View wants you to watch more video.The company is adding new topic-based video channels to the "explore" section of the app.The channels, which will be labeled as "picked for you," will surface based on topics you may be interested in.The 23 new channels cover a wide variety of topics and range from super specific "hair braiding" and "special effects makeup" to more general interests "fishing" and "ceramics" .The company hasn't elaborated on how it determines which ones to show to each user, but we're guessing it's based on the same or similar factors that power the rest of Explore's recommendations, including the accounts you follow and posts you have liked in the past.A full list of Instagram's new topic-based channels is below though more will be added in future updates :Oddly SatisfyingCheerleadersDancersCalligraphySpecial Effects MakeupComediansBarbersCake DecoratingCeramicsComic Book ArtistsPitbullsGymnastsNail ArtistsHair TutorialsSingersBakersMakeup TutorialsBallet DancersTrickshotsArtistsMakers & ArtisansBaseball PlayersSkateboarders
View photosMoreFILE- This June 9, 2014, file photo shows the Instagram app on an iPhone posed for a photo in New York.Instagram announced Wednesday, June 22, 2016, that it plans to add a translation button to the app in "the coming month."AP Photo/Mark Lennihan, File MENLO PARK, Calif. AP — Instagram is aiming to increase interaction with users across the globe through a new translation button it plans to roll out in the next month.The photo sharing app says the button will appear on feed stories and profile bios written in languages different from the language a user's phone or tablet is set to.Instagram, which is owned by Facebook, says its community "has grown faster and become more global" than it ever imagined.Instagram lists on its website 23 languages that will initially be supported by the new feature, including French, Spanish, Chinese, Japanese and Korean.
Fresh from revamping its recommendations tab in April, Instagram is leaning hard into moving pictures by adding super-specific video categories for you to peruse.Instagram's upgraded "Picked for You" channels beefs up its Explore tab - which helps find accounts for users to follow based on their interests - with a range of video content tailored to your exact tastes.While only available in the US at the time of writing, Instagram plans to roll out its new categories worldwide in due time.The types of recommendations Instagram put together are vaguely Netflixian, with both broader crowd-pleasers like comedians and athletes, to more niche genres like makeup tutorials, barbers, cake decorators, and comic book artists.The Facebook-owned app has seen a recent return on video content since the feature launched in 2013, with the company announcing that the total time spent watching video through Instagram increased 150% in the last six months alone.Facebook and Instagram aren't alone in the big push for video, however, with YouTube stepping up its own recommendations on mobile and Twitter doubling down on its own video uploads.
Image Source: Mark ZuckerbergWebcam security was thrust into the spotlight this week when a photo of Mark Zuckerberg appeared to show the camera and microphone on his MacBook covered with tape.The photo, which was posted on Facebook to celebrate Instagram hitting 500 million followers, sparked plenty of interest.Kay added that hacking into a webcam is not particularly difficult.In a speech at Kenyon College, Ohio, earlier this year FBI Director James Comey admitted that he puts a piece of tape over his laptop webcam.Comey and Zuckerberg are both being entirely sensible though for different professional and personal reasons, Charles King, principal analyst of tech research firm Pund-IT, told Paganini, author of the book The Deep Dark Web and founder of the Security Affairs blog, told that Comey and Zuckerberg s webcam security reflects the nature of ongoing cyber threats.
Given how far ahead in terms of active users Instagram is to Twitter, and that it s owned by Facebook, it seems a little strange that Instagram is only just getting around to adding a translate button to the app – but we re not complaining.Over the coming month the feature will be rolled out, Instagram explained, with a translation button appearing alongside posts and bios written in a language different to your own.There may be some languages Instagram doesn t support at first, or that it can t detect, but this is no different to other services out there.It means you ll finally be able to understand what your favourite Japanese photographer has been captioning their posts, or what the word for avocado is in Latvian.It s a big step.It will take a long time to reach the 1.65 billion active users of its parent company, Facebook, but the picture sharing network recently passed the 500 million active users mark, and updates like this will only help that number grow.
