The small satellite launcher is ready for its first launch of 2021, a year in which it has big plans.
Rather than focus on legitimizing gaming to The Washington Post’s broader audience, Launcher has had to take care to legitimize itself to the core gaming audience. The post How The Washington Post’s Launcher covers gaming and esports inside a mainstream publication appeared first on Digiday.
Google Waffle or App Launcher helps you to get access to your usual Google Apps, Manage Google Account, and receive notifications by Google Apps.
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If you’ve never gotten around to buying and playing Metro: Last Light, the remastered version is free on the GOG store today and tomorrow (via Polygon). The game has been out for a while now, but it’s still as terrifying as ever, even if you’re playing it for a second or third time. And, when you get a game from GOG, it comes without any DRM, so your copy of the game isn’t tied to any particular platform. You can download the files to your hard drive, and it’ll still run without GOG’s launcher installed. The process of claiming the game is a little non-obvious, as the “Metro: Last Light giveaway” link at the very top of the page just leads to GOG’s search screen. To claim the free game, you’ll first want to log in (or create an account... Continue reading…
In this article, we will discuss how you can get Pixel 5 wallpapers on any Android smartphone.When it comes to aesthetics, software, UI design, and more, Google offers the best experience to the users.Still, when it comes to hardware, it might get criticized by other hardware manufacturers.Google is not so good.Recently, Pixel 5 has been announced, and it offers a handful of live wallpapers that have impressed us.Luckily you can install these live wallpapers on any of your Android smartphones.So, let’s get started with the steps for the same.Get Pixel 5 Live Wallpapers on Any Android SmartphoneBelow we have mentioned a general guide that works for all Android smartphones with Android Nougat or higher.Visit APKMirror and download the APK file for the Pixel 5 live wallpaper.Further, install the live wallpaper APK on your device.In case any prompt window related to security appears, click on “Settings” and then enable installation from unknown sources.After installing the Pixel 5 live wallpaper, you need to install the Wallpapers app from Google on PlayStore.You need to then open the Wallpapers app and scroll below to the “Live Wallpapers” section.On opening it, you will find all the Pixel 5 wallpapers, including Stepping Stones and Moving Shadows.Click on the desired wallpaper and tap on “Set Wallpaper,” and you will have it on your smartphone.Install Pixel 5 Live Wallpapers on MIUI and Realme UIYou can follow these steps to install the Pixel 5 live wallpapers on MIUI and RealmeUI:In case, you don’t see the “Open” button on the Wallpapers app; then you need to trigger it manually.First, you need to install the Activity Launcher on your Android device.Once the installation is completed, open it and figure out the “Wallpapers” option.Further in the “Wallpapers” menu, click on the first option appearing there.
Spellbreak is one of the most phenomenal action spellcasting video games out there.It is a multiplayer game and supports all main platforms such as PS4, Nintendo Switch, MS Windows, and Xbox One.But while playing this game, you may encounter some crashing issues.If Spellbreak is crashing on your PC, then check out the fixes listed below.Installing All the Windows UpdatesHit the Windows and I hotkeys simultaneously to launch the Settings.Then choose the ‘Update & Security’ option.You should select the ‘Check for updates’ option and wait to finish the installation procedure.After installing the applicable updates, reboot the system.Confirm the Game FilesFirstly, launch the ‘Epic Games Launcher’ and then choose the Library option.You should select the horizontal ellipsis icon of Settings beneath the Spellbreak section.Then choose the Verify option and wait to finish the checking process.Once you have verified the game files, open Spellbreak, then see whether it crashes or not.Check the AntivirusIf Spellbreak crashes on your Windows 10 device, the key issue may be related to the antivirus.Certain security tools may interfere with the games and cause some errors to crop up.But, you can resolve the issue just by tweaking your antivirus settings.Run Clean BootTap the Windows and R keys simultaneously to launch the Run pop-up.Afterward, insert ‘msconfig’ in it and hit the Enter button.You should reach the tab of Services and mark the ‘Hide all Microsoft services’ box.Then locate the services that ‘DO NOT’ belong to the sound card or graphic card manufacturers like AMD, Intel, NVIDIA, or Realtek.Untick the boxes beside these services, then hit the OK button.Later, reboot the system and check the gameplay on Spellbreak.Turn off VSyncGo to a blank space and right-click on it on your desktop.After that, click on the NVIDIA Control Panel option.You should reach the left menu and select the ‘Manage 3D settings’ option.Go to the tab of Global Settings and then select the text beside ‘Vertical sync.’Then choose the ‘off’ option.Now, run Spellbreak again.Last but not the least, ensure that the hardware is up to the task of handling the game.
