He has a reputation for obsessiveness and for workaholism; he is slim, pale and semi-nocturnal, often staying in the office into the early hours.Before the prospect of an intelligence explosion, we humans are like small children playing with a bomb, he writes.One direct result of it was the open letter signed by more than 1,000 eminent scientists – including Stephen Hawking, Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak and Musk – and presented at last year s International Joint Conference on Artificial Intelligence, urging a ban on the use and development of fully autonomous weapons the killer robots of science fiction that are very close to reality .People can see things moving forward in the technical field, and they become concerned about what next.He sometimes uses the example of humans and gorillas to describe the subsequent one-sided relationship and – as last month s events in Cincinnati zoo highlighted – that is never going to end well.What is natural is therefore never a very useful concept to figure out what we should do.
Because Kansas City spans all styles of barbecue, with beef brisket and ribs, pork in all forms, turkey, sausage and more, plus its home grown niche, "burnt ends," twice-cooked exterior cubes of brisket, the Midwestern city is perhaps the ultimate barbecue lover's destination.And many KC residents agree that Oklahoma Joe's, started by a former barbecue World Champion in a gas station they still serve gas is the very best of the best.The line starts before they open for lunch, but it moves fast, the place is friendly and efficient, and the food is over-the-top good, from the creative specialty sandwiches to the exquisite brisket, but especially the superlative rack of pork ribs, as perfectly prepared as you will ever see - ribs do not get any better than these.There may be no better BBQ joint in the nation.And if the wait deters you, there is a newer, larger, full-service Oklahoma Joe's restaurant in nearby Olathe, KS.
If you ve never been to a Korean BBQ restaurant before where they bring you plate after plate of food and you cook it all yourself, it can be a bit intimidating.These tips will help you get an optimal dining experience and keep you from looking lost.In this video from the ZAGAT YouTube channel, Jonathan Angelluci, the General Manager at Do Hwa, shares some tips on how to dine at a Korean BBQ joint in style.This will spread the onion s flavor all over and help keep the meat from sticking later.While things are grilling, dive into your ban-chan or side dishes, and feel free to snag pieces of meat to eat right off the grill.And if they give you lettuce for lettuce wraps, aim for making each wrap a two-bite affair, not an overstuffed burrito.
The US Senate's Permanent Subcommittee on Investigations has called on the nation's cable and satellite providers to testify about their customer service failings.Senators Claire McCaskill D-MO and Rob Portman R-OH said that they have requested that executives from Comcast, Time Warner Cable, Charter, DirecTV and Dish come to Washington, DC, and explain the consistently poor reviews their organizations receive every year from customers.Though the hearing will focus on TV service, the testimony will also almost certainly touch on internet service as well, as many of the companies bundle their ISP services with TV and phone service.The committee has been investigating the customer service problems for more than a year.The hearings will take place on Capitol Hill on June 23rd and testimony from the companies will be streamed live.Earlier this week, the New York State Attorney General sent an open letter to Time Warner Cable, taking the telco to task for failing to deliver on the services it advertises and telling the cable giant that it has "earned the miserable reputation it enjoys among consumers."
Japan's most popular messaging app, Line, has filed to go public.The Tokyo-based company announced its plans to list shares on the Tokyo Stock Exchange and New York Stock Exchange in a regulatory filing on Friday.It plans to go public on July 15, according to The Wall Street Journal's Alexander Martin, who first reported the filing.Line is a subsidiary of the South Korean company Naver Corp.It had 218 million monthly active users as of March, according to the filing.Line, like the popular messaging app Whatsapp, lets users make free voice calls and send free text messages from anywhere in the world.The app is used in 230 countries around the world, according to Jeanie Han, the CEO of LINE Euro-Americas, who spoke to Business Insider's James Cook in March.It started out as a tool to help people stay in touch following the 2011 Tōhoku earthquake in Japan, but now consists of 65 different apps.Celebrities including Paul McCartney, Taylor Swift, and Maroon 5 also use the app to promote their music.Morgan Stanley, Nomura, Goldman Sach, and JPMorgan are acting as joint global coordinators on the deal.NOW WATCH: Why this Instagram star withdrew $1.2 million in cash — then deposited it the next dayLoading video...