Picked for You lives in the Explore tab, and each day will show you a ream of videos from one of over 20 channels based on topics Instagram thinks you re interested in.This means the app is confident it can determine which of these niche topics you are interested in based on the current types of videos you view, like, and comment on within Instagram.But unlike the diverse and segmented topics launching today, that channel contained a smorgasbord of different videos pulling from all topics and themes.While it may have contained some content you wanted to see, it forced users to sit through a wide variety of different videos, even if they just wanted to focus on one genre.With this new curation and the recently added algorithmic feed, Instagram is trying to surface content you may have missed.That s why this new feature is a good stepping stone – Instagram uses its algorithms to decide which channels you want to see and the most popular videos that would belong there, and then has human curators fill the channel with clips users will enjoy mostThe full list of channels include Oddly Satisfying, Cheerleaders, Dancers, Calligraphy, Softball Players, Cookies, Special Effects, Makeup, Comedians, Barbers, Candy Making, Cake Decorating, Ceramics, Acro Dancers, Comic Book Artists, Pitfalls, Fishing, Hair, Braiding, Gymnasts, Nail Artists, Kawaii, Hair Tutorials, Singers, Bakers, Makeup Tutorials, Ballet Dancers, Trickshots, Artists, Huskies, Freestyle Soccer, Makers & Artisans, Baseball Players, Under the Sea and Skateboarders.
Instagram is adding picked for you video channels under its Explore section to keep you entertained.Next time you go to the Explore section, you ll see recommendations based on your interests.Some examples out of the first 20 topics include ceramics, cake decorating and oddly satisfying .Instagram says video has grown by 150 percent in the past six months, so it s clearly trying to capitalize after launching video channels just this April.It s a neat addition, and better than just mindlessly scrolling through your friends photos in boredom.That s a little ironic, considering Instagram is also adding translations to comments, captions and user bios in the coming month.
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Image Source: GoToVanWhen hiking through an area known to have a population of black bears, there are a number of well-known safety precautions one should follow in order to limit the likelihood of running into a bear on your trip.These rules, by and large, are pretty straight-forward: don t leave food out in the open for too long, clean up your trash, and make sure to keep up conversation with friends if you re not on a solo-hike the sounds tend to keep bears away .Sounds simple enough, but if you re mountain biking through a bear enclave you have an entirely different problem to worry about: crashing head-on into a bear.As unlikely as this scenario sounds, a recent Instagram video from Davis Souza highlights what happened when he surprisingly crossed paths and subsequently crashed into a black bear mid-ride on the Mills Peak trail in Plumas County, California earlier this week.The video — courtesy of a helmet cam Souza was wearing — shows him flying over the handlebars as the bear, presumably scared beyond belief, runs for cover in the surrounding woods.Souza exclaims in pain as he attempts to regain his footing and composure, and of course, save face in front of his friends trailing behind him.
InstagramOn the heels of announcing that it has reached 500 million active monthly users, Instagram says it will soon add a translation feature to its app.Through a post on the image-sharing app, the company announced that within a month, users will be able to translate image captions, comments, and profile bios using a new translate button.When you come across a post you want to translate into a language that isn't your default language, you can hit the "See Translation" button to convert it into the language you've chosen in your profile's language settings.Considering that 80 percent of Instagram's user base lives outside the United States, this feature will likely be welcomed by many.The company does explain on its Help website that if a translation isn't showing up, it might be because the app doesn't currently support that language or couldn't detect the initial language being used.The full translation feature should be ready for most users by July.
It may require some adjustments for the form factor, but don t reinvent the wheel.Yes, mobile has grown to represent the lion s share of Facebook s ad revenue — but it s 100 percent of Instagram s. The landing-page experience in Instagram advertising must be 100 percent mobile-optimized to give advertisers a shot at high conversion rates.Pro tip: When you have identical audience segments on Facebook and Instagram, take note of where they re converting better, and use this to guide budget between the two platforms on mobile.That s staggeringly young, and it also means that the audience as a whole has slightly lower purchasing power than Facebook s more evenly aged audience.What it all meansIf we ve taken anything from our early Instagram campaigns, it would be that while there s a boatload of developing potential to tap in the platform, there are few cut-and-paste Facebook advertising initiatives that wouldn t benefit from a little Instagram-specific tweaking.Rest assured, though, that any company advertising on Facebook — thanks to data on targeting, segmentation, and top creatives — has a huge head start on ROI-positive Instagram campaigns.
View next month, Instagram will offer users translated versions of posts and bios written in languages other than their own, the company has announced.The translations will work similar to those on Facebook; when you encounter a post or a bio written in a language other than yours, you'll see a "See Translation" button — if your language is available for translation.Instagram has not released a full list of languages available for translation.The news comes hot on the heels of Instagram's announcement it has reached 500 million monthly active users.The photo-focused, Facebook-owned social network has a very strong international presence, with more than 80% of its users being outside of the U.S. as of June 2016.Besides Facebook, another major social network that offers translations is Twitter, which launched the Microsoft Bing-powered feature in January 2015.
