With the rise of mobile shopping and conversational commerce, building a strong social media following has become an absolute must.He recommends stepping back and re-thinking your approach based on these three principles:1.If you own a cosmetics business and became popular via makeup application videos on YouTube, stick to that.If you sell home accessories and curate great design photos on Instagram, keep it up.Here are the content/social network pairings he suggested:Infographics on PinterestGreat photos and quote cards on InstagramEverything works on FacebookQuotes and really smart hashtag usage on TwitterBeing able to understand the nuances of each social network will allow you to better align your content with what users expect from the platform.Read next: Why you shouldn't let Facebook track your every move
GIFThe Eiffel Tower is the most famous and one of the most heavily-guarded structures in Paris.So three Russian daredevils decided to scale it anyway, without safety equipment, while being filmed by a drone.Go big or go home, as they say.They don t appear to ever reach the very top of the tower, and midway through the Russians are definitely spotted by someone in an orange vest, presumably a guard or police officer.Regardless, piloting a flying camera near a very public structure less than a year after the Paris attacks while your friends climb it is immensely stupid and, as one of our editors pointed out, it s a wonder they weren t all shot on sight.These three men—who do this sort of thing literally all the time—have shared photos from the tops of similarly tall and inaccessible structure on their respective Instagram accounts.
Continuously checking your phone while hanging out with people is not only rude, but keeps you from being present with your awesome friends.To break the bad habit, consider enlisting your friends help by telling them you re on a smartphone diet.Though my friends are terrible at helping me stick to an actual diet, they are more than enthusiastic about the idea of holding me accountable for excessive iPhone usage, particularly in their presence.This tactic, coupled with scheduling phone-prohibitive activities such as manicures, a night at the movies, or dinner at a fancy restaurant, can help keep one present and engaged with the people in front of you, which is way more rewarding than checking your Instagram likes.How to Actually Put Your Phone Away For Real This Time Man Repeller
This ugly brown Game of Thrones-themed Xbox One is being given away as part of a sweepstakes in France.It would presumably look classy sitting on a shelf in Cersei Lannister s boudoir.The special edition looks sort of like Cersei got drunk on cheap wine, carved a fancy wooden box, and inexplicably slapped some Xbox labels on it.Of course, the console is going to look thirty kinds of gaudy sitting in the living room of the lucky French Xbox fan who wins it.That godawful crown the Xbox One is rocking.If you re still looking at it and thinking, Man I want to hop on the Game of Thrones gravy train so bad I ll forever link it to my every gaming whim , then go enter the sweepstakes on Xbox France s Instagram, Twitter, or Facebook accounts.
Over 1,000,000 people have read this classic blog post.It's about time it got a revision and 2,500 new words with a half dozen strategies
Prisma, an art filter app launched by a Russian programmer, Alexey Moiseenkov, is leading Apple s App Store ranking in Russia and several neighboring countries – including Estonia, Kazakhstan, Latvia, Moldova, Ukraine and Uzbekistan – ahead of Whatsapp, VK, Instagram, Viber, Aliexpress and other traditional leaders in the region.The app has been number one in these countries everyday since June 20 just a week after launch according to AppAnnie data reviewed by East-West Digital News.An Android version is scheduled for release in July 2016.Prisma invites its users to add stunning artistic effects to their photos by combining them with works of art.Photo credit: EWDN Even Russian Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev has started using Prisma on his Instagram account.To create such images, Prisma s algorithm uses convolutional neural networks.When asked why Prisma hasn t won traction beyond Russian-speaking countries thus far, Moiseenkov said:  I think because it s our pet market.This Belorussian startup had developed a filtering app for selfies before being acquired, in March 2016, by Facebook.Mobile photo and video apps started gaining traction with the acquisition of Looksery, a startup with Ukrainian roots, by Snapchat, in September 2015.
Today, the site welcomes 400 million visitors monthly who love the visual perspective on the world that the photo and video-sharing site offers.Currently, Instagram offers sponsored posts, set up in a way that's similar to Facebook ads.Here are five main factors that set apart Instagram ads that perform well from their less effective counterparts:1.Consider also how Instagram ads can enhance or complement your other social media campaigns.Tapping the hashtag on Instagram brings users to a page showing all images tagged with the same hashtag, so think carefully about where you d like your images to appear.Use this data to build your Instagram ad campaign around the days and times when people seem to be responding the most favorably to your organic posts.
