On top of the web site, IFTTT also has Android and iOS apps so you can take the experience on the go.Zapier focuses more on business app integration, so it supports niche corporate apps, like Recurly, HelloSign, and MySQL.For $20/month, you unlock Zapier s real power, including access to all 500 app integrations and multi-step zaps.Microsoft Flow: Flow is the newest automation tool on the block and it s the most limited.IFTTT and Flow both work under a simple idea: a single trigger leads to an action.IFTTT s the best here kind of by default, but it s worth pointing out the strength of its mobile apps nonetheless.
gabeandchry/Flickr There's a project gaining popularity on GitHub, the website where programmers share their projects with each other, called "Startup Incorporation Checklist."The checklist was created by Leo Hochberg, founder of startups Stampnik and Let's Maybe."Other than building a product people want, incorporating a new business is essential to raising money, opening a bank account, and creating a legal entity for contracts and other liabilities.For technical folks like me, it's the 'necessary evil,' of founding a company," Hochberg writes on GitHub.It's still possible to buy a fax machine, of course.HelloFax is the sister service to HelloSign and when the checklist went viral on Hacker News, the co-founder couldn't help but jump in with a comment and a plug for his document services to which Hochberg responded, "Thanks for building a great service and down with the fax machines."
Entrepreneurs Chris Nguyen and Lee Liu recently had a Slack moment when they realized a tool they had built for their ecommerce company was more valuable than their original product.That formed the basis of their new startup, called LogDNA, which specializes in server management for engineers and people working in DevOps.Today, the company announced it has raised $1.3 million in funding from Initialized Capital and Skype cofounder Jaan Tallinn.Other investors participating in the round include HelloSign chief operating officer Whitney Bouck, Tamares Group, Home Care Assistance CEO Lily Sarafan, and Cariden cofounder Arash Afrakhteh.LogDNA aims to give DevOps teams information about their infrastructure to alleviate outage times that might impact customers.The amount of log data that is produced today is enormous and still growing, Nguyen told VentureBeat.However, we still analyze this information as a reaction to failures rather than proactively identifying patterns to prevent them.We want to take this wealth of information and notify DevOps teams about issues before they occur, similar to how a doctor uses early detection technology to help treat or prevent diseases.
Getting set up at a new job can be a frustrating maze of forms that require overlapping information to be entered perfectly.Solving that is the idea behind HelloWorks, a new service from HelloSign designed to simplify the process of filling out forms.People using HelloWorks will be able to complete forms digitally rather than fill out PDFs on their computers or scan handwritten responses.Even if users have to work through several different forms, the system will automatically populate identical fields with the appropriate response.That way, people won’t need to fill in their address half a dozen times.The new service is an expansion for HelloSign, which got its start as a company with a service that let users send faxes over the internet.
Enterprise tech IPOs continue to roar in 2018.Smartsheet was first out of the gates.This represented a pop of 22.7 percent on its IPO pricing of $15 yesterday evening — itself a higher figure than the expected range of $12-$14.The company, whose primary product is a workplace collaboration and project management platform (it competes with the likes of Basecamp, Wrike and Asana), raised $150 million in its IPO and is currently trading around $18.30/share.Eventually, DocuSign — a company that facilitates e-signatures and other features to speed up contractural negotiations online, competing against the likes of AdobeSign and HelloSign — also started to trade, and it saw an even bigger pop.Trading on Nasdaq under DOCU, the stock opened at $37.75, which worked out to a jump of 30 percent on its IPO price last night of $29.
The bulk of said documents are normally those that require signatures, like contracts, tax forms, reimbursement sheets, and — well, the list is seemingly endless, which also means that the work allocated to creating and organizing them also never stops.And using a renowned tool like HelloSign can help ease your journey in the transition.Here's why you should do it anyway.With HelloSign, not only will you be able to automate signature requests, but you’ll also prevent human error by incorporating editable and pre-populated custom fields.How much has your company spent on paper?In fact, it's also likely that you're paying someone to do those administrative tasks like printing, faxing, and filing.
