As the influencer marketing world continues to debate the merits of using celebrities and “internet famous” individuals versus micro-influencers, one issue remains constant.How do you help people create engaging content that follows your brand message and is interesting to read or watch?Today, Showbox has launched its new user-generated content video tool — Showbox Engage — to help solve that exact issue and tap into a marketing technique that is showing a 960 percent ROI.The web-based tool allows brands to create video templates and elements that reflect the look, feel, and messaging they want to project.Users can then include their favorite brand’s customized themes, including transitions, virtual studios, stock footage, and background replacement technology (without the need for a green screen), to help the resulting video look as close to professional-grade as possible.The company’s first business-focused service, Showbox for Brands, allowed brands to create videos but did not include the ability to leverage followers.Showbox Engage does offer that capability, plus brands have no creation or distribution costs with Engage because the community is creating and distributing the content however they want to.That’s a neat way to solve one of influencer marketing’s biggest problems — how to aid the production of content without stifling the consumer’s own style and passion for the products and services they love.It also means that brands can create UGC campaigns that scale quickly, with the resulting output being shared direct from the Showbox platform to YouTube, and more.“Influencer marketing has become an inseparable part of the marketing mix for most medium to large-sized brands in recent years,” Effi Atad, founder and CEO of Showbox, told me.“Keeping in mind that most U.S. teens don’t know the biggest celebs from 10 years ago [this makes] it clear that the web, and its teenage followers, are all owned by the new generation of internet famous celebrities/influencers.”That makes sense for Showbox, since its first service was designed to help anyone produce professional-grade videos with nothing more than a webcam.And the biggest influencers come with a whole new level of risk attached, too.“Showbox’s experience with its clients has been that most brands see better results by working with micro-influencers, since mega-influencers have a very specific tone of voice, look, and feel to the content they share with their audiences,” Atad said.
Chinese ride-hailing giant Didi Chuxing announced on Thursday the launch of a Silicon Valley-based research institute, as part of its latest effort to attract top talent to advance intelligent driving technologies.Located in Mountain View, California, the facility, Didi Labs, will initially focus on recruiting specialists in artificial intelligence and other fields that apply to intelligent driving technologies.The lab, which is Didi’s first facility outside China, is only 16 kilometres away from Apple’s Campus 2 in Cupertino.Didi said in the statement that it “expects to rapidly expand its US-based team of scientists and engineers over the course of the year”.A dozen of leading data scientists and researchers have joined the team, including former Uber employee Charlie Miller,one of the world’s foremost automobile security experts.“As we strive to bring better services to broader communities, Didi’s international vision now extends to building the best-in-class international research network, advancing the global transportation revolution by leveraging innovative resources.
Stop me if you heard this one: Lyft is launching in more markets across the U.S. That’s right, the on-demand ride service is now in 10 more cities — covering Florida, Oklahoma, Texas, and Maine.It has now surpassed its goal of adding 100 more locations this year and has brought its total number of cities to 300.The latest markets are coming about two weeks after the last expansion, which added 54 cities, and nearly two months after Lyft announced its aggressive plan to bring its service to more places around the country.This year alone, the company has already launched in 104 markets.“In just the first quarter of 2017, we’ve introduced Lyft to more than 100 new cities” said Jaime Raczka, Lyft’s head of early-stage markets and expansion.“This puts us nine months ahead of schedule in our rapid growth plan, and we are excited to continue this momentum of bringing safe and affordable rides to even more cities throughout the nation.”Now that the company has achieved its goal, it’s unclear what it plans to do next, but expansion is certainly part of what the reported $500 million it’s looking to raise will go toward.And it seems momentum is on Lyft’s side as competitor Uber stumbles under crisis after crisis.The 10 new cities are:Florida:Oklahoma:Maine:Texas:
Previously, the ephemeral post feature was available to some users in Poland, but now it’s starting to roll out globally across iOS and Android devices.Using Messenger Day is pretty straightforward: Within the updated Messenger app, tap the camera button or the “add to your day” rectangle at the top of your inbox.Take a photo (selfies count, too), and apply art and effects by tapping the smiley face icon in the top right of the screen.There are more than 5,000 frames, effects, and stickers that you can choose from.Text can also be inserted.If you’re familiar with Instagram Stories, then Messenger Day should be easy.All photos and videos will remain viewable on Messenger for 24 hours before disappearing.A “Day” can also include conversations that you’re having with friends or with a group of people.
