In partnership with TechCrunch, The Europas Conference & Awards, which I founded, has come up with a new kind of tech conference.Admittedly, its how we like to do things in Europe…The Europas includes a public vote to determine the industries favorites.This is the final shortlist from which the winners will be chosen by a combination of industry votes and judges also speakers at the day-time conference and announced at an evening awards ceremony.Of course, out of the sheer need to filter the thousands of people in tech startups across Europe, the Awards can t cover every single startup, investor and entrepreneur.There is no charge to enter or be selected or to win. /entityGrabyo – Real-time TV and video clip sharing /entityTV Player – The best of UK television all in one place E-Commerce StartupDeliveroo /entityBloom & Wild /entityZalando /entityDesk Beers /entityForter My Name /entityBest Education StartupPeak /entityKahoot Studios /entitybusuu Startup AcceleratorEntrepreneur First /entityCyLon Cyber London /entityStartup Bootcamp UK London /entityWAYRA /entityOxygen Accelerator Partners Family /entityBest Advertising/Marketing StartupSimilarWeb Games Studios /entityQuantic Dream /entityUsTwo /entityHello Games Games Mobile StartupFever /entityHappn FinTech StartupCurve Wallet /entityiwoca /entityWorld Remit /entityFunding Circle Bank /entityLend invest Street Enterprise, SaaS or B2B StartupOnfido /entityMainframe /entityjobandtalent /entityMOVE Guides /entityProdPad Hardware StartupSphericam Drone Watch Wunderkind Pad Will Save Us Share Economy StartupJustPark in a Flat Home Swap /entityWe Are Pop Up /entityBorrowMyDoggy /entityBest Health StartupClue /entityTouch Surgery Cyber Security StartupCyberX Cyber /entityUkkobox /entityBitninja Blockchain Startup of The YearCredits /entityClearmatics /entityTramonex /entityBest Travel StartupBlacklane /entityStratajet /entityVictor /Snaptrip /entityFamily Traveller /entityMasabi Escapes Internet of Things StartupSigfox Controls Technology InnovationBragi The Dash /entityUltrahaptics /entityinflator by Lofelt Burner /entityBest FashionTech StartupThread by Choice /entityVideDressing zee /entitySnaps /entityBest Angel/Seed Investor of the YearFederico Pirzio-Biroli Turner Buckley Cahane Yap Fearn Reed Read K. Fu Acton Smith Dibner Munthe Banner Wilkinson Park Bradford Dramalioti-Taylor Sage Scott Humanitarian Tech of The YearRefugee InfoHub Incubators VC Investor of the YearSonali De Ryker, Accel Partners Sohoni, Seedcamp Klein, LocalGlobe Burbidge, Passion Capital Meehan, Spakr Labs meehanMattias Ljungman, Atomico Hernandez, Whitestar Capital Ball, Qualcomm Ventures Teli, Connect Ventures Moffat, Balderton Capital Vidra, GV Rimer, Index Ventures Seton-Rogers, PROFounders Jorgen Parson, Northzone Macpherson, Octopus Investments Nagel, Earlybird Chandratillake, Balderton Benayoun, Partech Tluszcz, Mangrove /entityBest Startup FoundersCarlos Silva / Jeff Lynn, Seedrs /entityBrynne Herbert, MOVE Guides /entityBernardo Hernandez / Pep Gomez, Fever /entityAndy Hobsbawm, Vlad Trifa, Dominique Guignard, Niall Murphy, EVERYTHING /entityEd Cooke, Greg Detre, Memrise /entityWill Shu, Greg Orlowski, Deliveroo Meetings, Andrew Mulling, Samir Desai, Alex Tonelli, Funding Circle Kemball-Cook, Pavegen /entityFastest Rising Startup Of The YearImprobable Guides /entityQuiqup Circle CEO of the Year Individual Jorn Lyseggen, Meltwater, MEST, Shack15 Williams, Skyscanner /entityRich Riley, Shazam Wood /entityMelinda Nicci, Baby2Body, /entityRikke Rosenlund, BorrowMyDoggy Louie, Watchfit Ahmed /entityBest Cleantech Startup of The YearBLOKS.
