Google has released a Daydream reference design for hardware manufacturersGoogle has confirmed that it will sell its own virtual reality headset and controller for its Daydream VR platform, which will compete with Daydream hardware from rival manufacturers including Samsung.In a post to Google's Developer's Blog on 19 May, Daydream product manager Nathan Martz confirmed the company is developing both a headset and controller for its new virtual reality mobile platform.The principle is similar to that behind Google's Nexus smartphone line, in which the company handles the design and development of handsets but outsources the manufacturing to other companies – Huawei and LG being its most recent partners.Rather than just licensing everything out to other manufacturers, however, Google has confirmed it will take a hands-on approach to Daydream hardware development, which should help ensure it gets into the hands of consumers in the form it envisioned.Google and IMAXGoogle is also bolstering its VR portfolio through new partnerships with IMAX and Chinese digital camera manufacturer Yi, which will both develop new 360-degree 3D rigs built to Google's Jump VR specification.We'll be sharing much more on this blog over the coming months.
So hats off to LG for trying something different with the LG G5, the first major brand smartphone to feature modular components, meaning you can clip new batteries, cameras and Hi-Fi adjustors to customise the phone further to your own requirements.Granted, you can tap the display awake and tap in your code to unlock it, but I still think the fact you need to be already holding the handset to use the scanner kind of negates the point of having one in the first place.It s powered by a speedy Snapdragon 820 processor, which runs games, multiple-tab web browsing and relatively power-intensive apps without a hitch.The blame for this can be largely lain on powering the screen, though what I would consider quite light web-browsing and music streaming also took a sizable toll.I can't think of a single instance when someone would want to use this feature The standard lens is excellent - pictures are sharp and defined, while colour is true to life The wide-angle lens is great for panoramic landscapes, but pictures tend to be quite dark The camera holds up well in artificial light Credit: rhiannon williams/telegraph A glamorous indoor location captured using the standard lens... ...and with the wide angle lens, standing in the same spot Saturation levels are good in bright light Credit: rhiannon williams/telegraphVerdictWith the LG G5, the South Korean company has made a major step forward from last year s setback and has proved it s not afraid to try something different in a sea of uniformity.In years to come, we may look back on the LG G5 as a landmark model which helped to kickstart the mainstream adoption of modules and the rise of the functional, customisable phone.
Samsung's made one, Nikon's made one, Facebook's made one that you can't actually buy and GoPro is rumoured to be making one.The 360 Cam is nicely compact, although not so much that it matches up with LG s description of it as lipstick-sized – it s more like two lipsticks duct taped together, to be honest.Connecting the G5 and the 360 Cam is nicely simple, thanks to the LG Friends Manager app.These are issues you get with a lot of small, cheap cameras, though, and it doesn t pay to focus too much on them – you re going to have to spend a lot more than £200 if you want professional-looking 360-degree snaps and clips.NB: If you're viewing the video above on our mobile site or in certain desktop browsers you might not get the full 360-degree experience.I imagine that in a year or two, 360-degree cameras will have come a long way in terms of image quality, and LG s first foray into the market will look decidedly outdated.
Apple's 2017 iPhone is expected to have its camera sourced from LG and not SonyThe iPhone 7 Plus speculated to be released towards the beginning of 2017 may source its dual-lens camera modules from LG and not Sony as earlier thought.Sony which has traditionally supplied camera sensors for iPhones is reportedly lagging behind in production thus forcing Apple to choose LG.Chris Chang of Nomura Securities issued a note to investors recently claiming that Sony which is the leading camera module assembler for smartphones is in fact running behind schedule in terms of supplying Apple with dual-lens camera modules for the 2017 iPhone.As a result, the iPhone maker may go ahead with Korea's LG Innotek which competes with Japan's Sony as a camera module assembler."We think Sony may not be able to deliver its full share of dual cameras to Apple due to mainly because 1 lower-than-expected yield, and 2 damage to its production facility from the April earthquake in Kumamoto.Future iPhones are also said to have the headphone jack removed in order to go wireless hinting at an all-new design for the smartphone.