The new Trail Adventure Pant turns the trail pant upside down with its stainproof, waterproof and nearly rip-proof fabric.Coalatree, the company that brought us the Kickstarter-funded Kachula adventure blanket, is back again with another must-have crowdfunding product: The Trailhead Adventure Pant.The lightweight pant is as versatile as you are — moving smoothly from a Friday night at the movies to a weekend climb in the mountains.The trail adventure pants are designed from a cutting-edge fabric that combines recycled ripstop nylon with four-way stretch spandex and dri-fit waterproofing.The material also is stain and odor resistant, allowing you to wear it for longer periods between washing, a bonus for those who multiday hikes.Best of all, similar to Coalatree other’s products, the Trail Adventure Pant is sustainably made using recycled materials and waterproofing methods that are less harmful to the environment and preserve the natural look and feel of the fabric.
First-Time Homebuyers Can Finally Get a Mortgage in the Way They Expect — Entirely Online — Without Picking Up the Phone SAN FRANCISCO–(BUSINESS WIRE)–March 9, 2017– Digital natives expect buying a home to be a seamless online experience like everything else they do in work and life.Yet, obtaining a mortgage is still by and large an inefficient, outdated, and offline process.View the full release here: LendingHome’s online mortgage is the first to prioritize the customer experience by putting control over the process into the hands of the homebuyer.While the first wave of digital lenders brought the old-school paper mortgage application online, retrofitting it to be accessed via the Internet, much of the process is still controlled by the lender offline and is opaque and confusing for the homebuyer.In contrast, LendingHome has created the next-generation digital mortgage that gives homebuyers confidence and control over the process with a dynamic, interactive online experience.They can apply via an interactive application that gives tips and feedback as they go, keep real-time track of their progress with a personalized milestone timeline, trade points and lock their rate online before the market changes, and easily share their loan status with their real estate agent with the click of a button.
But did you know that it could kill you?That’s right, rain launches (mostly harmless) bacteria into the air and in rare cases it can spread disease.A group of mechanical engineers published a paper in Nature today that explains how that earthy smell manages to get from the ground to your nose.A chemical called geosmin is responsible for the aroma that follows rainfall and is also part of the reason beets taste the way they do.But scientists did not know how it was scattered through the air by tiny drops of rain.Using high-speed cameras and fluorescent dye, the researchers filmed drops of water as they fell on different types of soil infused with bacteria.
HMD, the Chinese firm that paid big bucks to slap the Nokia brand onto Android phones, has big plans.It unveiled a new Nokia 3310 to rapturous applause at MWC, as well as a line of mid-level Android devices.According to a new report out of China, that’s not all.HMD is said to be working on two flagship phones that will pack Qualcomm’s cutting-edge Snapdragon 835, the same chip that (probably) powers the upcoming Galaxy S8.The report, from Chinese site MyDrivers, says that Nokia will be unveiling an all-metal flagship phone with dual cameras, a big screen, and a Snapdragon 835 under the hood.Those are eerily similar specs to what the Galaxy S8 is set to launch with, and close to basically every other Android flagship that launches this year.
But did you know that it could kill you?That’s right, rain launches (mostly harmless) bacteria into the air and in rare cases it can spread disease.A group of mechanical engineers published a paper in Nature today that explains how that earthy smell manages to get from the ground to your nose.A chemical called geosmin is responsible for the aroma that follows rainfall and is also part of the reason beets taste the way they do.But scientists did not know how it was scattered through the air by tiny drops of rain.Using high-speed cameras and fluorescent dye, the researchers filmed drops of water as they fell on different types of soil infused with bacteria.
Sony has confirmed that the next major software update for the PlayStation 4, version 4.50 (codenamed Sasuke), will begin rolling out tomorrow to the general public.John Koller, Vice President of PlayStation Brand Marketing at SIEA, outlined in a recent blog post some of the noteworthy features the update delivers including improved 2D images on PlayStation VR and voice chat when using Remote Play on Windows PC, Mac or on an Xperia device.Most intriguing of all, however, may be the new Boost Mode for PlayStation 4 Pro.As the name suggests, this feature is designed to improve performance when playing legacy titles that haven’t yet been optimized for the faster console.Koller said Boost Mode can provide a noticeable frame rate boost to games with variable frame rates and may also result in shorter load times.To enable it, simply go to Settings - System and toggle it on.
