtag NameAndroidN.Daydream will provide a very Samsung Gear VR-like home screen for Google s new VR mode, which will give access to a suite of new VR-focused apps including Google Play, and YouTube.Launcher, multi-tasking, and multi-window supportAndroid N now has launcher shortcuts — which means you can set specific shortcuts 3 to 5 within any app that implements them to quickly perform actions.Other changesOf course, apart from adding new features, the Developer Preview 2 also adds some changes to existing APIs in Android N — such as how developers can now specify a separate minimum height and minimum width for multi-window support.Other stellar Android Marshmallow features include improved apps permissions — which give you greater control over what information you share with companies – and Android Pay, which is the newfangled mobile payments app Google made to compete with Apple Pay and revitalize Google Wallet.The 6P easily manages a full and busy workday, but it can t last through two of them.
One of the funniest parts of following Android each year is the guessing game surrounding the name for the next version.As a quick back story, it s Google tradition to name Android alphabetically each year, and that name has be a tasty treat .So two years ago it was Lollipop, and last year Marshmallow.So now we ve reach N, and at Google I/O the technology firm revealed they ve been having some issues coming up with the right name, so are opening the forum up to the public.Via the hashtag NameAndroidN and a website, Google is going to find the new name for Android among its users.Personally, we re rooting for Nachos.
The growing size of the most popular chat apps doesn t seem to be deterring new entrants who believe they can offer something different.Yesterday, we saw Alphabet s Google announce a new chat app, Allo, which hopes its various artificial intelligence features will help it stand out against Facebook s WhatsApp and Messenger.I got a preview of the app last November when I met cofounder Oskari Ozz Häkkinen at the Slush Conference.The idea is that people are actually using four or five chat apps, and Rawr simply wants to be one of them.Once in the chat, they can use a series of hashtag commands to animate the avatar, getting it to do everything from eating to dancing to, well, puking.Having played with it this morning after it went live, I found the hashtag commands pretty easy to pick up and there are number of preset ones that can be activated with one tap .Of course, part of the challenge any new chat app faces out of the gate is getting users to convince their friends to download and join so they actually have someone to chat with.Rawr hopes to get around that in two ways.First, it has a feature called Globetrotting, which matches users with another random person to chat with, in hopes that the chance to try out all the hashtag animations will be amusing enough no matter who is on the other end.But second, Rawr offers users the ability to capture and share conversations across other social media services and apps.This allows for mini-stories to be told, with users being able to customize their avatars to impersonate celebrities, public figures and literary characters, and share the conversations in order to amuse their friends, says the company s press release.Essentially, it s a way to build word-of-mouth buzz, providing early adopters share early and often.In terms of the business, Rawr already has a number of deals with various clothing companies to offer virtual goods under their brand within the app.Users of the app can earn virtual currency by spending time in Rawr, which they can then use to buy other goodies.As Futurefly was building the app last year, it announced that it had raised $2.5 million from a string of investors, including the European VC firm Vision ; Tekes, the Finnish fund for technology and innovation; Broadway Video Ventures; and NYC-based Betaworks.In addition, the company received another $500,000 in private investment directly from Nokia chairman Risto Siilasmaa, gaming executive Keith Boesky, and Arielle Zuckerberg, sister to you-know who.
" Dysh, which launched in February 2016, has four primary functions.The main social feed, which acts similarly to your Instagram feed, lets you catch up on anyone you follow on the app and see what they've been eating, where they ate it, and what they rated it.Next is the Explore tab, which acts as a collection of community-based photos surrounding a certain themed hashtag."I lack that self-awareness, and my 'haterade' is so blocked" that she never felt shame when posting food on Instagram to begin with.For example, you're a "Nibbling Newbie" when you first join.DyshFeeds donates to many non-profit charities across the United States as users advance in the game aspect of the app and reach higher levels.According to an online disclaimer from Dysh, they provide the donations themselves, but cap them at "10,000 meals each month, made through an equivalent monetary donation to a hunger-related non-profit.
If Mr. Rogers neighbors were like the ones in these tweets, he would ve moved.With Neighbors 2 hitting theaters, it seemed appropriate for Jimmy Fallon to make this week s Tonight Show hashtag MyWeirdNeighbor.But for all the people whose tweets made it into the favorites, we re sorry [email protected] @jimmyfallon my neighbor asked me If I smelled anything funny the other night, I said no, he replied, good MyWeirdNeighbor— Hartwell @hartwell17 May 18, 2016Our new neighbors thought our wifi was our last name so they gave us a Christmas card addressed to the Linksys Family MyWeirdNeighbor— Chance The Infielder @ChanceCarnahan May 19, 2016So if your neighbors ever get you down, just look at this post and remember it could be way worse.The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon airs weeknights at 11:35 p.m.ET on NBC.
