Apple is building an accelerator program in India to boost local startups.Google's annual developer conference Google I/O starts today.Here's our rundown of what you should expect.3.Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos says more brick-and-mortar stores are "definitely" coming.The hackers broke into sites that stored unpublished press releases.8.A startup CEO says the majority of VCs are talking "complete hogwash" if they say they can offer more than money.
Executives at restaurant food delivery startup Deliveroo may have felt a chill down their spine on Tuesday as Amazon announced tentative steps to move in on their territory by launching a restaurant food delivery service over the pond in Manhattan, New York.Deliveroo is arguably the best-known restaurant food delivery company in the UK but one of the startup's early employees is aware that there are other companies eyeing up the space it operates in.Last Wednesday, before Amazon announced it was going to deliver food from 350 eateries across Manhattan, Dan Warne, Deliveroo's managing director for the UK and Ireland, told Business Insider: "I m sure there will be some much bigger fish who consider entering the market at some point.But we feel we re in a very good position."Deliveroo, founded by former investment banker Will Shu and Greg Orlowski in 2012, pays a fleet of riders to pick up food from restaurants and deliver it to customers at their homes and offices."Restaurants don t necessarily have a back entrance to handle drivers or a second kitchen to handle deliveries," explained Warne.Warne said Deliveroo plans to put the RooBoxes in areas where there isn t necessarily high footfall.Tommi's first started using the RooBox in February.Tommi's manager Robert Magnusson told Business Insider that the RooBox has allowed Tommi's to test new markets and expand with low financial risk and overheads.The results of the test will be based around how drivers feedback on it.
Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos said during the company s annual shareholder meeting Tuesday that it wants to open more physical bookstores and add additional services to Amazon Prime.The e-commerce behemoth has never disclosed the precise amount of subscribers to Amazon Prime, which offers services like free two-day shipping and video/music streaming for a $99 annual fee.TechCrunch has contacted Amazon for more details.Bezos said that Amazon is definitely going to open additional stores, but it hasn t yet decided how many.But even a few brick-and-mortar locations would help Amazon gain a footprint in physical retail which still make up more than 90 percent of total retail sales in the U.S., despite the growth of e-commerce , attract new customers, and collect more data about shopping habits.Other e-commerce businesses that have opened stores for similar reasons include Warby Parker, Birchbox, and Bonobos.
Image copyright Amazon Image caption The existing store offer books at the same price as they are available onlineAmazon's chief executive Jeff Bezos has confirmed that the online retailer plans to build more real-world book stores.It opened its first bricks and mortar store in Seattle in 2015, with a second to follow this summer in San Diego."We're definitely going to open additional stores, but how many we don't know yet," he added.As Amazon mulls expansion into the real world, struggling clothing retailer Gap has said that it would consider allowing its clothes to be sold on Amazon."To not be considering Amazon and other would be - in my view - delusional," said chief executive Art Peck at the company's annual investor meeting in San Francisco.According to a Morgan Stanley report, Amazon is the second-largest clothes retailer in the US, with only supermarket giant Walmart ahead of it.
Photograph: Jeff Chiu/APMark Zuckerberg on Wednesday held a wide-ranging discussion with a group of conservative commentators who said afterward the Facebook CEO acknowledged the giant social network has a problem reaching conservatives.To acknowledge that Facebook has come up short and that the company needs to improve – acknowledging there s a problem and saying they re going to resolve it is the right approach.Moffatt, co-founder of Targeted Victory and head of digital for Mitt Romney s 2012 presidential bid, said that the Facebook founder stopped short of making any concrete promises besides internal reviews that were already underway but had acknowledged a problem of trust.I wanted to hear their concerns personally and have an open conversation about how we can build trust.There has been a serious issue of trust within the conservative movement about this issue, but everyone in that room, on both sides, wants to see it restored, he said.Topics that appear as trending can have a self-fulfilling effect, as more Facebook readers see and share the items, and other news organizations decide to write their own stories.
Google today unveiled Android Wear 2.0, which the company is calling the most significant update to Android Wear since the platform launched over two years ago.Android Wear product manager Jeff Chang promised there would be multiple previews over the summer, with the final release to users slated for the fall.Android Wear 2.0 brings a slew of improvements for both developers and users.It covers the new navigation drawer swipe down in an app and action drawer swipe up in an app components in the Wearable support library and guidance on adopting the new dark color palette.Android Wear apps will now finally be able to access the Internet directly over Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, or cellular.Yes, that means they don t need to rely on the Data Layer APIs, meaning they no longer require your phone.If this sounds familiar, you re probably remembering the Android Wear update in April 2015 that let you get notifications, send messages, and use apps as long as your smartwatch was online.As a result, developers can now even create their own custom input methods.Last but not least, messages have a new notification template, which is also available on phones and tablets using Android N. The template s layout is supposedly optimized for quick and responsive messaging, as Google has found that this is the app type that is used the most on watches.It s now easier to develop apps that use fitness data and detect activity.That includes Data Saver, Java 8 Lambda support, and emojis.The new Android N developer preview also launched today at I/O 2016, and you can read about features that arrived in the first two previews here and here.Singleton expects the vast majority of Android Wear watches will eventually get Android Wear 2.0.