Organisation will focus on speed and agility in guiding customers through transformation journeysHewlett Packard Enterprise (HPE) has launched a revamped technology services organisation called Pointnext, focused on guiding customers through their digital transformation journeys.Drawing experience from a range of disciplines and industries, HPE Pointnext will collaborate with customers around their adoption and implementation of key technologies such as cloud computing, big data and the Internet of Things (IoT).Through three types of services – Advisory & Transform, Professional and Operational – Pointnext aims to help businesses harness the power of hybrid IT, data analytics and mobile platforms to enhance customer experiences, deliver new products and improve operational processes.At a press event in London, HPE execs explained how the advisory & transform stage is focused on collaborating with customers to design a technology roadmap that suits their specific needs.professional services, where HPE guides customers through the transitional phase of technology adoption.
SupaBRCK is the sequel to BRCK’s eponymous debut product, launched in 2013 to tackle two common African IT challenges: reliable power and viable internet options.Accompanying BRCK’s hardware product is the startup’s new Moja service, which will provide ad supported free public internet access and a content delivery network (CDN) service through SupaBRCK devices.“We are moving from just being a hardware company to becoming a platform company, as we connect SupaBRCK to Moja and start having a network that covers entire countries,” BRCK chief executive Erik Hersman told TechCrunch.As a startup, BRCK’s central focus has been delivering internet to Africa’s masses.Despite progress on mobile phone ownership and ICT infrastructure over the last decade, the continent remains one of the world’s most digitally disconnected.Though some countries, such as Kenya and South Africa, have attained high usage, internet penetration for the continent lingers at less than a third of Africa’s estimated 1.2 billion people.
The Samsung Galaxy S8 will cost a whopping £799 ($970, €920) SIM-free when it launches in the UK later this year, according to smartphone retailer Mobile Fun, which has now opened pre-orders for both the Galaxy S8 and Galaxy S8 Plus.Pricing details for both handsets have appeared on the retailer's website alongside a detailed description of the technical specs the phones will pack.The Galaxy S8 and S8 Plus are expected to be announced by Samsung at the end of the month.Both the Samsung Galaxy S8 and S8 Plus are described as handsets with 64GB storage capacity, curved, edge-to-edge displays, water and dust-proofing and Micro SD support.The fulls specs for both handsets can be found below.The listings allow us to debunk a couple of the long-standing rumours about the Galaxy S8, such as the presence of a dual-camera setup similar to the Hauwei P10 and P9.
One of the most entertaining alternatives to Hearthstone in the $1.4 billion digital card game market is ready for its coming-out party.Bethesda brought its Elder Scrolls: Legends card game out of open beta today on PC.It’s now available for anyone to play through the publisher’s launcher app (you won’t find it on Steam, as you would with the company’s other PC games like Fallout 4 or The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim).Dire Wolf Digital is the development studio (it makes card games like Eternal).With its two-lane combat, two-faction deck building, and solo Arena mode, Legends has a chance to appeal to players who may want more depth than what Hearthstone and other games like Shadowverse offer.Elder Scrolls: Legends runs on Unity, which Hearthstone also uses.It’s in a beta-testing state in Canada now for iPad, and it will release for Mac, iPhone, and Android phones and tablets at a later date.Bethesda’s card game also stands out with its modes, which offer more variety than Hearthstone:You can also upgrade cards, and you can play ongoing status effects that you can use to buff your cards as well.And Bethesda also runs special events that roll in special effects and stats and other fun mechanics.Bethesda first announced Elder Scrolls: Legends at the 2015 Electronic Entertainment Expo.
Camilla Läckberg is mainly known for all the fictional people that have been killed in the small town of Fjällbacka the last 15 years.Now, she makes a new type of bet and the launches venture capital firm Invest in her.the Company's start, she along with PR-profile Christina Saliba, who is the managing director of PR agency Mindmakers.But it has been hard work to get us here, and the doors have been closed solely because we are women.We have been able to change our own conditions, and now we see that we can do it for other women on a larger scale than in the past.Ultimately, it is about that we want our daughters and our sons will have the same conditions and opportunities, regardless of gender,” says Camilla Läckberg in a comment.