Destiny 2: Beyond Light Deep Stone Crypt raid completion offers tons of fresh new content for their fans.The new completion is packed with Europa Eclipse Zone, a new Sabotage mission, Exo Simulation, and three powerful exotic weapons – The Lament, Eyes of Tomorrow, and Cloudstrike.Among all these weapons, the Eyes of Tomorrow is a new and center of attention for every player.The random drop rewards it after encountering the last raid boss Taniks, The Abomination.Winning the raid is nowhere tough, but the reward is completely random.After winning the raid, it does not take enough time to collect the reward.A few months back, the developer of Destiny 2 made some improvements in drop rates.After winning the raid, players don’t get One Thousand Voices drop, which increases the chance of getting some other reward.What Eyes of Tomorrow Do?As mentioned earlier, the Eyes of Tomorrow is a powerful exotic rocket launcher.
If your answer to the question is yes, you have come to the right place.Everyone’s reasons behind this may be personal.Take a look at the best apps to hide apps.Calculator VaultThe idea of keeping your apps hidden in this calculator-like locker app is gaining ground these days.A good number of people nowadays use the Calculator Vault to hide the apps on their smartphones.Keeping apps secret on your device has now become easier than ever with the help of this app.It is not just limited to this much.
PGT + Pro GFX & Optimizer 0.19.0 Apk (with advance setting) – Android latest version Tools App Free Download.You can customize basic, miscellaneous, advance & experimental graphics SettingsPGT: Pro Graphics Toolkit(Previously known as PUB Gfx+ Tool) is a launcher utility that can change graphics settings, optimize fps and boost gaming performance with unique features like Best settings, Zero lag & Battery Saver mode, Potato graphics, GPU Optimization, Hardware-Accelerated Rendering, Dark Theme etcFeatured on XDA PortalYou can customize basic, miscellaneous, advance & experimental graphics SettingsKey featuresChange resolutionUnlock HDR graphicsUnlock all FPS levelsСustomize your shadowsEnable Anti-aliasing or make it even better by X2, X4Help & FAQ for useful tipsYou can fully customize the game graphics to get beautiful pictures and smooth game playAll versions are supported: Global, CN, LITE, KR, VN, TW, BETA.Please see screenshots for more infoPermission : Storage for applying & backing up graphics settings.Permission : Internet for loading settings from our server.Permission : Kill background app for boosting memoryDownload PGT + Pro GFX & Optimizer 0.19.0 Apk for free.
These rockets are able to travel at much higher velocities than large rockets so they provide an easier means of launching small satellites into space.Another type of launch vehicle used for small satellites is called a "dummy" launcher.It is essentially a large launch vehicle without any of the internal structure that makes up a real-life launcher.As it flies to a pre-determined point above its target it will then deploy a dummy satellite into orbit.Launch VehicleIn addition to using large, heavy rockets, British Small Satellite Launchers is also being developed with lightweight materials.These lightweight rockets can be constructed from a variety of materials including carbon nano tubes, polypropylene, aluminium alloys.These materials have been developed to offer better performance than carbon nano tube which is very light but extremely strong.This means that the rockets can be used for launching a greater number of small satellites.The UK also has some of the best engineers in the world that are capable of designing satellites to fit into their rockets.
