HDMI Licensing, the administrator of the High-Definition Multimedia Interface HDMI spec, has decided that the time has come to do away with dongles and given the thumb's up to USB-C.The HDMI cable will utilize the USB Type-C connector on the source side and any HDMI connector on the display side, HDMI licensing says.Unlike the other Alt Mode display technologies which require various adapters or dongles to connect to HDMI displays, HDMI Alt Mode enables an easy connection via a simple USB Type-C to HDMI cable.Only one side of this cable can be reversed.So good luck with thatHDMI Licensing says it's made the decision to hook up with USB-C because gazillions of devices will use it any month now, so it makes sense to give the people what they want and just let their new kit plug straight into tellies and monitors rather than making them pfaff about with dongles.
The folks at Satechi have revealed a couple of new USB-C accessories for those device users that wish to output video from small screens to big screens.Two devices were shown today, one a dongle, the other a cable.The cable has USB-C on one end, and a full-sized HDMI plug on the other.The smaller device is the adapter which has a full-sized HDMI port on one end and USB-C on the other.The Type-C 4K HDMI cable allows any Mac with a USB-C port to connect to a 4K display.This cables is 6-feed long, meaning users will be able to connect to a TV-screen across a small room – or behind and around an office desk.
For years I've asked manufacturers about that and all I got was a lot of blank stares.So, I'm especially happy to report Onkyo's TX-8270 stereo receiver sports four HDMI inputs and a boatload of other features that you normally get with multichannel AV receivers.The TX-8270's street price is $499, £539, AU$1,199.It has ultra hi-resolution 384 kHz/32-bit digital converters, a moving-magnet phono input, Bluetooth, Chromecast, DTS Play-Fi, Spotify and AirPlay.The TX-8270 is the first stereo receiver or integrated amp I've tested that not only has a subwoofer output jack, but also has bass management with selectable crossover settings -- from 40- to 200-Hertz -- to optimize your subwoofer-to-speakers blend.I paired the TX-8270 with a few speakers starting with the KEF LS50 and two Magnepan models: the new MMGi (review to come) and the .7 flat-panel speakers.
Ever needed the power of a TV box in the size of a Chromecast dongle?Well, now you can with the new H96 Pro, a tiny HDMI dongle which sits behind your TV and packs the same hardware you’d get on more space consuming TV boxes.Let’s learn more about it!The H96 Pro, as we just said, is a small accessory which is equipped with the hardware you’d normally find on a TV box.Going into specifics, we’re talking about the mainstream Amlogic S912 octa-core CPU accompanied by 2GB of RAM and 8GB of internal memory.The HDMI dongle comes preloaded with KODI 17.3 and runs the latest Android 7.1.1 Nougat OS, on which you can install your favorite apps.
Here's a device any gamer or video enthusiast may want to have on hand.Connect a game console, DVD, or any video source to this gadget via its HDMI input, and with the push of a button it captures and saves the video stream to any attached USB flash drive, with no PC required.Advanced hardware H.264 encoding captures your live gameplay or video playback in 1080p Full HD, while keeping the file size low and capturing speeds high.Averaging 4 out of 5 stars on Amazon from over 170 customers (read reviews), the gadget's $129.99 list price has been reduced 23% to $99.99.With the unit you'll get a free 16gb USB stick to get you started (enough for several hours of video).See the discounted cloner box now on Amazon.
Here's a device any gamer or video enthusiast may want to have on hand.Connect a game console, DVD, or any video source to this gadget via its HDMI input, and with the push of a button it captures and saves the video stream to any attached USB flash drive, with no PC required.Advanced hardware H.264 encoding captures your live gameplay or video playback in 1080p Full HD, while keeping the file size low and capturing speeds high.Averaging 4 out of 5 stars on Amazon from over 170 customers (read reviews), the gadget's $129.99 list price has been reduced 23% to $99.99.With the unit you'll get a free 16gb USB stick to get you started (enough for several hours of video).See the discounted cloner box now on Amazon.
We were a bit puzzled when we saw the $1299 price tag on Hisense’s 55-inch-class (54.6-inches diagonal measurement) H9D Plus TV.We’re rethinking that attitude as the H9D Plus impressed us with superior color depth and fidelity, and overall picture with standard dynamic range material.It can play HDR-10 content, and its wide 10-bit color space (gamut) means that you do get the HDR effect (think light sabers and neon that really pops).But the rest of the image might be darker than it should be due to a lack of peak brightness.Only two of the H9D Plus’s four HDMI ports are HDMI 2.0a with support for HDCP 2.2.The real issue, however, is that the two 60Hz HDMI 2.0a ports are labeled as MHL (Mobile High-Definition Link, aka a smartphone input) and ARC (Audio Return Channel).
