Wikipedia can go ahead and add all of Canada to the ever-expanding List Of Parties Who Have A Bone to Pick With Facebook page—a joint investigation by the privacy commissioners of Canada and British Columbia found the company “committed serious contraventions of Canadian privacy laws.”Several data breaches have roiled the platform’s estimated 2 billion users in recent months.Canada’s investigation focused specifically on the blockbuster Cambridge Analytica scandal, which the commissioners estimate swept up data from 600,000 Canadians.“Facebook’s refusal to act responsibly is deeply troubling given the vast amount of sensitive personal information users have entrusted to this company,” Daniel Therrien, Privacy Commissioner of Canada wrote in today’s press release, “their privacy framework was empty, and their vague terms were so elastic that they were not meaningful for privacy protection.”According to the Washington Post, Canada has warned Facebook about its security measures for the better part of a decade.Attempts to audit the company’s privacy policies were declined for five years running.
Automotive adhesives play an imperative part in giving comfort and safety to the vehicle other than adding in-vehicle strength and durability. Automotive adhesives aid in accomplishing consistency along with integrity in the vehicle. They additionally help in offering noise diminishing roles to the vehicle and furthermore aid in engrossing the vibrations of the vehicle. Because of the increasing concerns with respect to the utilization of fuel and the expanding measures of greenhouse gas emissions, the requirement for lightweight automobiles is expanding.Get More Information Automotive Adhesives Market: One of the prominent drivers for the expansion of the market is the stringent environmental regulations developed by authorities with the purpose of diminishing carbon emissions have directed towards the requirement of lightweight which promotes the utilization of materials, for instance, aluminum for lessening the automotive weight, which directs towards automotive adhesives market utilization. The technical progressions in the production of automobiles in addition to the acceptance of smart cars are fuelling the utilization of automotive adhesives. The increase in utilization of standard adhesive volume with the growing complexness in the design of vehicles is moreover encouraging the market. On the other hand, the growth might be constrained by the vast volatility in the costs of raw materials.The market includes various types of products that are accessible globally such as styrene block, EVA, PVA, acrylic, epoxy, polyurethane and other product types. Among these, the polyurethane has been a lucrative product type. The market foresees a rise in sales due to fundamental strength in vehicle sales. In addition, metallic components are interchanged with composites to adhere with adhesives that result in the diminution of automobiles weight as well as advancement in fuel efficiency. Makers are therefore gradually shifting in the direction of water-based adhesives that are environment-friendly as well as hold a lower quantity of VOCs.The Asia-Pacific market is likely to foresee a boost in the demand over the approaching years. Consistent presence, as well as an expansion of a wide range of manufacturers, distributors and suppliers, is some of the features of the market. Latin America Eastern Europe apart from Asia-Pacific, account for the potential for growth. However, the Asia Pacific regional market is the quickest growing region for the industry as a result of increasing adhesives demand in Japan, South Korea, Malaysia, China, Vietnam, India and Australia.Request For Table of Contents: Irrespective of reflecting potential growth opportunities, the market is consolidated as a result of the presence of a fewer number of market players centralized in a few nations. These prominent companies have acquired a variety of organic in addition to inorganic growth strategies such as new product launches, mergers & acquisitions, expansions, joint ventures, agreements, partnerships along with others to strengthen their positioning in this market. The industry is yet considered to remain fragmented, with several medium-sized market players with a high level of customization, in particular, the highest-value adhesive categories. Growing entrance of medium & small sized market players into the sector is considered to put on the test the multinational market players who are already competing in the sector. The expenditure of manufacturing automotive adhesives is on account of the price of the raw materials together with the necessary service component of training consumers as well as helping them conclude constructing issues.A few of the prominent market players in this market are The Dow Chemical Company (U.S.), Sika AG (Switzerland), Bayer (Germany), BASF (Germany), Henkel (Germany), 3M Company (U.S.), H.B. Fuller Company(U.S.), Ashland Specialty Chemical Company (U.S.), Hindustan Adhesives Limited (India), Dynea International Oy (Finland) , ExxonMobil Chemical Company (U.S) , Forbo Adhesives Switzerland (Switzerland), Covalence Adhesives (U.S.) and Hexion Specialty Chemicals (U.S) amid others.Report Discription: 
Regardless of what size of the company you are in our own one, it is necessary to have a track of every minute thing happening in the organization.This is only possible when you are energetic about worker profiles and the business advantages acknowledged when profiles are up to date & have complete information.Profile data is expended over various Microsoft items and administrations including Outlook, SharePoint, etc.and also in the customized office 365 SharePoint development, for example, the employee catalog/employee directory.The employee directory is a critical tool for everybody in a company to discover individuals and their ability rapidly and effectively.Complete and precise employee directories lead to improved asset usage and joint effort.
