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The People's Champion announces the news via his Instagram account.
Jack Dorsey said his strict diet, exercise, and meditation regimen is the result of taking on his second CEO position at Twitter.  During an appearance on "The Boardroom: Out of Office" podcast hosted by NBA star Kevin Durant's manager, Rich Kleiman, Dorsey was asked why he's willing to put up with the stress of running two companies, Twitter and Square.  Dorsey said he views the stress as a motivator and an opportunity to keep learning, but said it was also the catalyst for making major changes in his personal life.  "When I went back to Twitter and took on the second job, I got super-serious about meditation and I got really serious about just dedicating a lot more of my time and energy to working out and staying physically healthy and looking more critically at my diet," Dorsey said. "I had to. Just to stay above water." Dorsey's strict routine has been scrutinized in the past. He meditates for two hours each day and only eats one meal during weekdays before fasting all weekend.  Visit Business Insider's homepage for more stories. Serving as the CEO of two major corporations can add stress to anyone's plate — for Jack Dorsey, it was the catalyst he needed to make some major changes in his personal life.  The Twitter and Square CEO described that period during an appearance this week on "The Boardroom: Out of Office" podcast, hosted by Rich Kleiman, cofounder of Thirty Five Ventures and manager of NBA superstar Kevin Durant. Kleiman asked Dorsey about his wealth — which tops $7.7 billion — and why he's willing to put up with the stress of running two companies. "I don't really think about the money aspects of it, probably because all of my value is really tied up in these two companies," Dorsey said. "I have to sell shares in order to get access to any of that."  Dorsey said that he views the stress as a motivator and an opportunity to keep learning.  "I'm part of two companies that scaled doing completely different things, and I get to see this like, perspective in the world that I wouldn't have otherwise. It's just incredible," Dorsey said. "That's what really drives me and makes the stresses OK. It's also like, how to creatively adapt to all the new stresses. Every stress brings a new opportunity to bring on a new practice." Dorsey said taking the helm at Twitter again in 2015 — while simultaneously running payments company Square — was the catalyst for adopting a new diet and exercise regimen.  "When I went back to Twitter and took on the second job, I got super-serious about meditation and I got really serious about just dedicating a lot more of my time and energy to working out and staying physically healthy and looking more critically at my diet," Dorsey said. "I had to. Just to stay above water." Dorsey said that the added stress actually "made everything in my life better" and that he's grateful he took it on.  Dorsey is famous for having a regimented routine. He typically wakes up at 5 a.m., tries to meditate for two hours each day, and, prior to the coronavirus outbreak, walked to Twitter's headquarters every morning — a five-mile walk that Dorsey told Kleiman typically takes him an hour and 20 minutes.  In the past, Dorsey has experimented with different diets, including becoming a vegan and trying the Paleo diet. Most recently, however, Dorsey has been fasting, eating only one meal on weekdays and then fasting all weekend. The strict eating regimen has been scrutinized by those who worry that it sounds like an eating disorder. Regardless, Dorsey's stress-management routine has likely come in handy over the last five years, particularly in running Twitter. Most recently, Dorsey has had to fend off a near-ouster as CEO from activist investor Elliott Management and has taken a stand on tweets from President Donald Trump that violated Twitter's guidelines on glorifying violence and spreading misinformation about COVID-19.  You can listen to Dorsey's full conversation with Kleiman on "The Boardroom" podcast. SEE ALSO: Jack Dorsey explains why wanting to work 20 hours a day to be like Elon Musk is 'bulls---' Join the conversation about this story » NOW WATCH: We tested a machine that brews beer at the push of a button
Jack Dorsey said that Twitter was already working on "decentralizing" its workforce before the coronavirus outbreak hit.  Dorsey said the company has been working on the issue for "a year, if not two years" during an appearance on "The Boardroom: Out of Office" podcast this week.  "No one wants to move to San Francisco anymore, no one can afford to live in San Francisco anymore," Dorsey said.  Twitter was one of the first tech companies to close down its offices in March, and Dorsey has since announced that employees can work from home forever if they'd like.  Visit Business Insider's homepage for more stories. When the coronavirus began spreading in Northern California, Twitter was one of the first tech companies to close down its offices and tell employees they can work from home forever. But CEO Jack Dorsey said the plan to "decentralize" the company's offices has been in the works for a while.  During an appearance on "The Boardroom: Out of Office" podcast this week, host Rich Kleiman — cofounder of Thirty Five Ventures and manager of NBA superstar Kevin Durant — interviewed Dorsey about a range of topics, including what motivates him and how to avoid burnout while running two major corporations.  