LG Pay, or White Card as it might be called, has been MIA for a while now.However, while it would be tempting to assume that the rise of Android Pay has killed off LG Pay, we're now hearing that it may still be in the works – and that it could have a trick that no other mobile payment system currently offers.Rumors suggest that LG's White Card is a physical credit card-style card, rather than a feature built into a smartphone, and that it's a universal card which stores all the information from your other cards, and has a screen and buttons to let you choose between them.But LG Pay also apparently works with the magnetic stripe technology which is currently used by most payment terminals.Other mobile payment solutions, such as Android Pay and Apple Pay, are widely compatible with current card machines, but they don't have an IC chip, which means that if and when machines are updated to only support IC chips and in doing so become more secure , LG Pay could be the only mobile payment option that would work with them.LG Pay may struggleThat could be just the feature LG pay needs to still be relevant in a post-Android Pay world, although we're skeptical that it would be enough.
The Samsung Galaxy Edge will soon get a competitor from XiaomiAfter reports emerged on how Chinese smartphone manufacturer Xiaomi is planning to launch a curved display phone mirroring the Samsung Galaxy Edge series, it is now claimed that the display panel which will play a crucial part on such a device for Xiaomi will be sourced from Korea's LG Display.GizmoChina reports that LG Display is entering the Dual edge curved OLED display market this year.Samsung has a monopoly in this area mainly because it is the only big player in the market.As of now, the Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge, S6 Edge Plus and Galaxy S7 Edge are the mainstream smartphone models with a curved screen that offers functionality and is not just for deign purpose.While there are no other specs confirmation on Xiaomi's rumoured curved phone, tipsters claim it will have the yet unreleased Snapdragon 823 chipset along with 6GB of RAM and will be the company's most premium phone to showcase when released.So there is a lot of time for the company to still decide how to develop even better features for the smartphone.
In truth, the concept isn't actually new.There have been other attempts at using the same plastic cards that are familiar to consumers with an added benefit: they can be programmed or reprogrammed to hold different bank details inside, which required the presence of a programmable chip inside.LG will be facing an uphill battle to set itself apart from Apple Pay and especially Samsung Pay, which has had a head start in its home turf.Apple Pay relies completely on NFC while Samsung Pay uses both NFC and, for some smartphone models, MST-based technology acquired from LoopPay.LG Pay is expected to launch in full in September and, at least for now, is solely focused on the South Korean market.VIA: ET News
LG pulled off a strange, but very cool marketing stunt recently that had a famous rock climber called Sierra Blair-Coyle.Blair-Coyle was the winner of the 2015 US Extreme Rock Climbing contest and rather than climbing rocks this time, she scaled the outside of a glass skyscraper using suction created from a pair of LG Code Zero K94SGN vacuums.The vacuum is a cordless unit and was powered by batteries and worn on the climbers back during the feat.Suction from the vacuum was passed through large hoses that look like something you would see on a car wash vacuum to large black suction cup style pads.Presumably, she had to turn the vacuum off to allow the suction cup to lift from the glass surface as she moved up.This was no free climb; the climber was harnessed with safety ropes in case the vacuums failed so she wouldn't plummet to hear death.
Fortunately, it seems that LG has learned from others' mistakes and has ensured that the USB-C port on the LG G5 is compatible with both Qualcomm's proprietary Quick Charge 3.0 and the more standard USB Power Delivery 2.0 spec.One of those rules basically disallow the use of proprietary charging technologies like Qualcomm's much advertised Quick Charge.Benson Leung, a Google engineer now famous for being the USB-C Crusader, has qualms about the LG G5 precisely because of that.LG explicitly advertises Quick Charge 3.0 via its USB-C port, which is contrary to the USB-C spec.Fortunately for the LG G5, TrustedReview discovered that it actually supports both Quick Charge 3.0 and Power Delivery.Next to Google's Nexus devices, of course.
It's been more than a month since the LG G5 officially launched in the US, but it is only today that LG finally released the "Friends" that actually made the LG G5 truly special.Sadly, it seems the speculations were spot on, and the Hi-Fi DAC module is indeed missing from the set.All the rest are simply external accessories.While the LG CAM Plus doesn't exactly upgrade the camera hardware on the smartphone, it does upgrade the experience of taking photos by providing physical controls familiar to users of digital compact cameras.The prices for these accessories are as follows:• LG CAM Plus - $69.99, one model for AT, another Verizon, T-Mobile, US Cellular• LG TONE Platinum - $199.99, available in Gold, Silver, and Black• LG 360 CAM - $199.99• LG 360 VR - $199.99Hopefully LG will be able to solve whatever regulatory problems it has that's blocking the B Hi-Fi DAC module to cement its position in the modular smartphone market.And hopefully soon as Lenovo/Motorola are rumored to take it on with a modular smartphone of its own next month.