Dropbox has announced plans to make its platform more extensible, enabling you to work with myriad third-party applications and tools directly from within the cloud-storage service.With Dropbox Extensions, the San Francisco-based company has partnered with a range of others, including Adobe, Nitro, Vimeo, HelloFax, DocuSign, AirSlate, HelloSign, Pixlr, and SmallPDF, to enable Dropbox users to carry out more productivity-focused tasks without leaving Dropbox.For example, integrations with DocuSign, Adobe Sign, and HelloSign mean that you can share PDF or Word documents externally from within Dropbox and request an eSignature, with the final signed file automatically saved back into your Dropbox account.Additionally, with Nitro, SmallPDF, and AirSlate on board, Dropbox users can synchronize and edit PDF documents from within Dropbox, and they can use HelloFax to send an electronic fax from Word or PDF documents.So by combining extensions, users can effectively edit a contract from start to finish, request a signature, and digitally fax the signed contract — without ever leaving Dropbox.Elsewhere, cloud-based image-editing platform Pixlr will now let you touch up your photos while in Dropbox, Autodesk will let you view and edit .DWG files, and Vimeo will let you invite collaborators to review and annotate video-based projects.
On Tuesday the company rolled out Dropbox Extensions -- a series of new integrations -- to help users navigate easier workflows within the platform.The new tool should be available for everyone Nov. 27.Dropbox has partnered with Adobe, Autodesk, DocuSign, Vimeo, airSlate, HelloSign, Nitro, Smallpdf and Pixlr to make the new tool.With the extensions, you can take a contract from first draft to final PDF to signature without the need to upload, download or scan anything.Then you can send the signed contract to someone else directly from the Dropbox file, according to the company's blog post.You can also annotate or edit videos and images in Dropbox for real-time feedback.
When’s the last time you signed a contract on an actual piece of paper?Likely not lately, and likely not any time soon.Printing and manually signing pieces of paper is not only a logistical nightmare, it’s bad business in 2018.HelloSign is one of the leading companies allowing businesses and individuals to collect legally binding e-signatures quickly and securely, and it’s making the case for eSignatures pretty darn clear.If you find change daunting, you’ll be pleasantly surprised when you navigate HelloSign’s crisp, clear user interface.It won’t frustrate you, and more importantly, it won’t frustrate your customers or employees.
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Dropbox announced today that it has purchased HelloSign, a company that provides lightweight document workflow and eSignature services.For him, the workflow capabilities that HelloSign added in 2017 were really key to the purchase.“It’s not just a thing to do one more activity with Dropbox, it’s really going to help us pursue that broader vision,” he added.While Clark says the company will continue to encourage companies to extend the Dropbox solution, today’s acquisition gives it a capability of its own that doesn’t require a partnership and already is connected to Dropbox via Extensions.Alan Pelz-Sharpe, founder and principal analyst at Deep Analysis, who has been following this market for many years, says the fact it’s an Extensions partner should allow much faster integration than would happen normally in an acquisition like this.“Simple document processes that relate to small and medium business are still largely manual.
Dropbox has made its biggest known acquisition to date, snapping up fellow San Francisco company HelloSign in an all-cash deal worth $230 million.Founded in 2011 as HelloFax, HelloSign has always been about helping create a paperless office by enabling electronic signatures, though it offers additional services, such as online faxing.HelloSign had previously raised $16 million in a round of funding around 18 months ago.HelloSign actually already had a relationship with Dropbox.Back in November, HelloSign was among the launch partners for Dropbox’s new extensions product, which opened up the cloud-storage service to myriad third-party applications and tools.Alongside integrations such as DocuSign and Adobe Sign, the participation of HelloSign essentially meant users could share PDF or Word documents externally from within Dropbox and request an e-signature, with the final signed file automatically saved back into the user’s Dropbox account.