ImWithHer— Laura @princessomuch May 18, 2016Initially, the answers came fast: BernieLostMe after I tried & tried to stay with the man.— Sheesh Fondue @sheeshfondue May 18, 2016 BernieLostMe when I read his plans and realized he didn t have anything viable.I really want a prez who s grossly indebted 2 Wall St. BernieLostMe when he went to Drumpf s wedding and accepted campaign cash from him and other millionairesOh wait— Zach Haller @zachhaller May 18, 2016Perhaps best of all were those who took the hashtag in a more literal sense, turning the whole thing particularly surreal: BernieLostMe after he led me into an underground labyrinth filled with snake people.Where It Blew Up: Twitter, media think piecesWhat Really Happened: Kanye West showed up on the Ellen DeGeneres Show this week, and in the process, broke the Internet s brain with an extended monologue about the state of art.— Melinda @mindamaureen May 18, 2016Before too long, the story wasn t Lively s appearance, or even her butt, it was the racism implied in the Sir Mix-A-Lot quote, with multiple stories centering on the offense it caused.— Tiernan Douieb @TiernanDouieb May 19, 2016I can t even imagine how much Daniel Craig must have hated Bond to turn down SIXTY-EIGHT MILLION to escape two further films— Camilla Long @camillalong May 19, 2016Working titles of next Daniel Craig 007 movies:Dr No ThanksThunderballs to thisGolden Eye can t be arsed.
Your browser does not support HTML5 videoPlayPausePlayPauseMute0%00:00 / 00:00FullscreenSmallscreen GoPro footage reveals horrific reality of what it's like to fight for IsisIBTimes UKThe Islamic State Isis is promoting the hashtag alfurqan, named after its media arm, hoping to create hype about a yet to be released announcement.The hashtag actually ended up going viral on Twitter, but the reason for that was not due to interest in the matter, but due to Twitter users trolling the extremist group.Although the hashtag was used around 17,000 times in tweets between 21 May early morning to 22 May afternoon Raqqa time , it was discovered that of all those who used the hashtag, five Twitter users used it most, not in support but in opposition of Isis.All five users were found to have posted hundreds of tweets using the hashtag, while referring to the extremist group as "Daesh" – an alternative Arabic translation of the terror groups' title, which it allegedly detests.The five users also took to tweeting an endless list of the terror groups' failures, including posting videos of alleged air strikes that show Isis members being taken down, tweets about Isis losing the war in Iraq and other emerging reports about the numbers and strength of Isis being cut down.However, although the hashtag was hijacked by trolls, the unfortunate flipside was that its rise in use and ranking appeared to have provided supporters with enough cause for celebration, mistaken though it may be.
Periscope informs users about the news in the app. Previously disappeared clips in Periscope automatically after 24 hours if you choose to delete them earlier. Then Periscope made an effort to let users write hashtag save if they wanted to save a clip. You can also go to their profile and toss cut later. Periscope is an app that is owned by Twitter, where you send directly to anyone who wants to watch. Another new feature in the update is the ability to search the map for popular clips from different locations.
A viral comedy video is highlighting the pressures of parenting in the age of social media.Titled New Age Parenting, this parody video from Australian actress and filmmaker Sally Dulson shows what happens when the need to post gets the better of a new mom and dad.Highlights include the turmoil over the baby outfit repeating and the line, It s 9:33 a.m., and we haven t even posted anything yet.People will think he s dead!As the video caption notes, No social media app can prepare you for the emotional roller coaster that is 21st century parenting.New parents will stop at no hashtag to provide for their child.
Earlier this month, The Data Pack released a list of strange and hilarious hashtags that have been censored by the site.When attempting to browse certain hashtags, users are shown a select few images, along with the following message: Recent posts from lesbian are currently hidden because the community has reported some content that may not meet Instagram s community guidelines.A spokesperson for Stonewall, the UK s LGBT charity, told HuffPost UK: Many young lesbian, gay, bi and trans people in particular use online spaces as forums and a chance to create communities.Elly Barnes, CEO and founder of Educate & Celebrate, an organisation dedicated to implementing an LGBT Inclusive curriculum, told HuffPost UK: Ostensibly by saying that one hashtag is allowed while another of the same kind isn t, it starts to create a hierarchy within marginalised groups which does no good for anybody.It s particularly significant in this case because of the significance of words, Barnes said.Educate & Celebrate have issued a Best Practice Programme that teaches that words such as gay, lesbian, bisexual and trans aren t to be feared,but should be used contextually and with respect .
