Flickr/jazbeck The free and popular BitTorrent client Transmission was infectedBuilt by a team of volunteers, Transmission is software that allows people to download movies, games, and other files through torrents, which splits large files into tiny pieces spread outResearchers at ESET recently uncovered some nasty ransomware code called OSX/Keydnap hidden
Asus is among those tjuvstartande manufacturers and in addition to present Android-plate ZenPad 3S 10 gives us a look at the smartklockan ZenWatch 3.the ZenWatch 3 have a round of 1.39-inch large AMOLED screen with a resolution of 400 400 pixels, resulting in a pixel density of 287 PPI.the Clock has been a well-designed metal enclosure 316L-grade stainless steel and feels thanks to this extremely qualitative in the hand, and on the arm.the metal chassis gives the watch a certain weight, which is actually to its advantage, even if you otherwise when it comes to laptop technology usually hunt as low a weight as possible.the Battery is on the 340 mAh and can be charged from empty to 60 % in the past 15 minutes, with a laddteknik Asus call HyperCharge .However, this is a good thing in colder countries, where people often wear gloves or mittens several months per year.
Your standard inkjet printer can mostly handle paper, occasionally transparencies, and maybe even blank DVDs while they were still a thing.But Xerox just revealed a towering machine it calls the Direct to Object Inkjet Printer because that s exactly what it does—it prints on almost any 3D object.What makes the Direct to Object printer able to work its magic on surfaces that aren t as flat as a piece of paper?Inside you ll find moving print heads containing microscopic nozzles, half the width of a human hair, that can accurately spray ink at a distance of about a quarter inch.So whatever you place in the machine—be it as small as a bottle cap or as large as a football helmet—can be printed with custom imagery, at resolutions up to 1,200 DPI.Xerox s Direct to Object Inkjet Printer uses special image processing algorithms to ensure that whatever s being printed doesn t get distorted or warped on curved or irregularly-shaped surfaces.
Lenovo's flagship 2-in-1 laptop slims down while gaining an inch of screen real-estate in the most impressive model update this year.After sticking with the same design for two years, Lenovo is giving the Yoga 900 a dramatic makeover and it's fair to say the Yoga 910 is completely different 2-in-1 laptop.Lenovo has tweaked or completely changed every element of its flagship convertible with everything including a slimmer chassis, larger 13.9-inch UHD screen, smaller bezels, revamped keyboard layout and the Intel 7th generation processors.However, all these little improvements have made the Lenovo Yoga 910 a slightly more expensive device starting at $1,299.Lenovo claims the Yoga 910 the world's thinnest Intel Core i7 powered convertible measuring in at just 14.3mm thick 0.56 inches – 0.6mm 0.02 inches thinner than the Yoga 900.The modern touches are a welcome change after seeing practically the same design for the last two years, but at the same time it feels like Lenovo went too far in certain respects.
Farmers in Pakistan will receive five million smartphones, starting in OctoberFive million smartphones will be given to farmers in Pakistan in an effort to improve knowledge of modern farming techniques, an official has said.The first phones would be delivered in October, said Punjab Information Technology Board chairman Dr Umar Saif.Advice from experts would also be distributed via the devices."The farmers will receive free alerts about the use of pesticides for their yields," said Dr Saif, according to the Associated Press of Pakistan.Large numbers of farmers in countries such as India and Kenya have also recently experimented with smartphone technology.
It s a quantum computer, the largest ever made, designed to prove once and for all that machines exploiting exotic physics can outperform the world s top supercomputers.In the 1980s, theorists realised that a computer based on quantum mechanics had the potential to vastly outperform ordinary, or classical, computers at certain tasks.They are definitely the world leaders now, there is no doubt about it, says Simon Devitt at the RIKEN Center for Emergent Matter Science in Japan.We have had a glimpse of Google s intentions.Last month, its engineers quietly published a paper detailing their plans .It s this potential that gives quantum computers the edge at certain problems, like factoring large numbers.
On the heels of large investments made in Flipkart and Snapdeal, another e-commerce juggernaut in India is closing in on an outsized round of funding to tap into India s fast-growing, smartphone-fuelled economy.Paytm — a catch-all digital commerce platform that lets users create online and mobile digital wallets and use its e-commerce platform to pay for goods, services and bills — has confirmed a mountain of funding, $60 million, from Mountain Capital, the investment arm of Taiwan s semiconductor company Mediatek.The strategic funding was made at a $4.83 billion valuation, and Paytm plans to use to launch one more financial service, a digital bank for consumers both to save and borrow money.We have raised $60 million from Mediatek s Mountain Capital at a valuation of $4.83 billion, Paytm s founder and CEO Vijay Sharma told TechCrunch.Two separate sources close to the company further confirm to us that the $60 million is part of larger, intended round that will be around $300 million and likely to close in the next couple of months, with participation potentially from existing investors Alibaba and Alibaba s payments arm Ant Financial, as well as other Chinese firms: VC firm SAIF Partners, Foxconn and Fosun.The news today comes on the heels of an unconfirmed report yesterday in Bloomberg that alleged Paytm is raising $300 million, and some six months after we reported that Paytm was looking to raise around $400 million to build out and launch its online bank.