But now, Tesla is facing some bad news in the form of allegations that it urged customers to sign confidentiality agreements over mechanical issues with the Model S.Bryan Thomas, a representative from the US National Highway Traffic Safety Administration NHTSA , told Reuters that the agency is "examining the potential suspension issue on the Tesla Model S, and is seeking additional information from vehicle owners and the company."The NHTSA said it learned that Tesla had entered into a troublesome nondisclosure agreement with a Model S owner who had mechanical problems with his vehicle.Technicians said it showed an unusually high amount of wear caused by a loose, rusty ball joint.It also stated that Tesla wouldn t be responsible for "any and all claims or damages arising out of or in any way connected with any claims or incidents leading or related to our provision of Goodwill paying half of the repair cost ."As noted by Forbes, a Model X owner recently reported to the Better Business Bureau that Tesla canceled her registration and repossessed her new SUV when she pointed out the multiple defects in the vehicle, and then refused to refund her money unless she signed an NDA.Breaking the agreement would have landed her with a $150,000 penalty violation fine.
The commander, the Chief of Police and the Director General of the Swedish Civil Contingencies Agency MSB appeal in a joint letter to the government to stop the sale. They want to be part of frequencies instead saved to build a dedicated mobile data network for socially important functions, according to Dagens Nyheter. It is the last chance to secure a mobile communications network for socially important functions, they write in the letter. - It is an irreparable decision to sell out, says Helena Lindberg, MSB's director general, told DN. But PTS rejects this. - There are a variety of bands and solutions for the needs that they describe, says Johan Vessel at PTS.
Alibaba Group Holding Ltd. s finance affiliate has acquired a 20 percent stake in Shanghai Suntime Information Technology Co., a data provider tracking Chinese hedge funds, according to people with knowledge of the matter.Zhejiang Ant Small & Micro Financial Services Group paid 250 million yuan $38 million in cash for the stake earlier this week, said the people, who asked not to be named because the deal hasn t been publicly disclosed.Ant Financial, as the company is known, becomes the largest owner of Shanghai Suntime after the closely held data provider s Chairman Liao Bing, according to one of the people.Ant Financial is controlled by billionaire Alibaba founder Jack Ma, who has been building his media and financial information empire.The financial affiliate, which controls the company that manages China s largest money-market fund Yu E Bao, is in talks to invest in Chinese business magazine publisher Caixin Media Co. Alibaba bought Hong Kong s South China Morning Post and last year also formed a joint venture with Shanghai Media Group Inc. to create a financial data and information service.With the latest acquisition, Ant Financial is tapping the potential of the nation s rapidly-growing hedge fund industry as more wealthy Chinese turn to private managers.Shanghai Suntime, founded in 2003 by Liao, runs one of the biggest databases tracking Chinese hedge funds, provides profit forecasts for listed companies and offers wealth-management services.The number of private securities funds, the Chinese equivalent of hedge funds, jumped more than 140 percent from a year earlier to 18,297 as of May 31, and assets under management almost doubled to 2.2 trillion yuan during that period, according to the Asset Management Association of China.Ant Financial, which is said to be valued at around $60 billion after raising $4.5 billion earlier this year, has evolved from an outsider in a tightly controlled industry to an online giant now working with the largest state-run entities, including China s sovereign wealth fund and the nation s second-largest bank.The firm also runs China s biggest online payment service, Alipay, with 450 million users.Ant Financial declined to comment in an e-mailed statement.Phone calls to Liao s office on a Chinese holiday went unanswered.— With assistance by Dingmin Zhang, and Lulu Chen
LAS VEGAS -- A Nevada company that wants to build a multi-billion-dollar high-speed passenger railway linking Las Vegas and Southern California has broken ties with a Chinese firm that it had said would help.XpressWest in Las Vegas says it terminated a joint venture with China Railway International, a company formed last August for the effort.An XpressWest representative didn't immediately respond Thursday to questions.A company statement issued Wednesday said the Chinese company had trouble meeting performance deadlines and faced challenges obtaining the required authority to take part.But it has regulatory approval to cover about 190 miles from Las Vegas to the Mojave Desert city of Victorville, California.Cost estimates for the project have topped $7 billion.
