The “garage” conjures an image of bootstrap dynamism and success, so much so that a very prominent Silicon Valley venture capital firm headed by co-founder Guy Kawasaki has been christened Garage Technology Ventures.With a seed capital of Rs 10000 (less than $200), entrepreneur Kiran Mazumdar Shaw set up a company which today has revenues inching towards the half a billion-dollar mark.The garage metaphor operates at both the level of the entrepreneurial psyche, as well as at a subtler and important level, in terms of the role that the “garage” plays in the entrepreneurial process.The garage as a goalFirst, the “garage” represents an inspirational ideal.In strategic terms, the location and the cost of the ‘incubator’ can be far more important than the actual size, the condition or the elegance of the place.
Since the onset of the global pandemic, there has been huge attention paid to vaccine development and medical research. Meanwhile innovations in patient treatment through telemedicine that have been accelerated by the pandemic may be here to stay.
Dr. Matilde "Mattie" Castiel receives an injection from RN Bethany Trainor at the University of Massachusetts Medical School in Worcester, MA on September 04, 2020. Speaking at a CNBC-moderated panel at the Singapore Summit on Monday, Kiran Mazumdar-Shaw, executive chairman of Indian biopharmaceutical firm Biocon, said that "vaccine nationalism is creeping into the world," with some countries eager to snap up the first stock of any approved vaccines. It's "very sad" when countries don't realize this is a pandemic that has affected the entire world, she said, adding that sending vaccines to where they're needed should be a global effort. "People have to be less worried about the kind of trade wars they're fighting right now, and realize there is something in it for everyone," Mazumdar-Shaw said, referring to a global vaccination effort. "This physical distancing that we've been forced to go through for the sake of containing the virus, I think it's actually put an accelerator on the nationalist tendencies at the expense of efficiencies and resiliencies that come with partnerships and trade relationships," he said at the Singapore Summit, which is being held online this year. Banga warned localization tendencies may prevent the transfer of data, impose technical standards that preclude competition, or create local monopolies.
Reacting to a report that the health ministry has fixed ₹250 per shot at private hospitals, she tweeted: We r crushing instead of incentivising vaccine industry.She further said: Covid Vaccine Jab Capped At ₹250 At Private Hospitals: Government - understand vaccine cos feel betrayed
'My concern comes from why we hear of declining vaccination numbers and some centres not completing their vaccination quotas,' Biocon chief said
Kiran Mazumdar-Shaw had expressed concern over shortage of COVID-19 vaccines and sought better transparency from the government regarding their availability
Biocon chief said that COVID has actually resulted in innovative vaccines being produced, such as Covaxin, Genova mRNA programme