The Daily Crunch is TechCrunch’s roundup of our biggest and most important stories.If you’d like to get this delivered to your inbox every day at around 9am Pacific, you can subscribe here:Dropbox snares HelloSign for $230M, gets workflow and e-signatureDropbox’s SVP of engineering Quentin Clark sees this as more than simply bolting on electronic signature functionality to the Dropbox solution.For him, the workflow capabilities that HelloSign added in 2017 were key to the purchase.“What is unique about HelloSign is that the investment they’ve made in APIs and the workflow products is really so aligned with our long-term direction,” Clark said.
Deal comes months after UK lawyers said 1677 statute couldn’t hold back eSignaturesUPDATED 13:09 28/01/2019 with comment from Dropbox, HelloSignDropbox has agreed to buy Bay area-based eSignature specialist HelloSign for a reported $230 million, bringing it into the increasingly competitive eSignature sector alongside rivals like Adobe and DocuSign.The deal, first reported by CNBC comes eight weeks after HelloSign announced two new new native Dropbox extensions.“With over an exabyte of data on our platform, millions of people already use Dropbox as a place to collaborate on their most important content,” said Dropbox Co-founder and Chief Executive Officer Drew Houston.“We’re thrilled to welcome HelloSign’s talented team to Dropbox and add their capabilities to our product suite.
In an effort to expand the capabilities of its cloud storage platform, Dropbox has announced that it has acquired the electronic signature startup Hellosign for $230m in cash.The acquisition expands the company's technical abilities while also allowing it to better compete with Adobe and DocuSign in the electronic signatures space as well as with Apple, Google and Microsoft.Dropbox, which went public last year, has managed to exceed analyst estimates in each of its first three quarterly earnings reports though it stock price has not grown significantly since its IPO last March.HelloSign allows users to sign documents digitally and request signatures from others.The company's technology, which can be embedded in third party software, is currently available in products from Google, Salesforce and Dropbox.HelloSign also offers tools for faxing documents digitally and managing the flow of paperwork but according to its COO Whitney Bouck, its signature tool is the most popular.
When $9.8 billion Dropbox announced Monday that it plans to acquire e-signature startup HelloSign for $230 million, analysts were not surprised.Last fall, $8 billion DocuSign acquired a cloud-based document management platform called SpringCM, in a move that could bring it into direct competition with Dropbox.HelloSign was founded in 2011 and had raised $16 million in funding."With over an exabyte of data on our platform, millions of people already use Dropbox as a place to collaborate on their most important content," Dropbox co-founder and CEO Drew Houston said in a statement."We're thrilled to welcome HelloSign's talented team to Dropbox and add their capabilities to our product suite."In fact, Dropbox had recently sent a user survey that asked users if they would be interested in using a Dropbox E-Signature feature, said Piper Jaffray's Alex J. Zukin, Sr. in a note to clients.
Hello and welcome back to Equity, TechCrunch’s venture capital-focused podcast, where we unpack the numbers behind the headlines.This week we recorded as a trio: Connie Loizos holding down the studio with our guest, the ever-present Jeff Clavier of Uncork Capital.I dialed in from the what was the East Coast, back before it froze over.Indeed, we had to cram a lot into a little bit of time, so here’s the quick overview to follow as you listen:Acorns raised a $105 million Series E. The company, best known for its savings product, does a bit more than just that.With its new capital, the service should have more than enough dosh to work to its own betterment, building a wealthfront for its investors and founders alike.
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French startup Yousign is partnering with startup studio eFounders.While eFounders usually builds software-as-a-service startups from scratch, the company is trying something new with this partnership.And electronic signatures are a must if you want to speed up your workflow.Sure, there are a ton of well-established players in the space — DocuSign, SignNow, Adobe Sign, HelloSign, etc.Yousign has been around for a while in France.You can upload a document and set up automated emails and notifications so that everybody signs the document.