Expedia Inc. s chief executive officer is expecting more company in the world of online travel booking, predicting Facebook Inc. will follow Google into the business.Facebook is already working on e-commerce, letting users save their payment information on the social media giant s site and purchase products they see advertised there directly through buy buttons.Google now lets users book trips and lodging directly through its search engine, a feature the U.S. Justice Department cited when it approved Expedia s takeover of Orbitz last year, saying Google was increasing competition.The development would bring both risks and opportunities for Expedia and rivals, Khosrowshahi said.For years, hotel companies have tried to find ways to drive more sales through their own websites so they can avoid the premiums paid to the likes of Priceline and Expedia when customers book lodgings and trips through them.If Facebook pushes into travel booking it will most likely follow Google s lead, building a tool that lets hotel chains and online travel agents show up in search results on the social network, Dan Wasiolek, an analyst with Morningstar Inc., said in an interview.This new targeted advertising platform in theory is supposed to offer a better way to target travelers when they re planning a trip and when they re in the destination, Henry Harteveldt, founder of the travel industry research firm Atmosphere Research Group, said in an interview.Travel companies including Hyatt Hotels Corp. and Air France-KLM are using Facebook s Messenger application to talk to customers.So is Expedia, said John Morrey, vice president and general manager of Expedia U.S. That s another area that Facebook could expand its presence in, Harteveldt said, either by getting more companies to do business on Messenger or building its own booking tool in the app.Expedia, which celebrated its 20th anniversary last week, went on a $6 billion acquisition spree in 2015 by buying Orbitz and vacation rental company HomeAway.Startups like GetYourGuide GmbH, Vayable Inc. and Peek Travel Inc. have raised venture capital for their own tour-booking websites and applications.
Carl Haglund Swedish People's Party President of the lodging place Carl Haglund Yle that Finland should belong to NATO. 'If Sweden decides to join NATO and we would remain outside, so it would be Finland's perspective, very, very difficult place, "he says Yle. "Overall I'm personally of the opinion that Finland should in the future be a member of NATO," he continued Yle. Finland and the other Nordic countries, especially Sweden have collaborated olennasessa role in the future, Haglund sees. He therefore believes that Yle that Finland should not take a decision on the membership alone. In addition, he stresses the president Sauli Niinistö and the other Nordic countries, leaders of the visit by the US president as an important matter.
Airbnb will out-drive Uber.eMarketerAmerican ad blockers to hit 102 million by 2020.Folks fed up with display ads intruding on their content and sucking up their data time will triple in the next five years, says a study from Optimal.com, a paid ad-blocker aggregator that shares revenue with publishers.That amounts to $39 billion in display spend blocked.Currently, 12% of U.S. users are blocking—not yet as severe as Europe, where 20% blocking rates are common.Amobee tracked NBA talk across more than 600,000 mobile, web, and social sites last month and found the Golden State Warriors and the Cleveland Cavaliers—two of only four teams left in the playoffs—leading in mentions.
Trump said Wednesday that Rick Wiley "should be fired" for his handling of a fundraising deal with the Republican National Committee.4.Japan's prime minister publicly scolded US President Barack Obama to his face over a "despicable" Okinawa murder allegedly committed by an American.Shinzo Abe told Obama that he was lodging a "protest" over the death of a 20-year-old woman who had been missing since April.6.US Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton "did not comply" with State Department policies when she chose to use a personal email account to conduct government business, according to an inspector general's report released Wednesday.7.Syrian President Bashar al-Assad's army captured a key breadbasket, and now 600,000 Syrians face starvation.10."It's cheaper to buy a $35,000 robotic arm than it is to hire an employee who's inefficient making $15 an hour bagging french fries," former McDonald's USA CEO Ed Rensi said.And finally ...Young people should consider moving to these affordable "18-hour cities" to start their careers.NOW WATCH: These are the best, highest-paying companies in AmericaLoading video...