MoreDell logos are seen at its headquarters in Cyberjaya, outside Kuala Lumpur in this September 4, 2013 file photo.The ruling, which applies to about 5.5 million Dell shares, is a victory for the specialized hedge funds that have increasingly tried to squeeze more money from mergers using a type of lawsuit known as appraisal.The judge dedicated much of the opinion to explaining why deal price was not a fair value indicator, particularly in a management-led buyout.About 3.9 million appraised shares were held by affiliates of Magnetar Capital.A small number of hedge funds have built a strategy of swooping in just before a deal closes, when there is less risk a deal would collapse, and buying stock for the sole purpose of seeking appraisal.Dell was able to knock out T Rowe Price's stock, which comprised the bulk of the shares in the case, because the fund manager mistakenly voted in favor of the buyout.
A decade after he got shunted aside at Facebook Inc., Eduardo Saverin s found another scrappy internet startup he s proud to put his name behind.The billionaire is reinventing himself as an Asian venture capitalist and thinks he s found a winner in little-known, a Singaporean house-hunting service founded by local wunderkind Darius Cheung.First is relentless focus.The Facebook co-founder has drawn his fair share of headlines since The Social Network immortalized his disputes with Mark Zuckerberg, from accounts of night-clubbing, women in tow, to accusations he was dodging taxes by renouncing his U.S. citizenship.It was quite clear at that time this wasn t just a project to create disruption and ROI, meaning return on investment, Saverin said.For context, PropertyGuru says it s used by about 16 million property seekers and 33,000 advertisers a month.Chief Executive Steve Melhuish said he wasn t too concerned about with more than $2 million from investors including 500 Startups, Sequoia Capital and Golden Gate Ventures, started a Jakarta website this year and plans to expand to a few more Indonesian cities before gunning for Kuala Lumpur and Bangkok.
For decades, the anonymity offered by the internet has permitted untold freedoms for some of the world's most oppressed people.Malaysian researchers at the Universiti Teknologi in Kuala Lumpur recruited student volunteers and monitored their internet usage - the duration of the internet session, the number of websites browsed and the total number of requests made.The resulting analysis showed strong links between how people act on the web and their personality.Behavioral Signatures"Our research suggests a person's personality traits can be deduced by their general internet usage.This differs from other studies that have only looked at the use of social media platforms, such as Facebook and Twitter," said Ikusan R. Adeyemi, lead author of a paper describing the results.They say this research will help companies customise the services they offer.
MoreDell logos are seen at its headquarters in Cyberjaya, outside Kuala Lumpur in this September 4, 2013 file photo.REUTERS/Bazuki Muhammad/FilesBy Greg Roumeliotis and Liana B. Baker Reuters - Buyout firm Francisco Partners and the private equity arm of activist hedge fund Elliott Management Corp are in advanced talks to acquire Dell Inc's software division for more than $2 billion, three people familiar with the matter said.Divesting the software assets will help Dell refocus its technology portfolio and bolster its balance sheet after it agreed in October to buy data storage company EMC Corp for $67 billion.Dell is seeking to sell almost all of its software assets, including Quest Software, which helps with information technology management, as well as SonicWall, an e-mail encryption and data security provider, the people said.An agreement on the deal could be reached as early as this week, the people said, cautioning that the negotiations could still end unsuccessfully.The sources asked not to be identified because the negotiations are confidential.
The wreckage washed up on an island off Australia's south coast is not from the missing Malaysian aircraft MH370, says investigators. What happened to the plane, which disappeared on the road between Kuala Lumpur and Beijing in March 2014 with 239 people on board, is still a mystery. More than 100,000 square kilometers of seabed in the Pacific has been scanned in search of wreckage, but so far without result. In total, an area of ​​120 000 square kilometers scanned, which is expected to be completed in August. If no findings have been made as laid down search, China, Australia and Malaysia agreed. Get the news you're going to talk about in your Facebook feed - like Metro Sweden
Kuala Lumpur International Airport, where most business travellers probably use the free Wi-FiAbout 30 percent of senior business managers "have been hit by cybercrime while abroad", according to a survey of 11,850 employed individuals who had travelled abroad for business and leisure in the past year.The research - which was done by the Toluna research agency for security company Kaspersky Lab - covered 23 countries including the USA and Russia.The survey says that 44 percent were online by the time they left the airport, and 82 percent of travellers used free but unsecured Wi-Fi services in airports, coffee shops, hotels etc."Business people assume their work devices are safer because of in-built security," says Kaspersky, but if not, it's not their problem."One in four and more than half of business leaders believe it is the responsibility of the corporation, rather than the individual, to keep data safe.