Kleiman and Dorsey discussed the future of the office and what a tech company should look like in the internet age. Dorsey said Twitter has been working "for a year, if not two years" around decentralizing the way employees work.  "The reason why is like, every entrepreneur I talk to that's doing something internet-related today, they're starting their companies not having an office, not having a headquarters, not having a requirement that everyone has to be in San Francisco," Dorsey said. "No one wants to move to San Francisco anymore, no one can afford to live in San Francisco anymore, so they're hiring people all over the country, all over the world."  Dorsey said that having a distributed workforce was "the whole promise of the internet" to begin with.  "It makes location irrelevant but yet here we are, an internet company, that's completely centralizing in San Francisco," Dorsey said. "We're not living up to the ideals of what the internet inspired us to be and what it can show."  Dorsey said the company wanted to make a change to the way its employees work as quickly as possible, so Twitter "took any reason to" institute a flexible policy — in this case, the coronavirus. Dorsey also seemed to criticize the government's response to the virus, saying that Twitter felt like it had to take on the responsibility of protecting its employees and the communities it works in.  "There's two bodies that can affect individual lives in a significant way and that is our governments and the place we work. And we took on that responsibility and just made sure that we were doing our part if our government wasn't going to," he said.  None of the major San Francisco Bay Area companies have sent employees back to work yet, with most saying employees can work from home until the end of the year. In Facebook's case, for example, CEO Mark Zuckerberg recently told employees that eventually as many as half of the company's employees would most likely work from home.  But if employees stay at home forever, many of them say they won't stay in the Bay Area. A recent survey from job-search database Hired found that more than 40% of Bay Area-based tech workers say they'd move to a less expensive city if they were asked to permanently work from home.  San Francisco is the priciest US city for homebuyers, and only 18% of households are able to afford to purchase a median-priced home in the region. And while San Francisco's median income is $112,376, anyone interested in buying a home in the city would need to make a salary of at least $172,153 to be able to afford the mortgage. Cost of living has become so high that even tech workers are struggling to afford it: a recent survey from workplace chat app Blind found that 70% of tech workers said they can't afford to buy a house in the Bay Area. SEE ALSO: Silicon Valley's open offices are probably over, thanks to the coronavirus — but they were always bad for employees anyway Join the conversation about this story » NOW WATCH: The rise and fall of Donald Trump's $365 million airline
Jack Dorsey is warning startup founders that they need to be concerned about burning themselves out.  Dorsey discussed burnout on a recent episode of "The Boardroom: Out of Office," a podcast hosted by Rich Kleiman, NBA superstar Kevin Durant's manager.  Dorsey warned that founders shouldn't try to emulate famous leaders they read about, using Tesla and SpaceX CEO Elon Musk as an example.  "Like, 'Success means I work 20 hours a day and I sleep four because that's what I read that Elon Musk does.' Which is bulls---," Dorsey said. Musk famously once worked 120 hour-weeks, though he has since scaled it back to more "manageable" 80- or 90-hour workweeks. Visit Business Insider's homepage for more stories. Jack Dorsey may run two publicly traded companies, but he doesn't believe in working all hours of the day to keep up.  The Twitter and Square CEO was a guest on "The Boardroom: Out of Office" this week, a podcast hosted by Rich Kleiman, cofounder of Thirty Five Ventures and manager of NBA superstar Kevin Durant. Dorsey discussed everything from his daily schedule to what motivates him to keep going to how to avoid burnout while running two major corporations.  Kleiman asked whether young startup founders need to be worried about burning themselves out, to which Dorsey replied: "100%." Dorsey said that the key to avoiding that feeling is to figure out what works for you instead of reading up on what's worked for other famous founders.  "I think being too rigid about having to work all hours, versus 'what is the work trying to teach me about what I need to do personally to maintain this level or to extend or go beyond this level' ... the latter is the mindset I want to have and what I would recommend," Dorsey said. He admitted that it's hard not to feel pressured by what other successful leaders are doing, but the key is to have self-awareness and to check in with how you're feeling. Working nonstop, he said, can "take options off the table" — you're so determined to work hard that you don't notice opportunities coming your way.  Dorsey used Elon Musk as an example of famous founders who others may try to emulate.  "Like, 'Success means I work 20 hours a day and I sleep four because that's what I read that Elon Musk does.' Which is bulls---," Dorsey said. "If you're only observing the outside world instead of like, your reaction to it, we're missing an opportunity to raise a bar in ourselves, which I think is the best way to grow — the only way to grow."  Musk famously told The New York Times in 2018 that he had begun working 120 hours per week — though he later scaled it back to a more "manageable" 80- to 90-hour workweek. And while overworking is detrimental to mental health, experts have warned that it can be dangerous for your physical health as well: the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention have found that working long hours can lead to cardiovascular disease, cancer, and suicide.  You can listen to Dorsey's full conversation with Kleiman on "The Boardroom" podcast. SEE ALSO: A history of the 30-year feud between Bill Gates and Steve Jobs, whose love-hate relationship spurred the success of Microsoft and Apple Join the conversation about this story » NOW WATCH: Why YETI coolers are so expensive
