investment company Triton fund owned by a luxembourg investment company Solero Luxco rise of caverion's largest owners among 5,20% share.the Triton is a private equity investment company, which invests in medium-sized companies in Northern Europe, Italy and the end of November situation of caverion's largest owners are ernroothin of the investment company Structor of 14.2 percent stake, Antti Herlin 12,34 percent stake and Ilmarinen 3.99 percent share.Foreign investors, the share of the company amounted to 15.44%.caverion's ownership structure has been quite stable, and holdings relating to notifications of changes in holdings must fall been at long intervals.
Apple has announced that it s creating its first app development accelerator in Asia, as the Cupertino company seeks to woo India s engineering community with a dedicated space in which to learn design best-practices for Apple s mobile operating system.Expected to open in Bengaluru in early 2017, the iOS App Design and Development Accelerator will support engineering talent and accelerate growth in India s iOS developer community, according to a press release.India has emerged as a key battleground for the big U.S. tech companies as both Google and Facebook look to tap the burgeoning online population — with varying degrees of success — even though much of the country s 1.3 billion inhabitants remain offline.And earlier this year, Apple confirmed plans to open a new development hub in Hyderabad, India that s expected to eventually house around 4,500 people.Apple s new app accelerator will essentially serve to help developers improve their design and development skills for iOS and will include one-on-one app reviews for developers, as well as support for Apple s programming language, Swift.India is home to one of the most vibrant and entrepreneurial iOS development communities in the world, said Apple CEO Tim Cook.With the opening of this new facility in Bengaluru, we re giving developers access to tools which will help them create innovative apps for customers around the world.Bengaluru is a major startup hub in India — an estimated one million people work in the city s technology industry, while more than 40 percent of university graduates in the area specialize in IT or engineering, according to Apple.This isn t the first such center Apple has unveiled — earlier this year, it announced its first iOS App Development Center in Europe, to be located at a partner institution in Naples, Italy.The company also has a similar hub in Brazil.
The baby's mother was diagnosed with the Zika virus during pregnancyThe Zika virus, which has mainly affected areas of central and South America, may spread to Europe this summer, the World Health Organisation WHO has warned."We call particularly on countries at higher risk to strengthen their national capacities and prioritise the activities that will prevent a large Zika outbreak."The assessment took into consideration two factors: the likelihood of the virus spreading and the "existing national capacity to prevent or contain local transmission".Countries and areas at highest risk included Russia, Georgia and the Portuguese island of Madeira.WHO recommended a number of preventative measures to countries at high risk, including strengthening activities to prevent the spread of mosquitos, equipping health professionals to detect transmission of Zika and to ensure that communities "reduce mosquito breeding sites"."We stand ready to support European countries on the ground in case of Zika outbreaks," said Nedret Emiroglu, Director of the Communicable Diseases and Health Security Division, WHO Regional Office for Europe.
According to the company the technology is able to produce high quality parts to ten times faster and half the price compared to existing 3D printing systems. HP sued 3D printers market is currently dominated by Stratasys- and 3D Systems, Inc., says the BBC. HP about the washing machine-sized Jet Fusion 3D 3200 -printterin Prices start at 120 000 euro. 3200 model will be on sale in Europe in 2017, the first to include Austria, Belgium, Ireland, Italy, France, Germany and the UK. HP models will be the representative that they can print the also multi-colored objects. Research firm Gartner estimates that last year sold about 245 000 3D-print inserts.
In Italy, there s a lift that can switch directions and move both horizontally and vertically.Plus, there s a glass lookout so you can see where you re going.Tom Scott visited the Ascensore Castello d Albertis-Montegalletto in Genoa to figure out how the contraption works, and how it manages to be safe to ride.The lift travels 300 metres horizontally before it starts going up to a castle at the top of the hill.The cabin that people get into can only move horizontally.To move up and down, the life actually goes inside a bigger lift.