LG may be the first OEM to more or less make that dream a reality, but the biggest fires were fanned by Google's ATAP, which was then part of Motorola, which was then under Google.That seems to be coming full circle, as Motorola, now under Lenovo, is leaked to reveal a modular smartphone next month, perhaps even more modular than the LG G5.But if Lenovo and Motorola are aiming for a branding change, it makes sense to do it sooner rather than later.In Chinese, of course.It will definitely be a bold statement coming from Lenovo if its first Moto smartphone will indeed feature such hyped properties.VIA: hellomotoHK
LG certainly has, so it gave a champion climber two of its CordZero vacuum cleaners, and pointed her in the direction of a suitable building — the idea being the suction created by the cleaners through special cups would be enough to see her scale the outside.To make sure there was no actual doom-plunging going on, the stunt was carefully orchestrated by LG, as a way to show the power of its cordless CordZero Cyking vacuum cleaners, and the amazing ability of pro rock climber Sierra Blair-Coyle.The cleaners aren t exactly like the ones you ll buy from the shops, having been modified to make them suitable for use during the climb, including the addition of those all-important suction cups.She then had to lug all that to the top of a 33-story building located in Songdo, Incheon, in South Korea, using only her upper body strength and any grip she could get from her climbing shoes.Amazingly, she completed the mission in just half an hour, and that includes a stop to grab a pair of fully charged CordZero packs.There are echoes of the famous scene from Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol, where Tom Cruise scaled the outside of the Burj Khalifa hotel in Dubai, but arguably Blair-Coyle s achievement is somewhat more impressive.
Amazon DealsWe weren t sure that we d be able to outdo our daily deals post from Tuesday, but the BGR Deals team has prevailed.Featured on today s list of Amazon s best daily bargains are two Pebble smart watches, the ridiculously hot LG Gram laptop, a decent discount on an LG 4K monitor, two insanely fast wireless routers, a waterproof iPhone case for $6 shipped and more.Pebble Time Smartwatch – Black: $107.47 with free Prime shipping pebble Time Smartwatch White: $118.00 with free Prime shipping LG gram 15Z960 i7 15″ Laptop Gold : $1,314.00 with free Prime shipping LG Electronics 4K UHD Monitor 27UD68-P 27″ Screen LED-lit Monitor: $439.44 with free shipping choose price from other sellers section TP-LINK AC3150 Wireless Wi-Fi Router, XStream Processing, 4-Stream, NitroQAM, Smart Connect Archer C3150 : $199.99 with free Prime shippingTP-LINK AC2600 Wireless Wi-Fi Router, 4-Stream Technology, Gaming, Streaming Archer C2600 : $149.99 with free Prime shippingUniversal Waterproof bag for Iphone 6S,6,6 Plus: $5.99 with free shipping Up to 60% off luggage and accessories Dremel 3000-2/28 2 Attachments/28 Accessories Rotary Tool Polk Audio Omni S2 Wireless Speaker: $129.95 with free Prime shipping Sungluber Audiophile Hi-Fi Noise Isolation Headphones with Microphone: $17.99 with free Prime shippingFollow @BGRDeals on Twitter to keep up with the latest and greatest deals we find around the web
While LG has more or less been happy with its G, it has also recently put out an X screen and an X cam.A trademark filed in Korea reveals LG trying to reserve the rights to an "X5", hinting at what might be a cheaper version of the LG G5.The X screen, for example, plays with the LG V10's second screen while the X cam inherits LG's higher quality smartphone cameras.Considering there are really only two attachable modules anyway, and one of them isn't even coming to the US yet, that's not exactly a bad deal.Then again, based on its previous flagships, LG is quite adept at exactly doing that.VIA: GSMArena
It all sounds good on paper, but after using the 360 Cam for more than a month—including two epic trips to the California redwoods—I ve concluded that it s just not worth using the device to shoot anything but 360-degree videos.The 360 Cam s dual cameras are inadequate for those 180-degree still shots, owing mostly to over-exposure that occurs on particularly bright days, and sub-par low-light shots—this despite the cam s f/1.8 aperture.You have to download the file before you can share it externally, and they re huge files!But to get to these options, you have to use the 360 Cam Manager app, which could have used a little more time in the oven.It s now been two weeks since the camping trip, and I m still having trouble getting the live view finder to work on either of those devices.And if you re shooting video, you need to remind everyone who might be standing around that they re being recorded.