At a minimum, hitting the open road can give you the stimulation needed to find a new business idea, make an important life decision, or provide some distance and clarity on any number of things gripping your mind at home.30,000 miles and 35 States into the trip, I ve come to rely on some excellent apps to make the road trip even more amazing: I m not putting Waze on this list, because if you don t already have Waze, you shouldn t have a vehicle 1.Roadtrippers - Before you jump in the car, use Roadtrippers to find a great destination, or help find things to see and do along the route you ve already decided on.Enter a start and end point, then overlay your route with attractions offbeat, museums, excursions , points of interest abandoned, historic, monuments, photo opps , outdoors & recreation national parks, nature reserves, scenic points and much more.Once I arrive in a new town, I usually pour a glass of wine and launch Banjo to scout out the area to see what the locals enjoy posting about.AllTrails locates hiking trails near you and provides difficulty ratings, 5-star feedback from other hikers, and a full description of the trail, length, vertical gain, and the ability to download a map before heading into the woods in case you lose service.Simply press start and an audio trainer guides you through a high intensity interval training session that packs in jumping jacks, push-ups, triceps dips, step-ups, lunges, squats, and more.
Now the company is looking to revitalize the entire travel experience by giving guests the option to experience city life with specialized guided experiences.The house-sharing service has launched a private beta of a new program called City Hosts which allows Airbnb guests to go beyond lodging and rent private tour guides to show them the hidden gems of the area they re in.There are currently 36 experiences available and they all honestly sound pretty awesome, ranging from adventures with a kite surfer in SF, Vietnamese cooking lessons with a Parisian chef and tours through London s Grime music scene with a record scout.Guests can expect to spend about 3 hours a day for four days with Yoko checking our local art galleries, meeting with artists and bonding at little-known restaurants and bars.Though this program is still in its incredibly early stages, it suggests a definite widening of mindset for Airbnb which is attempting to command even more of the vacation experience of its users.For now the private beta program is still in its very early stages with many of the experiences not even available until later this summer.
Are you still trying to figure out how to take your photography to another level, or better learn how to utilize that DSLR that is collecting dust on that shelf in your office?Canon has announced details on its 2016 Destination Workshops, a series of six hands-on workshops with a travel-photography focus that will take photographers to destinations around the U.S. As Canon puts it, these are out-of-the-ordinary vacations that not only give you access to an exciting location but inspire you to shoot pictures like a professional travel photographer — pictures you ll be proud to share, print, frame and hang on your wall.The workshops are multi-day events, each with a Canon-sponsored instructor like Charles Glatzer, Ken Sklute, and Zak Noyle.The first workshops start later this month, on Jun 23 in Northern Michigan, and continue through the year, ending with Parish Kohanim s workshop in Savannah, Georgia.The workshops vary in price, ranging from $1,150 to $3,650 there is also a $100 discount for Canon Professional Services members , and prices do not include lodging, food, or travel, so your actual cost to attend will likely be much higher.If you have the available funds, these workshops will be an incredible opportunity to learn from Canon-certified instructors who are knowledgeable in their craft, so that not only will you go home with some amazing imagery to memorialize your trip but also with the know-how to recreate amazing images on your own.
Top Of The Order:  A Billion-Dollar Brawl: Does anyone remember back in 2009 when the European Commission hit Intel with a fine of $1.2 billion for doing a bunch of things to keep customers from buying PC chips from rival Advanced Micro Devices?You don t?It s the second attempt by Intel to get out of having to cut that $1.2 billion check; the EU General Court turned down Intel s first appeal in 2014.The case dates back to more than a decade ago.That s the picture painted by an article in Gizmodo, the tech-focused website owned by Gawker Media, which looks at the story of a former Palantir senior technical writer who claims he was fired by the company after lodging several complaints about a work environment he said resembled a college fraternity on a football-game Saturday in the fall.Gizmodo said it has gotten its hands on emails and a legal demand letter from the former employee, named Bernie Cohen, about how he said he suffered several injuries, and even allergic reactions, as a result of the various alcohol-fueled highjinks that took place at Palantir.According to Gizmodo, the lawyer for Cohen said his client ended up not filing against Palantir.Gizmodo also noted that one of Palantir s co-founders is Peter Thiel, the Silicon Valley investor who bankrolled wrestler Hulk Hogan s suit against Gawker, but that Gizmodo began researching the claims about Palantir before Thiel s involvement in the Hogan suit became public.The reports about drinking in the Palantir workplace come a little more than a month after Buzzfeed reported that Palantir has recently lost several big-name clients, including Coca-Cola and American Express, due to difficulties that made them unable to work with the Palantir staff.How Many Gs In Google ?And, sometimes, it s on guard for Google, too.Apparently, soldiers stationed at an Israeli Air Force base were recently ordered to get into a formation that was more akin to something you would see from a college marching band at halftime of a football game.There s also been no word on what Google bigwigs got the royal treatment that was spelled out on an airbase runway.But, hey…The video of the whole thing looked pretty cool!Bottom Of The Lineup: Here s a look at how some leading Silicon Valley stocks did Tuesday…Movin On Up: Imperva shares rose more than 12 percent, and gains also came from Nanometrics, Aemetis, GoPro and Brocade Communications.In The Red: Decliners included Impax Laboratories, which fell 11.5 percent, as well as YuMe, NeoPhotonics, QuinStreet and Oclaro.The tech-focused Nasdaq Composite Index edged up by 0.1 percent to 4,843.The blue chip Dow Jones Industrial Average also added 0.1 percent to finish at 17,829.And the broad-based Standard & Poor s 500 Index rose 0.3 percent to 2,088.Quote Of The Day:  Sometimes, I worry about being a success in a mediocre world.