In February 1493, Christopher Columbus described his historic journey of the previous year in a letter to the king and queen of Spain.The US Immigration and Customs Enforcement says the $1.1 million "Plannck II" copy donated to the Library of Congress in 2004 was being delivered to Italy after an investigation found it was stolen from Florence's Riccardiana Library and replaced with a high-quality photocopy decades ago, per the Local and Delaware News Journal.After a researcher finally detected the forgery in 2012, authorities received a tip that the real one was in Washington.Among other things, researchers detected bleach on the Library of Congress' copy, suggesting that the Riccardiana Library's stamp was once there but had been removed."It is interesting how 500 years after the letter was written it has made the same trip back and forth from America," says Italy's culture minister, per NBC News.This article originally appeared on Newser: After Decades-Old Theft, 1493 Columbus Letter Is ReturnedMore From Newser
1955 Porsche 550 SpyderMonterey Car Week is one of the most prestigious gatherings on the motoring calendar, showcasing the best of automotive engineering and design traced through the ages.Auto shows, historic races, and auctions are all part of the week s agenda, yet apart from the Councours D Elegance, The Quail is the most exciting event.2016 Scuderia Cameron Glickenhaus; James M. Glickenhaus – New YorkScuderia Cameron Glickenhaus SCG 003CS was first shown at the 2015 Geneva Auto Show.The weekend after the race, it was driven from Turin to Como, Italy, and displayed at Villa d Este.1934 Packard Chassis Coachbuilt Body; James Hetfield – CaliforniaIt all began with a stack of sheet aluminum and an idea to inject some American custom car swagger into classic coach-building design ideology.It s a delicate balance with undeniable rhythm and flow, masterfully executed by some of the most gifted hands in metal shaping.
Project Mainstream is global project targeting areas of sustainability thwarted by complexities such as e-waste, using a circular economy model.One example, IBM is working to keep industrial products in continuous loops to maximize residual value and ensure that end-of-lease and client-owned IT equipment is refurbished, resold, disassembled or sold as parts, to be used for repair and maintenance work.The fishermen, many of whom are unable to read or write, are being trained to use the smartphones and are being provided with local charging facilities.The research is being led by CSIRO and aims to improve honey bee pollination and productivity on farms, as well as help understand the drivers of bee Colony Collapse Disorder CCD , a condition decimating honey bee populations worldwide.Using proprietary algorithms, TreeTAG generates a one-time code that captures precise data on the potential maximum yield of each tree, as well as the species, time, date, and exact location where each tree is felled.In Italy, researchers at SUNRISE are also working to enable seas, lakes and rivers to be digital highways for data transfer from sensors, robots, and underwater vehicles capable of performing tasks too dangerous for humans.
Google Maps for iOS is getting a new feature today designed to help users find the best places to eat and drink in their vicinity.It s true that Google Maps for iPhone and iPad already let users find places nearby to quench their thirst or fill their belly, serving up categories such as Local Favorites, Quick Bites, Pub, and Eat & Drink, but it also offered Play & See which included movie theaters, department stores, parks, and museums.Now when you first open Google Maps on your iOS device you ll see that the Explore feature is labelled specifically for food and drinks.This is similar to how it already appears on the Android version of the app.Additionally, rather than splitting the options by walking distance and time of day, it now lets you select what kind of culinary experience you re looking for: breakfast, lunch, coffee, dinner, or drinks.The visible options will default to whatever time of day it is where you are, so rather than showing you breakfast bistros in your neighborhood at 5pm, it ll maybe show you Pizza Hut or a burrito-bar.With each top-line category you ll be able to sift through additional sub-categories, such as keep it cheap, best dinners, or make it fast.The new Explore feature will be rolling out from today in the U.S., UK, Japan, France, Germany, Italy, and Spain, though we re told it could take a week or so to arrive for everyone.
Today, fifteen years ago, Apple opened the doors of its first two stores. The location was Tysons Corner, Virginia and Glendale, California. Virtually all pundits sawn concept altogether, but it was not long before the success was a fact. Here's what it looked like when Steve Jobs showed off the Apple store for the world: In the current situation, there are nearly 500 stores around the world, specifically in the US, UK, Australia, Belgium, Brazil, Canada, China, France, Germany, Hong Kong, Italy, Japan, Netherlands, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, Turkey and the United UAE. Altogether they have more than a million visitors a day.