The only reason I can think of that explains the plastic is that LG figured it would be more durable and scratch resistant: a valid concern, although in the metal phones I ve used previously I never had any issues with durability.However, I don t think the concept of the modular slot enhances the G5 experience.LG has managed to increase peak brightness up to a huge 860 nits, placing it above older 1080p and 720p displays that have typically had a brightness advantage.Compared to the best performing Snapdragon 810 device I reviewed, the Sony Xperia Z5, the LG G5 was 31% faster in CPU-limited workloads, and 36% faster overall.I was also pleased with dynamic range, which is good by default and even better in the automatically-activated HDR mode.Secondly, the wide angle lens does not have a focus lens, which makes it completely unsuitable for any medium or close up photography.
Samsung says the 4K display produced by LG does not fall under the technical definition of a 4K TV whereas LG strongly disagrees.Now a recent rule by the International Committee for Display Metrology ICDM , the body formed for establishing display standards, requires labelling a separate contrast modulation in TV definitions which Samsung says will discard LG's 4K claims."Since a RGBW display has an average contrast modulation of 60%, it shouldn't be recognised as UHD 4K, unlike a RGB display which has an average contrast modulation of 95%.With the latest decision of the ICDM, companies can provide accurate information to consumers by labelling even a mere difference of definitions," a Samsung Electronics representative told Business Korea.Meanwhile, LG disagrees with Samsung's interpretation of the new rule and says: "Claims that RGBW technology is not 4K by some people are not taken.With the decision of the ICDM, it is internationally recognised as 4K, ending the controversy."
That explains the confusing name of this successor to the ZTE Axon Pro ZTE Axon Elite in the UK when we haven't gotten a ZTE Axon 2 through ZTE Axon 6 in between last year and now.The Chinese phone maker is ambitiously trying to compete with the flagship manufacturers from the US and South Korea, so much so that it designed the phone outside of China - in the US.Release date and priceWe're less than a month out from the ZTE Axon 7 release date, given the fact that the Chinese launch event was May 26 and it's estimated to be coming to the US a month later.ZTE said that it sees the value in making a global, unified push for its 2016 flagship phone.Running a series of Geekbench 3 benchmark tests, I found the Axon 7 processor speed with an Adreno 530 graphics chip and 4GB of RAM to achieve a multi-score average of 5,456.Both have OIS, a dual LED flash flash and live photos now.
However, the G5 s entirely empty battery refused to charge with the Hi-Fi Plus module in place, so we had to stick the original part back in before it returned to life.The module contains a 32bit Sabre ES9028C2M DAC digital to analog converter and the Sabre 9602c amplifier, enabling it to play hi-res 24bit/192kHz music files.However, I was really making an effort to listen for the detail, which is all very well at home or in a quiet environment, but if I was listening on the train, or in the gym — which is where phones often get used for audio — then I m not sure the nuances would be noticeable.He listened using Westone W40 balanced armature in-ear headphones, saying: The bass rich and full, while drums had a smooth, textured thump that really grabbed hold.The dynamic expression wasn t mind blowing, but the system offered a crystal clear exposure of the instrumentation, and sparkling details in the vocals that exposed subtle nuances like the soft puff of lip movements in the mic.We tried it out on a MacBook Pro with Denon s MM400 Music Maniac over-ear headphones, and the results were considerably better than using the G5.
But while Samsung's Galaxy Note line walks along the path of the high-end and sometimes experimental, the LG Stylus 2 Plus clearly has its sights set on delivering an affordable writing experience.The Stylus 2 Plus gets a more or less recent processor, a 1.4 GHz octa-core, which is most likely the Qualcomm Snapdragon 415.As announced last February, this one utilizes a nano-coated tip that LG promises is more accurate than the rubbery tips of most capacitive styluses.There is also a Pen Keeper feature that alerts you if you accidentally left the stylus out of its silo.The LG Stylus 2 Plus comes in Titan, Gold, and Brown color options, with what looks like a texture, most likely plastic, back.Rollout starts in Taiwan today, with Asia, South America, Europe, and North America to follow soon.