Starcraft 2 is one of the most popular science fiction genre real-time strategy video games by Blizzard Entertainment.It is available on two primary platforms: Mac and PC.But some gamers are encountering crashing problems while playing it on PC.If you are also dealing with this annoying issue, then here are a few solutions to help fix the issue.Launch Scan and Repair for Starcraft 2Firstly, invoke the desktop application of Blizzard Battle.After that, click on Starcraft 2.You should choose the Options icon under the game title and click on the Scan and Repair option.You have to choose the Begin Scan option.Now, you need to finish the repair process.Prevent OverclockingGo to the desktop and right-click on it, then choose the ‘NVIDIA Control Panel’ option.You should extend the Help menu and select the option of Debug Mode.This process will stop overclocking.Reset the Starcraft 2 In-Game OptionsFirst, launch the Blizzard launcher on your device.Thereafter, select the ‘Options’ icon and choose the Game Settings optionYou should scroll down to Starcraft 2 and select the ‘Reset In-Game Options’ option.Later, select the Reset button.Now, hit on the Done button and reopen the game.Launch Starcraft 2 as AdministratorFirstly, reach the directory of the game and right-click on the file of SC2.exe.Thereafter, click on the Properties option.You should reach the tab of Compatibility.Now, mark the box of ‘Run this program as administrator.’Adjust Affinity for Starcraft 2First, open Starcraft 2 on your device.Thereafter, hit the ‘Alt + Tab’ hotkeys altogether to move to the desktop of Windows 10.You should hit the ‘Ctrl + Shift + Esc’ hotkeys simultaneously to launch the Task Manager.Then reach the tab of Details.After that, find the process of Starcraft 2 in the given list and right-click on it.Later, choose the Set Affinity option.Once you see the new screen, untick one of the CPU’sFinally, hit on the OK button and return to the game.Launch the Starcraft 2 in Windowed ModeOnce again, launch the Blizzard application.Thereafter, click on the tab of Starcraft and click on the Options.Then go to the ‘Game Settings’ option.Later, select the ‘Additional command-line arguments for SC2’ option.Now, input ‘-Displaymode 0’ into it.Run a Clean BootTap the Windows and R keys at the same time to launch the Run prompt.Then insert ‘msconfig’ in it and select the OK button to invoke the System Configuration.Later, select the tab of Services and mark the box of ‘Hide all Microsoft services.’Now hit the ‘Disable all’ button.You should click on Startup and choose the ‘Open Task Manager’ option.Beneath the tab of Startup, choose all the items of Startup, then hit on the Disable option.Later, return to ‘System Configuration’ and click on the OK button.Now, reboot the system.Elina John is a self-professed security expert; she has been making the people aware of the security threats.Her passion is to write about Cyber security, cryptography, malware, social engineering, internet and new media.She writes for norton security products at : How to Fix Starcraft 2 Crashing on PC?
The ERR_GFX_STATE Error causes a crash that forces the gamers to close the app after loading into Red Dead Redemption 2.Some users experience these issues only when they have passed Act 2 and reached the Beecher’s Hope.If you are encountering this issue while playing Red Dead Redemption 2, then follow the solutions mentioned below.Sources: off OverclockingA number of game players overclock their computers.This pushes the CPU to attain a faster speed.This helps gamers improve their performance.However, if the ventilation and cooling is not proper, then this can result in issues.
Black Desert Online is one of the best sandbox-oriented multiplayer RPGs out there.The game allows users to experience fast-paced and action-packed combat.In the game, players get to hunt monsters and massive bosses.Gamers can create their hero using a customizable character creation system.But recently, many users are reporting that they are facing some crashing issues while playing the game.Here is how you can fix the issue.Repairing the Black Desert Online LauncherLaunch the Black Desert Online launcher, then sign into the account.Thereafter, click on the Settings button located on the right side.You should choose the option of ‘Click to start’ beside the Repair Mode.Hit on the Yes button and wait to finish the repair procedure.Once the process is over, reopen the game.Fix the Game on SteamFirstly, open Steam and select the tab of the Library.After that, choose the ‘Black Desert Online’ game and right-click on it.Then choose the Properties option.Later, click on the tab of Local files and choose the ‘Verify integrity of game files’ option.Once the repair is complete, you can reopen the game.Close Background AppsGo to the taskbar on your system and right-click on it.After that, choose the Task Manager option.Select the app you would like to close and right-click on it, then choose the End task option.Remove the Cache of GameFirst, shut the game client on your system.Thereafter, hit the Windows and E hotkeys simultaneously to launch the File Explorer.You should choose the Documents option and reach the folder of ‘Black Desert.’Now, double-click on it.Navigate to the folder of UserCache and hit the Delete button.You should reach the installation folder of ‘Black Desert Online’ and remove the folder of Cache.Now, reboot the game.Reinstall the GameHit the Windows and R hotkeys simultaneously to launch the Run pop-up.Then insert ‘ appwiz.cpl’ in it and select the OK button.After that, select the ‘Black Desert Online’ and right-click on it, then choose the Uninstall button.Now, hit the Windows and E hotkeys simultaneously to launch the File Explorer.Thereafter, insert ‘%appdata%’ into it and hit the Enter button.You have to remove the folder of BlackDesertOnline.Finally, input ‘%localappdata%’ into the upper bar of File Explorer and hit the Enter button.Then, remove the folder of BlackDesertOnline.John Hunt is a self-professed security expert; he has been making the people aware of the security threats.
