Amazon has shut down its social network-like feature on its site and app called Amazon Spark, in which Prime customers could post pictures of the products they’ve bought, according to TechCrunch.The company launched the service for Prime members in 2017.It prompted customers to pick a selection of interests in the section in the feature, and would then show you a feed of posts from users that related to those interests.The service seemed to be designed to replicate influencers using social networks like Instagram and Pinterest.Users could react to posts with a “smile” or a comment.TechCrunch noted that the site felt “too transactional” as compared to other social networks and never really took off.
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The company announced earlier this month that it has raised $62 million, which it plans to use toexpand in the US and triple its user base in the country.Depop CEO Maria Raga told Business Insider that its data shows that US teens are more entrepreneurially minded that their UK equivalents.There are plenty of things keeping Depop CEO Maria Rega up at night, but recruiting US teens to use the shopping app isn't one of them.This is because data shows that the 5 million or so teens that are already using the app in the US are actually more business-minded than their UK counterparts.Raga told Business Insider in a recent conversation that, on average, US teens are listing more items to sell and are referring more people than their UK equivalents.But this is particularly relevant as Depop begins its quest to triple its user base in the US after raising $62 million in a recent round of funding.
It is additionally attractive if you can get the additional number of followers at a very competitive rate too. This article attempts to do just that. This is mainly done for three reasons:   To create a brand value To get the users’ attention Get encouragement from a vast audience  People always notice other people and things that are already in high demand. Buy Instagram followers: The Good and the Bad  It is important that you know how Instagram chooses to show posts to large audiences. In such a case there are more chances that the post will make it to the news feed. Therefore buying followers is a good idea, and is, of course, a short term idea.
Hello and welcome back to Startups Weekly, a newsletter published every Saturday that dives into the week’s noteworthy venture capital deals, funds and trends.Before that, I noted the proliferation of billion-dollar companies.Remember, you can send me tips, suggestions and feedback to or on Twitter @KateClarkTweets.Now I know this newsletter is supposed to be about startups, but we’re shifting our focus to Big Tech today.I spent the better part of the week in Scottsdale, Ariz. where temperatures outside soared past 100 and temperatures inside were icy cold.Both because Recode + Vox cranked the AC to ungodly levels but also because every panel, it seemed, veered into a debate around the “techlash” and antitrust.
Amazon appears to have closed down its Spark social networking platform.The closure comes less than two years since Amazon launched Spark as its social media play back in July 2017.Spark was focused on users posting images, stories and ideas about products and purchases, and was originally launched only for Amazon Prime members.Other users could then react with "smiles" and comments.Much like Instagram shopping now, Spark users could also tag products in their posts that were available on Amazon, allowing others to then purchase those products by tapping on the image."Whether you're looking for inspiration for home décor or seeking advice for the best long-distance running shoes, Spark makes it easy to discover -- and shop -- stories and ideas from a community that likes what you like," Amazon said in an introduction to the service in 2017.
This week was E3, the trade show where the biggest names in gaming debut their latest shiny products and software.On this week’s Gadget Lab podcast, WIRED’s Peter Rubin joins Mike, Arielle, and Lauren to discuss the latest developments in cloud computing, live-streaming services, and Fortnite as a social platform.And of course, it wouldn’t be 2019 without a Keanu Reeves cameo.Check out the E3 coverage you may have missed, and take advantage of E3 sales before they’re gone.Mike recommends following @powazek from Milk Barn Farm on Instagram for all your baby goat needs.Arielle recommends Clio Chang's 60-second presidential explainers on Jezebel.