A tablet large enough for a little fun and cheap enough to be a second laptop, this won't set the world on fire – but it doesn't intend to.But its price, at £800 for even the lowest model, puts it out of reach for many people, particularly as a proper laptop is often a more attractive and practical proposition.The Surface has, therefore, attracted its fair share of cut-price competitors – Asus' Transformer Mini range, for example, does brilliant things on a budget, and there are Chinese Surface clones like the Chuwi Hi13 that, while trickier to obtain, deserve attention for their achievements.Easy and, pretty much, correct: despite its limitations – and there are plenty, which we'll certainly get to – the 12X is outwardly well appointed.Here is the Linx 12X64 configuration sent to TechRadar for review:CPU: Intel Atom x5-Z8350 (Cherry Trail), Quad Core @ 1.84GHz
This new device is $130, and it is available now from online retailers like Amazon.While plenty of video creators and Twitch broadcasters are happy with their Logitech C920 (widely regarded as the best USB webcam on the market), those looking to step up their production quality can now do so without spending thousands of dollars.Elgato is introducing the Cam Link as part of its recent efforts to expand its product link aimed at game broadcasters.It already has its HD60 capture cards, the Stream Deck command center, and a green screen — and now the Cam Link fills out that lineup.I’ve spent the last couple of weeks testing the Cam Link.Pairing it with my Canon Rebel T4i DSLR was simple … after I installed the custom Magic Lantern firmware that enables options that are necessary for livestreaming.
You can sort through Amazon’s bargain bin, pinching pennies like Scrooge McDuck, and still come away with a TV screen detailed enough to make out the individual hairs on a spider’s leg.But in the age of 4K Ultra HD and HDR color, there’s still one aspect where modern TVs don’t cut it: sound.It’s no surprise that wallpaper-thin screens don’t have room for top-tier speakers, but what’s the best solution?Digital Trends is here to help, and our soundbar buying guide will tell you what you need to know when shopping for one.Don’t let your dreams be dreams, as Shia Labeouf would say!Regardless of which soundbar you choose, it’ll be a major improvement over the internal speakers of just about any modern TV.
Setting up a TV can be daunting, but with the right information the installation can go smoothly.It helps you route your cables and power from near the floor, up through the wall to where your TV is mounted.Do you already have a cable box, antenna, gaming console, Blu-ray or UltraHD Blu-ray player?You’ll want to gather up all the sources you plan on connecting to the TV and see what types of cables they require.It provides the highest quality picture and sound.For newer 4K Ultra HD sources like an Ultra HD Blu-ray player or a 4K streaming set-top box, make sure you have HDMI cables rated to handle 4K bandwidth.
The AmazonBasics High-Speed HDMI Cable quickly connects a wide range of HDMI devices.Use it to connect a small mobile, home-entertainment, or gaming device to a big-screen HDTV, large projector, or computer monitor, for example.Delivering clear, vibrant video, the AmazonBasics High-Speed HDMI Cable with Ethernet meets the latest standards, which means it considerably expands bandwidth up to 18 Gbps, offers [email protected]/60 (2160p) video resolution (four times more clarity than 1080p/60), and supports the wide-angle theatrical 21:9 video aspect ratio.The cables average 4.5 out of 5 stars from over 12,000 reviewers on Amazon (read reviews).Right now you can get a 2-pack of these 6-foot cables for just $7.96.See this deal now on Amazon.
Your eyes can finally breathe.This area is typically called the I/O panel, as shown above, and consists of a handful of connectors that are grouped together for audio output, peripheral input, networking, and so on.Typically, motherboards include three types of video output to cover the huge assortment of monitors and technologies spanning the last ten years.This port handles analog video only, and is the oldest video output of the trio.Digital Video Interface (DVI): This port is typically yellow and rectangular, and shoves all pin seats to the right.High-Definition Multimedia Interface (HDMI): The most common video output on the mainstream market.
