1979 Revolution: Black Friday was created by an Iranian-born game designer Navid Khonsari and his wife, and has been praised for being historically accurate.Mr Khonsari, a former Rockstar Games designer who helped develop the popular Grand Theft Auto series says they will look for another way to get the games to the masses."We ve been aggressive.Players make choices for the main character, such as photographing protestors from rooftops, and responding to an interrogation in the notorious Evin Prison, long known for holding and torturing political prisoners.Iran's National Foundation for Computer Games blocked all websites that offered the game less than 48 hours after it went on sale..Khonsari said that maintaining the accuracy of the history behind the revolution was as important as creating a great game.His team conducted dozens of interviews with Iranians who lived through the revolution, and the game's storyline is based on their real-life accounts.
1979 Revolution: Black Friday features a striving photojournalist, Reza Shirazi who returns from studying abroad to find his people in a bloodied uprising against the ruling King.The narrative-based title from independent studio Ink Stories puts players in the shoes of a photojournalist and claims to present a "historically accurate" realisation of the uprising in Tehran.Karimi also stated that the game has "not been well received by gamers," an evaluation that sits at odds with the title's "very positive" overall rating on Steam based on 108 reviews at time of writing and a Metacritic aggregate score of 81 out of 100.Based on "real first hand testimonies of freedom fighters, witnesses and casualties of the revolution which helped define the 21st Century," 1979 Revolution: Black Friday is told almost entirely in flashback sequences from the perspective of protagonist Reza Shiraz.The game was developed by former Rockstar Games employee Navid Khonsari – an Iranian-born designer who formed Ink Stories with his wife, filmmaker and visual anthropologist, Vassiliki Khonsari.The game will be playable on iPhone and iPad on 16 June, with an Android version scheduled to follow at a later date.
1979 Revolution: Black Friday, the first title from his studio, iNK Stories, distills what was a pivotal event for the world and for Khonsari into a short, emotionally resonant game.The moral decisions: who do you protect, who don t you protect?In having you do so, 1979 Revolution forges something gripping and personal in the fires of a murky history.People are protesting in the streets, and a broad coalition spanning pacifist student democratic movements to radical mujahideen opposes the Shah s rule.Black Friday oscillates between these two moments in time, exploring the causes and experiences that fueled the revolution.It s been a controversial one, too, particularly in Iran, where the PC version was banned.
Iranians play on the Pokemon Go app in northern Tehran's Mellat Park on August 3, 2016.According to the BBC,the Iranian High Council of Virtual Spaces - the official body that oversees online activity - has prohibited the use of the GPS-powered app within the country.The game has also broken multiple records in just a few weeks and sparked a cacophony of bizarre anecdotes from fans around the world eagerly hunting the beloved critters.Despite strict Internet restrictions, some fans have said that they managed to access the game in Iran using VPNs.In June, the National Foundation for Computer Games NFCG blocked the sale of '1979 Revolution' - a narrative-driven title from Ink Stories that explores the struggles of the Iranian Revolution."We had a communication through email with the developers of Pokemon Go and with the issue that if the game wants to come to the Iranian market it has to pass through the filtering of the National Foundation of Computer Games along with their cooperation, otherwise we have to filter and block this game in our market," Hasan Karimi Ghodosi, the director of the National Foundation for Computer Games told Mehr News Agency in July, run by the Islamic Ideology Dissemination Organization, according to a translation by anti-censorship blog Advox Globalvoices.
The British Academy of Film and Television Arts (BAFTA) made a historic move this week: It nominated Navid Negahban for his acting performance in the video game 1979 Revolution: Black Friday.It makes the first time a Middle Eastern and Muslim actor has been nominated for the prestigious award.Brooklyn, N.Y.-based Ink Stories studio developed and published the PC and mobile narrative game about the Iranian Revolution in April 2016.It earned a number of kudos for director Navid Khonsari, who is also of Iranian descent.The BAFTA awards are the United Kingdom’s equivalent of the Oscars in the U.S.Negahban won the nomination for best actor for his role as Hajj Agha.Negahban is known for his role as Abu Nasir in Homeland Season 1 and Season 2 as well as for a role in American Sniper.In a statement, Ink Stories said the nomination was a triumph for diverse voices and perspectives in the entertainment and game industries.“This momentous acknowledgement comes at a particularly sensitive time, when current U.S. politics aim at limiting immigration from six primarily Muslim countries, including Iran,” the company said.“The entire cast of 1979 Revolution, and several on the Ink Stories development team consist of immigrants, refugees, green card holders, and naturalized U.S. citizens from Iran.”Khonsari was a former Rockstar Games developer who worked on the Grand Theft Auto games.
