After an Oval Office meeting, Alex Azar rushed to other officials in a desperate attempt to stop Trump from blasting out the tweet. But it was too late.
"The base will revolt," Meadows told President Trump, according to a report from The New York Times.
The White House has been accused of seeking to cover up outbreaks of the coronavirus in the executive mansion, as Trump downplays its impact.
Hope Hicks only told Trump and a handful of senior staff about her COVID-19 diagnosis, much to the dismay of her coworkers, the Washington Post said.
Trump's vitals are stable, says his physician.
Lawyers say the White House can't be held criminally liable for recklessly spreading the coronavirus, and reporters and staffers have little recourse.
The memo shows the true scale of the White House outbreak, which was first revealed last week with news of Trump advisor Hope Hicks' diagnosis.
A US Marine was spotted outside the Oval Office on Wednesday afternoon, indicating that the president was in the room.
Covid-19 infects people in “bursts” like the one at the White House, and this administration hasn’t just made that easier—it made it inevitable.
Miller said he had "been working remotely and self-isolating" over the past five days, adding that he is now in quarantine following his diagnosis.
At least two members of the US armed forces, who are assigned to the White House, have reportedly contracted the coronavirus.
Following a September 26 event at the White House Rose Garden, the president and a number of people close to him have tested positive for COVID-19.
The president removed his face mask when he reached the top of the White House stairs.
As he was leaving a reporter shouted: "How many of your staff are sick? Do you think you might be a super spreader, Mr. President?"
Trump has spent months downplaying the threat of COVID-19 and flouting public health recommendations to prevent the spread of the virus.
The White House has provided mixed signals on President Donald Trump's illness, leaving the public with many unanswered questions.
Erin Perrine, campaign communications director, blamed Joe Biden for lacking "firsthand experiences" of having COVID-19 like President Trump.
If the president cared he wouldn't have criss-crossed the country as a one-man super spreader event. I don't know how else to explain it to you.
McEnany said in a statement that she tested positive on Monday but was experiencing no symptoms of COVID-19.
Trump has COVID-19, but that hasn't stopped him and his staff from misleading the public about the virus, undermining trust, and threatening lives.