Twitter's Periscope-owned video service has changed the application so that the video recordings are no longer disappear after 24 hours. This feature was introduced on Wednesday released an application for Android and iOS. This was done by using the context of the release of save-hashtag. Now, all the videos will be ably to watch, unless settings are changed separately. Users have the ability to remove their videos manually afterwards. In the past, any embarrassing videos Periscope disappeared with time itself, and they were not in arrears longer possible to find.
Hashtags can also help you spark, search and unite conversations happening across the internet, and can attract new followers to your accounts.Plus, consider that for every person you are directly commenting with on a social network, there are potentially hundreds if not thousands of potential customers watching your conversation, hoping to gain insight.Find or create an applicable hashtag that represents your brand, product or service and use it on all of your accounts.Crowdsource Your ContentSet up hashtags that encourage users to upload photos for the chance to be featured on your brand s profile or homepage.Set up a hashtag that reflects the kind of feedback you want users to provide and that is relevant to your brand, and then ask users to chime in with their opinions.Not only are you getting the benefit of other people using the same tag, perhaps even boosting it to trending status, you also build your authority as a knowledgeable resource who is in the middle of the action.
Donald Trump is being relentlessly mocked on Twitter for backing out of a debate with Sen. Bernie Sanders I-Vt. .The ChickenTrump hashtag started trending soon after the billionaire businessman revealed he wouldn t be discussing policy issues with the Democratic presidential candidate.The presumptive GOP presidential nominee is depicted as farmyard foul in many of the hilarious images, gifs and short video clips that are going viral.Here are some of the best:Once again, the world sees ChickenTrump s true colors...weird orange with a little fluffy yellow— Half Koala @GreenMyHouz May 28, 2016Editor s note: Donald Trump regularly incites political violence and is a serial liar, rampant xenophobe, racist, misogynist and birther who has repeatedly pledged to ban all Muslims — 1.6 billion members of an entire religion — from entering the U.S.
Why, at the start of this week, we thought that Captain America was a defender of liberty with admittedly poor judgment Cap, if Bucky can be brainwashed just by someone saying a few words, why are you taking him on a mission with you without any other backup?When Titans ClashWhat Happened: So it seems as if Bernie Sanders and Donald Trump are going to have a debate.It s something that has been described as Hillary Clinton s worst nightmare by some, although lots of other Democrats seem to think it s pretty nightmarish all on their own, especially considering Trump is portraying it as something the Sanders camp has to pay for by raising $10-15 million for charity in order to make it happen.Here are just some of the suggestions that popped up under the hashtag SandersTrumpDebateNames:— Gretel Armstrong @SugarGretel May 26, 2016— Danius @daniusrap May 26, 2016 SandersTrumpDebateNames Crusty White Men Who Wanna Tell You Stuff— Bravo Golf Lima @Benjamin G Lund May 26, 2016— RimmyBuffett @RimmyBuffett May 26, 2016— Paul Lander @paul lander May 26, 2016The Not-Really-A-Democrat vs. The-Not-Really-A-Republican SandersTrumpDebateNames— Brenda @Sillifunnihappi May 26, 2016The Socialist vs. the Brocialist— Dreamweasel @Dreamweasel May 26, 2016The Senator from Vermont vs. the Objectively Horrible Bigot Who Is Completely In Over His Head— Dreamweasel @Dreamweasel May 26, 2016The Takeaway: Of course, there s another way this could all end up going, and a name for the debate that might end up being particularly appropriate…Steve Rogers Big Week, Part 1What Happened: After Captain America: Civil War revealed that Sharon Carter, not Bucky Barnes, was the love of the Marvel hero s life, Twitter decided to respond.Where It Blew Up: Twitter, media think piecesWhat Really Happened: As stunning as it might seem, this is a real television commercial for the Chinese brand Qiaobi:Just… just take a minute to let that sink in.Then I was like,We Found It — The Most Racist Ad Of 2016— Dominic Holden @dominicholden May 26, 2016Oh wow, this Chinese detergent ad is breathtakingly racist— kadhim @kadhimshubber May 27, 2016Staggeringly, a sales agent for Qiaobi, speaking to the Los Angeles Times, seemed surprised at the reaction the ad received.
