in India, the new Android version to be named for the southern kerala state of the delicacy, told Mashable.the most Recent version of the 5.0 is called the Marshmallow, so the marshmallow.Android is the india's most popular phone operating system.a Large country is, however, a lot of different ethnic groups and food cultures, so the common delicacy of the invention of the vote I would think would be tricky.the Kerala state from the rice and taatelipalat black prepare deep-fried pastries neyyappam looks like, however, to connect the whole nation.the Other vote given name, options, are, inter alia, Nectarine, namely, of nectarine and Nutmeg, so nutmeg.
The security researcher found a way to bypass an iPad's Activation Lock screenTo continue providing news and award winning journalism, we rely on advertising revenue.To continue reading, please turn off your ad blocker or whitelist us.Using a 10,000-letter made up password and Apple's magnetic Smart Cover, a cyber security enthusiast has been able to bypass iCloud security and unlock an iPad without the real password.Based in Kerala, India, Hemanth Joseph discovered the vulnerability in Apple's iOS 10.1 software when he mistakenly bought an iPad from eBay which was locked by its previous owner.With Apple's iCloud Activation Lock, the iPad cannot be activated without the Apple ID and password of the owner.
The Western Ghats Biodiversity Hostpot of India has been a hub of amphibian diversity during the past decade.Of the 1,581 new species of amphibians discovered globally between 2006 and 2015, 159 were discovered in this region.Now, biologists from the University of Delhi and the Kerala Forest Department have discovered several new species of the genus Nyctibatrachus, otherwise known as Nightfrogs.And it's no wonder scientists have only just discovered them - these frogs are so small you can barely see them in the wild.The discovery, published by SD Biju in the Peer J journal, described the anuran family Nyctibatrachidae as an “ancient lineage of frogs” that originated on the Indian landmass between “the Cretaceous and Paleocene periods”.
State of Kerala turns on WiFi network, promises to fund 1,500 startups and grow 175k IT jobsThe Indian State of Kerala, home to 34 million people, has declared its citizens have a right to internet access.The State's budget speech (PDF), delivered last week by finance minister Dr. T.M.Thomas lsaac, included provisions for “free internet connections … provided to 20 lakh [two million - Ed] poor families.For others, internet service will be provided at a lower rate.”Dr. Isaac aded “Thus Kerala is poised to become one of the rare regimes where internet facility will be the right of a citizen.”
Facebook is facing heat in India after a submission was filed against it in the supreme court for refusing to remove a page featuring images of children taken in public under which users posted graphic descriptions of sexual abuse for more than a year.To make matters worse for Facebook, police in Kerala claimed that a Facebook page was being used to run a child-sex ring and another Facebook post advertising rape videos was permitted to stay online despite being reported several times.However, Facebook said in an affidavit earlier this year that it “investigated all reports and took appropriate action” as reported by the Guardian.The news comes at a time when Facebook’s revenue rocketed 47% to hit $10.1bn in Q3, as its advertiser count hits 6m.India has already become Facebook's largest market in Asia Pacific by share (32.6%) of users, according to an eMarketer report.The supreme court last week ordered the technology companies involved in the probe, who also include Yahoo, WhatsApp, Microsoft and Google, to work with the Indian government to expand their list of key words associated with child abuse material.
Go-Jek set to announce Southeast Asia expansion (Indonesia).The Indonesian ride-hailing and online payment juggernaut may reveal its plans to launch in another Southeast Asian country “in the next few weeks,” according to a Reuters report.The move will mark Go-Jek’s first foray outside its home market and tailgates Uber’s sale of its SEA business to rival Grab.Ryde’s CEO said its aim is to give commuters cheaper travel alternatives.The Japanese automaker’s vice-president and chief information officer Tony Thomas met with Indian state officials to discuss possibilities of setting up a digital hub in Kerala.The first was held on Monday.
Indian online travel company Goibibo is encouraging people to download its app, as part of its partnership with Indian Premier League (IPL) team Mumbai Indians.Goibibo is the principal sponsor of Mumbai Indians and has used its stars to encourage engagement with its app around the season, focusing on a competition within the app that allows users to win travel prizes.The campaign stars Mumbai Indians players Rohit Sharma, Hardik Pandya and Jasprit Bumrah in a three-part TVC where actress Deepika Padukone asks them to take a pledge.The players are intensely pledging that they will do everything it takes to win, when suddenly Deepika interrupts "Yes win so that I can go to Shimla", while others also express their interest to book a hotel in Kerala and flights for Goa.The players appear confused until a voice over explains how Goibibo users need to keep the app open to win cash, based on Mumbai Indians performance on field.The characters in the TVC have been brought to life by Publicis Capital.
Never has the idiom "one's eyes are bigger than one's stomach" been more true than for this greedy King cobra snake.The wicked snake finagled its way into a chicken coop in Kerala, India, killed a chicken and then tried to eat eight of the eggs laying around the henhouse.Even though cobras will eat anything, ranging from other snakes to birds or large rodents, apparently eight eggs was a bit too much for this gluttonous serpent.Pictures show the moment when the snake realized it bit off more than it could chew, unable to digest both the chicken and the eight eggs.It regurgitated seven of the eggs as it tried to get away from snake catcher Sujith VP, SWNS reports."When a snake slithers on the ground, it's difficult for it to get away with heavy food like eggs inside it," Sujith said.
