THE HAIRCUT: AN ACCESSORY OF GREAT IMPORTANCE FOR MEN(Kapsalon hilversum)For men, cutting their hair is not only a matter of fashion or hygiene, but it also represents the attitude that each one has towards life.Today, more than a question of hygiene, it is a sign of liberation where gentlemen demonstrate their style, sexuality, and way of seeing life.In ancient Hilversum, the epicenter of male hair aesthetics, the most significant changes occurred in men's haircutting, as differentiation between social classes.For the Egyptians, the importance of a good haircut was vital to reflect the social status to which they belonged; Just by looking at the style of the court that was worn, you could describe the role of the individual in society and the political position he occupied.That is why it was a reflection of expression, of attitude.POWER, YOUTH, AND VITALITYEven today, the haircut has maintained its importance as a symbol of power, youth, and vitality.A good cut is the natural accessory of the gentlemen of greatest symbolic importance, especially as a means of personal expression.A hairdresser-stylist with more than 20 years of experience in men's haircuts, explains that what is new in men's hair aesthetics is the retro “look” that will merge with the freedom of styles, to produce seductive cuts for a man with a mighty spirit.So, update your image according to the new masculine trends and decide to make yourself a cut that goes with your personality.Meanwhile, Fray Peguero, a hairdresser at Billy Hairdresser Shop, tells us that there is a type of cut for every man, “There will always be one that will go with you.