Labourers speak on mobile phones opposite a public call office PCO in a market area in Kolkata, India.Western smartphone makers, like Apple and Google, are increasing looking East for growth, giving countries like India significant influence over the sorts of features they build into their phones.India has the advantage of volume — they have sufficient volume so they can tell smartphone makers to build certain features.The smartphone makers can then try and use them in the African market, and the Middle East market, for example.Mobile subscriptions are expected to hit 1.4 billion by 2021, according to the Ericsson Mobiliy Report, released in June.Everybody is looking at India as a huge landing ground for their innovation and also as a next big step in that part of the world, said Sanjeet Pandit, Qualcomm senior director for business development and sales for Asia Pacific and India.
India s Uber rival, Ola, is making it affordable for even more people in the country to use its cabs.The country s largest ride-hailing service today said it s expanding Ola Share Pass to four new cities — Delhi-NCR, Kolkata, Mumbai, and Pune.With today s announcement, Ola Share Pass is now available in seven of the 15 cities where car pooling Ola Share program is available.Ola's rival Uber currently doesn't have any similar offering.SEE ALSO: Now you can listen to Apple Music, watch Sony LIV movies in your next Ola cab rideOla Share Pass, first unveiled in October, is a deviation from other cab services on the platform.
google's indian-oriented ceo Sundar Pichai came in to talk to the old alma mater, its students, the Wall Street Journal report.Sundar picha the advice from the Indian Institute of Technology Kharagpur for the students to hear: "Take it easy and have fun."in India advice can keep somewhat epäortodoksisena, as the country highlights the usually rigorous study of meaning, in order to get a quick degree and a good job, a Wall Street Journal blogger pointed out."Studying is important, but not as important as between given to understand," Pichai said, and revealed control their own college late, he slept in between classes and had even the occasional poor grades.pichai the students will share the success recipe you would otherwise not be very surprising: follow the passion of your, take risks, be creative.Indian Institute of Technology Kharagpur is located around hundred kilometers from Kolkata city.
Temple jewellery with a modern twist — perfect for a night out, a quirky clutch shaped like a burger, an organic shampoo bar, wooden wayfarers, detailed stilettos... you know you want them all and that’s why it’s hard to decide what not to put in your shopping cart.No wonder sisters Aruna R Krishnan and Srigopika Radhakrishnan named their fashion website ‘’ The portal caters to almost all cities and towns.“We even supply to remote parts of Arunachal Pradesh and Meghalaya and parts of Jammu and Kashmir where our competitors wouldn’t even go, and we also give them the option of paying cash on delivery,” says Radhakrishnan, adding, “We supply to 15,000 pin codes.”The duo soon plans to ship to international destinations too.Launched a few months ago, that1too integrates boutiques from across the country.“We have 120 brands and 100 more in the pipeline,” says Krishnan.“The idea is to bring a sense of affordability to luxury,” she adds.Looks that flatterRadhakrishnan says that it’s always challenging and exhilarating to find brands that look expensive but are actually reasonable.“There have been instances where a client sporting a piece of jewellery that costs less than Rs.500 has been asked if it’s an exquisite designer piece,” she smiles.The duo says they try to keep the products as unique as possible.“We have a team of brand curators who find new brands in Delhi, Kolkata, Mumbai, Hyderabad, Bengaluru and Chennai, of course.There is ethnic wear from Bhubaneshwar, cotton nightwear from Chandigarh, customised shoes from Thane, Bohemian style bags from Kanpur, lip balms from Panjim... It’s as diverse as that,” says Radhakrishnan.Talks are on to bring a Vietnamese fashion brand on board.
Local services aggregator UrbanClap raises USD 21 million for Series CFounders: Varun Khaitan, Raghav Chandra, Abhiraj BhalFinancing status: USD 21 million Series C round in 2017App based local services aggregator UrbanClap has raised USD 21 million for its Series C financing round led by Vy Capital.Existing investors SAIF Partners, Accel Partners, and Bessemer Venture Partners also participated in this financing round.Ratan Tata, former Chairman of Tata Sons, had also invested in the startup back in December 2015.