It s time to be aggressive, said Geraldine Calpin, Hilton s chief marketing officer.Now, we go big on marketing.Although the hotels advertise the member rates or exclusive discounts broadly, they are technically only available to the millions who have signed up for their loyalty programs, which means the hotel brands don t have to provide the same discounts to online travel sites.Expedia, which owns travel portals including Hotels.com, Orbitz and its namesake website, has responded by penalizing hotels that publicize loyalty discounts by pushing those chains search results lower on its own website.The owners are going to be the ones to pay the price for the discounting strategy, said Cyril Ranque, president of lodging partner services at Expedia.We believe that it s not a sustainable situation, referring to the loyalty discounts.
Clusters of high-tech startups are blooming everywhere, in cities large and small.Former AOL chief and Revolution LLC founder Steve Case calls this the rise of the rest, and it is a real phenomenon.And yet, as fast as the rest of the country creates startups, Silicon Valley grows even faster, disrupting entire industries, from transportation to lodging, retail and media.Silicon Valley is transforming fragmented industries into unified, winner-take-all markets that reward the biggest, best-funded, most aggressive companies—which are still being built, for the most part, in Silicon Valley.Money that used to come from public markets is now funneled through VCs.Even when companies start outside the Bay Area, they often move to take advantage of the financing climate and talent pool.
There s still time to take a summer vacation, and if you re planning one last minute on a budget, Hotwire has some information that could come in handy.Hotwire analyzed hotel information from the past year to find the cheapest time to visit major cities in the U.S. over the summer.Their report simply looked at lodging, but we ve told you the cheapest days to fly this summer, too.Overall, Hotwire found that the last two weeks of August are the best time for travel.You can get a glimpse of how prices vary by city in the above heat map the full post contains more cities and dates .They also listed 10 cities where you can find 3-5 star lodging for less than $67 a night around this time:
PARIS—The lower house of France s parliament Wednesday approved a new bill that would tighten licensing rules for car-service drivers in the country, the latest government step to rein in car-service apps like Uber Technologies Inc. that have rattled the taxi industry.The new bill, which passed the National Assembly with a voice vote, would impose new regulations on car services like Uber and essentially eliminate an entire category of professional driving licenses used by roughly a third of their drivers.The bill -- which heads to the French senate for debate -- taps into a broader fight between technology firms and governments about how -- and whether -- to regulate the digital economy.The fight has been particularly pitched where new apps like Uber or Airbnb Inc. offer cheaper services that compete directly against heavily regulated transportation and lodging businesses.Proposed by a lawmaker whom the government appointed as a mediator after a taxi strike in January, the bill would be the second law since 2014 aimed at reining in Uber and similar firms.It comes after French prosecutors used the prior law to win criminal convictions and fines last month against the company and its two top executives in France.