Welcome to TNW Basics, a collection of tips, guides, and advice on how to easily get the most out of your gadgets, apps, and other stuff.Nine-square grid collages on Instagram aren’t new, but the trend of doing a year-end best-of really kicked off in 2018, with big names like Beyonce and Kim Kardashian doing them.And no matter what time of year you do it, it’s still a charming little recap of your best photos.There are two primary options, both of which work pretty much the same way.With Top9, you enter your IG handle and your email address, and the website automatically generates your most-liked nine posts.Here’s what it looks like:
GramGrowing focuses on one thing, the QUALITY of our service.A lot of other Instagram growth services use the word “quality” very loosely.They over promise and under deliver.We provide you with realistic expectations
The idea makes practically no sense at all.Full works of long-form literary fiction uploaded to … Instagram?And specifically to Instagram Stories, a format known for its fast and fleeting posts about nights on the town and outfits of the day?But the New York Public Library pulled it off, thanks to the creativity, persistence and problem-solving of agency Mother New York.The “Insta Novels” project they created together quickly proved to be a publicity coup for the library, which became the subject of international media attention—and saw its Instagram follower base grow by 155,000, or roughly 75%.For Richert Schnorr, director of digital media for the library, the copious praise and engagement around Insta Novels shows that a longstanding brand—in this case, one that’s more than 120 years old—can pleasantly surprise its fans by embracing technology in exciting ways.
GramGrowing focuses on one thing, the QUALITY of our service.A lot of other Instagram growth services use the word “quality” very loosely.They over promise and under deliver.We provide you with realistic expectations
GramGrowing focuses on one thing, the QUALITY of our service.A lot of other Instagram growth services use the word “quality” very loosely.They over promise and under deliver.We provide you with realistic expectations
Hoping to capitalize on the social shopping trend and tap into the power of online influencers, Amazon in 2017 launched its own take on Instagram with a shoppable feed of stories and photos aimed at Prime members.However, the learnings from Spark and Amazon’s discovery tool Interesting Finds are being blended into a new social-inspired product, FindItOnAmazon.Unlike on Instagram, where people follow their friend, interests, brands like they like, and people they find engaging or inspiring, Spark was focused on the shopping and the sale.While it tried to mock the Instagram aesthetic at times with fashion inspiration images or highly posed travel photos, it lacked Instagram’s broader appeal.Amazon declined to comment on the apparent shutdown of Spark, but the service is gone from the website and app.The URL, meanwhile, redirects to the new FoundItOnAmazon site — a site which also greatly resembles another Amazon product discovery tool, Interesting Finds.
GramGrowing focuses on one thing, the QUALITY of our service.A lot of other Instagram growth services use the word “quality” very loosely.They over promise and under deliver.We provide you with realistic expectations
Evolvement of client practices and desires is without a doubt displayed to the world.Huge brands like Sephora are enabling its clients to for all intents and purposes take a stab at items.It had been determined that versatile eCommerce will reach $218 billion by 2019 and it is accepted that cell phones will take over 45% of the business buys.Setting up of Mobile eCommerce is demonstrated to be an incredible accomplishment for your eCommerce business in the event that you are effectively selling an item or offering an administration through your business.By utilizing cell phones for your business, you can get yourself credited by the sum even before giving an administration or item, in this way, making an extraordinary intrigue among the business visionaries and business new companies.From Instagram shopping advertisements to applications that give virtual take a stab at, portable eCommerce is developing each other day.
Mary Meeker’s Annual Tech Report Outlines Coming Shifts in Social Media and Digital MarketingThe highly-anticipated Internet Trends report for 2019 has been released, including data of interest to digital marketers.For more than 21 years venture capitalist Mary Meeker, partner at Kleiner Perkins, has researched and put out the report, this year weighing in at 333 pages.Voice Search Study: Factors Influencing Search Engine Rankings in 201920 percent of Android Google App searches now come from voice, and a new SEMrush study examines ranking factors including the importance of first-page placement and other facets of voice search.Instagram Advertisers Can Now Promote Creators’ Organic Branded Content Posts as Ads
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Instagram users began to complain that the photo-sharing app was down Thursday afternoon, adding to a series of outages including a several-hour failure at the PlayStation Network.While Instagram hasn’t commented on the outage, the hashtag instagramdown began to trend on Twitter just before 3 p.m. Pacific.Facebook, which owns Instagram, did not immediately respond to a request for comment.Users said that they could not refresh their feed, access accounts or upload photos or video.They also couldn’t update Stories, one of Instagram’s most popular features.The outage did not appear to extend to Facebook, which owns Instagram, along with Whatsapp.