It’s a little thing, but not having a USB-C to HDMI connector on a laptop becomes a big deal when you need to plug into a monitor or projector.Fortunately, a little thing can help: the Nonda USB-C to HDMI Adapter ($23 on Amazon) is compact and foldable, robust, and functional.Like many other HDMI adapters for USB-C ports, the Nonda translates DisplayPort video data at up to 4K (4096 by 2160 pixels) and up to 60 frames per second (fps).Where it’s unique is that it has a durable braided cable that wraps around the HDMI adapter portion, fitting snugly into a channel that also holds the USB-C jack’s head.This keeps the cable and adapter well protected while it bangs around in a bag.It’s a little under 2 by 2.5 inches when wrapped up; the cable is about four inches long when unfurled.
If you’ve been toying with the idea of picking up a GoPro Hero5 Black but the sky-high price tag is causing you to balk, you’re about to be very happy that you didn’t pull the trigger.Check out the AKASO EK7000 4K WIFI Sports Action Camera instead, a killer camera that films in 4K and does pretty much anything a GoPro can do.It has a 4.3-star rating from more than 5,500 customer reviews so you know you’re getting a great product, and costs a small fraction of what you’d spend on a Hero5.Here are the highlights from the product page:* 4K Ultra HD Action Camera.Professional 4K 25fps & 2.7K 30fps video with 12MP photos at up to 30 frames per second for incredible photos, which is 4 times the resolution of traditional HD cameras.
If you own a last generation ultrabook or tablet then you’ll probably be one of those who need a dongle to do pretty much anything but charging.Alright, maybe it’s not that dramatic, but you definitely need a dongle to connect a full HDMI device, don’t you?If you fall in this use scenario, then keep reading to learn more about the Dodocool DC55 USB Type-C to HDMI adapter.So, as we just mentioned, the Dodocool DC55 is an USB Type-C to HDMI adapter.The positive note of using an USB Type-C port is the fact that it’s reversible, so you’re never plugging it wrong.As far as the HDMI part of the adapter goes, the device can output 3840*2160 video at 60Hz, obviously it also supports lower resolution such as 2K, 1080p, 720p and so on.
Costly HDMI cables that promise to drastically improve picture quality have been around for years, but there’s often no discernible difference between the images they provide and those from cheaper products.Marseille’s mCable Gaming Edition, however, seems to be an exception.It’s a $119 HDMI that features a built-in advanced graphics post-processing engine.One end of cable features an additional USB connector that powers the cable’s embedded digital signal processor, which allows contextual anti-aliasing and adaptive resolution scaling.It also supports 1080p framerates up to 120 fps and has a sub-1ms lag.YouTube channel Linus Tech Tips found it improved both game and video output (check out the video below) through its anti-aliasing and upscaling abilities, while PCPerspective also found a "noticeable difference in image quality" without introducing any lag.
HDMI cables carry digital signals, and bits are bits, right?Add to that a "directional" claim—you've gotta plug the right end into the TV—and normally our eyes would be rolling.But the Marseille mCable Gaming Edition appears to be a working, legitimate product.It's an HDMI cable that makes the kind of claims that we've come to expect from audiophile con men, but there's a key difference: Marseille isn't making its performance claims on the basis of specious nonsense about construction, materials, and chakras.The cable is intended for console gamers.While the Xbox One X is set to shake things up a bit when it's released later this year, the consoles currently on the market are, especially from a GPU perspective, relatively underpowered.
With the launch of the new Apple TV 4K, cable manufacturers such as Belkin are rolling out HDMI cables they specifically claim are compatible with Dolby Vision, a flavor of high dynamic range (HDR) that delivers some of the best image quality available to compatible TVs.Meanwhile Amazon Basics sells the same length for $7.If you spent $180 on a new Apple TV, let alone $500 on the Dolby Vision-compatible Oppo UDP-203 4K Blu-ray player, an extra $23 might seem a small price to pay for a cable that claims to work perfectly with Dolby's format.It's obvious when HDMI isn't working properlyThere are lots of good and bad things about the HDMI connection, of which the cables are one part (your TV and a source are the two most common other parts).Any HDMI cable you've bought in the last few years is likely to be of the High Speed variety.
If you’ve cut the cord, there are obviously a few key purchases you’ve already made.You’ve picked up a few streaming devices like the Roku Streaming Stick, and you obviously picked up a good HDTV antenna so you can watch unlimited live network TV in 1080p.For just $23, you can snag a Nonda 4K USB-C to HDMI Adapter.This tiny little box connects to your USB-C port and lets you play 4K content at 60 fps on any TV or monitor with an HDMI connector.In other words, anything you can play on your laptop will instantly be playable on your big-screen in crystal clear 4K.Here are some of the details from the product page: