It s time to move on to why you re uniquely better than the other candidates.Talk about what makes you completely unique from other candidates:For starters, do you have transferable skills or other qualifications other candidates are less likely to have?Or your people skills will help you fit into an office that recently had some pretty major shifts in management or direction.Those additional facets of your candidacy will help build out the stories you tell.Maybe you can do something that most other candidates probably can t do.Maybe you have experience that other candidates don t. Focus on your unique strengths and what you can bring to the table.
Glassdoor on Friday announced that it had raised another $40 million, led by mutual fund giant T. Rowe Price Associates.Glassdoor founder and CEO Robert Hohman tells us the fundraising is part of his master plan to have a spectacular IPO.Having a major mutual fund as an investor will help with introductions, advice and everything else needed to convince other institutional investors to jump on board the IPO."By the time we do go public, we'll know who major shareholders are likely to be,"  Hohman says."Hohman says that he and T. Rowe fund manager, Henry Ellenbogen, have been talking for years, having met at various conferences held by investment banks where fund managers and startups can schmooze.Glassdoor, a job-hunting site where employees share salary information and reviews of their companies, raised a $70 million round in January, 2015, bringing total funding to $162 million round  With this round, it's raised about $200 million total since it was founded in 2007, it says.Good adviceHohman insists his company is not burning through cash and is balancing growth and profits.When he takes Glassdoor public, he hopes to show investors a company that is growing revenues "profitably or very close to cash-flow break even," he says.Hohman says revenue has doubled each year for the past four years.Profitable startups have been rare in tech for the past few years where investors, public and private, valued revenue growth over all else."I credit Gurley for advising us to pay attention to how we grow," Hohman says.Glassdoor has now raised about $200 million although it isn't quite a "unicorn," the Silicon Valley term for startups valued at $1 billion or more by their investors.Hohman wouldn't tell us the final valuation after this round, except to describe it as a "modest up round" meaning the company is now valued slightly more than it was before the round.Private funding tracking site PitchBook says that Glassdoor has been looking for investors since April and was expected to close this $40 million round by August at a pre-money valuation of $820 million, with a post money valuation of $860 million.NOW WATCH: 'What magic wand do you have?
Since Satya Nadella took over as CEO of Microsoft at the start of 2014, Microsoft's employees have been on a roller coaster.He's presided over multiple layoffs including cutting 18,000 people in 2014 and thousands in the following years.On the other hand, he's also changed Microsoft's culture.Gone are the combative rivalries, the dreaded employee stack review system and the obsessive focus on Windows.Nadella's Microsoft, which shocked the world this month by buying LinkedIn for $26.2 billion, has regained a lot of buzz.And for the most part, employees are loving the new Microsoft.Nadella has a 93% approval rating on job hunting site Glassdoor.Based on comments on Glassdoor, Quora and other sources, here are the best and worst things about working at Microsoft: View As: One PageSlides
You can leave your legacyEarly stage startup job won t pay you as much as you d expect.But you will soon realise you will have to do sales, e-mail marketing, DM, customer service, content writing, video editing, basically everything that needs to be done.You will have to learn them all very fast.That being said, the best part of working at startups is that everyone has the potential to leave their legacy in a big way.If you worked for a corporate as a new graduate, what kind of impact will you have on this company?You will be directly working with the founderFounders and entrepreneurs have this thing that others don t possess.Being able to work side by side, especially when you have a small team, allows you to learn in an innovative and original way of addressing problem and solution.If you are in the corporate world, chances are the CEO or founder wouldn t even realise your existence.Also Read: The new bucket list: Why you should experience life in a startup 3.
When you re putting together a portfolio for a potential job, you want to highlight your best work.You might feel like that s your personal projects, but don t neglect your professional work.As productivity site 99u points out, even if you re not as emotionally attached to your professional projects, they demonstrate key aspects of your work ethic to a potential employer.They show how flexible your style can be or how you can adjust to a client s needs: Self-initiated projects are great to explore and practice, but when it comes to your portfolio try to show as much real stuff as you can.A real project means you have had to adjust to certain parameters and production limitations.
Yet one more significant piece of M in the online recruitment industry.Today Randstad Holdings, an Amsterdam-based human resources and recruitment specialist, announced that it would acquire job hunting portal Monster Worldwide, for $429 million in cash.It s a far cry from the heady days of 2000 — when Monster, which had gone public soon after being founded in 1999, had a share price of over $91.It s still an interesting exit for Monster, which was one of the veterans and notably, survivors from the first dot-com boom.And last month, Japan s job-site giant Indeed Holdings acquired Simply Hired.Monster will keep its brand and will operate as a separate entity, but the bigger idea here is to consolidate different aspects of the recruitment and employment industry for better economies of scale and a portfolio of HR services, in the words of Randstad.