NFL star linebacker Bobby Wagner has joined a Seattle-based VC firm as a partner. The 30-year old linebacker will be working alongside former Amazon and Microsoft executives. The new VC fund is expected to deploy over $100 million to startups across the Pacific Northwest region over the next three to four years. Visit Business Insider's homepage for more stories. Seattle Seahawks' Super Bowl champion and six-time Pro-Bowler Bobby Wagner has joined Fuse Venture Partners as a partner.   CNBC on Tuesday reported that the 30-year-old linebacker will be working alongside former Amazon executive Satbir Khanuja, former Microsoft executive John Connors, and a group of investors from Ignition Partners.  Fuse Venture Partners is based out of Seattle and is in its first stage of VC fund investing. The firm reportedly wants to help a new wave e-commerce companies "that are reinventing the modern economy with software." "I think it's just really important right now because there's a lot of interesting, innovating software companies coming out of Seattle and we feel like we're not really capturing that," Wagner said on "Squawk Alley" Tuesday morning. "So, we feel that this VC will be able to capture that and provide a unique opportunity for them as well as unique outreach to help build their company, to help expand their company." The new VC fund is expected to deploy over $100 million to startups across the Pacific Northwest region over the next three to four years, Geekwire reported.  Wagner's business presence has been on display for a few years. In 2019, he negotiated his own $54 million deal with $24.5 million guaranteed at the time he signed, according to Forbes. Wagner was also named to Forbes' 30 Under 30 list after making a handful of investments, including a five-figure investment in startup Denali Therapeutics in 2014, NBC Sports Northwest reported. Wagner additionally joined Andreessen Horowitz's $500,000 minimum investment cultural fund, which includes contributions from Shonda Rhimes and Diddy, per ESPN. "We feel like we can really capture a lot of the companies that come out of Seattle," Wagner added. "A lot of companies feel like they have to go down to the Bay Area to get the money that they need to build their business, and we don't believe that's true. And we're here to make sure that the companies in Seattle don't leave Seattle." The Ontario, California native has always been an underdog both on and off the football field. The former two-star recruit's sole offer to play college football came from Utah State, and Wagner accepted it en route to making a name for himself as a four-year starter from 2008 to 2011.  After being named the Western Athletic Conference Player of the Year as a senior following a season in which Wagner tallied 147 tackles, four sacks and two interceptions, Wagner went on to become the first player from Utah State to play in the 2012 Senior Bowl since 2004. Wagner was then drafted by the Seattle Seahawks in the second round of the 2012 NFL Draft. Wagner isn't alone on the list of professional athletes who have gotten into investing. Kansas City Chiefs' Super Bowl-winning quarterback Patrick Mahomes took a minority stake in the Kansas City Royals on Tuesday at 24, making him the youngest part owner in sports history. This came after Mahomes signed a 10-year extension worth up to $503 million, making for the largest contract in sports history.  NBA superstar Stephen Curry of the Golden State Warriors formed a new company SC30 Inc., in June 2018 that manages Curry's investments, brand partnerships and his philanthropic ventures, Forbes reported. Curry also co-founded Slyce in 2015, a marketing automation platform for brand sponsorships and partnerships based in the San Francisco Bay Area.  The Golden State Warriors' Kevin Durant has also invested in various startups.Join the conversation about this story » NOW WATCH: Why you don't see brilliantly blue fireworks
Youmans: Around The fall of, I bet often the Wichita State Shockers from 200-1.Not a new terrible bet, nonetheless I'll consider that repayment.With diverse times, My spouse and i virtually produced futures takes on on The state of michigan State, Michigan and Kansas State, and those probably would have got recently been losers.With Kentucky transfer Quade Environmentally friendly, some sort of sound floor general who also gave the Huskies 3 McDonald's All-Americans for often the first time possibly, this Huskies seemed like some sort of true sleeper out of the Pac-12.I also wager two NBA win counts: Boston Celtics over forty nine.inch Kevin Durant would not necessarily play, and all signs pointed to issues with Kyrie Irving joining one more new group.