A startup in Estonia making new energy-storage technologies that Elon Musk called key to the future of electric cars secured a new round of funding to expand in Asia.Skeleton Technologies GmbH makes supercapacitors: light-weight electronic components that efficiently store and distribute high volumes of power.At present, they provide bursts of energy to help propel trains and buses.In the future, Skeleton and other manufacturers like Maxwell Technologies Inc. and Ioxus Inc., want to broaden their utility in a wider range of vehicles.Skeleton can transform the international ultracapacitor market and become a turnkey energy storage system specialist, according to Nizar Ali, managing director of FirstFloor Capital, in a statement on Wednesday.The Malaysian investor located near Kuala Lumpur provided 13 million pound $17.2 million to Skeleton.Terms weren t disclosed.In 2011, Tesla Motors Inc. s founder Musk said he would bet on supercapacitors over batteries to deliver a breakthrough for electric cars.A spokeswoman for Musk didn t respond to an e-mail asking whether the CEO is sticking to that prediction.Skeleton said FirstFloor s investment is a turning point for plans to expand beyond Europe and into emerging Asian markets, according to the statement.
You might make a great first impression, but can you say the same for your home?If you re worried about what your Airbnb guests might think of you or your residence , there may just be a solution to put your mind at ease.Meet GuestReady, a new company that seeks to help Airbnb hosts get their homes, well, ready for their guests.The London-based company launched this week in six cities: London, Paris, Amsterdam, Singapore, Kuala Lumpur, and Hong Kong.Think of it as a for-hire service that treats your home like the hotel that it is — GuestReady will take care of cleaning, laundry, and even check-in and check-out services.Promising to help hosts make up to 100 percent more money by optimizing an Airbnb listing, pricing, and occupancy, GuestReady promises that their local experts will take good care of your property, screen the guests, and welcome them personally.
SINGAPORE/BEIJING Reuters - China intensified its checks on people and goods arriving from Singapore on Thursday, as an outbreak of the Zika virus in the small city-state was confirmed to have spread to at least one person in neighbouring Malaysia.Authorities in Singapore, a leading regional financial centre and busy transit hub for people and cargo, said they had detected 151 people with the Zika virus, including a second pregnant woman, as of midday Thursday.Many of them are believed to be among the hundreds of thousands of migrant workers in Singapore's construction and marine industries."We have been tracking Zika for a while now, and knew it was only a matter of time before it reached Singapore," Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong posted on his Facebook page.Singapore is the only Asian country with active transmission of the mosquito-borne Zika virus, which in pregnant women can lead to serious birth defects.The United States, Australia and other countries have added Singapore to the growing list of places that pregnant women or those trying to conceive have been warned to avoid.
'Uncle David' is known to many in Kuala Lumpur for his hard work selling plushiesIt began as just another heartbreaking story on the internet of an elderly, cancer-stricken soft toy seller left despairing after a mystery buyer never showed up to collect a bulk order of toys.'Uncle David' has a regular spot peddling soft toysFor the last 15 years, a man known affectionately as "Uncle David" has frequented a corner of the Malaysian capital of Kuala Lumpur.On most days, you will find him outside a bank in the centre of the city.He was left with more toys than he could sell, having bought them from a wholesaler, a difficult situation for him.
International guest scientists, who research the 2014 Eastern Ukraine over shot down airliner, has come to the conclusion that the Buk-missile that hit the plane came from Russia.the researchers narrowed the region in which the missile was shot, the scene, which was dominated by Russian-supported rebels, told the BBC.All the Boeing 777-a plane ride had 298 passengers were killed when the plane was shot in flight.Flight MH17 was traveling from Amsterdam to Kuala Lumpur.the crime based on research we have come to the conclusion that flight MH17 dropped a series of 9M83 Buk-missile, which came from Russian territory , says the Dutch leading police investigator Miquel Paulissen Thursday's news conference.according to him, the missile launch device was taken back to Russia.