Deutsche Bank has compiled a list of what various gadgets costs around the world. As for the iPhone is the mobile phone as the cheapest in the US and most expensive in Brazil. Sweden is the third most expensive country after Brazil and Indonesia, which hardly comes as a great surprise to us. Compared with the US, we pay 45 percent more for Apple's mobile phone, which is partly due to the high VAT. Below, countries are ranked from the most expensive to the cheapest: Brazil $ 931 Indonesia $ 865 Sweden $ 796 India $ 784 Italy $ 766 Denmark $ 754 Finland $ 743 Belgium $ 732 Netherlands $ 732 Spain $ 732 France $ 732 Germany $ 727 Australia $ 707 New Zealand $ 697 Russia $ 695 China $ 693 Canada $ 692 Malaysia $ 691 NM $ 687 Philippines $ 682 UK $ 671 Switzerland $ 666 Singapore $ 661 South Africa $ 660 Japan $ 637 Hong Kong $ 604 US $ 598
Or have yourself a good laugh over the anti-superhero Deadpool, whose director bucked conventional wisdom with this movie's R-rating, and consequently struck box-office goldAlso on tap are the directorial debut of Steven Soderbergh; a highly underrated movie about the personal tragedies of the 2008 financial collapse; and a send-up of horror and sci-fi flicks that predates the Scream movies by several years.See larger imageIt s too bad there aren t more Alfred Hitchcock films on Netflix; this is the only one, along with the TV series Alfred Hitchcock Presents, but at least To Catch a Thief 1955 is a good one for Hitchcock beginners.Hitch and Grant worked together four times overall; their next, and last together, was North by Northwest.John, on the other hand, is sleeping with Ann s sexy sister Cynthia Laura San Giacomo .But Shannon gives a magnetic, frightening performance as the devil who makes a deal it s a fascinating melding of modern and classical storytelling .His previous movie was made in Italy, and another earlier movie paid tribute to the Japanese master filmmaker Yasujiro Ozu.
The Nigerian army is moving into a Boko Haram forest stronghold to rescue the rest of the more than 200 schoolgirls who were abducted in April 2014.3.ISIS is planning a wave of terrorist attacks in France, the country's internal intelligence agency chief, Patrick Calvar, said in a rare warning to the parliament's defense committee.Gap is closing up to 75 stores, mostly outside the US, in an effort to achieve $275 million in annual pre-tax savings.The European Union will miss a June deadline to grant visa-free travel to Turkey unless the country adjusts its anti-terrorism law so that the punishment for crimes is more in line with EU regulation.The EU has proposed relaxing travel rules for Turks in exchange for Turkey's help in preventing the flow of migrants into Europe.10.Singh is the only person who correctly predicted a Conservative majority in last year's UK general election.And finally ...Italy cooked the world's longest pizza, which stretches one mile and is topped with nearly 1,500 kilograms of tomato sauce and two tons of mozzarella.NOW WATCH: FORMER GREEK FINANCE MINISTER: The single largest threat to the global economyLoading video...
Customers use Apple's iPhone 6s at the company's store during its sales launch at the IAPM shopping mall in Shanghai.Photo: Qilai Shen/Bloomberg/Getty ImagesIf you plan on traveling abroad, make sure to protect your iPhone.The study, helmed by strategist Jim Reid, compared the price of purchasing an Apple iPhone 6 and 6S — the 4.7-inch screen, 16GB models — in 27 different countries."Don't lose your phone while away in Brazil, India, Sweden, Denmark or Italy as a new iPhone is most expensive there," Reid's team wrote in the research note.Prices for the smartphones in Japan, Hong Kong and South Africa are also on the lower end.Reid's report said his team "tried to ensure that all taxes and surcharges are included" so the figures are comparable, but there could still be some variation depending on discounts and local fees.
Or an internationally oriented competitor to nyhetsappen Omni. Nyhetsappen was founded two years ago by Johan Othelius. Squid is in turn a further development of the technology platform Njuice, started by Ted Persson and Andreas Torstensson. Read more: The newly established EQT Ventures take in 4.6 billion During the spring Squid launched in Italy, France and Poland, where it quickly climbed the charts. In Poland, we are sixth on Android within the same category, says Johan Othelius. Squid is a unique app in a simple and effective way to enhance the digital news reading, especially among younger people.