Caruso For most of Airbnb's existence, the company has simply helped users rent out and book existing houses and apartments.After all, why spend money to build your own facilities — wouldn t that just be a hotel?But the company seems to be changing its tune — and dipping a toe into urbanA new in-house division called Samara hopes to
by Dinesh Sharma, Vice President of Digital Economy at SAPLately, I have been fascinated by the sharing economy and the opportunities it presents.Recently, I rode with a driver who has a passion for coaching kids soccer, a vocation that, unfortunately, doesn t pay very well.For him, this is the beauty of Uber: When he is ready to work, he turns on his driver-side app, and he s immediately pulled into a pool of available drivers in his location.Whether he drives for five hours or just one, it s up to him — his resource availability is his decision.Uber and other early leaders in digital transformation display three characteristics that convey advantages over others in their industries.
There are plenty of options for saving money on lodging.If you want top notch service, though, you can often get it at an affordable price by staying at a newly launched hotel.Over at Refinery29, Travelzoo s senior editor, Gabe Saglie, explains why new, unreviewed hotels offer a solid bang for your buck: So many travelers are brand loyal, which can negatively affect recently opened hotels trying to lure new and repeat guests.When guests book at new properties that want to grow a dedicated fan base, those hotels may be more willing to offer upgrades to get people talking about their property — not to mention repeat business.I ve found that those hotels are often cheaper, too.
Google is the latest company to seek compliance with the Privacy Shield Framework developed jointly by the U.S. Department of Commerce and the European Commission.We are committed to applying the protections of the Privacy Shield to personal data transferred between Europe and the United States, Caroline Atkinson, head of global public policy at Google, wrote in a blog post.Microsoft and Salesforce have previously gotten certified under the program, which has been in force since July.The intent of the program is to ensure the privacy of users data as it moves across the Atlantic, in line with European Union data protection law.In effect the Privacy Shield is the replacement for the Safe Harbor Agreement, which was ruled invalid by the European Court of Justice last year.To meet the standards of the Privacy Shield, companies must ensure that their privacy policies assert their commitment to the Privacy Shield, link out to the Privacy Shield website and a site for lodging complaints, and communicate users rights to access their data, among other things.Following users complaints, companies certified under the program must respond to users in 45 days.The program also has rules about what happens when data is shared with third parties.
You ve got a few days off from school, you and your friends have packed into the car, and your ready to hit the open road.Here s where you should go.The graphic, from travel web site Busbud, uses data from Airbnb, Numbeo, Yelp, Trip Advisor, and more to determine the best cities for college students to travel to.What makes for a good college road trip city?It all comes down to price and variety.The best cities, like San Antonio, Atlanta, and Denver have the best prices on lodging, meals, gas, and, of course, beer.
One of Burning Man's luxury camps was ransacked by vandals on Wednesday night, according to a post on the camp's FacebookThe White Ocean camp hosts dozens of free techno-music concerts at its stage on the outskirts of the playa, while also providing lodging and food for its star-studdedSometime during or after the group's famous "white party,"
The room-sharing company said Thursday it would minimize users photos during the booking process; require antibias training for its employees; push hosts to use a feature that instantly books rooms; and create a team focused on promoting diversity, among other changes.Some would-be renters have contended that Airbnb hosts denied them lodging after identifying their race or sexual identity through their photos, names or other means.The San Francisco company has sought to damp the controversies, in part, by hiring former U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder and Laura Murphy, a former American Civil Liberties Union director, to advise the company.An increasing number of Airbnb hosts and guests have voiced their concerns about being discriminated against when trying to book a listing because of their race, sexual orientation or gender identity, wrote Ms. Murphy in an internal report released by Airbnb.Silicon Valley companies have come under increasing fire for their lack of diversity in relationships with minorities, particularly in hiring, which critics say hampers their ability to craft products and services that have the broadest appeal.The controversy surrounding Airbnb came to a head following a widely cited Harvard University research paper in December that found that customers with names that sounded black were 16% less likely to be accepted for rentals than others with white-sounding names.
Harry Stebbings is the founder and host of The Twenty Minute VC , an independent podcast focused on venture capital.How to join the networkOver the next 10 years, startups ability to operationalize their data will be the key determinant to their ultimate success.In our latest interview with Tom Tunguz, Partner at Redpoint, we discuss how the likes of Uber and AirBnB, the largest transport and lodging companies in the world, have had such success with no infrastructure.Companies that operationalize data most effectively change their internal structure to accommodate a data driven culture.This can involve, as Tunguz states, a separate data driven team, like Social Capital and Facebook have created.