Pulsant swallows five datacentres in Edinburgh, Glasgow, Sheffield and NewcastleReading-based cloud and managed hosting provider Pulsant has bought out data centre provider Onyx for an undisclosed sum, the company announced today.Pulsant now gets access to Onyx s data centre facilities in Newcastle, Sheffield, Edinburgh, and Glasgow as the firm vies to strengthen its market position.Strong We have known Pulsant for many years and always felt that combining Onyx and Pulsant would provide a very strong UK-wide player, he said.Both businesses have complementary capabilities and locations, and this acquisition enables the enlarged business to offer a stronger, broader range of services to our joint customers.According to The Register last month, Pulsant agreed to pay £65 million for Onyx, citing several sources.The acquisition will add to Pulsant s capabilities as a provider of hybrid IT services — particularly in the areas of applications management, remote and on-site managed services, workplace recovery and security — and expand its reach in the UK to deliver more options for resiliency and a stronger portfolio of solutions to customers, Pulsant said.
Jericho Systems partners with F5 to benefit customers with a combined solution that enhances scalability, availability, and security DALLAS– BUSINESS WIRE –June 9, 2016– Jericho Systems, the leading provider of Attribute Based Access Control ABAC technology, announced today that it has joined F5 Networks Technology Alliance Partner program.Legacy access control systems such as Role Based Access Control RBAC and Access Control Lists ACLs have proven insufficient for securely handling information sharing, especially in federated environments and across organizational network domain boundaries and enclaves.Data Segmentation is a crucial component for enabling defense in depth for data at rest and in motion.Jericho Systems participation in our Technology Alliance Program provides a substantial framework for collaboration, yielding compelling security and access benefits, said Ron Carovano, Manager, Business Development at F5 Networks.Through a dynamic partner ecosystem, solution capabilities can be extended with industry leaders in adjacent markets, driving interoperability and optimized performance for joint customers.F5, BIG-IP, Local Traffic Manager, LTM, and iRules are trademarks or service marks of F5 Networks, Inc., in the U.S. and other countries.
It has long been rumored that Uber wants to take the step from offering trips in other people's cars to make it their own. Discussions are said to be at an early stage, but may culminate in a joint project this year, according to the news site. Fiat Chrysler is the world's third largest car manufacturer and also owns brands such as Alfa Romeo, Jeep and Maserati, among others. At a conference on Wednesday said übers CEO Travis Kala Nick that the company does not have any ambitions to build their own cars. Rather, they seek partnerships with traditional automakers that can account for manufacturing. US General Motors has invested half a billion dollars in Uber competitor Lift, and German Daimler and BMW is in discussions with both Microsoft and Amazon collaborations.
Two US F-16C fighter jets smashed into one another whilst mid-air over rural Georgia, but both pilots successfully ejected.Officials warned anyone who finds a remaining piece of the jets not to touch it, for safety reasons.The F-16C jets crashed in a heavily wooded area of Jefferson County, said Colonel Nicholas Gentile Jr, commander of the 169th Fighter Wing at McEntire Joint National Guard Base near Columbia, South Carolina.The unit will temporarily suspend flight operations to focus on the investigation but is expected to return to the air by the end of the week to prepare for an upcoming deployment.Gentile did not divulge where that deployment will be.The collision comes just days after a US Air Force F-16 - assigned to the Thunderbirds flight demonstration team - crashed after a flyover at the Air Force Academy in Colorado Springs, Colorado.
Avito-founder Filip Engelbert television and Jonas Nordlander in Moscow. The South African media giant Naspers increased in October last year its stake in the Swedish-based block-copy Avito to 67 percent. The price tag for the majority stake was closer to 10 billion. Read more: North Zone makes a billion clips in Avito Avito, which is Russia's largest radannonssajt, became another step in Naspers extensive international expansion. In Morocco, however, Schibsted chose not to launch its own block-copy, without forming a joint venture with Avito. Read more: Avito owners build the Middle East's Hemnet Together drove Avito and Schibsted Moroccan site Avito.ma in less than a year.
And it has faced ferocious opposition from civil liberty groups and indeed MPs, forcing Home Secretary to concede a number of concessions.This has meant that tech firms are not longer required to build backdoors into their encryption processes, and can only be ordered to remove such code if a government request is deemed by a British judge to be technically feasible and not unduly expensive.The bill also means the government has to reimburse tech firms for the cost of complying with the new legal obligations of the bill, for example storing people s web browsing history.Earlier this year the Joint Select Committee of MPs said that the Home Office has further work to do before Parliament can be confident that the scheme has been adequately thought through.It provides far greater transparency, overhauled safeguards and adds protections for privacy and introduces a new and world-leading oversight regime, the Home Secretary reportedly told parliament.The House of Lords will now consider the proposed law and it also faces a review by the UK s independent reviewer of terrorism legislation, David Anderson QC.
