Of course, it s a Legion of Doom drawn from characters that already exist in the CW s version of the DC universe, including Malcolm Merlyn, Damien Darhk Neal McDonough , the Reverse-Flash, and Captain Cold.We now know why John Barrowman Merlyn and Wentworth Miller Captain Cold were given deals that allowed their characters to appear in all the DC CW shows: it was for this.The Legion of Doom will be the big bad of season two of Legends of Tomorrow.having added Matt Letscher as the Reverse-Flash and Neal McDonough as Damien Darhk.Why give this name to these characters?Executive producer Marc Guggenheim gave this answer, For season two of Legends, we decided that the perfect antagonist for TV s first-ever team of Super Heroes would be TV s first-ever team of Super-Villains, recruited from the ranks of Arrow and The Flash s deadliest adversaries.
The Aquaman movie finds itself a writer again .Plus, John Barrowman talks up a potential Torchwood return, and new looks at Outcast, Once Upon a Time, and more.Director Jon Watts that Tony Revolori is indeed playing Peter Parker s original nemesis, high school bully Flash Thompson.Meanwhile, Laura Harrier and Jacob Batalon were introduced as playing Liz and Ned respectively, who are likely a nod to original Spider-Man supporting characters Liz Allen and Ned Leeds from the comics.Idris Elba throws water on the rumors that he s being lined up to replace Daniel Craig as James Bond, telling Good Morning America:I think I m too old for that, man — running around in cars, and ladies and martinis.
Plus, new looks at Suicide Squad and The Mummy, Vampire Diaries casting, and a creepy new look at The Exorcist.Load your webshooters with salt capsules, because rumors are swirling that Scarlett Johansson s Black Widow will make an appearance in the film—presumably alongside Robert Downey Jr. as Iron Man.The source, however, is a single report from an Atlanta-based filming Twitter account, which claims that Johansson has been sighted near where the film is currently shooting:So for now, treat this as some very loose speculation.Shannon Purser—perhaps best known currently Barb from Stranger Things—has joined the speculative would like to play Squirrel Girl train, alongside Anna Kendrick and, presumably, John Barrowman.Morgan Freeman has been cast as Drosselmeyer, the mysterious godfather of main character Clara.
This week we received the exciting news that The Crystal Maze is coming back to TV.The new show will be presented by David Tennant, and will feature a team of celebrity contestants taking on a series of challenges before heading into the Crystal Dome.It never occurred to me to ask either, but would you believe he used to present the Children's BBC show The Movie Game?That's right: the figure at the centre of your hazy memories of the show is none other than Captain Jack himself.Satire is dead when the best joke they can come up with is "LOL, Eric Pickles is fat".Compare HIGNFY to what America manages with The Daily Show four nights a week, or what John Oliver has been doing on HBO and it is despairing.
What should have been a fun romp through time and space instead got bogged down in a single plot that didn’t showcase the best of the characters involved.It’s to the credit of everyone involved that season two managed to fix almost all of the show’s problems and become a joyful experience.The main plot of this season has revolved around a Legion of Doom made up of Malcolm Merlyn (John Barrowman), Damien Darhk (Neal McDonough), Eobard Thawne (Matt Letscher), and Captain Cold (Wentworth Miller).Now that season two is over, io9's new Legends evangelists James Whitbrook and Katharine Trendacosta decided to have a conversation about why and how Legends of Tomorrow went from nearly unwatchable to one of the most fun shows on TV.Katharine Trendacosta: And the award for “Most Improved” goes to...Sara Lance (Caity Lotz), Heatwave/Mick (Dominic Purcell), Ray Palmer (Brandon Routh), Martin Stein/half of Firestorm (Victor Garber)—I was so happy that they’d get stories of their own, away from Flash and Arrow.