Under the category "week paranoid" we find one of Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg's latest Instagraminlägg. The picture was put up to celebrate the Instagram reached over 500 million active members per month. Attentive readers remarked, however, something else entirely. Multi-millionaire has namely taped to their computer's built-in camera and microphone input, as a step to protect themselves against any spy attacks. Mark Zuckerberg's "protective tape" is not unique. It is known that FBI Director James Comey use similar methods.
It s because Instagram switched its feed from photos appearing in chronological order to photos being sorted by an algorithm.But on Instagram, I have a carefully curated feed.I want to see everything posted by everyone I follow.The next photo I saw was posted before the one I was currently looking at.The chronological feed provided the necessary context to understand how each photo was related to another.Instead of turning my brain off and consuming cool pictures posted by people I like, my brain involuntary tries to sort each photo chronologically.
Facebook Founder's method is simple and ... good? Under the category "week paranoid" we find one of Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg's latest Instagraminlägg. The picture was put up to celebrate the Instagram reached over 500 million active members per month. Attentive readers remarked, however, something else entirely. Mark Zuckerberg's "protective tape" is not unique. It should be noted that there are a number of other ways for hackers to obtain images and sound recordings on you, for example through the files on your hard drive.
photographer: Pixabay The government opens an account on Instagram under the name @sverigesregering. Cabinet Office wrote in a press release that the purpose of the account is to reach out with the government policy to a broader audience, including teenagers and young adults. "We want to give the feeling that you're behind the scenes in the government's work," says Odd Guteland, press officer at the Prime Minister in the press release. The first two posts of a government meeting published on Wednesday, and had received a total of 37 like markings in the day at lunchtime. One of the pictures shows how the Prime Minister and Foreign Minister Stefan Löfven Margot Walllström laughing at something that is not explained in the caption.
The best sporting icons and brands know that social media is about engagement.Creating interestWhen Orlando City Soccer Club wanted to find a way to engage and reward its fans, its social media team created a treasure hunt across the city using Twitter, Periscope and Instagram to hint at the location of the codes fans would need to collect to win the tickets.On Instagram, for example, it posted nine images that eventually fit together to show fans the exact image of where the code could be found.Of course, it doesn t automatically follow that just because someone you admire supports a team, you will do likewise, but it s a great help in raising the profile of the team, and fans appreciate it when someone they admire shares in their own passion for their team or sport.Sixty-six percent of people trust the opinions of others when they read them online.While sports teams are similar to any other brands on social media, they share the advantage of big entertainment brands such as Game of Thrones or The Walking Dead in that, when the match or event is on their fans are fully engaged and often seek out additional content on social media.
A series of MRI scans, heart tests and medical examinations, however, could not explain the mysterious phenomenon in either of the patients.After visiting a neuro-ophthalmic clinic, both women revealed that the symptoms occurred after several minutes of viewing their smartphone screens while lying in bed in the dark.The doctors soon found that the symptoms occurred because the women usually stared at their smartphones with one eye while the other was covered by a pillow."Smartphones are now used nearly around the clock, and manufacturers are producing screens with increased brightness to offset background ambient luminance and thereby allow easy reading," the doctors wrote."Our cases show that detailed history taking and an understanding of retinal physiology can reassure both patient and doctor and can avoid unnecessary anxiety and costly investigations."Previous studies have also highlighted the negative effects of staring at your smartphone, tablet, computer or TV screen before bed.
At the time, the hacker group that hacked the accounts claimed that his password was a very simple word "dadada" leading some to assume that the Zuck wasn t that security conscious.The image appears to be innocent enough with a shot of Zuck holding up a cutout that looks like an Instagram picture frame.In the background you can see his desk and his MacBook sitting there and he has taken some old school security precautions for the webcam and one of the ports on the notebook both are covered using tape.The jack on the side of the machine is covered in the same black tape.Hackers are able to take over the laptop camera in some instances to spy on the user and a piece of tape is the ultimate for stopping spying via these methods.If only Zuck took this much precaution with his passwords outside of his Facebook realm.
It s because Instagram switched its feed from photos appearing in chronological order to photos being sorted by an algorithm.But on Instagram, I have a carefully curated feed.The next photo I saw was posted before the one I was currently looking at.The chronological feed provided the necessary context to understand how each photo was related to another.Instead of turning my brain off and consuming cool pictures posted by people I like, my brain involuntary tries to sort each photo chronologically.At the very least, Instagram should provide an option to switch out of the algorithm hellscape, and back to what we all know and love, and what god intended: the chronological feed.