To view this page ensure that Adobe Flash Player version 10.2.0 or greater is installed.Animal expert Jeff Corwin has urged parents to keep a close eye on their children at zoos following Saturday s incident at Cincinnati Zoo that resulted in the death of a silverback gorilla.The zookeeper said that using a tranquilizer dart to sedate the gorilla would not have been an option given the danger the 4-year-old child was in.No amount of money or biology or science can ever bring back what was lost with the death of this gorilla, he added.I don t think they had a choice, he said, noting the gorilla s immense power.Since the gorilla's death, the hashtag JusticeForHarambe is trending on Twitter and a petition has been launched calling for "the parents to be held accountable for the lack of supervision and negligence that caused Harambe to lose his life.
Volkswagen is finally embracing what's fun about the Beetle — and at least partially abandoning a pointless effort to make it more appealing to male buyers.But first, some extra context.The auto industry has been besotted by social media for years now.As soon as car makers got a whiff of Facebook and Twitter, they took to the social airwaves, the better to interact with customers both existing and potential.Now Volkswagen has taken that social fixation to a new level with what it claims, fairly I think, is the first vehicle whose name is also a hashtag.It's called the PinkBeetle limited edition, and forgetting for a moment that the whole hashtag-as-marketing-hook aspect seems a bit 2010, let's focus on the truly astonishing thing that VW has done here.It isn't the hashtag thing — it's the pinkness of the car.The PinkBeetle   the technical name for the color is "Fresh Fuchsia Metallic"  will be available in coupe and convertible variations, and the interior will get the borderline garish plaid upholstery, also pink, that VW fans know from the GTI.Ever since the New Beetle was introduced in the late 1990s, reviving the legendary Bug that sold in the tens of millions in the 1960s and '70s, VW has fought the impression that it's a car only women are interested in.A redesign about five years ago was supposed to make the Beetle more masculine, but the whole PinkBeetle concept suggests that VW is throwing in the towel on this foolish fight.We knew this was coming: the Pink Beetle concept was introduced at the New York auto show in 2015.The car is heading into production, and VW hasn't gotten specific about pricing, but the current Beetle can be had in a base version for about $20,000.It's really about time that VW embraced the Beetle's less-than-universal appeal.During the exuberant 1950s, we had pink Cadillacs — in fact, Elvis Presley owned the most famous one.Pink is cool and always has been, pop culturally, and there's no question that the PinkBeetle actually looks pretty snazzy in the color, even if it's really fuchsia.But FuchsiaBeetle is a terrible hashtag.NOW WATCH: Learn how to drive a stick shift in the $80,000 Jaguar F-TypeLoading video...
Tiling is the obvious technique of layering a grid over the territory of interest, and defining location by squares on the grid.Take a retail store, a restaurant, a stadium; draw a perimeter around it 100 yards, a mile , then define location as being within that perimeter.The geo-tagging which is often embedded in photos and other content uploaded to social networks, combined with keyword and hashtag searches, permit tracking social activity within a tile or radius, or along a vector, of interest.Beyond the banal--"She's near our store, let's send a discount coupon to her phone"--are more creative approaches, some of which may turn out to be fruitful.Imaging knowing, whether at the segment or individual level, who is looking at your "real" world advertising, as well as where they've been, where they're going, and what their recent browsing and social behavior has been.Cloud-based inventory permits precise targeting of ads in a physical but digitally connected environment .
The hashtag GettingOldIn4Words has been trending on Twitter and the results have been pretty darn accurate.From millennials to baby boomers, everyone seems to be feeling the struggles of aging.But the good news is, people seem to be handling the good, the bad and the downright ugly with a healthy dose of humor.Here are some of the best tweets we spotted:When you start becoming a little more forgetful...Very soon, already keep losing my glasses, once I even forgot my shoes.When things just aren t the way they used to be...
It had been four years since he d graduated from high school with hopes of attending a four-year college.So he reached out to Jose Antonio Vargas, a journalist and founder of Define American.It s no wonder, then, that mounting research is finding that undocumented youths and the children of undocumented immigrants often suffer, like Casas, with anxiety, depression, and suicidal thoughts.It included a phone number for ICE that people could call to demand Andiola s family be returned to Arizona.Last November, in an essay published in The Huffington Post, Casas told the world he was undocumented.Over the last year, Casas, who is still a personal trainer, says exposing his legal status has cost him income, several clients, and a few friendships.