Xbox France has revealed an ultra-limited edition Game of Thrones skinned Xbox One console.Microsoft France is offering the consoles, which are designed to look like the logo from within the show s opening credits, to fans via its social media channels via Geek.com .In a post on the Xbox FR YouTube channel, the company wrote translated : To celebrate the end of season 6 of Game of Thrones, Warner France and Xbox are delighted to present the Game of Thrones Xbox One.Read more: 7 Best Game of Thrones giftsSadly only fans in France can win them via Instagram, Facebook and Twitter.If you want to tease yourself, check it out in the video render below.Share your thoughts below.
"Collecting social media data will enhance the existing investigative process and provide DHS Department of Homeland Security greater clarity and visibility to possible nefarious activity and connections by providing an additional tool set which analysts and investigators may use to better analyze and investigate the case."The CBP already does some social media monitoring of incoming travelers, as was shown in 2012 when two visitors were detained on arrival and held for questioning, before being deported 12 hours later, because of comments one of them had made on Twitter.Irish national Leigh Van Bryan was flying into Los Angeles with British friend Emily Bunting and was pulled over for questioning based on a tweet Van Bryan had made before the flight, in which he said "Free this week, for quick gossip/prep before I go and destroy America."The two protested that "destroy" was meant as a term for partying to excess, and said that they had no intention of digging up the decaying beauty queen.Similar mistakes are likely if customs officers start trawling through the social media postings, not to mention the limited utility of such searches.It's almost inconceivable that any terrorist harboring murderous ambitions would be posting messages on social media about it, and then would hand over the details of that account to customs.
There you are, still in awe after last night's Game of Thrones finale.Instead, a very tiny number of them will be given away as prizes for a social media contest being held by Xbox France.A mere retweet, like, or comment on Xbox France's Twitter, Facebook, or Instagram pages will get an entry into the contest to win one of these bad boys, so if you're a savvy social media user, you might consider giving the contest a shot.The good news here is that Xbox One retail games aren't region locked, so assuming the contest rules permit it, someone from outside the European region could conceivably win one of these consoles and play their existing Xbox One library on it.Things get a little more complicated when dealing with Xbox Live games, but as long as you have a payment method corresponding to a supported region, you should be good to go.There have been a handful of Game of Thrones video games released since the series started gaining traction with audiences, including a Telltale-made episodic game that just so happens to be discounted during the Steam summer sale.
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With smartphones, everything is almost instant these days, including the taking and sharing of photos to capture once in a lifetime moments.Snap a photo, upload it to social networks, and you're done.But not everyone has a Facebook or Instagram account, and sometimes you want physical keepsakes, for yourself or for others.Of course, these days, it isn't just about the raw photos either.Filters and effects have become part and parcel of the sharing process.The Fujifilm instax SHARE smartphone printer SP-2 comes in silver and gold motifs and has been slightly refined to look more stylish.
FujifilmThe Instax Share SP-2 is the company s followup to the SP-1, which it released in 2014.The new version, according to Fujifilm, is faster, produces better quality images and allows for more customization.You can still print photos from your camera roll, or from your Instagram or Facebook account, and even have the engagement likes, reactions, hearts shown on the image.The new printer s app lets you use custom filters and fiddle with the photo s brightness, contrast and saturation.You can also make collages a la Instagram s Layout app .You can snag it in either silver or gold.
