Karma Automotive has announced a recall and a stop-sale order for its Revero plug-in hybrid.Although the Revero has side-curtain airbags to help protect occupants in a rollover crash, those airbags may not deploy because the car's rollover sensors were never enabled.Specifically, Karma said that the Revero violates a federal rules requiring "occupant ejection" systems in new cars because the rollover sensors aren't functional, do not have a readiness warning light in the car's dashboard and there is no information on the system in the car's owner's manual.And, of course, if the airbags failed to deploy in a crash, that could increase the risk of injury to the car's passengers.However, the automaker says it has no reports of real-world problems or injuries resulting from the sensor issue.Karma discovered the flaw when it was testing the second-generation 2020 Revero, realizing that the rollover sensors in those models were disabled.
Karma has been hyping up the advent of its "New Dawn" for a while now, and we've been curious what the company will do for the future -- other than iterate on the Fisker Karma, which it's been doing for years.The second is a concept vehicle done in-house by the brand.The Pininfarina GT is, as we said, a reskinned 2020 Revero, but the reskin is relatively comprehensive.It reminds us of the mostly forgotten "personal luxury car" market segment that was popular in the 1950s and 1960s.The SC1's unique aesthetic was overseen by ex-Mazda designer Jacques Flynn and is meant to be the ideal vehicle in which to drive along California's Pacific Coast Highway.The interior space is very heavily segregated with a tall center console separating driver and passenger.
Karma Automotive might have been quiet for some time, but at the upcoming Shanghai Motor Show, the California-based automaker will have plenty to talk about.Karma on Thursday revealed a teaser photo showing the 2020 Revero, the second generation of the car that was derived from the Fisker Karma.The car debuts at Auto Shanghai in early April.The 2020 Karma Revero will apparently be "faster, smarter" than the outgoing Revero, and the company also promises it will be "even more stunning in design."It's not clear from the shadowy teaser photo exactly how the car's design will change, but we're eager to see the apparently "all-new" model.Interested parties will be able to get behind the wheel soon, too, as Karma says the 2020 Revero will be offered to buy or lease in the second half of this year.
Karma Automotive, the automaker that sprung forth from the burnt hunk of assets formerly known as Fisker, has been making do with a slightly tweaked Fisker Karma, which it calls the Revero, and little else.But we'll get a glimpse at the future in April, and we've got a teaser to hold us over for now.Karma Automotive put out its first Auto Shanghai 2019 teaser today.It previews a concept car that was designed with the help of famed automotive design house Pininfarina.The teaser doesn't offer much, save for some very wide proportions, two distinct lines on the lower front bumper that give off a little bit of a Supra vibe and a nice set of LED running lights.The partnership was first announced in January.
Karma Automotive, best known as the company that bought the carcass of Fisker, is still cranking out its continuation Karma (which it calls the Revero) and it announced on Monday that it is making an extra luxurious limited production version called the Aliso.Just as a refresher, the Karma Revero is a warmed over version of the Fisker Karma that made its debut in 2012.It is a plug-in hybrid that will do less than 50 miles on electricity before its not-especially-efficient 2.0-liter gasoline engine kicks in.It produces around 400 horsepower and over 900 pound-feet of torque and will make the sprint to 60 in 5.4 seconds.The base price for one is $130,000.The special Aliso version is limited to just 15 units and starts at $145,000.
When you spend more than $120,000 on a plug-in hybrid, you'd expect it to be pretty darn efficient, right?According to the EPA, the Karma Revero plug-in hybrid is actually pretty inefficient.The feds estimate that its battery should provide for 37 miles of charge, and with a full tank of gas, the total range is just 240 miles.In a vacuum, those numbers might sound fine, but they're not great.In fact, its gas engine receives the same mpg rating as the 2012 Fisker Karma off which the Revero is based.Its battery only gained 4 miles of range over the last five years.
But Fisker Automotive went bankrupt in 2013, leaving Tesla the victor of the electric-car space.Want to go fast and look cool in an electric car?And then came the Model S, a four-door sedan with a surprising amount performance in a package relatable to most premium car buyers.Both cars vied for the hearts and wallets of the eco-friendly elite.As did Justin Bieber, whose car was wrapped in chrome.In 2017, the company began customer deliveries of its first model — the resurrected sedan formerly known as the Fisker Karma.
Henrik Fisker is getting back into the electric car game with a new design seemingly aimed at both Tesla Motors and his old company, which has been reconstituted as Karma Automotive.Say hello to the Fisker EMotion, a name that is sure to confound spellcheck programs everywhere.As shown in previous teaser images, the EMotion is a sleek sedan that bears a familial resemblance to some of Fisker s other recent designs.It will make its official debut sometime in 2017.The car itself is certainly striking but is not quite as pretty as the original Fisker Karma which will soon re-enter production as the Karma Revero .The large, curved windshield, low hood, and butterfly doors are dramatic touches, but the rest of the car seems to just crib styling details from Fisker s VLF Force 1 sports car, itself seemingly a restyled version of the Dodge Viper.