CHARLOTTE, N.C. LeBron James was buying and selling lob move with Dwyane Wade once more, a person past period.And once manufacturing a stepback 3-pointer late, he stared down Joel Embiid towards ship a information without having professing a term.Oh, this mattered more Pounds coverageEastern Meeting Preview Pounds retool, prep for a different runPhotos of the 7 days 10 13 19 10 19 195 for 5 Dollars finish out suitable preseason with 118-96 winGiannis, Dollars principle of remarkably through NBA overall managersAntetokounmpo sits, Dollars ultimate Wizards 115-108 inside of preseason testTeam LeBron, down through 20 inside of the instant fifty percent, sooner or later obtained firing and went upon in the direction of battle Employees Giannis 178-164 in just the All-Star Recreation upon Sunday night time.MVP Kevin Durant scored 31 info for Workers LeBron, the 1 that James drafted and led in the direction of victory within the captains-determination structure for a moment consecutive time.He lauded Charlotte for the weekend.Due for the hospitality, Durant claimed.It was an remarkable weekend.Far too significant for highest individuals nevertheless Antetokounmpo isnt maximum human beings.Still as soon as it was period in direction of purchase aggressive, aspects tightened up dramatically, at minimum amount via All-Star benchmarks.Yet whenever Personnel LeBron employed a flurry of 3s in direction of get hold of back again into it, everybody upon the bench was status from time to time managing in opposition to the bench and on to the court docket through engage in, the celebrations a little bit far more exuberant than whatusually authorized.And the All-Star farewells for MiamiWade and Dallas Dirk Nowitzki the provides in the direction of the sport through NBA Commissioner Adam Silver, within just honor of their job bodies of operate were being festive, as absolutely everyone sought after.Nowitzki entered the video game late inside of the to start with quarter and designed his initially a few pictures all of them 3-rules prior to likely again toward the bench.
The most recent episode ofSurvivor NBA was fairly a cliffhanger.All types of intrigue.Some effectively surprising plot twists.At present thata truth of the matter clearly show well worth viewing.They often capture me by means of question, mentioned Toronto Raptors teach Nick Nurse, whose workers experienced a heavy function within the plotline.Thereso substantially transferring upon all the season.Inspite of grievances against the likes of Kevin Durant and LeBron James, the leagueoff-the-court docket drama major up towards Thursdaytrade deadline was a welcome respite towards the lengthy, once in a while dreary month to month time strengthening all the persuasive tale traces despite the fact that highlighting a course of action that incredibly will work perfectly for absolutely everyone.KD may perhaps get in direction of rip the media for its infatuation with what the long term retains for him, however had been guessing the Golden Region star doesnt brain cashing those people exams or that hell be as well let down this summertime whenever he can decide out of his agreement and make a decision the place he needs toward engage in for a bundle that may possibly have to have 9 data toward fill out Naz Mitrou-Long Jersey.The King might grumble relating to how the cheesy direction the NBA goes pertaining to its office environment indeed, it was lame of the Dallas Mavericks toward exchange Harrison Barnes throughout a sport, despite the fact that they curiously informed him formerly that a package was inside of the is effective and he made the decision in the direction of engage in in any case yet the approach totally performs effectively for James, who consists of gathered countless numbers of thousands and thousands of money and rather significantly moved about the county any time he content and exhilarating and puzzling and foolish, suitable epitomized byNik and WadeExcellent Experience.Nik Stauskas and Wade Baldwin IV started out the 7 days enjoying for Portland.Then they acquired traded in direction of Cleveland, which dealt them towards Houston, which out of the blue shipped them packing in the direction of Indiana.Of study course, the Pacers never ever experienced any target of holding them, therefore they may possibly wind up upon their 5th workers inside 7 times via the weekend.Pelicans star Anthony Davis was the massive prize, consuming built it crystal clear a time and a fifty percent prior to his deal is up yep, A Year AND Fifty percent that he doesnt have to have in the direction of enjoy for Clean Orleans any lengthier.Yet no offer may possibly be obtained as a result of the deadline, consequently Davis will at minimum amount complete the period within the Massive Uncomplicated, an Quite unpleasant problem of a lame-duck participant relocating all through the motions with a rudderless franchise.In the meantime, within just Los Angeles, pertaining to 50 % the Lakers roster understands that it was dangled as bait within a long run Davis exchange, as a result the remainder of LeBrondebut period inside Tinseltown studies in direction of be a forgettable one particular.