A fast-growing breed of global internet crime is revealing a troubling trend: Some fraudsters are easily infiltrating popular dating sites to fleece people out of their savings, law-enforcement officials say.Victims lost nearly $120 million to romance scams in the first six months of 2016, up 23% from the year-earlier period, according to the FBI s Internet Crime Complaint Center, which collects data on crimes primarily reported in the U.S.After a sometimes extended grooming process, the suitor manufactures emergencies and requests loans, saying his own funds are temporarily tied up, said Ms. Whitty.Once hooked, victims struggle to cut ties because they become emotionally attached and because they often have lent large sums of money and want to get it back.His office prosecuted Olayinka Ilumsa Sunmola, a Nigerian man who was extradited to the U.S. and is awaiting sentencing, for what federal prosecutors described as being the ringleader of a South African-based crime organization.The group used photos of American men to create bogus profiles on the dating sites, PlentyOfFish and eHarmony as well as Myspace, and bilked nearly $700,000 from 53 U.S. victims between 2008 and 2013, prosecutors said.
Today, Facebook is releasing its Zstandard compression algorithm into the wild as open source.The lossless compression technology is aimed at replacing existing libraries like Zlib that are powered by the outdated Deflate compression algorithm.MyRocks is currently being used by Facebook to improve the storage efficiency of its MySQL databases.Both releases occurred in coordination with Facebook s @Scale conference in San Jose.The conference supports engineers working to solve large scale engineering challenges by bringing them together, side-by-side, with other companies in the industry dedicated to increasing the prevalence of open source technology.Both Zstandard and MyRocks will enable developers to build platforms that can efficiently scale to large and diverse user bases.
Stromatolites are evidence of changing chemistry on EarthInverted image of stromatolite fossils.Photo credit: Nature and Nutman et al.The world s oldest fossils have been discovered in Greenland after a layer of snow on ancient rocks melted, revealing stromatolites embedded in the Isua supracrustal belt.The stromatolites are estimated to be around 3,700 million years old, pre-dating the previous record by 220 million years.A research paper published today in Nature shows that the Greenland fossils are older than a series of stromatolites found in Australia known as the Dresser Formation, which dates back to 3,480 million years ago.
Windows tablets to challenge iOS tablet market share in 2020, after growth for entire sector returns in 2018Analyst house IDC has predicted a tough few years ahead for tablet makers after it warned the tablet market will only return to growth in 2018.Besides the gloomy prediction there was good news for Microsoft, as IDC reckons that Windows-based tablets will challenge Apple iOS for market share in 2020.IDC s Worldwide Quarterly Tablet Tracker predicted that the world tablet market will continue to decline for the remainder of 2016 as year-over-year growth reaches an all-time low of -11.5 percent, on shipments of 183.4 million unitsIn 2018 positive growth will return in 2018 and will last until 2020 with shipments reaching 194.2 million tablets.And IDC said that detachable tablets will continue to steal share from traditional PCs.
Samsung pioneered the large-screen smartphone with the original Note, a move that both paid dividends and steered the industry down the phablet path.Having caught lightning in a bottle once before, can the South Korean electronics giant return to the go big or go home well for an encore?That appears to be the thinking behind Samsung s latest smartwatch, the Gear S3.Unveiled ahead of IFA 2016, the Gear S3 features a large 46mm diameter watch face in comparison, the Gear S2 has a 44mm face while the largest Apple Watch checks in at 42mm .The 1.3-inch Super AMOLED display 360 x 360 resolution is protected by Corning s brand new Gorilla Glass SR cover glass.Under the hood is a homegrown dual-core Exynos processor ticking along at 1GHz no specific model was mentioned paired with 768MB of RAM, 4GB of local flash storage and a 380mAh battery that Samsung claims can last up to four days.
Chris Hondros/Getty Images At big tech companies, CEOs who are founders get paid very differently than those who aren't, according to research byMorgan Stanley analysts took a look at the eight large cap internet companies they tracked, and compared CEO compensation for the last three years.The average turned out to be "noisy,"
Google today launched Chrome 53 for Windows, Mac, and Linux.This release is mainly focused on developers, but there s no reason for anyone to hold off from updating.You can update to the latest version now using the browser s built-in silent updater, or download it directly from is arguably more than a browser: With over 1 billion users, it s a major platform that web developers have to consider.In fact, with its regular additions and changes, developers have to keep up to ensure they are taking advantage of everything available.If you want the quick rundown, this video will tell you what s new otherwise, read on for the long version :Chrome 53 supports Shadow DOM V1, which allows an element to encapsulate its style and child DOM away from the main document.This is useful when trying to maintain large code bases of HTML, CSS, and JavaScript.Chrome will support V0 of the API until enough developers have moved to V1.Other developer features in this release include:Chrome 53 also includes 33 security fixes, of which Google chose to highlight the following:If you add all those up, you ll see Google spent a whopping $56,500 in bug bounties this time around – and that number is lowballed given all the rewards that have yet to be decided.
