New Delhi: Income Tax Return: If you have not yet filed Income Tax Return, then fill it this month, because from July 1, you may have to pay a big price for it.hardened.The last date for filing Income Tax Return (ITR) for the financial year 2020-21 has been extended from July 31 to September 30.The new portal of Income Tax has also started from today.Fill Income Tax Return otherwise TDS, TCS will be doubledAccording to the new rules of the Finance Act, 2021, if a taxpayer did not fill income tax return from last two years, then he will have to pay double TDS and TCS.If the TDS, or TCS arrears for these two years are 50 thousand rupees or more, then TDS will have to be paid at the higher rates.The rate of TDS will be twice the specified usually deducted rate.This rule will come into effect from July 1, 2021, the rates of penal TDS and TCS will be deduct at 10-20 percent, which is usually 5-10 percent.This rule will not apply to themThese rules of section 206AB of income tax Salary under section 192, payment of dues of employees under 192A, lottery under 194B, amount won in crossword, amount won in horse race, investment in secularisation trust under 194LBC Income earned from and will not be applicable on cash withdrawal.Apart from this, it will not be applicable to non-resident taxpayers who do not have permanent establishment in India under section 206AB.If both sections 206AA (higher TDS rate in case of non-PAN) and 206AB are applicable, then the TDS rate will be higher than the rates mentioned above.
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Four steps, easy ITR filing 1. Signin/Signup Your e-filex experience begins with an easy PAN based login that provides a unique signin identity 2. Upload/Fill Once you sign up with e-filex, answer some basic question and proceed for upload relevant documents and fill the required information. 3. Review After upload the documents and filling the required information, e-filex will provide you a draft computation of Income tax return for your review 4. File Once reviewed, proceed for filing the return with the Income Tax Department   Visit here:
Prior to Filing the ITR structure:    a)Check whether any sum is payable to Income charge:    You need to check whether you need to pay any add up to annual assessment dept however your manager or some other duty deducting organizations missed it or you have any extra pay which was not covered by any one. For this situation you need to take away your Tax deducted at source from the absolute duty obligation according to return and mastermind to pay the distinction to annual assessment dept through structure no.280. This can be paid in any bank and you will get a receipt number which must be cited in the ITR structure. b)Check whether any sum is refundable by IT dept:    In the event that you have paid overabundance assessment to IT dept according to the IT structure, at that point you are qualified for a duty discount. For this situation, you need to make reference to your bank subtleties in the structure notwithstanding contact subtleties. It is additionally essential to specify the MICR number of your bank office.
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Here are key things that India and Indians can achieve with the crypto regulations.More investment for exchangesDomestic and foreign – the regulations of crypto trading are likely to bring both types of investment in the country.The regulations help in building the confidence of consumers across any sector in the market and they feel secure about investing their money.The regulations will pump more money from retail traders as well as institutional traders like banks and hedge funds.Though the field of “Income from Other Sources” in the ITR form still has the option, most of the crypto trading population feel not comfortable disclosing it there citing the uncertainty.The development will also enable law-abiding citizens to invest in cryptos in a worry-free manner.In absence of regulation, the government is losing revenue on all fronts.Contain abuse of cryptosDue to the absence of an ombudsman, cryptocurrency trading has once become a safe haven for gamblers, drug peddlers, or similar people who were involved in illicit trades.The RBI notification dated April 6, 2018, restricting banks to deal with the crypto exchanges and consumers to register their bank accounts with exchanges was intended to stop the misuse of cryptocurrency as money-laundering instruments to favor illegal activities.
Annual Filing for LLPAn indebtedness Partnership or LLP enjoys a separate status within the business market.If the LLP fails to file the Annual Compliance requirements leads to an additional or penalty fee of ₹ 100 every day for the delay till the actual date of registering.LLP annual filing submits the record of the monetary worth of the corporate and capacity to an interested individual or party.Higher CredibilityFormal compliance may be a basic requirement for any entity or business.The status of Limited Liability Partnership annual filing is exhibited at the Master Data of the LLP on the MCA portal and the same can be obtained by any individual.Even if the LLP was not working, the Registrar may demand to file the annual compliance, along with the LLP filing fee, if needed.Maintain active status and avoid penaltiesIn case of back-to-back default in the annual filing, the Limited Liability Partnership can be announced as defunct or obtain default status.Filing the annual returns also saves the LLP from heavy penalties and extra fees.Procedure for LLP Tax FilingLLPs must file an income tax return using Form ITR 5.