Apple TV Plus launches on Friday and costs $5 a month.The streaming landscape is going to change drastically in the next couple of weeks.It's been this way for years now.Apple; Stephanie Keith/Getty Images; Samantha Lee/Business InsiderEarly reviews for Apple TV Plus are mixed, with some critics calling series like "The Morning Show" and "See" underwhelming, at least at launch.Just look at all of the names who have committed to building series for Apple TV Plus: Steven Spielberg, Steve Carell, Chris Evans, the NBA star Kevin Durant, Kristen Bell, Rashida Jones, and Oprah Winfrey (to name a few).
On Tuesday, Twitter hosted a small press event at its headquarters in San Francisco.The second floor of the newly remodeled building was filled with employees in T-shirts and sundresses, buzzing with excitement among tables stocked with popcorn and cupcake shooters.Tech companies host these kinds of show-and-tell soirées every now and then.(This does not always go according to plan.)A dozen employees, working in teams including product and policy, took turns telling reporters about their recent work.What if you could easily find the table with all the people who love tech news as much as you do, or the couch full of Kevin Durant fans?
For the first time in five years, the Golden State Warriors are not the favorites to win the NBA Finals.Warriors star Klay Thompson suffered a major ACL injury in the team's Game 6 loss to the Toronto Raptors in the finals earlier this year, and forward Kevin Durant left the team for the Brooklyn Nets after tearing his achilles tendon in Game 5.Thompson is expected to miss the majority of the 2019-20 season, leaving the Warriors depleted in an increasingly competitive Western conference.Over the course of the last five season the Golden State Warriors have put together one of the most impressive runs in NBA history, winning three championships in five straight finals appearances and setting a regular season win record during the 2015-16 season.First, forward Kevin Durant tore his achilles tendon while attempting to bring the team back from a 3-1 series deficit against the Toronto Raptors; then, shooting guard Klay Thompson suffered an ACL injury in a game 6 loss that gave the Raptors their first NBA championship.Durant ultimately decided to leave the Warriors for the Brooklyn Nets in the off-season, having earned two NBA Finals MVP awards in three seasons with the Warriors.
Father’s Day was the hottest of Facebook IQ’s Hot Topics on Facebook and Instagram in June, and people on both platforms were also gearing up for their Fourth of July celebrations.Those two holidays dominated the holidays and events category for the month on both Facebook and Instagram.The BET Awards saw strong conversation volume on both platforms last month, but the entertainment category on Facebook was led by Jon Stewart.The sports category was dominated by the National Basketball Association, with Facebook users discussing Kevin Durant, the Los Angeles Lakers and Anthony Davis, while Durand and Klay Thompson led the way on Instagram.The U.S. Women’s National Team also performed strongly on both platforms, and Megan Rapinoe stood out on Facebook.Late Mexican actress Edith González and Queen Elizabeth led Facebook chatter in the people category in June, while Instagrammers discussed González and Prince Charles.
Free agency in the National Basketball Association “officially” tipped off Sunday at 6 p.m.ET, and Twitter said there were over 3.8 million NBA-related tweets Sunday.The only two days that sparked more NBA-related conversation on the social network were games five and six of the NBA Finals.ESPN senior NBA insider Adrian Wojnarowski was the most-tweeted-about NBA-related person Sunday, and the top-tweeted moment of the night was when he broke the news that Kevin Durant planned to sign with the Brooklyn Nets.The five most-tweeted-about teams Sunday were:The five most-tweeted-about players were:
What do Serena Williams, Kevin Durant, Simone Biles, and SonicFox all have in common?They’re all nominated alongside other dominant athletes to be recognized at ESPN’s 2019 ESPY award ceremony.For the first time, esports professionals will be recognized with its own award category alongside four other new categories.The nominees for the “Best Esports Moment” cover a large chunk of the professional competitive gaming industry.The nominees highly notable moments in fighting games, MOBAs, and first-person shooters and highlights competitions all around the world.The six nominees for “Best Esports Moment” are:
We talked to medical experts about what really happened with Kevin Durant's Achilles tendon, we learned what foods you can kiss goodbye thanks to climate change, and we put together a list of Father's Day deals you can still get before Sunday.Here's the news you need to know, in two minutes or less.Why Kevin Durant's Achilles tendon was his Achilles heelA turn of a heel was enough to rupture both NBA star Kevin Durant's Achilles tendon and the sports world last Monday.Medical experts say it can have to do with degeneration happening without symptoms, or a stroke of bad luck after an explosive push-off.One expert says “one of the best indicators of how well someone is going to play after they rupture is how good they were beforehand."