View photosMoreHenrik Fisker waits to speak during the Chicago Auto Show, February 7, 2013.Detroit Reuters - Henrik Fisker, whose previous automotive venture collapsed in 2013 owing U.S. taxpayers $139 million, said on Tuesday he plans to launch a new electric car company next year to compete with Tesla.Fisker declined to say who is funding his new California-based venture, called Fisker Inc, and a new battery subsidiary, Fisker Nanotech.The Danish automotive designer's previous venture, Fisker Automotive, once was a rival to Tesla Motors Inc in the nascent market for electric luxury cars.Founded in 2007, Fisker Automotive built fewer than 2,000 cars through 2012 while burning through $1.4 billion in private investments and taxpayer-funded loans from the U.S. Department of Energy.Fisker left the company in March 2013, before it filed for bankruptcy protection.
Déjà vu happens often in the car world, especially when old names rise again as new models and brands.Thursday night in Laguna Beach, Calif., Karma Automotive debuted the 2017 Karma Revero, a $130,000 four-door sedan that looks nearly identical to the Fisker Karma sedan conceived by Henrik Fisker.Despite such fans as Justin Bieber, the company fell into bankruptcy three years ago.Now, under the direction of parent-company Wanxiang Group, we have a new Karma, take two.From a distance, the new Revero looks nearly identical to the original Fisker Karma see: phoenix, ash but with a few tweaks along the grill, long bi-xenon headlights, and side vents.There are also unique, hand-painted emblems on the front and rear of the body that signify the update.Inside, the Karma s infotainment system has been streamlined so that it is more intuitive and simpler than its predecessor, and functions such as Apple CarPlay are also new to the Revero.The car does not have several comforts we expect from a car at this price point panoramic sunroof; carbon fiber; ceramic brakes; optional all-wheel drive but Bluetooth, park assist, multiple USB ports, Navigation, and interior trim made from real reclaimed wood all come standard.Revero has three drive modes and regenerative braking.
If the rough definition of karma is what goes around, comes around then Karma Automotive picked an excellent name for its Revero luxury hybrid, the rebirth of the loved-but-flawed Fisker.After snapping up the gas-electric leftovers from Fisker s demise in early 2014, the new company has taken the wannabe Tesla rival and brought it back up to date, preserving the distinctive – and still fresh – design but revamping powertrain, tech, and more.The result is a car that, though it may look like the roughly thousand Fisker Karma examples still on the road – numbers were sapped a little by a spontaneous combustion problem, something Samsung is now experiencing with the Note 7 – is actually significantly different.Karma Automotive will build the rebranded Revero in Moreno Valley, California, counting on low-volume production and a large degree of individual involvement in the construction process to help set the hybrid apart from rivals.Like the Chevrolet Volt, it relies on electric motors – in this case two at the rear – and a gas engine that acts as a generator: that s good for an electronically-limited top speed of 125 mph and a 0-60 mph time of 5.4 seconds in Sport mode.With the powertrain so set, the Revero uses both the charge in its batteries and the gas generator.
Karma Automotive, a Chinese-owned firm previously known as Fisker Automotive, has announced plans to introduce a plug-in hybrid sedan called Revero in the coming weeks.The Revero was born from the scattered ashes of the Fisker Karma, a luxurious gasoline-electric sedan sold in strictly limited numbers in 2011 and 2012.At first glance, it looks like the aesthetic differences between the Revero and the Karma are minor at best.Pictures of the rear end aren t available yet.Like its Fisker-badged predecessor, the Revero will get a gasoline-electric plug-in hybrid drivetrain capable of running on electricity alone for approximately 50 miles, which is enough to cover many motorists daily commute.Interestingly, the Revero boasts a large, roof-mounted solar panel that generates enough energy to charge the car.
Discussions involving solar-powered, electric vehicles as of late have revolved around Tesla but that s not the only automaker dabbling in the field.Fisker Automotive, if you recall, was one of the first to produce a plug-in hybrid electric vehicle.When much of its inventory was destroyed in Hurricane Sandy, however, the company filed for bankruptcy.The company s assets were purchased by Chinese auto parts specialist Wanxiang Group a few months later.Under new ownership, its name was changed to Karma Automotive.On Thursday, Karma Automotive e-revealed pictures and video of its upcoming Karma Revero.
Insert your choice of phoenix-from-the-ashes metaphor here, as Karma Automotive reveals the new Revero plug-in hybrid, and no we haven't used an old Fisker photo.Hoping to drag profit, customers, and acclaim from the embers of ill-fated Fisker - which went down in flames, both euphemistically and literally - the reborn car company hasn't strayed too far from the original car, or at least its design.In fact, park a Revero next to an original Fisker Karma and you'd be forgiven for not being able to tell the difference at first or second glance.That, the Karma team says, is entirely intentional."The Karma Revero features updates to the timeless design," the company declared today, "which is hailed by many consumers and media as one of the most beautiful vehicles ever."Whether you're a fan of the swoops and curves or not, there's no denying that Karma has done plenty to bring the new car up to speed with what the rest of the EV and plug-in hybrid market is offering.
Like Jon Snow, the Fisker Karma was just too pretty to stay dead.The newly christened Karma Revero looks much like the old car, and that s a good thing.In 2011, he launched the Karma, which could drive about 30 miles on pure electricity, then use a gas engine as a generator when the batteries went flat.Justin Bieber, Al Gore, and Leonardo DiCaprio were customers.The US government loaned the company nearly $200 million to advance the environmental cause.A Tesla Co-Founder Is Making Electric Garbage Trucks With Jet Tech, and Why Not