Welcome to the Island of Dr. Acquisition where all of a company’s ills can be fixed simply by grafting another company onto it!There’s literally no chance both patients will die during the operation or the result will be a lumbering freak of nature that will go on to destroy its creators!Writing for Futurism, Karla Lant explains “Why Apple Should Buy Tesla and Make Elon Musk CEO.” (Tip o’ the antlers to Dan Minea and Krishna Pérmi.)Why didn’t everyone think of it before instead of just a whole bunch of people who are tragically attracted to simple answers to complex questions?!ELON MUSK IS A GOLDEN GOD WHO WILL SAVE ALL HUMANITY OR AT LEAST ALL RICH PEOPLE WHICH IS KIND OF THE SAME AT LEAST IF YOU’RE RICH.THE ACTOR WHO LOOKS MOST LIKE HIM IS JOHN BARROWMAN BUT SINCE HE’S OLDER THAN MUSK AND NOT A BIG-SCREEN NAME, HE’LL MOST LIKELY BE PLAYED BY JOSEPH GORDON-LEVITT IN HIS BIOPIC.
p If you were still somehow hoping that the Doctor Who spinoff series Torchwood could return to TV, six years after it last aired, then we’ve got some news for you.The good news is Torchwood is finally getting an official continuation!The bad news is if you wanted it on TV, because it’s going to be a new audio drama series from Big Finish.This is far from Torchwood’s first big return to the world of audio dramas.Big Finish, who also do a long-running series of Doctor Who stories, have been doing Torchwood dramas with John Barrowman’s Captain Jack and even the pre-Miracle Day version of the team for a while now.But the newly announced Torchwood: Aliens Among Us, is being billed as an official return and continuation of the series after the events of its (honestly rather terrible) fourth season, Miracle Day.
Weird old Doctor Who spinoff Torchwood is coming back for a sixth series, don't you know, only it's not going to have quite the same impact as the return of his most famous chum the Doctor; it's an audio production distributed on CD, as was the fifth series of the adventure serial.Still, it's more Torchwood for the type of people that like Torchwood, and some of the people that used to be in Torchwood are still in this Torchwood, with John Barrowman, star of stage and screen and, latterly, mostly just pantomime and adverts, agreeing to do the voice once more.Produced by Big Finish, series six of Torchwood consists of four audio play episodes, with the collection of stories given the title God Among Us and apparently pitching old Captain Jack Harkness against some sort of god.It's probably just an alien, though.The first one should be ready for release in October, and the plan is to gradually publish new episodes into 2019, as Torchwood fans can't take too much excitement at once.[Big Finish via Digital Spy]
That's when its on in the UK every night on ITV, with the Extra Camp follow up show immediately afterwards on ITV2.I'm A Celebrity Get Me Out Of Here is set for another round of jungle based brilliance for 2018 and there's lots to get excited about.The celebs will soon be whisked to the outback and we'll tell you how to watch I'm a Celebrity online for free - regardless of where on Earth you are.It has now been confirmed that football manager Harry Redknapp, The Chase's Anne Hegerty and Coronation Street's Sair Khan will all be at the camp this year.Joining them are the likes of John Barrowman, ex-X Factor star Fleur East and TV presenter Nick Knowles.The team of celebrities will be shipped out to the jungle this weekend to take on the usual array of challenging tasks, which earn them food for their group.
The football manager beat Emily Atack and John Barrowman in Sunday’s live final, who finished in second and third place respectivelyThe last episode saw the final three take on a series of Bushtucker Trials - one of which served up some hilarious reactions from host Holly WilloughbyIt was announced 11 million votes were cast from viewers during the finalHarry is the 18th star to win the ITV reality seriesThe episode ended with Dec Donnelly thanking Holly for standing in for regular co-host Ant McPartlinS N A P V E R D I C T
However, until the most recent series starring Jodie Whittaker and her trio of predominantly Yorkshire-hailing companions, the programme has never felt particularly, well, Northern.But sod feelings, can data prove that the series that ended on New Year’s Day with the Thirteenth Doctor once again defeating the Daleks was the most Northern?Yes, I wrote “series” not "season" because when a programme has been running as long as Doctor Who has (56 years and counting) there needs to be a way of concisely differentiating between things.With the show’s setting changing every week, our perception of its regional identity is shaped in large part by its actors’ backgrounds and that seems a decent proxy for determining its relative Northern-ness.This was a straightforward task for most of the actors who have appeared in the series – nobody disputes that Peter Capaldi is Scottish or Billie Piper is a born and bred southerner – but some were born in one region and raised in another, so where it is debatable, I have made a completely arbitrary ruling.For this reason, Glasgow-born and Illinois-raised John Barrowman, who appeared throughout the first five years of New Who as Captain Jack Harkness, is treated as a Scot.