Annual Compliance of Pvt Ltd CompanyA Private Limited Company is a small business that is maintained privately, it is one of the highly recommended businesses in India especially for startups.Ltd. Company, ROC filing, ITR filing and its active status through the regular filing with MCA.The date of filing the company’s annual return is displayed on the Master Data on the MCA portal.Investors prefer the companies which have filed their regular compliance records.Maintain Active StatusBy filing the annual return regularly, the private company can avoid penalties and other legal issues.And, from July 2018, an additional penalty fee of ₹100 per day of delay will be levied and this will continue till the date of filing.Documents Required for Annual Filing of CompanyIncorporation Document Certificate of Incorporation, PAN Card, and MoA and AoA of Private Limited CompanyAudited Financial Statements Financial Statements should be audited by the independent auditorBoard Report and Audit Report Independent auditor’s report and Board report is also requiredDSC or Digital Signature Certificate of Director Valid and active Digital Signature Certificate or DSC of 1 of the administrators must be submittedMandatory Annual Compliances of a Private Limited CompanyHere are a number of the mandatory agreements that a personal Ltd. must insure:First Meeting of BoardAlong with all directors of the company, the first Meeting of the Board is required to be held within 1 month or 30 days of Incorporation.Declaration of Board meeting must be informed formally or sent to each director of the company at least seven days before the meeting.Subsequent Board MeetingsMinimum of 4 subsequent Board Meetings to be done every year within 120 days gap within two meetings.
Income Tax return FilingIncome Tax is a tax deducted by the central government from every eligible taxpayer.If you are doing not know the proper form, consult Vakilsearch.Complete the whole form by filling within the required details then submit it.Click the Calculate Tax button, to understand your payable amount.If applicable, pay the required tax.Enter the challan details on the income tax return section of the shape .Step by step procedure to File IT ReturnsSteps to file ITR without Form 16Although Form 16 is one among the foremost important documents required to file tax Returns (ITR) for salaried individuals, it's possible to file the returns without Form 16 also .The following steps are to be followed to file tax Returns (ITR) without Form 16:Step 1 - Computation of Income from SalaryThe first and foremost step is to calculate the Income from Salary.Some of the fields that are needed to be furnished are income from salary or pension, allowances which are not exempted, deductions that are claimed under Section 16, profits arising from salary, and therefore the price of perquisites received by the assessee.In such cases, the assessee should get in-tuned with the Human Resource (HR) or the concerned accounts department of the corporate to urge the above details.Other than the factors mentioned above, the allowances provided by the employer, contributions made towards provident fund (PF), and therefore the tax deducted at source (TDS), etc.
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The growing volume and value of cryptocurrency transactions across trading exchanges are grappling the attention of the legislative bodies and tax authorities in India.Second, stop money laundering and illegal use of the asset.And, third, generate revenue from the trade in the form of income tax and GST.Limitations of Income Tax Department  The Constitution of India under Article 246 grants the power to levy taxes to the Parliament as well as the state legislatures to impose taxes.Now, all eyes are on the Cryptocurrency and Regulation of Official Digital Currency Bill, 2021 that was discussed in the Lok Sabha, and is scheduled to be tabled in Lok Sabha on March 08, 2021.Though the bill sought a ban on cryptocurrencies and the launch of an official cryptocurrency under the ambit of the RBI, this sounds like a distant dream.In a nutshell, the entrepreneurs expect regulation of digital currencies, rather than a ban.Methods of Taxation Direct Tax Under the current Income Tax Act, there is no specified field in the Income Tax Return Filing (ITR) form where citizens or PAN holders can disclose the income gained through cryptocurrency trading.
