Autonomous-vehicle startup Navya made news in late 2017 when one of its shuttles bumped into a truck in Las Vegas, although it was quite clearly the truck's fault in that scenario.Navya's latest oopsie, though, appears to be on the driverless shuttle itself.One of Navya's driverless shuttles was involved in an accident in Vienna, Austria, Bloomberg reports, citing a German-language report from Austrian broadcaster ORF.According to Bloomberg's translation of the report, the Navya shuttle was operating at a speed of 7.5 miles per hour when it collided with a 30-year-old woman, striking her in the knee.Navya was running two of its driverless shuttles as part of a pilot project in Vienna that started in early June.However, following the collision, Vienna's transit authority has suspended the pilot project until the accident's investigation comes to a conclusion.
Tesla announced on Thursday that its latest V3 Supercharging station was open in Las Vegas, near the High Roller and the Linq hotel.The system is a full-featured Tesla charging station that makes use of not only the brand-new V3 charging platform but also solar power and batteries to help reduce the need for grid-based electricity.Tesla is working with Caesar's Palace on the project as part of Caesar's initiative to reduce its carbon footprint by 30% by 2025.The new Vegas charging station has 24 V3 chargers, each of which is capable of adding the equivalent of 180 miles of range in just 15 minutes of charge time.The Linq station is technically the third charging station to get the new V3 Supercharger, but the other two stations have only seen partial roll-outs.Part of the magic of the V3 Supercharger is its ability to deliver a charge rate of 250 kW.
Tesla has opened a massive next-generation electric vehicle charging station in Las Vegas that combines the company’s core products into one sustainable energy ecosystem, fulfilling a vision CEO Elon Musk laid out nearly three years ago.The new V3 Supercharger, which supports a peak rate of up to 250 kilowatts, is designed to dramatically cut charging times for its electric vehicles.Tesla unveiled its first V3 Supercharger in March at its Fremont, Calif. factory.A second V3 Supercharger is located in Hawthorne, Calif., near the Tesla Design Studio.Both of these locations, which were initially used as test sites, lack two key Tesla products.This new location in Las Vegas is considered the first V3 Supercharger.
Microsoft's PowerApps is growing apace, certainly in terms of the effort the company is putting into extending it.These applications take advantage of the huge amounts of business data companies put onto Office 365, sometimes supplemented by use of Dynamics 365, to enable no-code or low-code applications based on that data.CEO Satya Nadella bigged up the platform in the keynote at the Inspire partner conference this week in Las Vegas.Speaking of the huge number of business applications that will be required in the coming years, he said: "We are just not going to have professional developers to build these applications.We cannot help feeling though that Microsoft's pricing options for PowerApps may put off some categories of citizen developer, particularly after changes announced at Inspire this week.First, you get a limited licence if you are an Office 365 user (applies to most but not all plans).
Not only is it possible to have a fairly realistic holographic replica of yourself, but Microsoft has just shown that it is also possible to have that same replica speak in different languages, too.According to The Verge, on Wednesday, July 17, Microsoft provided a demo of this latest innovation during its keynote speech at the Microsoft Inspire partner conference in Las Vegas.Tom Warren of The Verge posted a video clip on YouTube of Microsoft’s demonstration of the hologram’s language translation capabilities.Microsoft’s demonstration of the technology included Azure executive Julia White, a HoloLens 2 headset, and White’s hologram.White’s hologram began as a small green outline of a hologram that White could hold in her hand, but as soon as she uttered two simple words, “render keynote,” the small hologram grew into a fully rendered, human-sized replica of White and immediately began delivering the keynote speech in Japanese, in a voice that still matched White’s.According to the keynote, this new language translation technology was made possible by “artificial intelligence technology called Neural Text to Speech or Neural TTS.” As The Verge notes, “a personalized voice signature” was developed from recordings of White’s voice.
Microsoft has created a hologram that will transform someone into a digital speaker of another language.The software giant unveiled the technology during a keynote at the Microsoft Inspire partner conference this morning in Las Vegas.Microsoft recently scanned Julia White, a company executive for Azure, at a Mixed Reality capture studio to transform her into an exact hologram replica.The digital version appeared onstage to translate the keynote into Japanese.Microsoft has used its Azure AI technologies and neural text-to-speech to make this possible.It works by taking recordings of White’s voice, in order to create a personalized voice signature, to make it sound like she’s speaking Japanese.
It's one of the most eagerly anticipated fights of the year, and you can watch it all with our guide to getting a Pacquiao vs Thurman live stream.Meanwhile the speed and power of Thurman makes him arguably the most naturally talented boxer in a hugely competitive division.The undercard to the Manny Pacquiao vs Keith Thurman fight is set to start on Saturday, July 20 at 9pm ET, 6pm PT - so that's 1am GMT on Sunday morning.We're expecting the headliners to head to the ring no earlier than around 12am midnight ET, 9pm PT, 4am GMT.Thurman's (29-0, 22 KOs) last appearance in the ring also came in January with a majority decision over Josesito Lopez.It was an understandably rusty display for Thurman, as it marked the end of a near-two-year layoff for the American thanks to injuries.