Phillip Schofield and Holly Willoughby return to the rink - here's how to watch Dancing on Ice 2021 online for free and stream the show wherever you are.
An audio play based on John Barrowman’s Doctor Who and Torchwood character has been axed by production company Big Finish.Barrowman and former co-star David Tennant both lent their voices to the new story Torchwood: Absent Friends, which would have seen Captain Jack Harkness reuniting with the Time Lord.However, following allegations that Barrowman repeatedly exposed himself on the set of the BBC sci-fi show, Big Finish has said they will no longer be releasing the audio story.In a statement, they said they “have no plans to publish this title at this time”.Earlier this week, it was announced that Barrowman had also been removed from an interactive Doctor Who experience.The FAQs section on the website for the Doctor Who: Time Fracture event, which is due to begin in London on 26 May, includeD the question: “What’s happening with Captain Jack Harkness and Torchwood in the show?”A statement then explained: “Immersive Everywhere have taken the decision to remove this pre-record from Doctor Who: Time Fracture.“We will continue to include content that pays tribute to this brilliant show that is Torchwood so as not to disappoint its fans, and are working on an exciting storyline to be announced soon.”Last week, The Guardian published allegations from two women that the actor exposed himself “on a regular basis” behind the scenes during the shows’ earlier years.Numerous witnesses described the incidents to the newspaper as “inappropriate pranks” and he has since apologised for “tomfoolery” on set. In a statement, Barrowman said: “With the benefit of hindsight, I understand that upset may have been caused by my exuberant behaviour and I have apologised for this previously. Since my apology in November 2008, my understanding and behaviour have also changed.”His first apology came in November 2008 after he pulled down his trousers during an interview with BBC Radio 1.“I apologise for any offence I have caused. I was joining in the light-hearted and fun banter of the show, and went too far,” he said at the time.Julie Gardner, an executive producer on Doctor Who and Torchwood, also confirmed to The Guardian that she had received a complaint about his behaviour on set “around 2008”.“I met with John and reprimanded him [to] make it clear to both John and his agent that behaviour of this kind would not be tolerated,” Gardner said, adding that she also spoke to the show’s other executive producers and the head of BBC drama commissioning.“To my knowledge, John’s inappropriate behaviour stopped thereafter,” she added.John played Captain in Doctor Who and Torchwood between 2005 and 2011.Last year, he reprised the role in an episode of Doctor Who, in which he attempts to make contact with Jodie Whittaker’s Doctor.He later appeared in the New Year’s Day special at the beginning of this year.READ MORE:John Barrowman Apologises For ‘Tomfoolery’ On Doctor Who Set Following Claims He Exposed HimselfJohn Barrowman Removed From Interactive Doctor Who Show Following AllegationsNoel Clarke Suspended By Bafta After Misconduct Allegations
TV shows like Friends, Sex And The City and Modern Family have made household names of their cast members the world over – but when it comes to casting, things could have looked very different for many shows in their infancy.For example, did you know a Desperate Housewife was originally in line for a lead role in Will & Grace? Or that a future Oscar winner had originally set her sights on a main role in Gossip Girl?Here are 16 A-list actors who came close to playing iconic TV characters we grew to know and love... Courteney Cox – Susan Mayer (Desperate Housewives)Almost 20 years since Friends came to an end, Monica Geller is definitely still the role Courteney Cox is most synonymous with, and thanks to the recent reunion, the show remains hugely prevalent in pop culture.However, there was another famous role that could have been Courteney’s.Apparently, Susan Mayer in Desperate Housewives was offered to her, but she was unable to commit due to being pregnant at the time. Eventually, the role went to Teri