A joint venture established by a US chip giant and the government of one of China’s poorest provinces and that was expected to provide a boost to the country’s server chip sector will shut down by the end of April, according to The Information.The joint venture, Huaxintong Semiconductor Technologies (HXT), was founded in 2016 by Qualcomm and the government of the southwestern Chinese province of Guizhou to design and produce chips typically destined for use data-center servers in China.The joint venture has research and development centers in Beijing and Shanghai and is 55% owned by the Guizhou government and 45% by Qualcomm.Executives at HXT said in internal meetings last week that the collaboration would cease by April 30, according to The Information, citing HXT employees.HXT hasn’t officially confirmed the report yet.The company’s official website does not list any contact information and nobody replied to an inquiry from TechNode sent to HXT’s contact email address listed on Tianyancha.
It’s of help in stimulating digestion and improving the gut muscle tone.Most people don’t have enough ginger root and thus don’t know its effectiveness.Ginger is known to lessen platelet stickiness of the blood, thus aiding in circulation.Moreover, it is a mild anti-inflammatory.In Ayurveda ginger is a medication for inflammatory joint ailmentsthat includes arthritis.Ginger’s use in food goes back decades due to its soothing effect on digestion.Ginger’s anti-inflammatory properties are of use in treating joint and muscle injuries.The use of Ginger as a supplementA Ginger supplement comes as tablets and encapsulated herb.Taking it ahead of traveling reduces symptoms of motion sickness that include vomiting, nausea, cold sweats, and vertigo.
In a research paper preprint on (“Integrating Social Media into a Pan-European Flood Awareness System: A Multilingual Approach“), scientists at the Joint Research Center, the European Commission’s science and knowledge service, detail a prototype — Social Media for Flood Risk (SMFR) — that “enriches” Europe’s Flood Awareness System (EFAS) with real-time reports from Twitter users.It builds on research published by Harvard and Google in August 2018, which described an AI model capable of predicting the location of aftershocks up to one year after a major earthquake, and by Facebook AI researchers in December, who developed a method to analyze satellite imagery and to quantify damage from fires and other disasters.More recently, scientists at Google published a retrospective on a machine learning system that accurately predicts riverine floods — that is, floods from overrun riverbanks — with 75% precision.Separately, researchers in the U.K. have used tweet-ingesting machine learning algorithms to map out where violence is likely to occur during riots, to project when mass protests might be imminent, and to identify gang members.“Over the past decade, social media has emerged as a relevant information source during disasters, prompting researchers from diverse areas to converge on this domain,” the paper’s coauthors wrote.“Social media analysis has demonstrated the potential to provide timely, precious information about the spatial and temporal development of a crisis, as well as supporting the identification of key disaster-related events.”
More containers at the edge will reduce pressure on central networksContainer platform specialist Docker has teamed up with chipmaker Arm to make containerised apps run better on Arm architecture, saying they want to deliver a “common software pipeline” for the cloud and Internet of Things (IoT).The new partnership includes a promise that users running containerised applications on Arm cores in AWS – backed by commercial support from Docker – could save up to 45 percent on their existing outlay.(The joint project comes as Docker has struggled to monetise its popular open source offering).The initial plan is to create a development environment, starting with the integration of Arm capabilities into Docker’s Desktop developer community.(Docker Desktop is a free desktop app that lets developers build, ship, and run containers).
Avocados are known as super fruits and they truly deserve to be called so.The creamy and rich in texture avocado is a store house of health benefits.They are high in fat content but still one of the healthiest fruits that you must add in your diet.A good thing about avocados is that you can have them in your breakfast, lunch, or dinner as there are several recipes for having avocados in interesting ways.You can get some of the best quality avocados fresh right from the organic farms.Here’s a look at some facts about avocados that make it worth to avocado order online: Anti- inflammatory propertiesAvocados are packed with anti-inflammatory properties that help in relieving arthritis pain.It is also a rich source of omega-3 fatty acids which help in lubricating joints and further relieve joint pain.Helps in regulating blood pressureThese days you will find many people who are suffering from blood pressure.