Oracle's co-chief executive Safra Catz reportedly told a San Francisco jury hearing the firm's suit against Google that this had had a very negative impact.She also claimed Oracle had offered Jeff Bezos Amazon a 97.5 per cent discount to use Java for its Paperwhite e-reader after Amazon switched from Java, which it had used on Kindle, to Android for its Fire device.Oracle swooped after IBM demurred on picking up Sun for its hardware server and storage business, to deliver the hardware part of the full Oracle stack chief executive Larry Ellison had so long wanted, and Java.Sun was a shell of a company, having spent a decade failing to extricate itself from the dot-com crash of the 2000s and reporting nothing but losses.And yet that was small change for Sun, which lived on systems and server revenue of multiples of billions of dollars - despite losses.Harmony was fully supported by IBM, put out at Sun's continued control of Java, and it happened to be an implementation that used a JVM called Dalvik, whose libraries were picked up initially by Google for Android.
Remember when news leaked that Amazon was planning to open a lot more brick-and-mortar shops?Geekwire is reporting that Jeff Bezos said that they re definitely going to open additional stores.However, the number and precise location of the stores remain undisclosed.Reports from the New York Times and Recode claimed that the plans were probably more modest than that, but that they d definitely be headed by Steve Keseel, an Amazon executive who helped with the launch of the first Kindle.I reached out to Amazon by both email and phone but have yet to hear back.This post will be updated as soon as the notoriously secretive Amazon gives us a comment we can publish.
When Independence Day Resurgence arrives in cinemas on June 23, 20 years almost exactly!will have passed both on screen and off since the first film.That s a long time, but for co-writer and director Roland Emmerich, the wait was a necessary evil.I had one big idea for the film which was to create a totally different world that s enhanced by alien technology and that the whole world was united, Emmerich told io9.Secondly, I said OK, so, the Mothership this time, comes down to Earth and it s as big as the Atlantic Ocean.Several members of the original film s cast have also returned to help bring Emmerich s vision to life.
Google Assistant Finally Turns Google s Voice Commands Into a Helpful, Intelligent ConversationGoogle has excelled at voice commands for a long time, but now the voice commands are going anthropomorphic.If you want to narrow it down to kid-friendly movies, you can say We want to bring the kids.Google Home Will Compete With Amazon Echo, Bring Google Assistant and More Into Your HomeAndroid N Still Doesn t Have a Name, But You Can Suggest OneGoogle isn t content letting Amazon be the only one with a smart gadget sitting in your home awaiting your voice command.Google Home will also be able to connect to smart home devices like light switches and speakers to allow you to control your smart home with simple voice commands.A new beta-quality version of Android will be rolling out soon for users in the Android Beta Program.The smart money is that Allo and Duo will eventually replace Hangouts, but Google isn t saying right now.
AmazonWhile still a primarily online store, Amazon isn't turning its back on physical retail establishments.After opening its first brick-and-mortar store in Seattle last year, the company's CEO Jeff Bezos confirmed at Amazon's shareholder meeting that more stores are coming."We re definitely going to open additional stores; how many we don t know yet, Bezos said at the meeting according to a report from The Wall Street Journal.In these early days, it s all about learning rather than trying to earn a lot of revenue."Currently Amazon's Seattle location is mostly a bookstore, and the company is already building another location in San Diego.Still, Bezos' statement is a bold one, so we'll likely see numerous additional Prime membership perks rolling out soon.
Amazon Web Services AWS — the e-commerce company s cloud computing division — is also set to reach a major milestone this year, on its way to $10 billion in sales.Amazon says AWS is now bigger than was 10 years ago and is growing at a faster rate.After facing harsh criticism over the treatment of its employees in a New York Times story last August, Amazon used its letter to shareholders to comment on the company s culture:A word about corporate cultures: for better or for worse, they are enduring, stable, hard to change.They can be an advantage of disadvantage… We never claim that our approach is the right one — just that it s ours — and over the last two decades, we ve collected a large group of like-minded people.Folks who find our approach energizing and meaningful.Amazon's annual letter to shareholdersIn addition to the Amazon Web Services growth, Amazon said its Prime memberships are growing as well — up 51 percent last year.With more than ten years of marketing management experience, she has contributed to a variety of traditional and online publications, including,, and Sales and Marketing Management Magazine.
When Independence Day Resurgence arrives in cinemas on June 23, 20 years almost exactly!will have passed both on screen and off since the first film.That s a long time, but for co-writer and director Roland Emmerich, the wait was a necessary evil.I had one big idea for the film which was to create a totally different world that s enhanced by alien technology and that the whole world was united, Emmerich told io9.Secondly, I said OK, so, the Mothership this time, comes down to Earth and it s as big as the Atlantic Ocean.Several members of the original film s cast have also returned to help bring Emmerich s vision to life.