I don t know why the New Jersey Symphony Orchestra used an autocorrect joke as a vehicle to promote their brand, but you know what?At least it s not a horrifying ad for breast augmentation.This might be the worst subway advertising I've ever seen from the NJ symphony orchestra pic.twitter.com/Ih4NrHiTAiJudging by its Instagram feed, the NJSO is pretty hip with the kids, so perhaps the subway ad was an attempt at reaching out to a slightly older and less tech-savvy demographic.Maybe.Emily Cahn on Twitter
Twitter has begun rolling out a way to not only add stickers to your photos, but to also have them be searchable.In the app, choose from a rotating set of stickers, then resize and move them around as you see fit on any photo.After they ve been tweeted, you can search based on the stickers added.Native support for photos was added to Twitter five years ago, and the company has slowly been incorporating features, but nothing on the scale of what you d expect from Instagram.Stickers give people a fun way to add their own unique style to their photos and connect them with others around the world, explained Berland.These sticker packs cover a variety of categories, including accessories, smiley faces and emoticons, animals, food, sports, transportation, technology, symbols, flags, and more.Embeddable stickers aren t exactly new, as others — such as Path and Snapchat — have supported them for a while.Earlier this month, Twitter allowed emojis to be targeted, and while the company hasn t explicitly said stickers are fair game, it s not far-fetched to think it could happen soon.Previous updates to photos on Twitter include the addition of filters and tags, along with editing capabilities, such as cropping; making them more accessible to users who are visually impaired; and more.While you ll be able to view stickers on any platform where tweets are displayed, the ability to tap on a sticker and view a timeline of other photos with that sticker will only be available on Twitter s website and its iOS and Android apps.
Twitter just announced a new feature coming soon to the social network, er, I mean news service.It s called Stickers, and provides a way for users to place decorative items on their photos.In a blog post, Twitter says sets of stickers will be rotated in and out, so there will always be something fresh and timely.Tap on a sticker, and Twitter displays other photos recently tagged with that sticker.pic.twitter.com/YVy7r53Nja— Twitter @twitter June 27, 2016The Stickers feature provides a new way for users to interact on Twitter, and joins other photo-specific tools on the service, including filters, tags, cropping, and the recently introduced accessibility options.Back in 2012, Twitter began displaying linked Instagram photos simply as text links instead of showing the images themselves, and even contacted users to urge them to share photos directly through Twitter for the best experience.
Apple is again celebrating Pride in San Francisco, but this time are gifting employees with a rainbow Apple Watch band for taking part in the festivities.Many Apple employees have taken to Twitter and Instagram to show off the band, which has a card included letting them know that their participation earned them the band.It doesn t appear that Apple is making the band available for purchase, so expect this to be one of the hottest eBay items ever if an employee or 12 decides to cash in.
In 1997, the film Gattaca warned of a future in which emerging reproductive technologies led to eugenics and genetic discrimination.Thought the internet community has had its fill of food, cat, and sunset pics?Instagram, the Facebook-owned photo network, just crossed an important milestone in its mission for world picture-sharing dominance: it has amassed more than 500 million active users, 300 million of whom use the service at least once a day.Google Fiber, the search giant s internet, TV, and phone provider, has agreed to acquire the ISP Webpass to boost its deployment of high-speed internet.By joining forces, we can accelerate the deployment of superfast internet connections for customers across the U.S., Webpass founder Charles Barr writes in a blog post.Over the course of season 6, the show has averaged 23.3 million viewers across platforms, USA Today reports.
And indeed it did.In his 2009 debut, Ryan Leslie s Addiction, featuring hip-hop princess Cassie, was the song of the summer.When the producer found himself lamenting the difficult task of reaching fans through social networking, he wanted to make a change.Social media giants like Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram continue to alter their algorithms so that what we share is seen less and less- making it harder for connectors like Leslie to reach fans.But with our phones if we call or text someone we expect a response.Superphone is currently accepting a small number of beta users, but has already been tested by Kevin Jonas, Lil Wayne, and a host of other notable artists.
In addition to providing documents on their identification and travel permissions, foreign visitors entering the US may soon be asked to give their Twitter and Instagram accounts to Customs and Border Protection.The Department of Homeland Security has submitted a new proposal to the Federal Register that would update the required entry forms with a question asking for travelers' accounts names on social media.This information would be collected alongside the existing fingerprints, interviews, and database checks that are already conducted for foreign visitors.If it wasn't obvious already, this is the DHS's latest attempt to identify and catch terrorists trying to enter the US."Collecting social media data will enhance the existing investigative process and provide DHS greater clarity and visibility to possible nefarious activity and connections," the proposal reads.As the proposal was just published, it will remain open for 60 days to allow the public to submit comments to the Customs and Border Protection's office in Washington.