Amazon Web Services (AWS) often describes DeepRacer League, which launched in November 2018 at the tech giant’s AWS re:Invent 2018 conference, as the world’s first autonomous racing league open to everyone.But entering the tournament entails devising an algorithm that can successfully drive a 1/18th scale car around a track, which requires a firm grasp on machine learning basics.There’s a steep learning curve indeed, particularly for those who aspire to qualify for the elite DeepRacer League Cup in Las Vegas.That’s why Udacity today launched a scholarship program in partnership with AWS — the DeepRacer Scholarship Challenge — intended to help enrollees attain the skills they need to compete in the DeepRacer League.Applications for the corresponding free Udacity course — AWS DeepRacer: Driven by Reinforcement Learning — open August 1.There’s more to it than fun and games, according to former Google X head and Udacity executive chairman Sebastian Thrun.
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For the 2020 CES show, sex toys will come to Las Vegas — but skintight clothing that “hugs genitalia” is a no-no, the group organizing the enormous consumer tech-fest announced Tuesday.During a luncheon event in New York City, the Consumer Technology Association (CTA) — the trade organization behind the event — announced a variety of new policies, from changes to the dress code to efforts to encourage diversity and inclusivity within the technology industry.The organization also announced a $10 million fund meant to invest in women, people of color, and other entrepreneurs who are traditionally underrepresented in tech.But changes to the show itself will make a more visual impact: following controversy last year around a sex toy that won an award at the show only to have it revoked, the group will this year allow for the inclusion of sex tech and will even allow it to win awards, said Karen Chupka, Executive Vice President of CES.Sex tech will be included as part of the Health & Wellness product category, and will probably be limited due to restrictions on which types of devices will be featured.The category will be limited to devices that are innovative and include “new or emerging tech” to qualify, she said.
As one million Facebook users prepare to 'storm' the top secret Area 51 Military Base in Nevada, Annie Jacobsen, author of 'Area 51: An Uncensored History of America's Top Secret Military Base,' dismissed the idea that civilians could even get close to the facility.The top-secret military base known as Area 51 has long been a point of discussion for conspiracy theorists who believe the facility holds government secrets about aliens and UFOs.The government denied its existence for years until the release of declassified Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) reports in 2013.Officials have referred to the site by several names, including the Nevada Test and Training Range, "Watertown" and "Dreamland."Area 51 is a government facility in the Nevada desert near Groom Lake, a dry lakebed located about 120 miles north of Las Vegas.The site was chosen in the 1950s to secretly test the Air Force’s U-2 aircraft and train pilots, according to the CIA.
When your property is damaged by water, fire, mold, storms, or another disaster, cleaning up the mess is only half the battle.In most cases, repairs or reconstruction will be necessary to restore your property to its pre-loss condition.Design Builders offers full-service property restoration services and can see your property through from start to finish.We understand that when your property is damaged you need help fast, and our team will work quickly to mitigate the damage and make any repairs to completely restore your property.Over the last 30 years we have established ourselves as one of the top company for commercial construction in the Las Vegas area.We make it our business to deliver excellence throughout every facet of every project.Property RepairsWith water, fire, and mold damage, it is not uncommon for the mitigation and cleanup work to require the removal of drywall, flooring materials, cabinets, and more.At Design Builders, our experienced team is here to return your property to its pre-loss condition.Our team can:Install or repair drywallInstall/reinstall flooringReinstall cabinetsRepair lighting and electricalPaint and finish wallsAnd moreReconstructionFires damage, storm damage, and other types of structural damage may require reconstruction.Reconstruction may only involve a portion of your property, or in some cases a complete rebuild may be necessary.
The Trump administration’s policy on the border of Mexico has been under a white-hot spotlight for some time.Ogilvy recently addressed internal tension over its client relationship with Customs and Border Protection (CBP) after revelations that the agency has a contract with the governmental organization.And a litany of factors, from red tape to fear of political reprisal, have kept brands from doing much to help children and families detained at the border.To further shine a light on the situation, a pair of creatives have created a satire site that introduces a “new” Trump Hotel—the Trump Rio Grande on the border of Mexico and Texas.Positioned as “the only point-zero-five star resort located on the vibrant U.S.-Mexican border” and tailored after the chain’s signature black and gold design online, the site points out the “luxury” features of the accommodations (including “Toilet Spring Mineral Water” and mattresses that are fitted with “platinum” linens, referring to the metallic “space blankets” in the centers).Other touches include the “Piojos Kid’s Club” (“piojo” is the Spanish word for lice), no-flow shower spas and VIP concierges who are “here to anticipate and deny your every desire.”