It’s all over the internet—the Golden State Warriors’ scoring machine bounces the ball between his legs in an attempt to get past Serge Ibaka of the Toronto Raptors, pushes off his right leg and pivots on his left, showing Ibaka his back … and when Durant puts his weight back down after the turn, something’s wrong.The Achilles tendon is the thing that connects those muscles to that bone, a whitish, shiny, quarter-inch-thick ribbon of collagen just below the skin.“It’s the explosive push-off,” says Drew Lansdown, an orthopedic surgeon at UC San Francisco Medical Center.“Number one is degeneration in the tendon, what we clinically call tendinosis,” says J. Turner Vosseller, an orthopedic surgeon specializing in feet and ankles at Columbia University Medical Center.Tendinosis involves changes at the cellular level that end with a breakdown in the collagen matrix—it happens with tennis elbow and rotator cuff injuries, too.One study of otherwise healthy young people found that 16 percent of them had tendinosis symptoms an MRI could pick up—what Vosseller calls “crappy tendons.”
They'd been among the top teams in the eastern conference for the better part of the season, so it wasn't all that surprising they had the championship within their grasp, but they were up against the Golden State Warriors, a megazord entity that doesn't quite know how to lose.When I think of the Warriors and all that they’ve amassed—three championships in the last five years; top-dog status in the league; a litany of records I won’t attempt to list here because who has the time?—my mind immediately rushes to that definitive Harvey Dent line from The Dark Knight: “You either die a hero or you live long enough to see yourself become the villain.” It’s so indisputable and befitting a team like Golden State.In obvious ways, the team mirrors its home region of the Bay Area, a place now flooded with tech overlords who seem invincible and wield immense powers, the true nature of which has yet to be revealed.Of course, if you're from Northern California or a fan of Stephen Curry’s superhero talents, this doesn’t quite apply; no Warriors fan thinks their team wins thanks to unspoken magic.But for the majority of us, for those of us who have found the perfect avatar in Kawhi Leonard and his Raptors, all of this backstory—the rise and rise and rise of the Warriors, the turn from David to Goliath—has made the series all the more gripping.Maybe what I'm really trying to say is, as much as we have paid attention to what's in the foreground of the 2019 NBA Finals—the Raptors' savvy defense; clutch performances from Fred VanVleet; Drake's meme-worthy courtside antics; Kevin Durant's return and career-derailing injury—it's the backdrop, the particulars of the surrounding environment, that drives the real plot.
If you’re a big basketball fan like me, you’ll be glued to the TV watching the Golden State Warriors take on the Toronto Raptors in the NBA finals.In honor of the big games, we took a shot at breaking down investment activities of the players off the court.But first, here’s a chart of some startups funded by NBA players, both former and current.Former NBA Commissioner David Stern was an early investor and advisor in the company (putting money in the company’s seed round).And then, Carmelo Anthony invested (via his Melo7 Tech II fund) earlier this year.Other NBA-related investors include Baron Davis, Andre Iguodala and Victor Oladipo, and other non-NBA backers include Andreessen Horowitz and Greycroft.
NBA champion and former Beats athlete Kevin Durant has a new headphones brand to call his own, literally, after buying a stake in New York’s Master & Dynamic.Announcing the partnership this week, Master & Dynamic CEO Jonathan Levine spoke with The Verge to lay out what we can expect, stressing that it’s much more than just a paid celebrity endorsement.Durant isn’t getting paid anything, for a start.According to Levine, the collaboration with Durant grew organically out of meetings between the two men and Durant’s longtime business partner Rich Kleiman.As an ESPN profile of Kevin Durant, titled “The Making of a Mogul,” makes clear, KD has developed a habit of getting financially involved with products and services he uses on a daily basis.One example was him buying a stake in Postmates in the summer of 2016, simply because he liked the service, and the M deal now is a similar effort to combine something he enjoys with a potentially lucrative payoff in the future.