There has been a sharp spike in computer hacking cases detected by CyberSecurity Malaysia CSM over the past two years, says Malaysia s Science, Technology and Innovation Deputy Minister Datuk Dr Abu Bakar Mohamad Diah.There were only three cases detected by MyCert in 2014.One involved Critical National Information Infrastructure CNII and two involved private companies, he said.However, the number skyrocketed to a shocking 20 cases involving CNII, 43 private corporations, three higher learning institutions IPT and 21 home users in 2015, he said.Dr Abu Bakar of Malaysian political party BN-Tangga Batu was answering a question raised by Datuk Nawawi Ahmad, of BN-Langkawi, at the Dewan Rakyat in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, on Tuesday.He added that in 2016 so far, there had been 23 cases involving CNII, 18 private companies, three IPT s and six home users.
By Ivan LimWho would have imagined 20 years ago that the first place we d look when renting or buying a house would be on the internet?The property space is one of the industries heavily disrupted by technology, and it continues to evolve.The consumers are the obvious winners, as the entire premise of these changes is to make their life more convenient and give them greater choices.Looking forward, a lot can change.The prop-tech space has tremendous opportunities for growth and transformation.The use of VR in property is already a US$1 billion industry globally, and Goldman Sachs estimates that it is set to treble by 2020.Australian startup StartVR is currently offering Real Estate VR among its other VR-related services, while Sotheby s International Realty have already started showcasing high-end properties in Los Angeles using Samsung s Gear VR last year.This trend, brought to local context, has caught up with us quicker than we think.A few property sites are already experimenting with virtual tours of homes on their platforms to encourage home renters and buyers to experience the living space in a more real way — without actually having to be at the property physically.Smart contracts and Blockchain techCarrying out property transactions over the internet, much like buying books or food, will soon become a reality for everyone.
Honor Malaysia has officially opened its first concept store in Malaysia today.In collaboration with TF Mobile Enterprise, Honor Malaysia s first concept store is now located at Plaza Lowyat, at the heart of Kuala Lumpur.The Concept Store will offer various Honor devices such as the new Honor 8, and they ll also be having special promotions for customers until the 21st of November.During this promotion, customers are entitled to receive free gifts with any purchase of an Honor device.Additionally, customers that purchase an Honor smartphone have the opportunity to enter into a lucky draw, and stand a chance to win an Honor Band Z1, Honor Band SS, a bluetooth speaker, and other similar gifts.This is an interesting move for Honor Malaysia considering they ll be directly going head-to-head with their own parent company Huawei.The concept store is already open, so Malaysian GizChina readers can visit the store on the upper ground floor of Plaza Lowyat.
As those who travel often would attest, sleeping arrangements in other countries tend to differ dramatically.Whether it s a villa over the water in Bora Bora or a tiny capsule hotel in Tokyo, hospitality comes in all sorts of shapes and sizes.Adding to this never-ending list of peculiar arrangements is a unique new abode in the Vietnamese city of Nha Trang that just became the first hostel built out of shipping containers.Dubbed Ccasa Hostel, this unusual travel stop is comprised of three recycled shipping containers modified into dormitory-style quarters and finished with a particularly modern aesthetic.Designed and built by Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia-based architecture firm TAK Architects, Ccasa Hostel aims to make everyone who stays there feel like one big family.Operating under the motto everyone around the world can be connected into a big family, the architects leaned heavily on creating large open areas throughout the hostel.
In Kuala Lumpur, a small team of Malaysian engineers is racing to make history in Southeast Asian space exploration.Independence-X is the sole team from the region to participate in the Google Lunar XPrize, a global competition in which private-sector players must land a robotic spacecraft on the Moon, have it travel 500 meters and transmit high-definition HD video and images back to Earth, by the end of 2017.Unlike Japan, China or India, Southeast Asia has a dearth of private space companies; Independence-X is the only one in Malaysia.It s impossible to have a vision of the future without development in space technology, team leader Izmir Yamin said on the sidelines of the inaugural Global Entrepreneurship Community conference in Kuala Lumpur.On Thursday, CNBC was given exclusive access to images of Independence-X s spacecraft, named Henry.It weighs a hefty 850 kilograms, but is only 1.4 metres tall and 2 metres wide, and comes with an HD imaging camera and a water sensor to transmit any discovery of water data.
