Centre for Environmental Comparison of Toxicity at Cornell University.Ithaca, NY, USA de Port-au-Prince, department "f Animal Science, Cornel / University, Iriaca.The Republic of Haiti is a developing country in the Caribbean that has a history of challenging drug scientists, but a historical panoply of Toxic Accidents in Haiti has received little attention from experts.https://foodlovers771998.blogspot.com/2021/02/haiti-food-and-drinking-water.html
(Cornell University) Public grants to build rural broadband networks may not be sufficient to close the digital divide, new Cornell University research finds.
(Cornell University) Partnering with community organizations, Cornell University researchers are developing and planning a hyperlocal weather forecasting system designed to improve winter-storm emergency response and enhance natural disaster coordination for New York state's rural communities.
(Cornell University) A team from Cornell University's Environmental Systems Lab has put forth a new framework for injecting as much information as possible into the pre-design and early design phases of a project, potentially saving architects and design teams time and money down the road.
"What this plan is saying is that we also want the police to show up less - and that's a radical thing for a city and a mayor to do," Myrick said.
(Cornell University) Cornell University scientists have identified a new contender when it comes to quantum materials for computing and low-temperature electronics.
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(Cornell University) Cornell University researchers have created a low-cost method for soft, deformable robots to detect a range of physical interactions, from pats to punches to hugs, without relying on touch at all. Instead, a USB camera located inside the robot captures the shadow movements of hand gestures on the robot's skin and classifies them with machine-learning software.
(Cornell University) Wind energy scientists at Cornell University have released a new global wind atlas - a digital compendium filled with documented extreme wind speeds for all parts of the world - to help engineers select the turbines in any given region and accelerate the development of sustainable energy.
(American Institute of Physics) Cornell University is developing a system to extract energy from cattle manure to meet the campus's peak demands for heat in the winter months. In the Journal of Renewable and Sustainable Energy, scientists involved with the project give a detailed analysis of the issues required to make this work, including scientific, economic, and energy policy considerations.
(Cornell University) By delving into scientific, technological, environmental and economic data, Cornell University engineering researchers examined whether New York could achieve a statewide carbon-free economy by 2050. Their finding: Yes, New York can reach this goal - and do it with five years to spare.
(Cornell University) The National Science Foundation has awarded the Cornell High Energy Synchrotron Source (CHESS) $32.6 million to build a High Magnetic Field (HMF) beamline, which will allow researchers to conduct precision X-ray studies of materials in persistent magnetic fields that exceed those available at any other synchrotron.
(Cornell University) Engineers from Cornell University and North Carolina State University have proposed a creative solution: an army of swimming, self-propelled biomaterials called 'microcleaners' that scavenge and capture plastics so they can be decomposed by computationally-engineered microorganisms.
(Cornell University) Cornell University scientists have engineered a key plant enzyme and introduced it in Escherichia coli bacteria in order to create an optimal experimental environment for studying how to speed up photosynthesis, a holy grail for improving crop yields.
(Cornell University) A Cornell lab has created these very tools by commandeering simple, single-celled microorganisms - namely E. coli bacteria - and engineering them to explore the complex process of glycosylation and the functional role that protein-linked glycans play in health and disease.
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(Cornell University) To boost efficiency in typical households - where people forget to take wet clothes out of washing machines, retrieve hot food from microwaves and turn off dripping faucets - Cornell University researchers have developed a single device that can track 17 types of appliances using vibrations.
(Cornell University) In a new paper, Cornell University researchers introduce a tool they've developed to improve the fairness of online rankings without sacrificing their usefulness or relevance.
(Cornell University) New York City residents are four times more likely to choose a store where shoppers respect 6 feet of distancing than one where no one is social distancing, according to a Cornell University experiment using 3D simulation.
(Cornell University) NASA's Juno spacecraft -- orbiting and closely observing the planet Jupiter -- has unexpectedly discovered lightning in the planet's upper atmosphere, according to a multi-institutional study led by the NASA/Jet Propulsion Laboratory (JPL).