World of Warships is a free-to-play multiplayer online game based on the naval-warfare theme.It has been both produced as well as published by Wargaming.Some gamers complain that the World of Warships game keeps crashing on the PC.The issue happens randomly and is really annoying.Once the World of Warships crashing issue occurs, users will not be able to play the game.To fix this problem, check out the solutions given below.
If you are using Chromebook only for a while and not quite familiar with Chrome OS, then you may find it a bit difficult to capture a screenshot, so we have got you covered.In this article, we have elaborated on the process of capturing a screenshot on a Chromebook.However, using your keyboard to take a screenshot on Chromebook is the most popular and easiest method.You can take a screenshot on Chromebook after deciding how much part of the screen you want to be captured with a few key combinations.If you are looking to capture a screenshot of any specific portion of your screen, then press Ctrl, Shift, and Window Switch buttons and drag the crosshairs icon on that portion of the screen which you want to be captured.Doing it will capture the screenshot of the entire screen.If you have a Chromebook with a stylus included, then that stylus can also be used to capture a screenshot.
Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War is an amazing first-person shooter video game.The game has been developed by Treyarch & Raven Software.It is available on all primary platforms like PS4, PC, and Xbox.However, there is nothing more frustrating than trying to play a game that stutters, freezes, or crashes.To avoid these issues, you need to boost FPS.Here is how you can boost FPS in Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War.Update NVIDIA Graphics Drivers via Control PanelYou should update the NVIDIA graphics drivers via control panel by pursuing these steps provided below:Navigate to the desktop and right-click on it, then choose the NVIDIA Control Panel option.Once open the screen, select the Help button and then click on the ‘System Information’ option.You should check the recent Driver version.Go to the page of NVIDIA Driver Downloads.Now, input the required info of the graphics card type, product, download type, language, and OS.Then hit the Search button.Install the latest driver, if available.Shut the Programs Working in the BackgroundYou should shut the programs working in the background by pursuing these steps provided below:Navigate to the taskbar, and right-click on it, then choose the Task Manager from the options list.Once you reach the tab of Processes, check which programs are using up the most memory.After that, select the programs, right-click on them, and choose the End task option.Once you reach the tab of Startup, you should additionally stop a few programs from starting up on boot.It will lower the overall CPU usage.Turn off Screen OptimizationYou should turn off the screen optimization by pursuing these steps provided below:First, invoke the launcher on your device.Then go to the Call of Duty: BOCW.Thereafter, select the menu of Options and click on the ‘Show in Explorer’ option.It will transport you to the installation directory of the game.Reach the ‘Call of Duty Black Ops Cold War Beta’ folder and right-click on it.Then go to the ‘Black Ops Cold War Launcher’ and right-click on it, and choose the Properties option.You should click on the Compatibility tab, and don’t forget to mark the ‘Disable full-screen optimizations’ box.Now, click on the ‘Change high DPI settings’ option.Afterward, mark the ‘Override high DPI scaling behavior’ box and then hit the OK button.Now, click on the Apply button.Click on OK.Turn off Steam OverlayYou should turn off Steam Overlay by following these steps provided below:Go to the Steam client and launch it.Then choose the LIBRARY section.Afterward, right-click on the game and pick Properties.You should go to the General tab and tick the ‘Enable the Steam Overlay while in-game’ box.After applying the changes, reboot the system.If the above-mentioned methods do not work, then try disabling the Discord overlay.Source :- 
Google is rebranding the Search key on its Chromebooks as the Everything Button as it transitions expands its shortcut functionality.