A new study examining breast cancer awareness in India has found that a lack of early diagnosis is leading the country towards an epidemic.The research, which is the first of its kind to look at breast cancer awareness in India, found that cultural and religious issues mean that women don't access health services, are reluctant to consult male doctors, neglect their own health due to family obligations and are over-dependent on other family members to seek medical help, all of which causes delay in diagnosis.These community nurses, who are trusted in the community and by male members in the family, represent one of the best channels of fostering a greater understanding by men about early symptoms and diagnosis.The research highlights the significance of the country's rapid economic development, leading to greater urbanisation, which is leading some women towards a western lifestyle resulting in a rise of breast cancer rates.Judith Fletcher-Brown, from the University of Portsmouth, visited the country to explore the unique social, economic, cultural and institutional challenges in this emerging economy.One participant said that even among friends they are too shy, although there is more openness between mothers and daughters.
Indian perfume brand Engage has rolled out a campaign highlighting the 'playful chemistry' between couples.The ad conceptualised by J. Walter Thompson, Kolkata and titled 'The Fantasy' exemplifies the emotions evoked by the perfume.Tista Sen, senior vice president and national creative director at J. Walter Thompson, said: “The new communication focuses on the longing and yearning that perfume can evoke in romance.Imagination and fantasy is captured through young lovers who cannot wait to meet."Perfume on the pulse points heightens 'playful chemistry' which is the raison d'être of the brand and brings lovers together through a powerful line that says it all: where do you want to be kissed?"Sameer Satpathy, chief executive personal care products business at ITC, added: “Engage is synonymous with the proposition of ‘playful chemistry’, and the new thematic campaign ‘The Fantasy’ further reinforces its strong credentials as a perfume of choice for couples in love."
Missing: The Complete Saga is in the final days of its Kickstarter campaign to raise money for a different kind of game.It’s about the experience of being a victim of child sex trafficking, something that happens every 26 seconds around the world.This indie game comes from Leena Kejriwal, who has been working for a decade in an effort to stop sex trafficking of little girls in India, and game studio Flying Robot Studios in Kolkata, India.An earlier adventure game, Missing: Game for a Cause, from Kejriwal’s team debuted as a free prototype on mobile and PC last year, and it won the Indie Game of the Year award from Nasscom, India’s game trade association.“In our journey we have managed to help rescue many girls and there were many stories of girls which were left to be told.”The new game tells a longer story of a little girl in a village and her life when she gets trafficked.
Uber has launched a number of safety initiatives and features as part of its UberSAFE campaign in India, in a bid to ensure customers have a safe ride.The features include the Share My Trip option, which allows drivers to share the trip information with family without divulging the drop-off information.These features have been rolled out in Delhi, Kolkata, Jaipur, Ahmedabad, Mumbai, Pune, Lucknow and will be fully rolled out across India by end of this month.Uber has also partnered with Delhi Police to allow access to Himmat, a women safety mobile app, through the rider app.Uber also rolled out DontDrinkAndDrive initiative where it joined hands with the bars in Mumbai to fight against drunk driving.As part of the campaign, Uber will also tackle duplicate driver accounts.
What connects a 73-year-old former administrator from Goa, a 30-something Delhi based journalist and adventure sport nut, a 46-year-old quiz show contestant from Kolkata, around a thousand college students and a host of others from around the country.Simple, they are among the best and brightest chosen as volunteers for the FIFA U-17 World Cup in India.It originally meant a person who offered himself for military service.And the military connotation was the primary one, till the mid-19th century when the US Civil war saw a lot of civilians volunteering their time for aid and relief work.The concept of using volunteers for sporting events really started with the modern Olympic Games in 1896.And while there were many unpaid workers in the first few Olympics, the first time the word ‘volunteer’ was used was in 1912, where most of them comprised Army men and boy scouts.Olympic founder Pierre de Coubertin spoke of a Swedish lady, Mrs Versall, who had six children who participated in the Games, the youngest as boy scouts who delivered messages.
Hewlett Packard Enterprise is opening a Center of Excellence with long-term strategic partner PwC in India to apply Internet of Things technology to urban development.The two are working together to use HPE’s Universal IoT Platform to power future smart cities.The centre in Kolkata will expand device management and machine-to-machine management as well as improving support for Long Range (LoRa).PwC applications and dashboard will be integrated with HPE’s platform to accelerate projects.The two believe IoT can help improve urban environment by reducing air pollution, improving rubbish disposal and speed transport times.Nigel Upton, General Manager, Universal IoT Platform, at HPE said in a statement: “HPE and PwC are working together to offer enhanced services, greater security and improved civic engagement to municipalities around the world.