Hatcher, who later joked she was “maybe on a B-list, certainly not an A-list” for the part. Vince Vaughn – Joey Tribbiani (Friends)It’s hard to imagine anyone but the central six in the lead roles of Friends, but plenty of stars have revealed they came close to bagging a leading part in the show before the line-up the world came to fall in love with.Among them, apparently, was Vince Vaughn, who casting director Ellie Kanner remembers as being “handsome and tall” when he came in to audition for the part of Joey Tribbiani.Of course, he didn’t end up getting the part, but if he did, he’d have crossed paths with Jennifer Aniston over a decade before they eventually started dating. Matt LeBlanc – Phil Dunphy (Modern Family)And while we’re on the subject of Joey from Friends, Matt LeBlanc was also considered for a role in another hugely popular TV sitcom five years after the show that made him an international star went off the air.Matt was apparently offered the role of Phil Dunphy in the Modern Family pilot, but turned it down as he simply felt he was “not the guy for this”.“Plus, I’m having too much fun laying on the couch,” he joked.Instead, Ty Burrell would play the Dunphy dad for 11 series, until the show eventually came to an end in 2020. John Barrowman and Nicollette Sheridan – Will Truman and Grace Adler (Will & Grace)Will & Grace creator Max Mutchnik previously revealed that before Debra Messing was cast in the show’s lead role, Nicollette Sheridan (otherwise known as Edie Britt in Desperate Housewives) came in to read for the part, but apparently didn’t bring what producers were looking for.Years later, Nicollette made a guest appearance in an episode of Will & Grace, playing a love rival of the character she originally auditioned for.Meanwhile, John Barrowman has claimed in the past he lost out on the role of Will Truman as bosses felt he was playing the role “too straight”. It would, of course, eventually go to straight actor, Eric McCormack. Matthew Broderick – Walter White (Breaking Bad)Walter White would certainly have been a change of approach for Matthew Broderick, best known for roles in the likes of Ferris Bueller’s Day Off, The Producers and The Lion King.Breaking Bad creator Vince Gilligan had his heart set on Bryan Cranston for the lead role, though, and it was clearly a smart move, with the star receiving three Emmys for his performance in the hit drama. Katie Holmes – Buffy Summers (Buffy The Vampire Slayer)Before Sarah Michelle Gellar was cast as the world’s most iconic vampire slayer, Katie Holmes was offered the lead role, but turned it down so she could finish high school.Not long after that, Dawson’s Creek came her way, in which she played Joey Potter for five seasons.Buffy isn’t the only iconic lead character that Katie came close to, though, as she was apparently also in consideration for Piper Chapman in Netflix’s Orange Is The New Black.Jennifer Lawrence – Serena Van Der Woodsen (Gossip Girl)Another star who missed out on an iconic TV role due to their young age is Jennifer Lawrence.She auditioned for the lead part of Serena in Gossip Girl, and apparently had her heart set on it, only to be rebuffed, with the part eventually being given to Blake Lively.Still, four Oscar nominations (including one win!) later, it’s fair to say that J-Law did alright in the grand scheme of things.Connie Britton – Olivia Pope (Scandal)Casting director Linda Lowy recalled to The Hollywood Reporter that long before Scandal arrived on our screens, the network presented the team with a long list of actors they’d want for the lead role of Olivia Pope.Apparently, the list was entirely made up of white performers, with Connie Britton’s name coming out on top.However, creator Shonda Rhimes (who has since had huge success with Bridgerton and How To Get Away With Murder) had always envisaged the character as Black, with Kerry Washington eventually making TV history in the role.Elizabeth Olsen – Daenarys Targaryen (Game Of Thrones)A decade before she’d be capturing the world’s attention in the lead role of WandaVision, Elizabeth Olsen had set her sights on a very different cult show.She auditioned for the part of Daenerys Targaryen in Game Of Thrones, but has since admitted