Comcast is in talks about selling its 30 percent stake in Hulu to Disney, according to a report from CNBC this morning.The discussions are still in early stages.Comcast is considering whether the timing is right for the sale, as Hulu’s valuation could still increase over time.But if Comcast is less certain about Hulu’s future, it may want to unload its minority stake now, then use the cash to pay down its other debt — like that from its $39 billion acquisition of Sky, for example.The report weighs the broader set of pro’s and con’s associated the potential deal, noting that retaining the stake could give Comcast a bargaining chip with Disney further down the road, among other advantages.But it’s also unclear how much Hulu aligns with Comcast’s long-term strategic plans — especially considering it has plans for its own streaming service in 2020.
The latest damning assessment of Facebook’s trampling of user privacy comes from the Canada and British Columbia privacy commissioners — which have just published the results of an investigation kicked off in the wake of the Cambridge Analytica data misuse scandal last year.They found the social network company committed serious contraventions of local laws and failed generally to take responsibility for protecting the personal information of Canadians.Facebook has disputed the findings and refused to implement the watchdogs’ recommendations — including refusing to voluntarily submit to audits of its privacy policies and practices over the next five years.The Office of the Privacy Commissioner of Canada said it therefore plans to take Facebook to Federal Court to seek an order to force it the company to correct its deficient privacy practices.Both watchdogs have also called for local privacy laws to be beefed up so that regulators have stronger sanctioning powers to protect the public’s interest.“The stark contradiction between Facebook’s public promises to mend its ways on privacy and its refusal to address the serious problems we’ve identified – or even acknowledge that it broke the law – is extremely concerning.”
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Get best African trypanosomiasis in Delhi, India.Early symptoms include fever, headaches, joint pains, and itching.Later stages may include behavioral changes, confusion, and poor coordination.Contact us for more information.
JD.Com, Dada-JD Daojia to Launch One-Day Intracity Logistics Service in China – Yicai GlobalWhat happened: Chinese online retailer has rolled out intra-city logistics services targeting individual consumers in a partnership with Dada-JD Daojia, the company’s grocery delivery joint venture in which it holds a 47% stake.Mainly targeted at the delivery of food, medicine, consumer electronics, apparel, and groceries, the express logistics service will operate in Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Shenzhen, and Tianjin.A package sent at 6 p.m. from Beijing will reach Shanghai at 10 p.m. the next day, the firm told local media.Why it’s important: Thanks to the booming e-commerce industry, Chinese city-to-city logistics has expanded with names such as SF Express.As a company with fast and reliable delivery networks, it makes sense for JD to enter the emerging area.
SoftBank subsidiary HapsMobile, a joint venture established in 2017 by SoftBank and U.S. aerospace company Aerovironment, has announced a partnership with Loon, an Alphabet unit that’s developing a network of balloons that beam internet access to remote areas.Loon is one of more than a dozen Alphabet subsidiaries, and was spun out of Google’s parent company an in independent entity last summer after five years as a so-called “moonshot project.”Loon balloons travel about 20km above the Earth in the stratosphere, where winds can vary significantly in terms of direction and speed — as such, Loon leverages algorithms and predictive models to ensure the balloons continue moving in the intended direction.The company used today’s partnership announcement with Loon to officially unveil Hawk 30, which is an unmanned drone built for “stratospheric telecommunications” that travels at altitudes of 20 kilometers.HAPS is an acronym for “high-altitude platform station,” and essentially refers to an aircraft that can be operated in a similar way to a stationary ground-based telecommunications base for the purpose of delivering connectivity to places where laying cables is not feasible.As one of the world’s largest telecom operators, it’s easy to see why SoftBank is investing heavily in HAPS, as “flying base stations” will give it a bigger reach into untapped territories — examples being “mountainous terrain, remote islands, and developing countries,” according to a statement.