Dutch human resources and recruitment firm Randstad announced today that it s acquiring Monster, the international job-hunting site, for $429 million in an all-cash transaction.That s a win for Monster, which is one of the few companies left standing after the first dot-com bubble burst; the buyout comes at a premium on the company s share price of $262 million when markets closed on Monday.Monster itself acquired Tinder-style job search app Jobr in June.The company will keep its brand and continue to operate as a separate entity; Randstad notes that the transaction is intended to accelerate their ability to develop new and innovative capabilities that deliver greater value to job seekers and employers by bringing labor supply and demand closer together.It ll be interesting to see if the deal helps Monster grow in the job-hunt space over time to take on rivals like Indeed.Randstad hopes to complete the acquisition in the fourth quarter of 2016.
Can we skip to September now, please?Facebook them claimed it would update its code to nullify the workaround.Founded in 2010, Silk helps data journalists, activists, NGOs and businesses produce data visualizations in the cloud without the need for complex software and programming knowledge.Airbnb plans to bring in late-stage capital.Randstad Holdings, the Amsterdam-based human resources and recruitment company, announced it will acquire job hunting portal Monster Worldwide, for $429 million in cash.Deliveroo couriers held a protest over the way they will potentially be paid, just after the on-demand delivery startup announced it had raised another $275 million in funding.
This week, tracked 14 technology M transactions and 46 funding deals totalling €258 million, about $288 million in Europe, Turkey and Israel.Here s an overview of the 10 biggest European tech news items for this week:1 Randstad, an Amsterdam-based human resources and recruitment specialist, is acquiring job hunting portal Monster for $429 million in cash.2 Uber has made a small, direct investment in four European tech startups.3 Russia s national regulator fined Google $6.75 million for violating antitrust rules on tablets and mobile phones, after reviewing a complaint filed by local search engine Yandex last year.4 Dutch data visualisation startup Silk has been acquired by Peter Thiel s Palantir for an undisclosed amount, will shut down its service.5 American-Israeli open-source video platform Kaltura has raised $50 million from Goldman Sachs.6 Apple s planned €850 million data center in Ireland has been approved.7 British mobile banking startup Mondo has been granted a UK banking licence with restrictions by regulators.8 Airbnb paid less than €70,000 in taxes in France in 2015, according to reports in French media, as authorities in Barcelona have stepped up a crackdown on homes illegally rented out to tourists on the website.9 Online retailer Amazon plans to create 500 new jobs when it opens another distribution center in northern England next year.10 Telecoms companies will face new EU rules on how they can access Internet networks under a change to European law that could stoke tensions between large, former monopolies and smaller operators.Bonus link: How Deliveroo and UberEATS are changing the £9 billion food delivery landscapeSubscribe to the weekly Newsletter here.This post first appeared on
Planning a wedding is right up there with moving and job hunting as one of the most stressful things you ll do in life.So when Y Combinator startup Joy approached me about their intelligent wedding planner startup I was already in the eye of the storm using the most popular wedding site in the U.S. sites – and the many, many other mostly free wedding planning platforms out there – aim to help you organize a smooth event by including a picture gallery, guest list manager, link to where you are registered, your love story and information on the event itself.Joy does all that, but also incorporates an assistant to help you navigate, provides customizable designs, an app for updating info and tools for handling the real life event such as the ability for guests to upload their photos as they take them and share on a big screen during the reception.Joy co-founder Vishal Joshi got married nearly a decade ago when wedding sites weren t really a thing just yet.Then theyroped in Kaiwalya Kher who was at Adobe at the time to help them and soon started thinking of the site as a social connection platform for all your guests.
The ability to rent computers and software over the internet, aka cloud computing, has forever changed the computer industry.But that doesn't mean that every cloud startup is a good bet for a prospective employee.So, at the behest of venture capitalist firm Battery Ventures, job hunting site Glassdoor has come up with a list of the best cloud companies to work for, based on employees' overall ratings shared with Glassdoor.All of the companies on this list are growth stage startups that employ at least 200 people.Glassdoor included the top 50 companies on its full list.We further whittled that down to companies that received a high overall rating, had 90% or higher approval of the CEO and where 90% or more employees say they think the company is going in the right direction.Based on that criteria, here's the skinny on the 18 best cloud startups to work for.
