He got his big break on the shortform video platform Vine, where he amassed over 5 million followers with his slapstick comedy and pranks.It’s no wonder so many young people look up to him — not just as a celebrity, but as a model for achieving online stardom.First, you need to take a quiz that determines what sort of Team 10 influencer you are, a four-category distinction divined through prompts like “my game of choice.” Your options are board games, Call of Duty, Angry Birds, or being social with friends.The result doesn’t matter even in the context of the program.“Will you be one of those people?” He asks, pointing at the camera.Full access to the Edfluence content, beyond the first section, is gated behind the “inner circle,” a package of 12 multi-episode chapters covering platforms like Instagram and YouTube, as well as video editing advice and broader tips dubbed “keys to success.” These chapters are made up of anywhere from four to eight videos, aka “episodes,” that delve into specific topics.
YouTuber Jake Paul is reportedly being sued by a man who claims a prank damaged his hearing and left him in "emotional distress".In July this year, Jake posted a video on his YouTube channel showing him and his friends driving around Los Angeles.The 20-year-old social media star beeped an extra loud horn on his car at strangers and filmed their reactions.But one victim of the stunt says it's ended up damaging his hearing, reports US website TMZ.It reports the man was leaving a store in West Hollywood when he was targeted by Jake and his friends.TMZ also says that the man who filed the lawsuit is seen in Jake's video, which has been watched more than 7m times - but it is not clear which person he is.
The online radio service Slacker Radio has been acquired by LiveXLive, a music streaming service focused on live music streaming, the company announced today.Slacker, which has been around since 2007, has radio stations curated by DJs (something Dash Radio does better), customizable radio stations based on your taste (something Pandora does better), and at one point sold portable music players (something Apple did better).But you do get a free subscription to it if you buy a Tesla Model S or X, so that’s nice.LiveXLive is — as the name says — focused on live music streaming, but the company hasn’t made a substantial impact in the streaming market yet, despite streaming performances by Rihanna, Katy Perry, Radiohead, Chance The Rapper, and Bruce Springsteen.The acquisition of Slacker Radio gives it an opportunity to increase its usage time beyond the nightly concert or festival stream, but the music streaming market isn’t exactly easy to break into, despite still being somewhat nascent.LiveXLive also has a talent division led by popular social media celebrity Amanda Cerny, with contributors including King Bach and controversial YouTube star Jake Paul.
The YouTube star will no longer appear on BizaardvarkOver the weekend, word got out that Jake Paul would no longer appear in Disney’s hit show Bizaardvark.Paul, 20, became popular for making short videos on Vine before transitioning to YouTube.He played a version of himself on Bizaardvark, which reaches about 85 million viewers, according to GQ, and is only in the middle of its second season.(His brother, Logan Paul, for creating Vine and YouTube videos.)“We’ve mutually agreed that Jake Paul will leave his role,” a Disney spokesperson said in a statement.
Jake Paul is a 19-year-old Disney star who started a new media company, TeamDom, to help influencers build their brands and make money.TeamDom is announcing today that it has raised $1 million in a funding round led by China s Danhua Capital.The Los Angeles company will use the money to hire people, develop and monetize influencer products, create a TV show, and produce more viral content for brands.TeamDom is a social-first media company with a talent label called Team 10.Other investors include Edward Lando Horizons Alpha , Gary Vaynerchuk Vayner Capital , Abe Burns Sound Ventures & A-Grade Investments , and Adam Zeplain.TeamDom wants to make Team 10 home to the most powerful group of social media stars and is focused on monetizing their status.Paul, a star on the Disney Channel sitcom Bizaardvark, has 17 million followers across the various social networks.Many Team 10 figures came from the company s boot camp and talent incubator, Team Fuze.Team Fuze identifies potential talent and provides them with the knowledge and resources to learn what it takes to be a social media influencer.Another division, Team X, is an agency built to bridge the gap between American influencers and China s closed-off social media.
Unboxing videos are a staple in the tech community, with some even focusing on purely creating videos that get rid of product packaging.OnePlus is now trying to turn the genre on its head — to promote the new OnePlus 3T, they asked ex-Viner Jake Paul to unbox its new phone.Not in a studio, but in a fighter jet at ridiculous speeds.To commemorate today s European release of the phone, the plane took flight from an airfield in the Czech Republic for a fun first look at the device.Even though Paul isn t a professional unboxer, he s a great entertainer.The idea to unbox a phone in a plane hitting multiple G s of force is fun, but because the entire video has produced by OnePlus, don t expect him to be highly critical of the device itself.
One do you do when you have a new, high-end, smartphone that s not exactly getting purely praises by word of mouth?Kick the marketing into high gear, of course!And what could be better than having that smartphone unboxed in a death-defying stunt?Well, minus the death-defying, leaving only the stunt.That is exactly what OnePlus did when it invited YouTuber Jake Paul to Prague to unbox the OnePlus 3T in the most unlikely location: up in the air, inside a fighter jet.So what s the connection between the OnePlus 3T and a fighter jet?
The OnePlus 3T has a Snapdragon 821 processor and 6GB of RAM inside, making it one fast smartphone, so OnePlus decided to shoot an unboxing video in an environment that reflects the new device s speedy capabilities.It chose the cockpit of a fighter jet traveling at up to 700mph.It calls the video the most extreme unboxing video yet, and it s pretty hard to disagree.OnePlus gave the job of unboxing the phone to Jake Paul, an ex-Vine star and popular YouTuber, who climbs aboard what looks like a MiG-15 aircraft in Prague, Czech Republic, to open up the OnePlus 3T s box and take a look inside.This isn t a video where all the ins-and-outs of the 3T are critically examined, but that s hardly a surprise, due to it being OnePlus s own video and shot at a time when the Paul was experiencing up to six times the force of gravity.Paul holds the phone, and his lunch, during the flight; noting how the new gunmetal finish differs from the silver body of the now discontinued OnePlus 3.