Don’t say goodbye to Elise Starseeker just yet, Hearthstone fans.Senior producer Yong Woo confirmed that the master cartographer will get a new card in the upcoming Journey to Un’goro expansion during the 200th episode of The Angry Chicken, a popular podcast that covers Hearthstone.A Blizzard spokesperson also confirmed this over email.The Legendary card debuted in The League of Explorers, which will cycle out of the card game’s Standard rotation (and competitive play) when the new set launches in early April.Blizzard Entertainment’s Hearthstone is the leader in the $1.4 billion card game market, and expansions and memorable characters like Elise Starseeker help keep players engaged — and buying card packs.Woo also said that Elise Starseeker would be the only member of The League of Explorers — which also includes Sir Finley Mrrgglton, Brann Bronzebeard, and Reno Jackson — to receive a reprint in Journey to Un’goro, which Blizzard introduced last week.It has a primeval dinosaur theme, but it also features The League’s master cartographer and a group of adorable junior explorers, which Woo also confirmed wouldn’t be cards.Elise Starseeker is among the first batch of lore that Hearthstone added to Warcraft, a significant design evolution for the creative team.Its designers had stuck to adapting existing canon when it made earlier sets, like Goblins vs. Gnomes and Blackrock Mountain.
Quora’s question and answer social network is now more accessible to French speaking users.The company has launched a version of itself to those that parle français, coming less than a year after a Spanish version was introduced.Because the French site is still in beta, a limited number of people will be able to contribute questions to the service.There’s no indication as to when it’ll be more widely available, but if the Spanish site is any indication, it lasted two months before launching out of beta.Those interested in gaining access can request an invite from Quora.The French and Spanish versions are not translations of existing questions on Quora.They’re brand new instances where everything is specifically geared towards a non-English language.But it’s important for the company to expand its offering because more than half of its 100 million monthly unique visitors are from outside the U.S.Other languages have also been announced for later this year, including German and Italian.
Rime's trailer reveals unconventional mechanics similar to those featured in last year's The Witness, making it ideal for fans of environmental puzzlers.On Wednesday, Madrid-based developer Tequila Works revealed that its exploration-driven desert island puzzler Rime will arrive for consoles and PCs in May after spending more than five years in development.Originally announced as a PlayStation 4 exclusive, Rime will see a multiplatform release at launch, arriving simultaneously for the PS4, Xbox One, and Windows PCs via Steam.In Rime, players control a young boy who finds himself stranded on a mysterious island after a storm dashes his ship against its shore.The island appears to be uninhabited, though its surrounding environment reveals countless progression-blocking puzzles constructed by an unknown entity.Throughout the adventure, players must use environmental objects to solve puzzles by building bridges, reflecting beams of light, and changing the time of day, among other included mechanics.
Earlier this week, WikiLeaks shocked the world by releasing a treasure trove of alleged classified CIA documents that appear to have pulled back the curtain on a startlingly wide range of tools the agency uses to spy on people through their smartphones, computers, smart TVs and even cars.According to the documents, the CIA takes advantage of dozens of dangerous software vulnerabilities in Android, iOS, Windows, macOS, smart TVs, Wi-Fi routers and more, and exploits them in order to spy on device owners.The documents exposed in this latest leak are still being analyzed by security experts, but users already have plenty of cause for concern at this point.And according to a new report, Google has very few leads as it launches a massive effort to begin patching them.Earlier this morning, we shared Apple’s official response to the WikiLeaks data dump.In a nutshell, the company says that “many” of the exploits detailed in the CIA files have already been patched.
Razer has been known to offer various kinds of accessories for both computers and gaming consoles.Among the gamingmöss, thin laptops and game controllers, we also find a little more niche products, such as the external graphics card.the Question is whether or not their latest launch, the virtual currency ”Zvault”, is the most niche so far.Zvault is, according to Razer themselves, is intended to become a standard for both the purchase of the game transactions in the games.the Holders of a Zvault account can buy the virtual currency Zgold with a regular credit card.Zgold, the user can then buy other games on pages like Gamersgate and Indiegala, or in-game-accessories free games like Smite and Paladins.