Aston Martin has officially debuted the Vanquish Zagato Concept, a one-off showstopper combining the company s bullish good looks with the legendary artistry of Italian design house Zagato.Starting on May 21, the car will be showcased at the Concorso d Eleganza Villa d Este, a classic car exhibition held on the banks of Italy s Lake Como.The Italian influence is especially evident out back as there are four exhaust outlets instead of two, and the rear fascia features rounded tail lamps in true Zagato style.Over the years, we have developed and refined our own design language and we have always gone that little bit further with our special series cars like CC-100, One-77, and Aston Martin Vulcan, said Aston s executive VP, Marek Reichman.Read more: We left the skis at home and shredded some powder in an Aston Martin insteadInside, the spiffy grand tourer boasts a quilted Z pattern across the upholstery, and there are accents of anodized bronze, aniline leather, and carbon-fiber just about everywhere you look.It d be a shame if such talented artisans did all this without touching the engine, but don t worry — the 6.0-liter V12 under the hood has been upgraded to 600 horsepower.
Webcams are very vulnerable to intrusion and stealth viewers. More than 6000 sneak preview were recorded during the seven months that the newspaper reporter had a webcam installed in his living room. On one occasion an unknown person hacked into the camera from an IP address in Italy and secretly looked at the reporter, who at the time was in his living room. The survey shows that around five per cent of infringements took place via the Swedish IP addresses. In Sweden, there are at least 31,000 web cameras connected to the internet according to DN's survey. Most are in private homes, but also in a lot of companies and a few municipalities.
Webcams are very vulnerable to intrusion and stealth viewers. It shows an experiment Daily News has done. More than 6000 sneak preview were recorded during the seven months that the newspaper reporter had a webcam installed in his living room. On one occasion an unknown person hacked into the camera from an IP address in Italy and secretly looked at the reporter, who at the time was in his living room. The survey shows that around five per cent of infringements took place via the Swedish IP addresses. Most are in private homes, but also in a lot of companies and a few municipalities.
When traveling to an area you re unfamiliar with, you should be especially aware of your surroundings and potential risks: pickpocketing, for example.Citybase Apartments put together the data based on their own research you can head to their post to see their full list of sources .Some of these are fairly straightforward.Barcelona, SpainLas RamblasPlaza CatalunyaRome, ItalyTerminiThe Via dei Fori ImperialiPrague, Czech RepublicThe Old Town SquareThe Charles BridgeMadrid, SpainEl RastroThe MetroParis, FranceEiffel TowerNotre-Dame CathedralFlorence, ItalyThe Ponte VecchioThe San Lorenzo MarketAmsterdam, HollandRed Light DistrictDam SquareAthens, GreeceOmonia SquareMetaxourgioLondon EnglandOxford StreetCamdenYou always want to pay attention to your surroundings, but it helps to know the areas where pickpockets strike most so you can be prepared.For more spots, head to their infographic at the link below.WHERE IN EUROPE ARE YOU MOST LIKELY TO BE A VICTIM OF PICKPOCKETING?
Unless you've got superpowers or particularly light fingers, a new iPhone is never going to come particularly cheaply, but some countries offer more competitive SIM-free iPhone pricing than others.Data prised by Business Insider from Deutsche Bank's annual 'Mapping the World's Prices' report reveal which countries the iPhone is cheapest in – and where you're going to pay most for a shiny new Apple smartphone like the incoming iPhone 7.Related: All you need to know about the iPhone 7Using US prices for the iPhone 6 as a baseline, the stats show that Brazil is the most expensive place to buy a new iPhone, where it retails for 56% more than in the States.Other pricey countries to grab an Apple handset include Indonesia, Sweden, India and Italy, while Hong Kong, Japan, South Africa and Singapore are among those where the premium is lowest.The UK ranks 21st in the list at 12% over the odds.Buy Now: Apple iPhone 6 just £447 on AmazonHere's the table in full:However, before we start bashing Apple for being big meanies in certain markets, it's worth noting that the local prices reflect things like import duties, sales tax, and currency variations.