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Android NView photosMore Jeff Chiu/AP Naturally Android, Google s mobile operating system, will feature heavily during I/O, with the first in-depth look at 2016′s update to the software expected.Given that Android was overhauled in the not too distant past, we re not expecting wholesale changes, but a bundle of Android news is still definite.Project Tango is one of Google s moonshot ideas and is essentially a piece of technology that allows smartphones to understand and map the world around them as they move through it using 3D motion sensors and depth perception.So in short, the ability to build a digital image of a room just by you walking around it with the device.It s only available to developers currently, but there have been suggestions that Tango could help the virtual reality apps using those sensors and its artificial intelligence.Glass was officially withdrawn from sale by Google last year, but since then has been taken back to the drawing board and re-designed ahead of a potential relaunch.
Mobile apps often provide a better user experience than browser-based web apps, but you first have to find them, download them, and then try not to forget you installed them.Typically, downloading and installing an app would take a while, but with Instant Apps, developers will have to partition their apps into small, runnable parts that can start within a few seconds.Google also worked with BuzzFeed on an early test that lets you open up an instant version of the Buzzfeed Video app to watch a video, and with B to show how developers could use this feature for an ad hoc online shopping experience.They can still use the same source code and some developers may be able to implement Instant App support in as little as a day assuming they have a very basic app, of course .As Burke argued, though, bots aren t really all that convenient in practice yet given that you have to go through multiple steps and maybe type a bunch of sentences to get anything done.The move comes at a time when the app stores are overrun with content, and consumers are becoming less inclined to seek out and try new applications.
Don t be fooled by the brick-and-mortar stores it s got, this is still Amazon from the block.Or rather, the web.Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos has promised to bring more of Amazon offline and into the physical sphere, though it s unclear yet as to how many more really is.And there are no signs of slowing.Already, the company plans to open a second physical bookstore, this time in Southern California the original opened in Seattle late last year .Bezos has also indicated that Amazon Web Services cloud computing unit alone is expected to hit $10 billion in sales this year, marking yet another area of high growth for the company.
Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos has finally taken a stand against Donald Trump and the allegations the Republican presidential nominee has been making of him."That s not an appropriate way for a presidential candidate to behave," Bezos said in an interview with the Washington Post's executive editor Martin Baron on Wednesday.Bezos comments were made in response to Trump's recent accusations that the Amazon CEO was using the Washington Post as a tax shelter, saying that if he becomes president, Amazon is "going to have such problems."I think a company like Amazon also deserves to be scrutinized and examined and criticized, and I have no worries about that," he said.Bezos pointed out that the same level of scrutiny must be applied to elected officials, especially those running for the highest office, and that it's "critical" to build a society that allows individuals and institutions to criticize them when necessary."We live in the oldest and greatest democracy in the world with the strongest free speech protections in the world.And it s critical that we re able to carefully examine our leaders," he said.Bezos also made sure to throw some shade at Trump by bringing up John Miller, the fake spokesperson Trump is accused of having masqueraded as."If you write a story and make sure people know about John Miller, it s still the citizens decisions how to weigh that.
Amazon's first smartphone, the Fire Phone, was a major flop that cost the company hundreds of millions of dollars.But according to Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos, the Fire Phone is a "tiny little blip" compared to some of the larger experiments his company is working on now.And some of them are going to make the Fire Phone look like a tiny little blip," Bezos said in an interview with The Washington Post's executive editor, Martin Baron, on Wednesday.Bezos is famous for his knack of taking experiments and accepting failure as a learning experience.He reiterated his thinking during the interview.And so every single important thing that we have done has taken a lot of risk taking, perseverance, guts, and some of them have worked out, most of them have not.That has to happen at every scale level, all the way down, and you have to take always learn something and you move on.This approach has led to a number of failed projects, like its hotel-booking site, Amazon Destinations, and auction site, Amazon Auction.But it's also led to massive successes, such as its Amazon Web Services and the Amazon Echo, which is why Bezos likes to call the company "the best place in the world to fail."Disclosure: Jeff Bezos is an investor in Business Insider through his personal investment company Bezos Expeditions.NOW WATCH: Ford is partnering with Amazon to let you control your house from your carLoading video...
"My biggest question quickly became to Don: 'Are you sure I can help?I don't know anything about the news business,'" Bezos said in an interview with The Washington Post's executive editor, Martin Baron, on Wednesday.We need somebody who knows about the internet,'" Bezos added.Soon, Bezos learned how the internet was fundamentally reshaping the news industry.So that's how we can get hundreds of millions of readers and make very little money per reader, and have an amazing institution.And we need instead to make a relatively small amount of money per reader on a much larger number of readers," Bezos said.Just two years after buying The Post, Bezos is already showing results."Disclosure: Jeff Bezos is an investor in Business Insider through his personal investment company Bezos Expeditions.NOW WATCH: Jeff Bezos' company is one step closer to space travel with another successful rocket missionLoading video...