The recent global campaign showing Malaria survivors speaking through David Beckham to help raise awareness around the Malaria Must Die initiative spooked a lot of people:The campaign has already exceeded 400 million impressions globally.But a behind-the-scenes video explains how the video was made:The campaign was a joint collaboration between RG/A, Ridley Scott Associates and the clever video startup Synthesia, for Malaria No More.Once a marketing, product or entertainment video has been shot it’s very difficult to quickly and affordably edit the creative or translate into different languages.As co-founder Victor Riparbelli Rasmussen tells me: “We believe generating semi or fully artificial video is more efficient.
Craigslist founder Craig Newmark and other donors said they are taking "very seriously" the firing of the editor-in-chief of a new publication called the Markup.Julia Angwin, the editor-and-chief and cofounder of the Markup, was fired Monday over what she characterized as an editorial conflict over the publication's stated mission to investigate tech companies.Newmark donated $20 million of the publication's $22 million-plus in funding, as of late 2018.Visit Business Insider's homepage for more stories.On Wednesday, the major backers of the Markup suggested that its support for the yet-to-launch tech publication is in question, following the controversial firing of editor-in-chief Julia Angwin.Craig Newmark, best known as the founder of Craigslist, donated $20 million to the Markup late last year to fund its mission of taking a data-driven approach to covering tech companies.
Two futuristic projects are coming together to help increase global internet access after Loon, the Google spinout that uses a collection of floating balloons to bring connectivity to remote areas, announced it has raised money from a SoftBank initiative.HAPSMobile, a SoftBank project that is also focused on increasing global connectivity, is investing $125 million into Loon, according to an announcement from SoftBank made this morning.The agreement includes an option for Loon to make a reciprocal $125 million investment in HAPSMobile and it includes co-operation plans, details of which are below.HAPSMobile is a one-year-old joint venture between SoftBank and U.S. company AeroVironment .The company has developed a solar-powered drone that’s designed to deliver 5G connectivity in the same way Facebook has tried in the past.The social network canceled its Aquila drone last year, although it is reported to have teamed up with Airbus for new trials in Australia.
Visible satellite imagery from NASA's Aqua satellite revealed the recently formed Tropical Storm Lorna was getting organized in the Southeastern Indian Ocean.Lorna developed into a tropical storm on April 23 at 11 a.m. EDT (1500 UTC) and was named Tropical Cyclone 25S.On April 24, it received the name Lorna.At 4:15 a.m. EDT (0815 UTC) on April 24, the Moderate Resolution Imaging Spectroradiometer or MODIS instrument aboard Aqua captured a visible image of Lorna.The Joint Typhoon Warning Center or JTWC forecasters noted "persistent deep convection to the west of, and obscuring, the low level circulation center."By 11 a.m. EDT (1500 UTC) on April 24, Tropical Storm Lorna had maximum sustained winds near 40 knots (46 mph/74 kph).
A visit to the dentist typically involves time-consuming and sometimes unpleasant scraping with mechanical tools to remove plaque from teeth.With two types of robotic systems--one designed to work on surfaces and the other to operate inside confined spaces--the scientists showed that robots with catalytic activity could ably destroy biofilms, sticky amalgamations of bacteria enmeshed in a protective scaffolding.Such robotic biofilm-removal systems could be valuable in a wide range of potential applications, from keeping water pipes and catheters clean to reducing the risk of tooth decay, endodontic infections, and implant contamination.The work, published in Science Robotics, was led by Hyun (Michel) Koo of the School of Dental Medicine and Edward Steager of the School of Engineering and Applied Science.Biofilms can arise on biological surfaces, such as on a tooth or in a joint or on objects, like water pipes, implants, or catheters.The engineers control the movement of these robots using a magnetic field, allowing a tether-free way to steer them.
We want to bet 100 million annually on promoting hydrogen technology in Sweden.More pilot plants and a further development of the technology can make hydrogen possible for both lighter and heavier hydrogen vehicles, writes Mattias Bäckström and Johansson (SD).fuel Cells can also replace the diesel generators used as emergency power in hospitals, in the server halls and the like.Hydrogen and fuel cells have the potential to give people all over the world, better life conditions, while natural resources are taken advantage of in a more effective way and the ecological footprint per capita is reduced.It is therefore gratifying that it now looks to the spring for the hydrogen.The Fuel Cells and Hydrogen Joint Undertaking, calculates in a recent study that hydrogen can meet over 20% of the energy demand and provide 5.4 million jobs in Europe by the year 2050.