Chinese manufacturer, Huawei, is currently losing more ground in the smartphone market. Its smartphone business is going down as a result of the U.S. ban. ... The post Huawei MateBook 13/14 gets certified in China – upgrades to Ryzen 5000 appeared first on
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Huawei did launch a gaming laptop under its Honor brand before selling it off. However, this is for the first time Huawei's plans to launch gaming equipment have been leaked.
Chinese sources report that Huawei may release a full-fledged gaming console comparable to the Sony PlayStation and Microsoft Xbox. However, ahead of the release of ... The post Huawei will release a game console and gaming laptops appeared first on
A new operating system called JingOS was released with a look a lot like an iPad. With JingOS, users are able to run apps, access device features, and navigate with relative ease. This new operating system is just about the most sleek Linux distribution we’ve seen in recent memory, and it’ll be available to the public on January 31, 2021. … Continue reading
A new Linux-based distribution called JingOS was recently introduced, with the developers promising to provide the same level of functionality as iPadOS. JingOS was created ... The post World’s first iPadOS-style Linux distribution introduced appeared first on
Today, following the schedule, Huawei released three 2021 notebooks: Huawei MateBook X Pro 2021, Huawei MateBook 13 2021, and Huawei MateBook 14 2021. All three ... The post Huawei MateBook X Pro 2021 and MateBook 13/14 2021 Announced appeared first on
Earlier, we reported that Huawei MateBook’s new product conference is scheduled for January 13. Moreover, we have been waiting for new models from the MateBook ... The post Huawei To Launch Kirin 820E Chip At Tomorrow’s Event appeared first on
Earlier this month, there were reports that Huawei is about to release the new MateBook X and X Pro. These notebooks will use the new 11th ... The post Huawei MateBook X/X Pro to get an upgrade soon – see you on January 13th appeared first on
A few days ago, there were reports that Huawei is working on two new high-end notebooks. There were also reports that the company will hold ... The post Huawei MateBook X Pro 2021 is coming with a low voltage MX 450 GPU appeared first on
According to recent reports, Huawei will hold a new notebook product launch. There are speculations that it will launch two mainstream high-end models in the ... The post Huawei to launch two high-end MateBooks soon appeared first on
For better and for worse, the 2020 Matebook X Pro is very similar to its predecessors. Here is our full review.
The MateBook X comes to the UAE and rocks a10th Gen Intel Core processor, 13.0-inch 3K display, and a very sleek design.
Back in the last month, Huawei unveiled its MateBook X 2020 laptop. It is a successor for the first model that was introduced way back ... The post Alleged Huawei MateBook X benchmarked with Intel 11th-gen chipset appeared first on
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And there you were thinking the annual developer conference was all about software It wasn't just software that hogged the limelight at Huawei's annual developer conference, the embattled Chinese company's PC hardware got a fresh lick of paint too.…
Huawei is perhaps best known for its smartphones and its networking hardware but it does also have other products for consumers, including laptops. On their own, Huawei’s MateBook X seemed poised to take on the bigger players, particularly Apple’s MacBook line, with its mix of design, performance, and features that tie in with Huawei and Honor smartphones. Its 2020 iteration … Continue reading
There's also a MateBook 14, an updated Watch GT2 Pro, and new FreeBuds wireless earbuds.
Today, Huawei held a special conference for PC products in Shanghai. It is quite rear for Huawei to hold a conference for PCs. In a ... The post Huawei is expanding its PC, smart screen and other businesses appeared first on
At today’s Huawei notebook product launch conference, the Chinese manufacturer released several notebooks such as Huawei MateBook X/13/14. In terms of software, Huawei incorporates a cloud ... The post HUAWEI MateBook X adopts HUAWEI Cloud Space PC client – automatically synchronize with multiple devices appeared first on