The Internet of Things IoT is poised to change the way we live our lives, from commuting to entertainment and more.And with that radical transformation comes volumes of new methods that require education for those connected to the industries that the IoT will influence in the coming years.Fortunately, there are a plethora of conferences and seminars that serve to bring decision makers and other influential individuals up to speed on the latest trends in the IoT.The following is a chronological list of all the best IoT conferences, expos, bootcamps, and more for the remainder of 2017.International Multi-Topic Conference on Engineering and ScienceWhen: January 2 to January 3Where: Kuala Lumpur, MalaysiaSummary: Gyancity ResearchLab, MIR Lab, India UTHM Malaysia, MUET Pakistan, University of MalagaSpain, and Aalborg University, Denmark are all organizing this event.IoT and Its Impact on ManufacturingWhen: January 11Where: Malvern, PennsylvaniaSummary: Microsoft, Softweb Solutions, and COMPAREX will join together to present the event, which will discuss how IoT can be implemented.3rd International Research Conference on Management, Engineering, and Science 2017When: January 18 to January 19Where: Dubai, United Arab EmiratesSummary: IRCMES 2017 will address topics in science, engineering, business, and management.Connected Vehicles 2017When: January 18Where: Chennai, IndiaSummary: The automotive and tech industries are preparing for the next wave of innovation in India: the rise of connected vehicles.IoT Tech Expo GlobalWhen: January 23 to January 24Where: London, EnglandSummary: This expo will feature case studies and seven dedicated conference tracks that span the entire IoT, which includes Smart Cities, Connected Living, Developing & IoT Technologies, Connected Services, Wearables, Connected Industry, and Data & Security.Blockchain ExpoWhen: January 23 to January 24Where: London, EnglandSummary: More than 1,500 people will gather for a series of keynotes, panel discussions, and case studies to foster relationships in the fintech space.3rd International Conference on Engineering, Technology, Management and Science 2017When: February 1 to February 2Where: Dubai, United Arab EmiratesSummary: ICETMS 2017 is looking for submissions on electrical engineering; mechanical and industrial engineering; civil engineering; ICT; business management; oil, gas, energy and mining engineering; basic science; and food and agriculture.Industrial IoT MENAWhen: February 6 to February 7Where: Dubai, United Arab EmiratesSummary: Companies are now trying to leverage the Industrial IoT to minimize downtime, boost efficiency, and usher in a new age of economic growth and competitiveness.This conference will collect several forward-thinking companies to pave the road for the Industrial IoT revolution.IoT Evolution ExpoWhen: February 7 to February 10Where: Ft. Lauderdale, FloridaSummary: This IoT conference will use networking, case studies, and special events to explain how the IoT will help businesses solve problems in the future.Telit IoT InnovationWhen: February 7Where: Ft. Lauderdale, FloridaSummary: This event will feature keynote speeches and breakout sessions under two tracks: Smart Solutions and Tools, Technologies, and Resources.IoT India Expo 2017When: February 8 to February 10Where: New Delhi, IndiaSummary: The theme of this expo is "Convergence, Connecting, Convenience."Asia IoT Business Platform SingaporeWhen: February 14Where: SingaporeSummary: This is the first in a series of events in 2017 that will be held throughout Southeast Asia.Other locations include Myanmar, Thailand, Malaysia, Philippines, Indonesia, and Vietnam.
Australia, Malaysia and China have suspended the search for missing Malaysian airlines flight MH370.The Boeing 777, which left Kuala Lumpur bound for Beijing, disappeared on March 8th, 2014.The plane quickly left areas covered by radar and was presumed to have reached an isolated arc of the Indian Ocean to the west of Australia.Debris from the plane was found in 2015 and later confirmed to be from the aircraft, leading to analysis of drift patterns in an effort to determine its likely location.But those efforts and the search for the plane using seabed scanning could not find the plane.Conditions in the search zone were tough and the ships conducting the search were often unable to do their best work.
As the third anniversary of the disappearance of Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 approaches, families of travelers who died on the plane are vowing to keep up the hunt for the missing airliner -- and now two private funds have been set up to finance the work.Grace Nathan, the daughter of a passenger on the flight, said she hoped to raise $15 million to continue to search the South Indian Ocean for the airliner that disappeared on a flight from Kuala Lumpur to Beijing three years ago Wednesday.The Australian and Malaysian governments gave up looking in January.It was always improbable that the airplane, which may have come apart in flight, would be found in a deep and immense ocean.Focusing on finding the lost jet has distracted investigators from other clues that could determine what triggered the plane to turn off course.But in London, insurers for the airline are very close to bringing the uncertainty to an end.