In collaboration with other scientists and technologists throughout his career, Einstein also filed patents and promoted practical inventions that included a refrigerator, a hearing aid, and a camera.One retired research scientist has taken a particular interest in Einstein’s forays into engineering: Asis Kumar Chaudhuri, who had worked at the Variable Energy Cyclotron Centre, in Kolkata, India.He’s not the first to note Einstein’s rather mixed record as an inventor, and Chaudhuri acknowledges that none of Einstein’s contributions to technology ranks with E = mc2, but he believes the man’s brilliance—and humanity—still shines through and his inventions deserve to be remembered.“If you read between the lines and read the stories behind his inventions, you’ll find a sympathetic man,” a human who is troubled by others’ bad fortune, Chaudhuri says.In 1926, Einstein read a newspaper article about an entire family in Germany that had been killed by a leak from their refrigerator.Refrigerators at the time used lethal gases, such as methyl chloride and sulfur dioxide, as coolants.
Indian jewellery brand PC Chandra Jewellers is encouraging Indian women to uncelebrate International Women's Day (8 March) to combat gender bias and emphasize that women's day should be celebrated everyday.The campaign UncelebrateWomensDay, conceptualised by J Walter Thompson, Kolkata and directed by Abhishek Sinha, features various women speaking about the discrimination they have faced since their childhood.For example, being gifted a cookery set emphasizing that their place is in the kitchen, always being asked to sit cross-legged, while boys are told sexist statements like 'don't cry-like a girl'.All the women then speak about boycotting women's day and not celebrating it until gender equality is achieved in the society.U.K. Chandra, managing director of P.C.Chandra Jewellers, said: “We are not against Women’s Day.
On International Women’s Day, HP is inviting girls to reinvent their stories and reach for their dreams.‘Paro,’ a short film shot in Kolkata, India, follows a girl’s journey as she discovers her passion for storytelling.In addition to the film, HP is introducing a range of social impact programs, rooted in the company’s belief that technology can be a democratizing force in telling and sharing stories that matter.In ‘Paro’ a young girl experiences the triumph of sharing her story with others through an untraditional and unexpected path.We see her drawing and writing in a notebook at home and at school.International Women’s Day is a perfect reminder to always inspire action and stories are a perfect vehicle to touch hearts.”
Indian Premier League 2018 will start on 7th April 2018 and end on 27th May 2018.8 teams are participating in this league and the good thing is Rajasthan Royals and Chennai Super Kings are back in the game after 2 years of suspension but they replace Gujrat lions and Rising Pune Supergiant.Historical Winners:In 2008, Rajasthan Royals won 1st IPL season.In 2010 and 2011 Chennai Super Kings won the IPL.Kolkata Knight Riders also won two times title of IPL winner in 2012 and 2014.Mumbai Indians won three times title of CBTF IPL winner.PredictionKolkata Knight Riders, Rajasthan Royals and Chennai Super Kings have the history of winning IPL series.But in this season we are predicting they will work as a game changer.Looking IPL Betting Tips at the previous performance and historical winning data of Mumbai Indians it seems that they can win in IPL 2018.
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Indian Premier League (IPL) team Kolkata Knight Riders (KKR) has rolled out its anthem for the 11th IPL season.The anthem KKRHaiTayaar (KKR is ready) is created by DDB Mudra Group and features Bollywood actor and team owner, Shahrukh Khan and fans from Kolkata doing a fist pump, carrying the team flag and having their rooms adorned with KKR players to showcase their love for the team.Venky Mysore, managing director and chief executive officer, Kolkata Knight Riders said: “Every year our marketing embarks on a research and insight backed exercise that aims to find the pulse of our fans to arrive at a tagline that rings most true to KKR."This year, along with the creative team at the DDB Mudra Group, the team has come up with KKRHaiTaiyaar; which truly signifies the mood at our camp.The knights are ready for every challenge and a promise to give their best to the sport."Rahul Mathew, national creative director, DDB Mudra Group said: “KKR has always prided itself on being more than just a team.
OnePlus has announced that it will host pop-up events across eight Indian cities on May 21 and 22 allowing customers to experience and purchase the upcoming the OnePlus 6.At the pop-up events, stocks will be limited, and the devices will be available on a first-come-first-serve basis ahead of the general open sale, and hence pop-up attendees will the first ones to be able to buy the OnePlus 6.Also, customers purchasing the phone will also get OnePlus goodies.Across the globe, pop-ups will be held in New York, London, Paris, Milan, and Beijing.In India, the OnePlus 6 pop-ups will be held across eight cities in Bengaluru, Delhi, Mumbai, Pune, Chennai, Hyderabad, Kolkata, and Ahmedabad.You can find more details here.