In the nineteen-eighties, when I was a child, my family rarely took vacations.There had been a revolution in Iran, and there was a war on.Most of our trips were to the gardens of family and friends; a couple of times we went to Shomal, as the green band of forests south of the Caspian Sea is known.In those days, travelling was all about us pleasing the group.I was told to keep the frogs and cats away from my paranoid aunt.In the afternoon, when my uncle went jogging, I had to run behind him, carrying a boom box playing “Eye of the Tiger.” He had just returned from the front, and he loved “Rocky.”
The first season of American Gods ends with an image that compacts the many themes of the series into one odd moment.Without giving you any spoilers, I can say that this scene captures American Gods' perspective on religious faith in America.But this series, based on Neil Gaiman's 2001 novel, has managed to create a spellbinding story about how true belief rests on healthy skepticism.Though we've seen pieces of many gods' biographies, we finally see a god's life cycle from birth to death to rebirth.She's a sexually liberated disco queen in Tehran in the 1970s, until forces from the Iranian Revolution raid a club where she's seducing a woman.When we meet all the Jesuses (Jesusi?)
Its first game is 1979 Revolution: Black Friday, which received critical acclaim for how it explored the Iranian Revolution with an emotionally charged choice-driven narrative.We revisit that world in Blindfold and see some familiar faces: the notorious interrogator Asadollah Lajevardi, who was one of the main antagonists in 1979 Revolution.It’s short but urgent, a snippet of what it’s like to be a journalist in Iran who’s being forced to confess to crimes by an oppressive regime.If you answer too quickly, the interrogator might question whether or not you’re telling the truth.Navigating the subtleties of the interaction was an intimate and eerie experience, made all the more so because I knew it was based on real life.Lajevardi was an actual prison warden of the infamous Evin Prison in Iran, and at the end of the game, I saw a photo gallery of journalists who had been killed for reporting on their governments.
The man designated as Uber’s new chief executive left Tehran for the US aged nine on the eve of the Iranian revolution, and became a driving force behind the success of the online travel company Expedia.Dara Khosrowshahi, who was chosen ahead of Meg Whitman, the chief executive of HP Enterprise, and the former General Electric CEO Jeff Immelt, is expected to join the ride-hailing company after 12 years at the helm of Expedia, during which time it made a series of acquisitions and took on a dominant role in the travel industry.Khosrowshahi, 48, emerged as a surprise appointment after a two-month search by Uber to replace its co-founder Travis Kalanick, who resigned after a string of controversies.The Iranian-American’s task will be to steady the ship and restore confidence in a business that looked primed for global dominance but has been beset by struggles including legal challenges and allegations of discrimination.The San Francisco-based company was valued at $68.5bn (£53bn) last year, although its perceived worth has slipped since then.Senior executives have departed, while the company has faced accusations of sexual discrimination and harassment, and legal headaches including an intellectual property dispute with Waymo, the company operating Google’s self-driving car.
Uber has confirmed it has appointed Dara Khosrowshahi as the firm's new chief executive, following a unanimous vote by its board.The former Expedia chief executive will meet with staff for the first time on Wednesday, a statement from Uber said.Mr Khosrowshahi's appointment ends months of speculation about who would take the top job at the troubled firm.He replaces co-founder Travis Kalanick, who resigned in June following investor pressure after months of turmoil.Mr Khosrowshahi came to America when he was nine years old, after his family fled Iran on the eve of the Iranian Revolution.In 2005, he became chief executive of the online travel site Expedia, which operates in more than 60 countries.
And, like many people who experience this success at a young age, he did.He talks at length about legacy and context, the extent to which one’s musical identity can only be defined by the past.Yet his career has been eclectic and unpredictable, characterized by a seeming lack of big-picture strategy.Later this month, Batmanglij will release “Half-Light,” his first album as a solo artist.But after the Iranian Revolution, in 1979, they moved to the South of France, where Najmieh gave birth to their oldest son, Zal, who is now a filmmaker.The seeming rigidity of French society troubled them.