To read the full article, simply click here to claim your deal and get access to all exclusive Business Insider PRIME content.Ahead of Microsoft's massive partner conference next week, partners were protesting a new policy that would charge them for using the tech titan's software to run their own businesses.But as the controversy and protests grew, with over 6,000 people signing an internet petition, Microsoft bowed to the pressure and reversed course.After some 6,000 people signed an Internet petition in a matter of day angrily demanding that Microsoft not take away a valuable perk — resellers' rights to use Microsoft software — Microsoft has bowed to the pressure and reversed course.On Friday, the day before its annual partners conference, where thousands of partners will descend on Las Vegas to learn how they can make money by helping the tech giant sell its wares, Microsoft cancelled the policy.The company had been planning on doing away with the perk that was included to those that pay an annual subscription to be part of its official sales channel.
Thermal throttling is a fact of life for smartphones.SoCs generate a lot of heat, and when this heat can't be dissipated, processors react by slowing down and thereby generating less heat.Usually this is just an issue for heavy 3D gaming sessions or a phone directly exposed to sunlight for a long time, like when mounted on a car windshield.While the vast majority of people don't yet have access to a 5G phone or 5G service, PCMag's Sascha Segan has been flying around the country testing out the carriers' nascent implementation of 5G.On a hot Las Vegas morning, my two Galaxy S10 5G phones kept overheating and dropping to 4G.This behavior is happening with all of the millimeter-wave, first-generation, Qualcomm X50-based phones when temperatures hit or exceed 85 degrees.
Google is building a new social network, named Shoelace, which it claims will "supercharge your social life".Mere months after shutting down Google+, the company has revealed that it's taking a second shot at Facebook – this time focusing exclusively on events.Unlike most social networks, which let people connect with others all around the world, Shoelace is region-based, and is starting out with a trial among a handful of communities in New York City.The app (available for iOS and Android) is currently invite-only, and can only be installed if you've received an invite code.There's no sign of a web version though, and although Google's Shoelace site uses the .nyc domain extension, the company doesn't seem to have registered domains for other cities that have them (such as Los Angeles and Las Vegas).According to Android Police, Shoelace seems to have a lot in common with Schemer, another location-based social network that Google launched in 2011 and canned in 2014.
The National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB) has wrapped up a more than year-long investigation into a low-speed crash between a self-driving shuttle and a delivery truck in Las Vegas on November 8th, 2017.The agency determined two main probable causes for the accident: the truck driver’s assumption that the shuttle would move to avoid him, and that the safety operator inside the shuttle didn’t have direct access to the manual override controls.The problem was the operator had no immediate access to the manual controls for the shuttle, which came in the form of an Xbox controller.If the operator had been able to quickly access the controller he could have moved the shuttle out of the way of the truck, or at the very least triggered the horn to let the driver know that he was about to crash.Instead, the nine people inside the shuttle were left to watch the crash play out in super-slow motion.“Oh, he’s gonna hit you,” one passenger said according to the NTSB report.
Inspire Microsoft is set to launch something called the Business Applications ISV Connect Program at its Inspire conference in Las Vegas next week.This program will, essentially, strong-arm makers of business applications into getting their software reviewed for quality and security before it can appear on Redmond's online AppSource bazaar.Apps already in the cyber-souk will be booted off unless they too pass the Windows giant's QA checks.Dynamics 365 covers Customer Relationship Management (CRM) as well as sales, customer service, HR, finance and operations.PowerApps is a low-code application builder based on the Common Data Service, data supplied by Dynamics 365 and Office 365, plus connectors for other cloud services including Salesforce, Slack and Dropbox.ISVs (that's independent software vendors) can build pre-packaged applications for these platforms, making them available to customers via AppSource, an online marketplace.
Event will kick off just as Teams overtakes Slack in daily active usersInspire Microsoft's ironically named Inspire conference kicks off next week in Las Vegas, with the Windows giant hoping to persuade wounded channel middlemen that there remains reasons to be cheerful.Hoping to distract those resellers from the bite Redmond has just taken from their collective bottom line by ending free licences, Microsoft will attempt to turn despairing to, er, inspiring.There's no I in Teams, but there's certainly gold in thereOne success story for Microsoft has been its Slack-for-suits collaboration platform, Teams.With more than 13 million people now using Teams on daily basis and over 19 million logging in weekly, the platform appears to have overtaken rival Slack, depending on how you measure the figures.
Next week marks the kickoff of Microsoft’s annual Inspire convention in Las Vegas, where the Seattle company reliably announces a slew of enterprise product updates across its portfolio.This year, in addition to Microsoft Teams news and a new AI for Good initiative, it launched Azure Lighthouse in general availability alongside Azure Migration Program enhancementsIn essence, Azure Lighthouse is a control panel that integrates with portals, IT service management (ITSM) tools, and monitoring tools to let service providers view and manage Azure deployments across customers.It’s powered by Azure delegated resource management, a capability that allows companies to delegate permissions to the providers in question and perform operations on their behalf over scopes, including subscriptions, resource groups, and individual resources.As Azure Compute corporate vice president Erin Chapple explains in a blog post, once customers assign resources to individual providers, the providers can in turn extend access to users or accounts in its tenant within the constraints specified by the aforementioned customers using Azure role-based access control mechanisms.Standard mechanisms work as if customer resources were resources in the provider’s own subscriptions and regardless of the licensing construct at play (e.g., pay-as-you-go).