she did an “awful” job, which would explain why she never even managed to get a callback.The story of Emilia Clarke getting the part doesn’t quite end there, though.You see, British actor Tamzin Merchant was actually cast as the Mother of Dragons first, and even filmed the show’s pilot, before she was swapped out for Emilia. Dana Delany – Carrie Bradshaw (Sex And The City)Love the character or hate her, Sarah Jessica Parker did an amazing job of bringing Carrie Bradshaw to life – so it might surprise you to hear that she wasn’t first pick for the part of the shoe-loving sex columnist.In fact, Dana Delany of Desperate Housewives fame turned it down first, claiming the show was a little too similar to a past project she’d worked on with Kim Cattrall years earlier.Eventually, Dana ended up playing Katherine Mayfair in Desperate Housewives – but prior to that she also turned down the role of Bree Van De Kamp on three occasions before the part went to Marcia Cross. Alec Baldwin – Mr Big (Sex And The City)But Carrie isn’t the only Sex And The City character who almost ended up being taken down a very different route.Before Chris Noth landed the role of her love interest Mr Big, creator Darren Star wanted Alec Baldwin for the part.However, when Chris ended up being cast, he apparently brought a lot of himself to the character, making him the smooth-talking businessman Sex And The City fans are still divided about even today. Wesley Snipes – Lucious Lyons (Empire)Wesley Snipes was originally top of producers’ wishlists to play the lead in the music industry drama Empire, but was apparently put off by the hefty schedule, as he wanted to have the freedom to still appear in films in addition to the TV project.According to showrunner Lee Daniels, it was Taraji P Henson who wanted Terrence Howard for the part, having previously worked with him on Hustle & Flow. Michael Keaton – Jack Shephard (Lost)Michael Keaton was originally approached by J.J. Abrams when Lost was in its infancy about playing Jack Shephard in the twisting drama.At the time, the plan was that Jack would take centre stage in the series premiere, only to be killed off in the episode’s final minutes, which apparently appealed to the Batman star.However, when it was decided that the character would, in fact, be at the centre of the action for the entire series, Michael admitted to The Hollywood Reporter that the offer lost its appeal.Octavia Spencer – Donna Meagle (Parks and Recreation)Back when she was still best known for bit parts in shows like Ugly Betty, Octavia Spencer auditioned to play Donna in the US comedy Parks & Recreation.Obviously, she didn’t end up being cast, but within a few short years she’d won an Oscar for her role in The Help, and received nominations for roles in critically acclaimed films like Hidden Figures and The Shape Of Water.Retta, who played Donna, is now enjoying success in the Netflix series Good Girls.Pamela Anderson – Dana Scully (The X Files)OK, this is one we’ve most struggled to get our heads around.The story goes that before The X Files first arrived on the scene, network bosses at Fox wanted Pamela Anderson for the role of Dana Scully, as she was still riding high off the success of Baywatch.While we can’t quite imagine Pammie as Agent Scully, it’s fun to consider a world where she also ended up being the one to play Margaret Thatcher in The Crown, isn’t it?Rob Lowe – Derek Shepherd (Grey’s Anatomy)On the other hand, this is one we can definitely see.Rob Lowe was actually offered the role of McDreamy in Shonda Rhimes’ medical drama, which was definitely to the advantage of Patrick Dempsey, who has gone on to have huge success in both the big and small screen.Meanwhile, Rob has insisted he has no regrets about saying no the part, stating: “Me in that part isn’t as interesting as Patrick in that part. If it’d been me, they wouldn’t have called me ‘McDreamy,’ they would have called me Rob Lowe.“Had I done Grey’s, I wouldn’t have been in Parks and Recreation. That alone for me is enough.” READ MORE:13 Iconic Movie Roles That Were Turned Down By Huge Stars15 Iconic Sitcom Moments That Will Still Make You Absolutely HowlWhatever Happened To The 90s And 00s Presenters Of Kids' TV?