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केंद्रीय वित्त मंत्री निर्मला सीतारमण का यह बजट (Budget 2021-22) सैलेरीड क्लास (Salaried Class) को निराश कर गया। इस बजट में न तो कोई अतिरिक्त टैक्स छूट (Income Tax Rebate) की घोषणा की गई और न ही टैक्स स्लैब (ax Slab) में कोई सुधार किया गया।इस बजट में सिर्फ वैसे वरिष्ठ नागरिकों (Senior citizen) के लिए एक राहत की घोषणा हुई, जो कि 75 साल से ज्यादा उम्र के होंगे। इनके लिए इनकम टैक्स रिटर्न (ITR) दाखिल करने से छूट मिली। कोरोना से लड़ रही अर्थव्यवस्था (Corona pandemic) में इस बार बजट से पहले इनकम टैक्स स्लैब (Income Tax slab) का दायरा बढ़ाने से लेकर के टैक्स की दरों को तर्कसंगत बनाने की बात हो रही है। इस बारे में कई सिफारिश वित्त मंत्री निर्मला सीतारमण से की गई थी।बजट में इस बार आयकर दाताओं को कर में छूट मिलने की ज्यादा उम्मीद है। इससे पहले नरेंद्र मोदी सरकार के दूसरे टर्म के लिए जुलाई में पेश किए गए पहले बजट में वित्त मंत्री ने पांच लाख तक की आय वालों को कर में छूट दी थी, लेकिन टैक्स स्लैब में किसी तरह का कोई परिवर्तन नहीं किया गया था। ऐसे में अब लोगों को उम्मीद जागी थी कि वित्त मंत्री इस बार टैक्स स्लैब में बदलाव कर सकती हैं।इससे कर दाताओं को ज्यादा वेतन घर ले जाने को मिलेगा, जिससे उनका खर्च का दायरा बढ़ेगा। मध्यम वर्ग कहें या सैलेरीड क्लास,इनकी आय कम होती है, लेकिन टैक्स का बोझ ज्यादा होता है। अभी आम आदमी सबसे ज्यादा आयकर का भुगतान करता है। अभी 2.5 लाख से पांच लाख रुपये की आय पर पांच फीसदी टैक्स देना होता है। वहीं पांच से 10 लाख रुपये पर सीधे 20 फीसदी टैक्स दर लागू है। इससे करदाताओं पर सीधा असर पड़ता है। पांच से 10 लाख रुपये के लिए स्लैब को 20 फीसदी से घटाकर के 10 फीसदी करने की मांग भी वित्त मंत्री से करदाता कर रहे थे। लेकिन सबको निराशा ही हाथ लगी।
arun sharma·Dec 26सरकारी काम करने का वक़्त तय होता है इसलिए आप भी सरकारी काम को वक़्त पर निपटा लें। आकलन वर्ष 2020-21 (वित्त वर्ष 2019-20) का आयकर रिटर्न भरने के लिए सात दिन का समय बचा है। आखिरी समय में ITR फाइल करने कि दिक्कतों से बचने के लिए बेहतर है कि आप ITR पहले फाइल कर दें। गौरतलब है कि 31 दिसंबर 2020 तक रिटर्न फाइल करने पर कोई जुर्माना नहीं लगेगा लेकिन लेट करने पर जुर्माना भरना पड़ेगा।
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SummaryGlobal Plastic Packaging Market Information by Type (Rigid packaging and Flexible packaging) by Application (Food & beverages, Industrial, Healthcare, Personal care, and others) and by Region - Forecast to 2022Market -OverviewThe importance of plastics in packaging is estimated to bolster the plastic packaging market 2020.The packaging & transport industry reports are produced by Market Research Future, which highlights market options for expansion.A 5% CAGR is estimated to direct the earnings of the market to USD 400 Billion by 2022.Key PlayersThe significant companies in the plastic packaging market are Constantia Flexibles International GmbH, BASF SE, Crown Holdings Inc., Huhtamaki Oyj, Mondi Group, Sonoco Products Company, Amcor Ltd, Sealed Air Corporation, Saint-Gobain, Bemis Company Inc., Ampac Holdings LLC and Wipak Group.Industry UpdateMay 2020 Nestlé has launched Smarties Music Creator with a sole no-use plastic packaging.Nestlé International Travel Retail (ITR) has chosen Smarties as the primary global children’s confectionery brand to integrate single no-use plastic packaging.The application-based segmentation of the plastic packaging market consists of healthcare, personal care, food & beverages, industrial, and others.Competitive AnalysisThe necessity for tactful analysis of the market cues and demand projections is anticipated to lead to a robust expansion in the market.
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