A deadly viral disease spread by bats is once again infecting humans, but in this case, it isn’t Ebola.Nipah was discovered in 1998, when it sickened nearly 300 people and killed 100 in Malaysia (its name was taken from one of the villages where it first struck).But it turns out the pigs actually got the virus from another animal: It’s now known that fruit bats belonging to the genus Pteropus (otherwise called flying foxes) are the native carriers of Nipah.Not everyone exposed to Nipah gets sick, but those who do develop flu-like symptoms of fever, cough, and headache within three to 14 days after being exposed.These outbreaks have been scattered and small so far, with around only 600 cases recorded between 1998 and 2015, according to the WHO.But it’s possible that Nipah could someday follow in Ebola’s footsteps and spark a much larger wave of infections.
Travel Agent in Kerala, Kerala is blessed by the several wonderful tourist attractions, beaches are the most popular in all of them.Kerala, a beautiful Indian state, is among most sought after tourist destinations of India.The tourism in Kerala has made tremendous developments over the past years, and welcome millions of tourists to the small state every year.Kerala holidays can be availed to various parts of Kerala, with the many luxurious and budget-friendly packages for a perfect tour. 
NASA provided estimates monsoon rainfall that affected India from Aug. 13 to 20.Hardest hit was the state of Kerala located in the southwest corner near the bottom of the peninsula where at least 350 fatalities have been reported and many as 800,000 people displaced as a result of the extreme flooding and ensuing mudslides.The summer monsoon is a regular feature this time of year in India, and it can bring heavy rains to the region.However, periodically areas of low pressure can form within the general monsoon trough and bring even more rain.Although the extreme Himalayan topography located to the north is much more well-known, another contributing factor to the heavy rains along the southwest coast of India is the Western Ghats.As a result, the Western Ghats are well positioned to enhance rainfall along the West Coast of India as they intercept the moisture laden air being drawn in off the warm waters of the northern Indian Ocean and Arabian Sea as part of the southwest monsoon circulation. are a number of Kerala travel agents that offer personalized and tailor made tour packages to help you explore the best of what Kerala has to offer.Kerala is counted among the most popular tourist destinations of India.If Goa has a tough contender, as far as its beaches are concerned, then it is Kerala and her alluring beaches.Most places in Kerala frequented by tourists are quite well-known for different reasons.The temples,museums and beaches of Thiruvananthapuram, the backwaters and houseboats of Alappuzha, the Synague, Dutch Palace, churches and cathredrals of Kochi, the forests of Wayanad, the mountain ranges of Munnar, the waterfalls of Vazhachal and Athirampilly area few from the long list of attractions Kerala has to offer.Besides the natural beauty of these places, you get to see several other unforgettable scenes such the various festivals like "Thrissur Pooram" and "Kochi Carnival" that take place every year. Honeymoon package for kerala,As far the beauty of beaches in India is concerned; Kerala has got some of the finest internationally renowned beaches in the world.These beautiful, clean beaches of Kerala are undoubtedly ideal for honeymoon vacations.Kerala has some pictorial, lush hill station which are nowadays the most sought after honeymoon destination. Kerala Tour,Fascinating Kerala is an amphitheater of hypnotically beautiful villages decorated with eye catching beaches of classic charm of culture as well as inheritance.Go wild with the unparalleled excitement of sparkling mumble of rivers, crackle of coconut orchards and whispering of birds and wildness with nature amidst the Kerala tour.The unique selling point of Kerala is the rich culture and the heritage of the place. hill resorts in Kerala are perfect destination to explore the idyllic atmosphere and nature at its best.Some of the most visited hill stations in Kerala are Munnar, Thekaddy, Wayanad, Rajamala, Ponmudi and Ramakalmedu.The demography and the diversified cultural background of Kerala is an ideal blend for a holiday destination.]The hill resorts in Kerala are perfect destination to explore the idyllic atmosphere and nature at its best.Some of the most visited hill stations in Kerala are Munnar, Thekaddy, Wayanad, Rajamala, Ponmudi and Ramakalmedu.The demography and the diversified cultural background of Kerala is an ideal blend for a holiday destination., a strip of land along the south-west coast of India, looks like a piece of earth stuck to the mainland as a divine afterthought.It indeed is, for this state is something quite different from the rest of the Indian states.Kerala is the powerhouse of Indian system of medicine; Ayurveda, and the State is sprinkled with Ayurveda homes, both traditional and startups.But it needs a familiar hand to steward you to the right place. is in Kerala that the dance forms of Mohinattam and Kuchipudi originated.Luxury accommodation not only provide accommodation but also are well equipped with amenities like multi- cuisine or specialty restaurants.If one is in Kerala for business and opts for a luxury sojourn then there will be provisions of a temporary office and access to high-speed technology as well. from all over the world visit this India and plan for Kerala backwater tours.Kerala is also popularly known as "Gods own country", situated in the south western tip of India, it encompasses an area which represents just 1 percent of the land mass.It is widely known for its beauty and is very popular among the tourists from all over the world.
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