The antitrust division he leads alleged that the vertical combination of AT ’s T 1.47% video distribution with Time Warner’s popular cable programming would give the merged firm the power to raise prices and hinder competitors and innovation.The dispute has set the stage for a major court battle in Washington, the highest-profile antitrust case since the Justice Department sued Microsoft in 1998 on allegations of unlawful monopolization.But asked about Mr. Stephenson’s comment that the lawsuit renders companies unable to know what activity they can engage in, Mr. Delrahim offered a one-word response: “Compete.”Mr. Delrahim, 48 years old, and his family immigrated to the U.S. when he was 9, at the time of the Iranian revolution.He spent his teenage years in California and graduated from the University of California, Los Angeles, and got his legal degree from the George Washington University Law School.He spent five years as a staffer to Sen. Orrin Hatch (R., Utah) on the Senate Judiciary Committee, working among other things on legislation that updated the federal law governing what transactions must be submitted for government antitrust review.
1979 Revolution: Black Friday was Facebook's Game of the Year for 2017Facebook revealed its Games of the Year for 2017, as determined by a panel of eight industry experts.The panel judged games in four categories: Instant Games, web games, free-to-play Gameroom games and Gameroom games.The nominees and winner for each category are listed below.4 Pics 1 Word by LOTUMWinner: AdVenture Capitalist by Hyper Hippo Productions
Emily Thornberry has claimed Labour is unable to back demonstrators protesting against the Iranian government because it is unclear who has ‘the white hats’.Jeremy Corbyn has been under increasing pressure to speak out over the unrest, which was sparked by economic hardships facing citizens and left more than 20 people dead, with 450 arrested in Tehran.Downing Street warned Iranian leaders that “Britain was watching” and Thornberry issued a statement earlier this week calling for the authorities to show restraint.But she told Nick Robinson’s Political Thinking podcast that Labour was unable to speak out in support of the protests because it was unclear who was in the right.Asked if she had ever been to an event celebrating the Iranian revolution which led to the establishment of the current regime - following reports Corbyn attended one in 2014 - the shadow foreign secretary said: “Our approach now is one of extreme caution when it comes to Iran, and a recognition that the society in Iran is a immensely complex one, and seemingly contradictory.Anadolu Agency via Getty Images
This month marks the fortieth anniversary of the student protests that precipitated the Iranian Revolution.In the years after Ayatollah Khomeini took power in 1979 and declared an Islamic Republic, the country became America’s central nemesis in the Middle East, accused of funding terrorism and building a nuclear weapons program.The country has been in the news again recently because of widespread street protests against the regime, raising the possibility of another revolution.In an attempt to go behind the headlines, Italian photographer Simone Tramonte traveled through Iran last summer to capture images of ordinary life in the Islamic country.“I wanted to tell the daily life of contemporary Iran, led by the new moderate president, Hassan Rouhani,” he says.“I’ve always been interested in the ‘closed countries,’ and having the opportunity to be there with the locals allows you to see things in a very different way.”
"The first 10 years were very tough," Negahban recalls.It can be challenging for minority actors to land roles in Hollywood, particularly ones that don't involve playing a terrorist as Negahban has done many times in shows like Homeland and 24.But playing the Sultan in Disney's live-action remake of Aladdin, in theaters now, is a departure from all of that.And then I came here and I realized that the roles are very limited and it's very difficult to break into the industry.People told me, 'There's no way you're going to be able to succeed here with your name.Aladdin's cast includes actors with Middle Eastern and South Asian backgrounds.
"The first 10 years were very tough," Negahban recalled.It can be challenging for minority actors to land roles in Hollywood, particularly ones that don't involve playing a terrorist, as Negahban has done many times in shows like Homeland and 24.But playing the Sultan in Disney's live-action remake of Aladdin, in theaters now, is a departure from all of that.And then I came here and I realized that the roles are very limited and it's very difficult to break into the industry.People told me, "There's no way you're going to be able to succeed here with your name.Aladdin's cast includes actors with Middle Eastern and South Asian backgrounds.
It's been stated that oil prices will continue to grow since the Middle East's largest producer is Saudi Arabia.In reality, both the Yom Kippur War and the Iranian Revolution caused a sharp rise in oil prices, which appeared at the end of the seventies.Since that time, there have been comparatively few oil price increases.This time around we are expecting an even stronger response to oil shocks.We're currently relying on Middle East producers like Iraq and Iran to fill our needs.These nations are facing severe political problems, and their capacity to export oil may also be limited.These are all the factors behind the increased expectations concerning oil rates.Another important cause of the expectations for price rises comes in the prospects of further US economic growth.