Epic Games Launcher is one of the most popular digital distribution gaming platforms out there.It is available for macOS and Windows systems.But some users are reporting that they are facing a black screen issue while opening the launcher.So, if you are struggling to find a resolution to this annoying problem, then here are a few fixes mentioned below.Reset the Screen ResolutionYou can reset the screen resolution by following these directions provided below:Go to the blank area on your desktop, then right-click on it.Thereafter, click on the ‘Display settings’ option.You should move down to the ‘Display resolution’ and select the button of the down arrow.Go down, then select the 1280×768 resolution.Once you have done so, invoke the launcher.Running the Launcher as an AdminYou can open the launcher as an admin by following these directions provided below:Go to the shortcut of the launcher and right-click on it, then choose the Run as administrator.Now, open the launcher.Set Compatibility ModeYou can set compatibility mode by following these directions provided below:Navigate to the shortcut of the launcher and right-click on it, then choose the Properties option.Later, click on the Compatibility tab and mark the ‘Run this program in compatibility mode for’ box.Then mark the ‘Disable full-screen optimizations’ box and select the Apply button.Click on OK.Now, invoke the launcher and then check the issue.Use the Compatibility TroubleshooterYou can run compatibility troubleshooter by following these directions provided below:Reach the shortcut of the launcher and right-click on it, then pick the Properties option.You should choose the Compatibility mode and hit the ‘Run compatibility troubleshooter’ option.Once prompt the ‘Program Compatibility Troubleshooter’ screen, choose the ‘Try recommended settings’ option.Go to the ‘Test the program’ option, and you will be directed to the launcher.Go back to the screen of ‘Program Compatibility Troubleshooter’ and hit the Next button.In case there are no issues with the launcher, then you should select the ‘Yes, save these settings for this program’ option.Now, untick the ‘The program worked in earlier versions of Windows but won’t install or run now’ box.Later, mark the ‘The program opens but doesn’t display correctly’ box, then hit the Next button.Mark the error message saying the problem needs to run in 256 colors or 8-bit color mode box and then hit the Next button.You should hit the ‘Yes, try again using different settings’ option, and select the Next button.Go to the ‘Test the program’ option and then select the Next button.Navigate to the ‘Yes, save these settings for this program’ option.Flush the Cache of DNSYou can flush the cache of DNS by following these directions provided below:Hold the Windows and R hotkeys to invoke the Run prompt.Then input ‘cmd’ into it and select the OK button.Hit the ‘Shift + Ctrl + Enter’ buttons over the keyboard.Once the ‘Do you want to allow this app to make changes to your device’ screen comes up, select the Yes button.You should insert this command and hit the Enter key: ipconfig /flushdnsNow, reopen the launcher.Modify the High DPI SettingsYou can modify the high DPI settings by following these directions provided below:Select the shortcut of the launcher and right-click on it, then choose the Properties option.You should click on the tab of Compatibility and then choose the ‘Change high DPI settings’ option.Mark the ‘Override high DPI scaling behavior’ box and select the OK button.Install the Epic Games Launcher AgainYou can install Epic Games Launcher again by following these directions provided below:Firstly, close the launcher.Then reach the Search section and insert ‘cmd’ into it, then select the OK button to invoke the Command Prompt.Later, right-click on it, then choose the Run as administrator.Input sfc /scannow’ into it, then hit the Enter key.Now, reboot the system.Once you reach the Search section, input ‘add or remove programs’ into it and select the OK button.Thereafter, choose the ‘Add or remove programs’ option.You should move down, and click on the ‘Epic Games Launcher’ option.Then hit the ‘Uninstall’ button.Download the latest launcher and then install it.Ava Williams is a Microsoft Office expert and has been working in the technology industry since 2002.As a technical expert, she has written technical blogs, manuals, white papers, and reviews for many websites such as - How to Fix Epic Games Launcher Black Screen Issue?
You can redeem a product code in Epic Games from a physical or digital copy of a game on the Epic Games Launcher or in your browser.