Will & Grace made its television debut on US screens in 1998 – but it would be another three years before it made the jump across the pond.In July 2001, the hit sitcom finally began airing on Channel 4, quickly winning praise for its hilarious, ridiculous and fast-paced sense of humour, the different relationships depicted between its central core characters and, of course, the way it put LGBTQ characters in the spotlight in a way few shows before had managed.Eventually, Will & Grace ran for eight years, only to be revived for a reboot more than a decade after the cast took their final bows, with its acclaimed second run lasting a further three seasons.Still revered two decades on, here are 20 facts you might not have known about the game-changing, award-winning show...1. First of all, Will and Grace were never actually supposed to be the central characters of the showAnd before you ask, no, neither were Jack and Karen. In fact, when the show was first pitched, the idea was that it would revolve around three sets of couples, one of whom was a gay man and a straight woman who lived together.However, with Mad About You nearing its end, NBC wanted a new two-header sitcom, so set creators Max Mutchnick and David Kohan the task of writing a pilot putting that single pair in the spotlight.2. Will and Grace’s relationship is based on a pair of real-life friendsThe friends in question are Max Mutchnik and his childhood friend, casting agent Janet Eisenberg. Like Will and Grace, Max and Janet were an item in their younger years, only for him to come out as gay when they were both at university. 3. The title characters’ names actually came from a book about Jewish philosophyThe story goes that the characters’ names were found in Martin Buber’s book I and Thou, in which he writes about how people need both the “will” to pursue an afterlife and the “grace” to accept it. 4. Although Grace’s middle name was a bit more of an inside jokeGrace’s full name was Grace Elizabeth Adler, supposedly because of her mother’s affinity with Elizabeth Taylor.In real life, Grace’s mum was played by Debbie Reynolds, whose own history with Elizabeth Taylor (the former’s husband at one point leaving her for the latter) is well-documented. 5. A lot of actors were in the running for the title charactersAmong them, apparently, were John Barrowman, who claimed he was turned down for the role for not being gay enough. The part would eventually go to Eric McCormack who is straight.Future Desperate Housewives star Nicolette Sheridan also auditioned for the part of Grace, but didn’t make the cut. Years later, she would make an appearance in Will & Grace as a love rival of the character she’d hoped to play all those years earlier.6. Eric McCormack was the first actor cast for the show – but Debra Messing took some convincing In fact, producers turned up at her apartment with a bottle of vodka in the hopes of talking her round.“They poured me several shots, we spoke for several hours and they pitched me the show,” she recalled shortly after the show’s launch. “I’m a lightweight. I didn’t need much to be a little giddy. By the end of the evening, they said, ‘Will you do it?’ I said, ‘Let’s talk tomorrow’.”Five minutes after they left her home, she called them to say she’d love to play Grace.7. Sean Hayes almost didn’t audition at all When Sean was first invited to audition, he didn’t want to pay for a flight to Los Angeles, so threw out the script he’d been sent.It was only when producers persisted in asking him to come in and read for the part of Jack that he realised the opportunity might be worth forking out for.8. While Megan Mullally originally had her eye on a different roleApparently, Megan had her eye on the role of Grace when she first auditioned, and when the character of Karen was first presented to her, she didn’t seem all that enthused.“I didn’t want to play the bougie best friend because I didn’t think I could bring anything new to the part,” Megan told EW, pointing out that “Christine Baranski had just played the same kind of role on Cybill″.It was only when she realised she could play up to Karen’s “weirdness” that the character started to show its true appeal to her.9. However, no one needed any convincing when it came to rebooting the show in 2017Apparently, it took all four of the main actors under an hour to agree to revive their old characters.10. Several big names appeared on the show before they landed their biggest TV rolesYears before How I Met Your Mother came along, Neil Patrick Harris appeared as an “ex-gay” in Will & Grace, while a pre-Grey’s Anatomy Patrick Dempsie played a love interest of Will’s in an early season. Natasha Lyonne also made an appearance as Grace’s protegée, who quickly gets swayed over to the dark side by Karen.11. While