Andy Burnham, Shadow Home Secretary, led Labour to vote in favour of the bill after negotiating with Theresa May on specific parts of the proposed law.The IP Bill is intended to provide the UK Government with new abilities to legally conduct surveillance on citizens, including tracking online activity.The Government claims that the new powers will help it prevent terrorist attacks.Labour's Dennis Skinner, the octogenarian MP nicknamed the Beast of Bolsover and famous for his annual heckle during the Queen's Speech proceedings, was one of two Labour votes against the bill.Home Secretary Theresa May plans to get the act into law by the end of 2016, in order to replace existing laws before they expire.In a joint submission to the Investigatory Powers Bill Joint Committee, the firms said: "The actions the UK Government takes here could have far reaching implications - for our customers, for your own citizens, and for the future of the global technology industry."
The ordinance is aimed at protecting the public's right to privacy from existing and emerging technologies, such as drones, license plate readers, cellphone trackers or things that haven't yet been realized outside of science fiction.The new rules require that agencies put in place public policies regarding the use of any surveillance technology before it is acquired or activated, and issue annual reports on how the technologies have been used and what they discovered.Within months, the issue struck close to home when the public learned that the Santa Clara County Sheriff's Office quietly got a $500,000 grant to purchase a "Stingray" cellphone tracking device, an effort that was disbanded when the county -- at Simitian's behest -- demanded to know more about how the technology works.AdvertisementElectronic privacy advocates say what is different about Santa Clara County's approach to new technology is the breadth of the policy."But that lack of specificity is precisely what worries county prosecutors and Sheriff Laurie Smith.She added that such a law might discourage other agencies from approaching Santa Clara County in joint operations, because of increased reporting requirements.That's something that Supervisor Mike Wasserman said was critical in gaining his vote.
While campaigning for office, Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau promised that his government would never buy the controversial, increasingly expensive F-35 Joint Strike Fighter for his country's air force.At last week's CANSEC defense trade show in Ottawa, Canadian Defence Minister Harjit Sajjan said that the Canadian Air Force's aging CF-18 Hornet fighter fleet would present a "growing capability gap" over the next decade that would make it difficult for Canada to meet its commitment to NATO.Canada's government committed to purchasing the F-35 as its exclusive replacement for the CF-18 in 2010.Australia ultimately ordered 24 more F/A-18s in 2015 along with 12 new EA-18G Growler electronic warfare aircraft.The Super Hornet has had extensive modifications over the previous generation of the aircraft, which currently is the workhorse of the Canadian Air Force CAF .Work has particularly been done to reduce the vehicle's radar cross-section.
The crunching of your knee could soon help doctors determine whether your joints are healthy or not.Professor Omer Inan, from Georgia Institute of Technology, used to be a discus thrower and, as a result, has put some serious stress on his knees over the years.Putting his experience of knee pain to good use, Inan is now in the process of creating a device which detects crunching knee sounds.A healthy knee produces a more consistent pattern of noises.His device uses contact microphones which measure the vibrations of the surface of the skin.The sounds are then translated into graphs which, in the future, could become useful to doctors and help them determine whether the convalescing joint is healthy or if it needs more therapy.
Guangzhou Automobile Industry Group GAIG announced on Monday the establishment of a new company, joining forces with tech giant LeEco and motor vehicle insurance service provider Urtrust Insurance.With RMB 1.4 billion USD 213 million as an initial investment, the new company aims to build an internet ecosystem for automotives.The name of this new company has not yet been released.GAIG first launched its internet automotive ecosystem project last July.The ecosystem incorporates car e-commerce, internet connected cars, and entrepreneurship and financing.By working with LeEco, whose ecosystem covers platforms, contents, terminals and applications, GAIG s whole offline industry supply chain may combine with LeEco s online advantages to reflect the concept of automobile internet .More details are expected to be disclosed this coming Wednesday by GAIG in Guangzhou.GAIG is a state-owned joint-stock company that owns several Chinese automakers.The listed company has major businesses including passenger vehicles, commercial vehicles, motorcycles, accessories and components, and finance and insurance.Top photo from Baidu Images