Centripetal Networks uses lawsuit against Switchzilla. It's super effective Cisco has been hit with a massive $1.9bn patent-infringement bill for copying cybersecurity tech from Centripetal Networks and pushing the company out of lucrative government contracts.…
A US court has ordered IT networking giant Cisco to pay a whopping $1.9 billion for infringing four patents held by cybersecurity specialist Centripetal.
A federal judge in Virginia has ruled that the government doesn't need a warrant in order to hack into your computer."FBI agents who exploit a vulnerability in an online network do not violate the Fourth Amendment," Judge Henry Morgan, in his opinion and order for the Eastern District of Virginia.The ruling on June 23 was one of many involving the FBI's takeover of the dark web "Playpen"
The case involves the FBI arresting a child pornography suspectA U.S. court has ruled that the FBI can hack into a computer without a warrant -- a move which is troubling privacy advocates.The FBI, however, managed to take over the site in 2014, and then tracked down and arrested its members by hacking their computers.One of the arrested suspects has argued that the evidence against him had been unlawfully seized.The judge, Henry Morgan, ruled that even though the FBI obtained a warrant to hack into the suspect s computer, none was needed.For example, hacking is much more prevalent now than it was even nine years ago, he said.Rumold, however, expects that this part of judge s ruling probably won t hold up in appeal.