other guest stars were already A-list gay iconsJanet Jackson, Jennifer Lopez, Sir Elton John and, of course, Cher (twice!) are among the A-listers who played themselves in Will & Grace, while Britney Spears played a closeted Christian conservative in a memorable guest stint.Madonna also made an appearance as a short-lived roommate of Karen Walker’s, who she ended up in a bar fight with.12. In fact, Madonna and Cher’s popularity with the show’s fans proved to be a bit of an issueThe story goes that both Madonna and Cher had to record their entrances multiple times as the Will & Grace studio audience were so hysterical about them being there.13. And one guest landed their cameo in a very unusual waySharon Osbourne appeared as a bartender in one scene of Will & Grace, after winning a cameo in a charity auction.14. Producers had a different actor in mind for the role of Beverley LeslieIt’s hard to imagine anyone but Leslie Jordan in the role, but the character was actually written for Joan Collins. Apparently, she was all set to go, but pulled out when she found out her fight with Karen would involve having her wig snatched off.Joan would later make an appearance in Will & Grace later down the line as another of Karen’s nemeses, this time being caught chowing down on tacos in a low-rent fast food restaurant.Leslie Jordan went on to win Best Actor In A Comedy Series for one of his many subsequent appearances as Beverley Leslie.14. While Rosario was originally only supposed to air in one episode – but proved so popular she became a series regularRosario was introduced in the season one finale, when she married Jack in order to get a green card. Over the years, Shelley Morrison grew protective of the comedy character, revealing she twice put her foot down to have scripts changed when she felt that Rosario had been “demeaned”.16. James Burrows directed every episode of Will & Grace And he had a meticulous eye for detail. For example, every piece of mail in the characters’ apartment was specifically addressed to either Will Truman or Grace Adler at the studio’s actual address.James’ other directing credits include Cheers, Friends, The Big Bang Theory and 2 Broke Girls. He also played himself in Lisa Kudrow’s mockumentary series The Comeback.17. Before the reboot, various spin-offs were proposed and swiftly cancelledAmong these were a spin-off centred around Jack and Karen (which was axed when Friends off-shoot Joey didn’t do as well as predicted), and a stage musical based around Karen and Beverley Leslie. 18. Will & Grace proved so popular that it made history at the EmmysDuring its initial run, all four of Will & Grace’s central cast members won Emmys, making it the first (and only) sitcom to manage this feat since The Golden Girls.Will & Grace guest stars to win Emmys over the years include Gene Wilder, Bobby Canavale and the aforementioned Leslie Jordan.19. In fact, the show was so impactful it even got a shout-out from future president Joe BidenBack in 2012, during an endorsement of the introduction of marriage equality in the US, then-vice president Joe Biden said: “When things really began to change is when the social culture changes.“I think Will & Grace probably did more to educate the American public than almost anybody’s ever done so far. People fear that which is different. Now they’re beginning to understand.”Debra Messing then tweeted: “I’m thrilled Biden has come out in support of gay marriage and am beyond proud of what he said #PROUD”20. And while we’re on the subject of politics… what, oh what, is this? Nothing to see here. Just future president Donald Trump dressed as a farmer, performing the Green Acres theme tune with Megan Mullally, in character as Karen, of course.Megan has since admitted her regret over the skit, telling Stephen Colbert in 2016: “Here’s the real story. It was this dumb thing at the Emmys called Emmy Idol, it was when American Idol was the big thing. So they had people come on and do different theme songs from shows, and we did Green Acres. Hilarious.“It’s all a big joke [but] he really wanted to win it, because people were calling in to vote... so we won it. The next day, I was in my Will & Grace dressing room, and the phone rang, and it was Donald Trump. And he said, ‘you know what? We really needed to win that thing, and we did, and you were a big part of that’.”She later recalled in 2019: “At the time... everyone thought he was this hilarious caricature. He seemed like a harmless boob, before we discovered he was a harmful boob.”READ MORE:Revisit The Action-Packed And Chaotic 2001 Brit Awards, 20 Years On'It Was Ghastly': Vanessa Feltz Reflects On Her Memorable Stint In The CBB House, 20 Years OnHere's What The Stars Of Popstars Have Been Up To In The 20 Years Since The Show Debuted