It plans to use the new funds to expand in India and the Middle East.
Searching for cheap flight destinations.Find cheap flights & save money on Emirates Airlines from India, Here you may get more information about Emirates Airlines.This is one of the biggest airlines on the planet, Emirates airlines is a Dubai-based carrier.It works under the Emirates Group, claimed by the Investment Corporation of Dubai.Flights are available from 9 cities in India and connect around the world.The most popular route from Delhi to Dubai and you get the most frequent flights.
The Graduate School of Creative Design Engineering (CDE) at UNIST has been invited to showcase its own style of art at the Dubai Design Week 2018, held in Dubai, United Arab Emirates.Their design concept, entitled 'stool.D', is the combination of technology with art and design to create a futuristic furniture that is both stylish and functional.A total of 150 life-changing inventions by the next generation of designers from across the globe were presented at the Global Grad Show 2018, which underlines the future is bright for the humanity.Encompassing 61 nationalities from 100 universities, the selected entries, including stool.D will be displayed at the exhibition from November 12 to 17, 2018.Held in partnership with Investment Corporation of Dubai, the Global Grad Show is a key event of Dubai Design Week."Global Grad Show is a showcase of ideas from the brightest young minds from world-leading design and technology schools, including Harvard, MIT and Royal College of Art (RCA)".
These coatings help crops to withstand environmental stressors such as drought, high temperatures, salty soils or low nitrogen and bolster resistance to disease and pests.The company also claims its products produce higher quality crops, such as increasing the protein content of wheat.Mohammed I. Al Shaibani, CEO of Investment Corporation of Dubai in a statement.“With a strong foundation in microbial technology, Indigo has built something much broader.It has the opportunity to fundamentally improve the agriculture business on a global scale.”Indigo has taken a different approach to fundraising to many agtech startups, targeting large, institutional investors, and using investment bank JPMorgan to arrange this latest deal.