Its narrow streets, wooden antique houses and shops, tiled roof covered with moss are not the only glamour.Hoi An Ancient Town and its glory historyHoi An was a harbor city, known as FaiFo by Japanese, Chinese, Spanish, Italian traders during the 16th – 17th Centuries.A lot of Chinese and Japanese people, under the permission of Nguyen Emperor, were allowed to stay and build their own town, their own shops and live with their own traditions.Hoi An was a forgotten city during the Vietnam war, which helps preserving this town from bombing and tanks.Now this ancient trading city still remains its harbor, old streets, antique houses, Assembly Halls, Temples and Pagodas, Japanese Covered Bridge etc., which reflect the cross-cultural communication between Vietnamese and foreigners.The charming Ancient Town of Hoi An and its glory history (Source: Khanh Hmoong)ArchitectureStepping into the Ancient Town is just like stepping back in time.Indeed, the festival of flavors in every dish of Hoi An reflects this city’s diverse culture and tradition.Walking into the Old Town of Hoi An, tourists can try this city’s traditional food everywhere, from street kitchens to luxury restaurants.Cao Lau Mi – One of the most famous dishes of Hoi AnBeachesHoi An is also famous with its charming beaches.