Porter Braswell and Ryan Williams are co-founders of an unusual job hunting site called Jopwell and it all started when they became friends while working at Goldman Sachs, jobs theyThey quickly discovered they had a similar interest: mentoring other young black people when they joined the large raising our hand wanting to help out," Braswell told
Job-hunting site CareerCast sifted through its database of nationwide IT jobs and came up with a list of the best of them for 2016, based on salary and the importance of the work at their companies.They also looked at how fast each type of job is growing, and projected how likely that job is to keep growing.So these in-demand jobs of 2016 are going to stay that way for 2017 and, mostly likely, for many more years to come.
LinkedIn has added a new feature that makes it easier for recruiters and candidates to find each other.LinkedIn has long been a way to show your resumé to other companies or recruiters without hanging out a for hire sign that your boss can see.The professional social network recently announced a new feature it has been testing, called Open Candidates, which allows users to flip a switch under the preferences tab that tells recruiters they re open to job opportunities.Recruiters who pay for LinkedIn s premium service will then see a tab in their search results that lists profiles of those who have turned on the signal, connecting them with what LinkedIn calls warm talent.The move is an interesting one for LinkedIn, which grew into a giant in the recruiting world because of the access it gave recruiters to millions of desirable passive candidates who are not actively job hunting.Some 87 per cent of recruiters say they use LinkedIn to evaluate candidates during the hiring process, more than twice that of any other social network, according to a survey by Jobvite.
Cloud computing has taken the IT industry by storm and given rise to a number of public companies.One big investor in the trend is Battery General partner Neeraj Agrawal.Agrawal asked job-hunting site Glassdoor a company he backed to sift through its massive database of employee reviews and come up with the best cloud companies to work for, according to employees.Glassdoor ranked this list based on each company's overall rating.It also included the CEO rating, and the "positive business outlook rating" which is the the percentage of employees that think the company's business will improve in the next six months.All of these are public companies with at least 30 company reviews on Glassdoor as of August 2, 2016.It turns out, the best cloud companies to work for include a lot of companies you may never have heard of.
Amazon wants to put those with AWS Educate qualifications into jobs.Amazon Web Services is adding cloud-related learning courses to its Amazon Educate e-learning platform to encourage the development of skills for cloud related roles - and the company is inviting employers to recruit for roles on a newly created AWS Educate Job Board.The move is described a global initiative to provide students and educators with the resources required to "accelerate cloud-related learning" and represents AWS getting further involved with education.Meanwhile the job board sees the company taking a step into online job hunting and recruitment - putting it in direct competition with the likes of LinkedIn.At its heart, AWS Educate - which was launched in May last year - provides education institutions and students with cloud-related learning.Professors, teaching assistants and students all receive access to AWS technology and open source content for courses, as well as access to a community of users to interact and learn with.
A Virgin Media logo is displayed in the window of the company's shop on Oxford Street in LondonTo continue providing news and award winning journalism, we rely on advertising revenue.To continue reading, please turn off your ad blocker or whitelist us.A student uncovered a security vulnerability in the job placement website of Virgin Media that allegedly exposed "about 30,000 to 50,000" applications featuring personal information such as names, home addresses, email details and telephone numbers.In a bl,og post published on Twitter's Medium platform, Alikhan Uzakov, a student and self-described hacker claimed to have uncovered the flaw while job-hunting."Whilst I was filling out an application form for Virgin Media, I was offered the option to see my uploaded CV.
Take it from me, startups are fun places to work.And if your company becomes a unicorn and you have stock, there s a chance you ll become fabulously rich.But finding your first startup gig can be tricky.For starters, where do you look?Firstly, because it has a ludicrous amount of listings, all from companies you probably want to work for.These have been painstaking curated, contextualized, and presented in a way that promises to make job hunting a less frustrating prospect.
This is a paid placement and if you buy something through this article or on the BGR Store we will receive compensation from retail partners.Between the searching and the rejection, job hunting can be a painful experience.Fortunately, the Find Your Dream Career Bundle is here to make your resume ironclad and take the frustration out of the job hunt.And it s on sale now for just $39.This duo of career-building resources will give you the skills you need to not just identify your dream career, but to actually get it!You ll discover the best ways to network to score interviews, sell your skills, and negotiate a better salary.
There's no question that working in the tech industry, particularly as a software engineer, is a great job with high pay and lots of opportunities.It's also a job that will stay in demand for many years as software continues to eat the world.But some companies pay far more than others.To get a feel for which companies are offering top dollar, we cruised the salary reports from job hunting site Glassdoor, looking for the average salary paid across software engineer titles.The following list only includes companies that had at least 100 salary reports for "software engineer" on Glassdoor, and it only includes companies that pay significantly more than the national average, which is $95,195.