Coursera, the education tech platform that offers online courses from prestigious colleges and universities, is branching into corporate learning and development and has officially launched Coursera for Business today.Coursera CEO Rick Levin, formerly the president of Yale University, told TechCrunch that the move was a natural one for the startup.We have 21 million registered users and are adding about half-a-million registered users per month.When we looked at the email addresses of our learners… we would see thousands signing up from one corporate email domain, ten thousand in one case, he said.That was an indication large employers already were, or would be interested in using Coursera to help employees with professional development.Coursera for Business will be tapping into a broad trend in corporate training, learning and development.
OnePlus has been making phones since 2013 and the Chinese firm's latest device, the OnePlus 3, has been one of the most anticipated handsets of 2016.Like its predecessors, it's much cheaper than many of its rivals, but packs in all of the smartphone essentials with a punch.The OnePlus 3 has a large, slate form factor with a refreshed backplate and camera module - a square-shaped bump similar to that of the HTC One M9, although the LED flash is housed underneath.Overall, it's 0.29ins 7.3mm thick and weighs 5.5oz 156g .Screen size stays at an iPhone 6S Plus-rivalling 5.5ins, with a 1080p full HD AMOLED panel and 401ppi.The Guardian has had a hands-on and says the screen is "vibrant, with inky blacks and excellently white whites".
My recent dispatch from my transhumanist presidential campaign trail missed some key descriptions of my last month.I ended by telling readers the campaign trail was aging me—which is ironic since the 1 goal of my presidential run is to try to convince the world we should use science and technology to end aging and death.Yes, I have a small implant, and it can do things like send a text to your phone, start a car, and unlock various things.Also, read my Op-Ed piece on implants in the San Francisco Chronicle which the Drudge Report also shared: Chip-enhanced Political Candidates Coming Soon.A bit over two weeks ago in San Diego, I was pleasantly surprised by the large turnout at RAAD Festival—a life extension event where 1000 people from 35 countries showed up.Over 1000 participants made it to the sold-out event, making it the largest group of transhumanists and longevity activists ever to assemble in one place.
Most business pros know the basics of the Microsoft Suite, like how to craft a Word document, but that s usually the extent of their knowledge.Master the lesser known — but no less important — aspects of Microsoft Suite with The Microsoft Suite Pro User Bundle.For a limited time, this premium five-course instruction is now just $45, or 93 percent off from TNW Deals.Through your Microsoft Suite training, you ll dive deep in the following programs:Microsoft Access 2013: Learn how to analyze large and complex data sets, and create working desktop databases and apps for multiple users.Microsoft Excel: Master the most popular spreadsheet software in the world.
For all the advances in smartphone photography, you sill don t really have a DSLR-quality camera in your pocket when you re carrying one not yet anyway .DxO s One, a tiny little box with a lens, a relatively large image sensor for its compact size and a Lightning connector changed all that last year, and now it s getting a suite of accessories to bump up the value.The new line of DxO accessories includes an outdoor shell, which makes the camera water- and weatherproof while your e out riding your bike, or at up to 45 meters depth just shy of 150 feet ; a stand, which is equally portable but provides more stability and which works with a new software feature, Wi-Fi remote control; and an optical adapter, which lets you screw new 30.5mm diameter filters over your DxO One s lens, so you can use things like polarizers or ND filters.The Wi-Fi remote feature has a nifty feature where it uses your iPhone s Wi-Fi connection to get you on the local network automatically, and the DxO One will also let you connect to your iPhone directly via Wi-Fi when you re not in range of any networks if you re backpacking in the woods, for instance .The Wi-Fi remote control option is coming to all existing DxO One cameras via a 2.0 software update, which is coming free to device owner sin the second half of September.The software update also adds a new Mobile Smart Lighting feature that offers intelligent tone control via scene analysis, and improves power consumption.
Many of the students would like the teacher challenged and encouraged more, according to the schools Inspectorate.It often happens that the students who hang with the good of the school may sit and wait when they are finished with a task, or if that is just a repetition of the same thing.It is not a small group.In Skolinspektionens large school surveys 2015 said, over one-third of the niondeklassarna they get a little bit challenging tasks. "Our reports and our supervision also shows that there are recurring happens that students are not challenged enough," says Skolinspektionens director general Helén Ängmo.the Risk is that these pupils become a little bit forgotten, because they are on the right side of the approved limit.